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By: Valera Screens

Green screens are one of the important things that photographers and videographers use on a daily basis. Even streamers and teachers also find them useful as well, and this is why having one of this is great. When you have high quality green screens, you will be able to produce high quality contents with ease. At the same time, its long lasting performance also allows for years of use which is a total plus. I searched and found a super cool bundle of green screen with a background that I think you might like. You will also find the highlights of their main features below, so feel free to take a look.

Easy Setup

The first thing that I find interesting about this green screen is that it is easy and fast to set up. Its setup process is simple, and anyone can do it which makes this green screen ideal for beginners also. In fact, all you need is a few minutes to assemble everything together, and you can easily do it alone. If you are new to it, there are also instructions that you can follow which is absolutely convenient.

On top of that, the bundle also includes a tripod that allows you to mount the green screen on. You can either mount it on the tripod or the wall, and either way is both easy and fast. Since setup is the first thing that you will have to do, I think this part is very important. When you have an easy setup green screen like this one, it saves your time and boost your productivity very well.

Large Size

Boasting the extra large dimension of 90 inches, you can use this green screen either horizontally or vertically with ease. Along with that, its horizontal version is large enough to accommodate two people with space to move. This adjustable orientation allows you to fit it in to different space availability and use in various applications easily. There are times when you want to stand while other times you prefer sitting in your videos. Also, some objects might be tall so the photographers need the green screen to be higher. This is why this size is just perfect for many applications, making it an amazing choice to choose.

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High quality green screens should be able to deliver the performance that users need. This is exactly the reason why I favor this option more than the others that I came across. With ChromaBoost function, you still can get high quality background even in low lighting conditions. The color from this green screen is always crisp and vibrant which makes live streaming even more interesting. At the same time, things will look even better if you have proper lighting. Not to mention that this green screen is wrinkle resistant, you won’t have to worry about steaming it at all. This wrinkle resistant feature is helpful because you can use the screen immediately right after the setup. Convenient and easy, having one of this is just great.


With its weight of only 8.5 lbs, bringing this green screen along with to places is a piece of cake. Along with that, it is also compact as well since you can roll it when not in use. So this green screen is both compact and portable while making storage very convenient at the same time. The best part is that it also comes with a carrying case in the bundle which is super awesome. You can easily pick it up and carry it on your shoulder when you go out, easy and simple as that. This carrying case also functions as a protector to keep the green screen safe from damages, dirt, dust, and more. Since it is both long lasting and portable, having it is like heaven for photographers and videographers out there.


Green screen is a long term investment, so durability and quality are very important things to have in mind. This green screen comes with the construction from high quality materials which is tear and wear resistant. You can use it all day every day, and you won’t have to worry that it will lose its quality at all. One of the things that I really like about this green screen is that it is stain resistant. It does not trap dirt easily, and that makes daily use extra convenient and easy. Plus with the storage case that it comes with, you will also get to protect it even more.

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In Summary

  • The setup process is easy and simple which is fast and time-saving.
  • Its size is large enough to accommodate two people in horizontal mode.
  • You can use it even in low lighting conditions without any problem at all.
  • The green screen is compact, lightweight, and portable with a carry case included.
  • The fabric of this green screen is wrinkle resistant which is durable and easy to use.
  • It features ChromaBoost and high vibrancy to ensure high quality background every time.
  • You can install it either horizontally or vertically, and there is a tripod in the bundle as well.


I am one of the happy customers who purchased this professional green screen. As a teacher, I want to make sure that my background looks professional when I teach from home. This green screen has been making things very convenient so far, and I am absolutely happy with it. Apart from my profession, this option is also ideal for many other users out there since it is so versatile. With great quality and high performance along with good price, you will not regret choosing it. Let’s take a look and see if this is the green screen bundle that you have been looking for.

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