Teletrogy Durable Shoes Laundry Bags For Washing Machine

Durable Shoes Laundry Bags For Washing Machine 1

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By: Teletrogy 

I honestly never knew I could conveniently machine wash my sneakers until I came across these shoes laundry bags here. With them, washing shoes like canvas shoes, slippers, or sneakers will be so convenient and easy which is simply awesome. I want to share my experience of using these shoes laundry bags, and I am sure you will find them interesting too. There are many reasons why this option stands out among the others, and I will list the main points below. In case they meet your requirements, don’t hesitate to get one because their performance is amazing.

Adjustable Shoe Trees

These shoes laundry bags come with 2 pairs of adjustable shoe trees in the package. One pair is for men’s shoes while another is for women’s shoes. These shoe trees go inside the shoes during the washing process, and they are very easy to use. The purpose of these shoe trees is to make sure that the shape of the shoes remain the same. At the same time, they also help to prevent creasing on the exterior of the shoes as well. Along with that, these shoe trees are adjustable so you can use them with various shoe sizes. That is not all, they keep the shoe surfaces up so that they can receive the right amount of wash. The shoes go in with dirt, and they will come out clean without losing the build and shape. How nice is that, right?

Auto-Lock & Zipper

Don’t you worry that the shoes will slip out of the bag during the washing process because that won’t happen. These shoes laundry bags come with the auto-lock design to ensure that everything stays in the place during the wash. On top of that, the zipper is super durable and protective which is a total plus. Alongside with the lock, the zipper ensures that the bag won’t open accidentally and easily. The zipper itself is rustproof, so you can trust that it is long lasting enough to have for years of use.


This is one of the most important parts that I like because I want to use these bags long term. The exterior of each bag features the design from high quality polyester fabric. This simply makes them super sturdy, and this material is also wear resistant which is a total plus. The special thing is that these shoe laundry bags are super tough. It can withstand all the washings and pressure very well, and its quality lasts for years. Not to mention that the whole thing is very easy to use, no doubt why many people also like them.

Microfiber Interior

The chenille microfiber inside the bag is the star of the whole thing, and here is why. There are more than 10000 microfiber in each bag, and each of which is 3 centimeters long. Also, all of them are super soft yet very protective to the shoes during the washing process. Their job is to ensure that the shoes will come out cleaner with zero damages and scratches. The cool part about the microfiber is that they even allow you to wash shoes with mesh fabric easily. You can wash your shoes so many times, and you won’t have to worry it will lose its appearance at all.

Durable Shoes Laundry Bags For Washing Machine 2


Apart from the adjustable shoe trees that protect your shoes, the bags also protect your washing machine as well. They do not damage the washing machine thanks to the soft design no matter how many times you use them. At the same time, these bags also come with the double layer mesh structure design as well. There are times when the shoes are super dirty, and this double layer mesh design is useful for that. It prevents large particles from leaking out so that there won’t be damages to the washing machine. This also helps to save you a lot of time from collecting particles from the washing machine as well.


  • Don’t forget to remove the insoles before putting the shoe trees in.
  • In case of stubborn stains, use professional detergent and avoid using bleach.
  • You can use these shoes laundry bags with various types of shoes from slippers to sneakers and more. They also work with kid’s shoes and shoes of many sizes.
  • These bags are ideal to use with drum washing machines only. If you put them with other types of washing machines, the cleaning process won’t meet your expectations.
  • If the shoes are extremely dirty, you might want to scrub the shoes to loosen the dirt first. That is because it will not take out all the dirt in the first try if the shoes are too dirty.

In Summary

  • The bags offer protection to both the shoes and the washing machine.
  • These bags are convenient and efficient to use with various shoe types.
  • The bags help you to clean your shoes easier and faster with better results.
  • Its design from high density polyester makes it durable, sturdy, and wear resistant.
  • Its zipper is durable and rustproof, and it keeps the shoes inside without slipping out.
  • There are 2 pairs of adjustable shoe trees to maintain the shape and prevent creases during the wash.

Durable Shoes Laundry Bags For Washing Machine 3

(10% Off Coupon: A7SKSFP5)


To me, these shoe laundry bags are worth the price that it comes with. It is not even that expensive to be honest, considering it makes things so much more convenient and easier. Since I’ve got them, washing my sneakers after each hike and trip I take is super simple. Besides, these bags also look very nice which is a total plus, design-wise. With both the performance and quality, this is definitely something that you should have in mind. Let’s give it a try, the experience is pretty nice.

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