17 Essential Things Found In The Modern Kitchen|In 2023

Gone is the era when the kitchen was a basic area. Nowadays, it’s become one of the most sophisticated sections in the home.

with a focus on the “Essential Things Found In The Modern Kitchen.” This comes in a period where people want it to be as fully functional as can be.

This has led to all kinds of appliances finding their way into the kitchen, all in pursuit of making the space more functional and convenient. As you may notice,

people are moving away from manual accessories in favor of electrically operated pieces. This saves them effort, and also time delivers better results.

A good example is chopping onions using a knife or using an electric chopper. Also, you’ll find it more convenient to use a microwave egg poacher instead of using a pot or pan, lots of water,

and a range/stove. While the appliances have made life easy and more convenient, not all pieces will work right.

You’ll be surprised that two products from the same manufacturer work differently. One will be exceptional while the other will be poor, to say the least. Before spending money on an item,

it’s always advised to have a full understanding of what it is, how it operates, the benefits it comes with,

and the one that suits your needs best. In the following read, we will take a look at some of the common appliances you’ll find in today’s kitchen.

List of 17 Essential Things Found In The Modern Kitchen

#1. Alkaline Water Pitcher

17 Essential Things Found In The Modern Kitchen

What is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

An alkaline water pitcher is a device that helps to increase the pH level or alkaline content of drinking water. PH is the amount of alkalinity or acidity in water.

It ranges from 0 to 14. A value from 0 to 6 indicates the water is acidic while a value from 8 to 14 shows that the water is alkaline. 7 are considered neutral with normal fresh clean water being at 8.

It’s been proven that alkaline Water is beneficial to the human body. An alkaline water pitcher helps to increase or lower the alkalinity of water so That you can enjoy the numerous benefits.

It comes in the form of a jug and comprises a mineral filter cartridge. This element contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and infrared ceramics, among others.

And Why Do You Need It?

Effective and Space-Efficient

The unit is as effective as other sophisticated items and products. It will eliminate the positive oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), oxidants, toxins,

and more within a short time. In fact, after introducing the Water into the pitcher, you’ll start to see it dripping into the jar.

The item doesn’t require any assembly or special skills to use. It also takes up minimal space to keep the countertop, table, and other places less cluttered.

Removing Anti-Oxidants

Alkaline water has a higher concentration of negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) than alkaline minerals.

Research has shown that these components help to combat free radicals that accelerate aging. By consuming the alkaline water,

you’ll not only be able to slow done aging but also deal with symptoms such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, skin dryness, and poor skin elasticity.


The other available options for increasing the alkaline content in water is water ionizers. This unit works in a similar principle to the pitcher. However,

it’s more costly. Some high-end models will set you back thousands of dollars. An alkaline Water pitcher is a more affordable alternative.

Improve metabolism

The minerals in the water help to clean the colon, accelerate the digestion process, and also enhance the absorption of nutrients. Over time,

a consumer will notice better bowel movement, increased metabolism, and more. Additionally,

it helps to boost the immune system by eliminating negative compounds such as free radicals, toxins, acids, positive OTPs, and more.

There are many types of products in the market. However, not all will deliver the right service. Before investing your money in any product,

it helps to rely on a good review. It will highlight the strengths and weaknesses which will help you to make the right decision.

#2. Bagel Slicer

What Is A Bagel Slicer?

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A bagel slicer is simply a tool or device that helps you to cut the bagel. A bagel is a pastry that looks like a bun or bread and comes around. Normally,

it’s sliced into two halves to insert other food items.

Doing it perfectly is usually a challenge for most people. The slices won’t be uneven and one will be larger than the other.

This may affect the final presentation. Two, it’s very easy to cut it in the wrong manner. Three, you may also injure yourself when using a knife.

The slicer for a bagel comes in the form of a small container that is usually placed on a countertop or table.

It comprises two parts, one enters the other during use. The removable one has some type of guillotine that slices the item into two parts.

You first remove it, and then insert the bagel, and then re-insert the top section. Pressing it downwards will force the pointed guillotine to cut through the bagel.

And Why Do You Need It?

Easy to use

Using the kitchen device is very easy. You just need to remove the inner and upper unit, insert the bagel,

then reinsert and press it. The result will be an evenly cut bagel. It will look uniform and won’t crumble and lose its shape.

Most are made from high-quality plastic which makes it lightweight and improves its usability. It’s fairly small and requires little space on the counter.

It should fit nicely inside a bag for easy carrying.

Safe and hygienic

Many people have gotten injured when trying to slice bagels. The sharp knife may have nicked their fingers or may have fallen and injured other parts.

It’s also easy to contaminate the food by using a not-so-clean knife. With a bagel slicer, there is minimal contact with the food item.

You simply insert it; use the guillotine section and then remove it. It doesn’t have exposed sharp points and this improves safety.

It’s very hygienic and cleaning the device is easy.

Good Results

Unless you are an experienced or skilled knife user, it’s usually hard to cut the bagel in two halves. Usually, one side will be thicker than the other. Additionally,

it may look uneven or slope to one side. This will not look very presentable. Due to Its designs, the cutter slices the item into two equal parts.

It also requires minimal pressure and will come out clean.

Handle large volume

Imagine yourself cutting many bagels at a function, restaurant, or other place. Using a knife will be quite a challenge.

And even if you succeed, the chances of having uniform results are very low. A bagel slicer can handle large quantities without problems.

It also cuts proportionally for good results. Moreover, it minimizes wastage thanks to its accurate results.

#3. Built-In Microwave

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What is a built-in Microwave?

A built-in microwave oven is becoming more popular. While it may look like the conventional countertop type,

it varies regarding its installation. The conventional type is movable and is designed it be placed on countertops.

This means it needs some space. However, the built-in type is designed for slotting inside a cabinet.

There will be a cutout section that allows the accessory to fit inside. It will flush with the cabinet and look as if it is part of it.

The size of the cutout or opening depends on the size of the oven. The bigger it is,

the more space it requires. Due to its design, it won’t need carrying from one place to another.

You have different styles and colors and matching one to your surroundings, kitchen décor, and other fittings is fairly easy.

You may opt for modern or the more traditional appeal.

And Why Do You Need It?

Space Efficient

One undeniable fact is that this type of microwave oven is very space-efficient. It will fit inside the slot in the cabinet rather than having to occupy the countertop.

When designing a house or installing fixtures, people will have this accessory in mind. They will, therefore, leave someplace for it.


Moving a microwave too often has negative effects. It’s very easy to drop it, bang it against other items, or put it too close to water. Also,

the regular carrying may affect the sensitive electrical components. A built-in type remains in the same location throughout.

The only thing you do is to open the door when placing and to remove food. This minimizes the movement and possibility of accidentally banging it against objects,

dropping it is less likely. It’s also placed away from the sink and chances of being too close to water are exceptionally low.


The accessory blends nicely with the kitchen fittings & fixtures as well as decor. It flushes with the cabinet, meaning you don’t see any protrusion.

It also doesn’t leave too much space such that it seems oddly placed. Modern types come with futuristic designs which help to enhance the overall appeal of the kitchen.

You’ll find one in a unique and trendy color, a type that closely matches the range, refrigerator, cabinet, and other things.


Modern built-in microwave ovens comprise an oven, grill, and toaster. This gives you access to all the appliances. It also saves you money and space since you don’t need to purchase 2 or 3 separate items. Additionally,

it’s much larger than the countertop type and will handle larger volume. The controls are all placed at the front and are easy to access.

You get styles with backlighting or a Touchscreen to improve the functionality and convenience.

Before purchasing a unit, it’s helpful to first ascertain the available space.

This requires proper measurement of the section as well as knowing the dimensions of the target microwave oven.

The last thing you wish for is having to modify the cabinet because it’s too large or looks out of place due to its small space and leaving gaps around it.

#4. Double Wall Oven

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What Is a Double Wall Oven?

A double-wall oven is gradually becoming the preferred option in most homes, restaurants, offices,

and other places. Its alternative is the single wall oven which comes with a single compartment and allows you to prepare a single meal at a time.

You can’t place two different meals due to the different heat requirements. Also, there are chances of the flavors getting mixed up.

The Double-wall type can simply be said to be two singular ovens in one. What this means is that you get two separate chambers or compartments.

Each can be operated independently. For instance, you may have pastry in one and fish in the other.

The walls and doors maintain the right sealing to ensure the flavor from one do not escape and enter the other ruining the final results.

Due to the design, they are much larger than the singular type. This means that they aren’t designed for placing on a countertop.

Instead, they will be placed inside a cabinet, just like the built-in ovens.

And Why Do You Need It?

Large cooking capacity

The units are larger than the conventional type. You have two ovens in one and this means that you can place two different meals.

Also, you can place the same meal but separate it two times. For instance, you may bake two large cakes at once. If it were the single-door type,

you’d have to wait for the first cake to be made to cook the other one.

Saves time

Imagine you are preparing several meals and you are depending on the Normal oven. Naturally, you’ll have to prepare and cook one meal at a time.

This means that you’ll spend more time. But with the double wall version, you can have two meals cooking at the same time.

The separate chambers have independent controls; therefore, one unit won’t affect the other. Also, the flavors and aromas don’t intermix and in the process affect the outcome.

Cooking Flexibility

One of the main advantages of this type of oven is flexibility. You can cook different meals at once.

It can handle large volumes meaning you complete the chore sooner rather than later. It’s also noted that they are larger than the single-door option. Simply put,

it handles more volume and different foods, and it also has well-placed controls.

Efficient kitchen design

The oven is designed to be built into a cabinet and not placed on a countertop. This is due to its larger and bulkier nature.

Fitting it inside a cabinet helps to conserve the space. The unit flushes with the cabinet and surroundings to create unison.

Also, it’s placed at eye level for easier and convenient control. You won’t need to bend like the case of a countertop microwave oven.

#5. Electric Cheese Grater

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What is an Electric Cheese Grater?

People love their cheese. Some prefer mozzarella, others like parmesan, while some love cheddar.

You also have many other different options to choose from. However, one thing that many people aren’t fond of is grating cheese.

The normal grater requires a bit of effort to use. It will take a while to grate a large volume. Also,

the sharp points can easily grate your fingers, nails, and palms. This is where the electric cheese grate comes in.

It is an electrically operated appliance that chops, grates, or slices cheese. It consists of a sort of container or jar with sharp blades, usually stainless steel.

They are driven by an electric motor and will shave the cheese super fast. You just need to insert the cheese inside the jar, close the lid, and then press the button.

It will slice them fast and also ensure they are uniform in size.

And Why Do You Need It?

Fast performance

The accessory works very fast. Unlike the normal grater which requires you to hold a piece of cheese and then rub it against the grater,

this in can handle a large chunk. It will slice everything very fast. This not only saves you effort but time as well.

It’s also easy to operate since all you do is insert the cheese in the container/jar, close the lid, and then press a button. The item also has variable speed to improve the quality.


Many consumers will confess to having scratched or cut their skin or nails when using a manual grater.

The sharp pointed edges will dig through the skin and cause cuts or bruises. However, with an electric cheese grater,

the steel blades are found inside the container and will be out of reach during operation.

Most come with a safety lock which means that the unit won’t run with the lid open. This improves your safety.

Handles large volumes

Imagine using a manual slicer to grate cheese in a large restaurant, hotel, or a function. You’ll have to spend lots of time and effort. Also,

because of trying to speed up the process, there will be lots of waste and mess since the shaved piece will be scattered on the countertop or even the floor.

An electric type has a large capacity to handle lots of cheese. It also works very fast and will deliver all the cheese with little or No wastage.


The truth is that it’s very easy not to clean the fingers and hands properly. Also, you may momentarily forget and touch something else while grating cheese. With an electric type,

you just insert it inside the container, power it, and then remove it. Contact with the food item is very minimal.

The best units are also made of safe, and sanitary materials that will be BPA-free, non-toxic, Phthalate-free, and more.

Stainless steel Blades don’t rust, corrode, or break easily. Therefore chances of contamination are very low.

Uniform shavings/flakes

It’s very hard to get uniform flakes when using a manual grater. Some pieces will be large while others small.

This may ruin the final appearance of the food product, especially if you want perfection. An electric unit produces evenly shaved cheese.

They will be the same in width, length, thickness, and design/shape, among other aspects.

This ensures that the different food items will look the same. As you may know, cheese melts at different rates,

with narrower or thinner flakes melting faster than the thicker or larger shavings.


Other than just grating cheese, the accessory is also useful in other applications. These include shaving fruits, vegetables, chocolate, pastry, nuts, and more.

It comes with different attachments to support different shaving styles. You have flakes, spirals, strips, and julienne, among others. Also, it chops slices and shreds.

#6. Food Processor

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What is a Food Processor?

Just as the name implies, this kitchen accessory helps you to process food. It resembles a blender but is much larger. Inside it,

you’ll find an electric motor that is attached to sharp blades. They will chop shred and slice food items. Thereafter,

the end product will find its way into the jar for easy removal. It comes with a friendly design for easy handling, has a large firm base for stability, and different speed levels to suit various requirements.

The kitchen item can handle both hard and soft foods well and has a smile design for easy use. It runs via mains power (100-120V, 220-240V, or dual power (100-240V).

It’s placed on a countertop and relies on several attachments to achieve different results.

The blades and attachments are usually made of safe materials like stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic to uphold safety and hygiene.

And Why Do You Need It?

Speedy food preparation

Slicing, chopping, or shredding different food items can take lots of time, especially if you are preparing large volumes.

You may need to cut many onions, grind the nuts, shave the cheese, and chop the veggies, and more. With a food processor,

you should be able to do all these and more in a faster manner. Simply place the item inside the unit, power it up, and you’ll have the finished products within a very short time.

The end product will also be consistent, and you won’t have some slices, shred large or smaller than others.

Time Efficiency

When preparing meals, you want to finish the process sooner rather than later. A food processor allows you to do just that.

First, it’s speedy compared to manual methods such as using a knife or manual grater. Secondly,

it has a larger capacity in comparison to close alternatives like blenders. One run is all you need to deliver a large volume. This is critical if you are handling large capacities, for instance, in a party, or restaurant, or have a large family.


The appliance helps to minimize cross-contamination and also prevents germs, bacteria, dirt, and other things.

It comes in a simple, seamless design that has very few places that can hide germs, bacteria, and other things.

Also, it can easily be taken apart for easy cleaning and maintenance. The materials of construction are safe and contain no toxic compounds such as BPA,

Phthalate, lead, or others. And because there is minimal human contact with the food items, chances of introducing dirt and genres are very low.

#7. French Fry Cutter

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What is a French Fry Cutter?

As the name suggests, this is a cutter for French fries at times referred to as chips (UK). It comes in different designs and shapes but they all work in a similar principle.

You have a base comprising an opening with sharp blades. Another piece connected to the handle has points that fit through the opening in the lower section.

Pressing the handle pushes the uniform sections inside the openings and lifting the handle raises them.

By placing a potato on the point with the sharp Blades and then pressing the handle, the potato will be chopped or sliced into French fries.

The item comes in different sizes and materials. Smaller Types are fit for home use while larger ones suit places like hotels, restaurants, large institutions, and more.

Smaller types are normally made of plastic except the cutting blades which are steel. Heavy-duty types are made of steel and can handle large operations fairly well.

And Why Do You Need It?

Quick Efficient Results

A French fry cutter works faster than manually using a knife. With a knife, you will need to make several cuts depending on the size of the potato.

However, with a French cutter, all you need is a single press of the handle. It handles large potatoes well and since it will cut once, you will finish the task faster. Cutting a large potato using a knife takes time.

Uniform Results

Many love their French fries cleanly cut and uniform. No one wants a large piece while another one looks tiny.

The unevenness also affects the final results. The large piece may not cook properly while the thin piece will overcook or even burn. A French fry cutter delivers uniform pieces.

They will be the same in shape and size. They will also cook uniformly for the best results.

Safe and Hygienic

Cutting potatoes with a knife is not only a challenge but can cause harm. You may nick or cut your palm, or the knife may fall on your feet. A French cutter has very few sharp points.

It’s only the chipping blades with are sharp. However, they are placed in a nice location and are not very exposed. A potato sticks on the surface and pressing the handle chops it to small bits.

The top choices are ergonomically designed and have user-friendly handles. This means you’ll use minimal effort.

Saves time

The kitchen aid will handle many potatoes and will keep the results consistent.

It is effective on different kinds and sizes of potatoes and the cutters won’t lose their sharpness easily.

Pressing the handle is easy and you’ll be able to chop many potatoes without feeling tired.

Using the device is much easier than a knife and is also safer. This makes it a better option for beginners and most people.

#8. Japanese Rice Cooker

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What Is a Japanese Rice Cooker?

A Japanese rice cooker is a special kind of cooker that allows you to prepare Japanese rice faster.

It is an electrical appliance that works via 100-120V, 220-240V, or from 100-240volts depending on where you are from.

It looks similar to the normal rice cooker and comes in a portable style for easy use in a different setting. It’s normally placed on a countertop or any other flat surface.

The accessory has an LED or LCD which shows different options. These include Menu, Fast Cooking, White Rice, Mixed Rice, Pre-Washed Rice, Brown Rice, Reservation, and more.

The features and modes will vary from unit to unit.

To cook rice, you simply wash it first and then place it inside the unit. Add a bit of water, oil which is optional, salt if you prefer, and other ingredients.

Choose the type of rice and the timer. Once done, you’ll be alerted by a built-in ringer or buzzer.

And Why Do You Need It?

Authentic Japanese Taste

Top cookers deliver the authentic taste and aroma of Japanese rice. They work following the traditional method which is slow cooking,

and this helps to conserve the taste and scent. It is suitable for different kinds of rice, white, brown, mixed, and more. It comes in a closed design which helps to lock in the flavors.

Quick Cooking

The best rice cookers are very easy to operate. First,

they feature a user-friendly display that comes with several functions. Choosing the desired option is as simple as pressing the specified button. Second,

the unit comes in a closed design which increases the inside pressure and prevents too much steam from escaping. This means the rice cookies are fat due to the higher temperature. Also,

you don’t need to keep adding water. Third, modern types are energy efficient despite the higher performance.

It will take a shorter time to use this product in comparison to others. The menu is feature-rich and will handle different types of rice quite well.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning rice cleaners can be a difficult chore, especially if it’s sticky rice.

This also applies in case you accidentally burn the rice. Japanese rice cookers have a smooth polished interior which makes it harder for the rice to stick to the surface.

You don’t need to add oil to the rice when cooking. They are smaller than most options out there and this improves the cleanup due to the smaller surface area.

#9. Kitchen Utensil Set

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What Is a Kitchen Utensil Set?

This is a set comprising the common utensils used in the kitchen. The number of pieces will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

You may find an 8-piece, 10-piece, 12-piece and more. Generally, you’ll find spatulas, ladles, pasta servers, serving tongs, whisks, spoons, and more.

The pieces come in different shapes to suit different needs. A smaller type will be fine with smaller utensils. Larger families or restaurants will go for larger pieces.

The items are made of materials such as silicone and stainless steel. This ensures the food being served is free of contaminants or impurities.

They feature a simple design for easy use and also have a smooth finish for better cleanup. In addition,

the smooth texture and rounded edges help to prevent scratching the cookware, leaving dents, or causing any other damage.

And Why Do You Need It?

Improved Functionality

The set of kitchen utensils saves you from having to buy different items at different times. You get the most important things in one set. Also, since they come from the same manufacturer,

you can be certain of the quality being the same in all the pieces. They have similar size and design which improves storage and handling.

Imagine placing a large pasta server next to a small ladle. This looks a little disorganized.

Protects cookware

The set features smooth rounded edges. They are also made of non-scratchy materials such as silicone.

This protects your pots and pans from scratches, dings, dents, and more. They also won’t damage the countertop, sink, floor, or other places in case of falling.

And since they don’t have parts that melt, they won’t leave stains or discoloration on your expensive cookware or kitchenware.


Silicone, unlike plastic, can handle higher temperatures quite well. Most will withstand temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit without problems.

Because of this, they won’t release any harmful compounds or fumes. Stainless steel is also another material of choice.

It doesn’t rust, corrode, chip, or develop pinholes. This prevents bacteria, germs, dust, microbes, and other things from hiding in the crevices.

The materials and style improve cleanup and thigh improve s hygiene. You will be sure of clean food when serving yourself, your spouse, family members, or guests.

#10. Lunch Box Cooler

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A lunch box cooler is a special kind of lunch box. Normal types will come in a basic design that will provide a good holding point for your snack, lunch, beverages, and other things.

However, they won’t maintain the items at room temperature. You, therefore, won’t be able to keep things such as chilled drinks or ice treats cold for very long.

However, with a lunch box cooler, you’ll be able to keep things cold for a longer period. It comprises insulation that conserves the internal temperature.

This prevents the cold air from escaping and warmer hot air from entering.

The lid closes tightly to ensure there is an airtight sealing. It will also include a bag around it. The integrated zipper helps to insert and remove the lunch box.

The interior is lined by easy-clean material such as vinyl. It is ideal for things such as cookies, sandwiches, frozen treats, chips, fruit, and drinks.

And Why Do You Need It?

Keep the internal temperature cool

Due to the design and insulation, it will keep the temperature inside the box constant for a long period. This helps to preserve the taste, freshness,

and condition. The colder temperature also helps to combat bacteria, germs, and other things. On the other hand, it will come in handy for hot food and drinks.

The insulation and constant temperature ensure the food is still hot when you take it after several hours. This saves you or any other user from having to reheat or warm the food.

Convenient and carry-friendly

Unlike other lunch boxes which come in a simple container, this one also comprises a zippered bag. This helps to carry and handle it better.

You simply slide it over your back or carry it with your hand. Most are relatively lightweight and won’t make you tired after long carrying.

They also come in a spill-proof style to prevent mess or food wastage. During cleanup, you just need to get the bag off by unzipping it.

Reinserting the container is just as easy as removal.

Good Protection

The insulated lunch bags come with a safe closing system. This prevents the contents from spilling outside the bag.

Most will stay airtight after zipping up and this helps to retain the internal temperature. The materials are also food-friendly and help to preserve the freshness, flavor, and aroma.

The accessory is made of safe materials to prevent contamination or side effects. They won’t contain any BPA, Latex, Phthalates, or other toxic compounds.

Preserve the food taste and smell

Food and drinks will always Taste different when they are cold or when too hot. Think of melted cold treats such as ice cream, slushies, or warm juices.

Also, think about cold coffee or food. By keeping the temperatures the same from the start, you are more certain of the same authentic flavor and aroma.

It also maintains the consistency/ condition. Ice or a chilled product won’t meld. Hot liquids won’t solidify.

#11. Magnetic Knife Holder

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What is a Magnetic Knife Holder?

A magnetic knife holder is a magnetized strip that helps to store knives in the kitchen. As you may already know,

knives comprise a steel blade that is attracted to magnets. By placing it close to a magnetic or magnetized strip,

the knife will stick to the surface. The holder comes in different lengths to handle different numbers of knives. The magnetic power also varies from one company or brand to another.

The accessory is normally mounted on a wall or cabinet horizontally. The knives will be placed vertically with a sharp point facing downwards.

It stays firm throughout and won’t fall off easily. Removal is just a matter of a simple pull. The best way is to slightly tilt it as this overcomes the magnetic forces.

And Why Do You Need It?

Safe storage of knives

Placing knives on a magnetic holder or strip is more effective than a block. The knives will be at a higher point which keeps the little hands at bay.

It also has strong magnetism that makes it hard for the item to fall off. By placing the knife with the short point facing downwards, the chance of injury is less likely.

Saves space and effort

A magnetic holder can be a simple magnetic strip. It is much smaller than a block of wood. Mounting is very simple since most have two holes.

The item also occupies less space than other types and won’t make an area cluttered. It’s placed on a wall or cabinet rather than on a countertop.

Removing a knife from a magnetic holder takes less effort compared to a block. Placing it on the accessory is also as easy.

And since it will handle several pieces at the same time, it’s more user-friendly.

Easy maintenance

The holders are made of metal which doesn’t rust or corrode. It also doesn’t chip, warp, crack, or fade.

A simple wipe is all you need to clean it. No hard cleaning with brushes or scorch pad. A wooden block will lose some material over time.

The gaps will become wider due to the knife’s sharp edge. It will also be affected by moisture, Water, oils, and other things. Moreover, since it’s movable,

it’s prone to falling to the ground and spilling the knives or even cracking.


Wood is susceptible to absorbing moisture oils and other things over time. It also doesn’t dry thoroughly. This may lead to rot inside the slots. Bacteria, pathogens, germs,

and other things may hide in the minute crevices and cracks. Mold, mildew, and dampness also affect wood. This makes maintaining a block a little bit of a challenge.

A magnetic c holder is very basic and plain. Just a simple strip of steel.

It has no crevices, slots, or edges. It, therefore, is less prone to dust, dirt, bacteria, microbes, and oils, among other things. It doesn’t corrode, chip, or rust, and cleans very easily.

#12. Microwave Bacon Cooker

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What Is a Microwave Bacon Cooker?

A microwave bacon oven is a kitchen device that enables you to cook bacon fast and effectively.

Cooking the food item in a normal oven usually doesn’t bring out the desired results. It may not be crusty or crispy enough or may come out too oily.

A good product delivers good results, just like traditional methods. It preserves the taste, and aroma, and will come out crispy and less oily.

You will find two kinds in the market. One resembles a rack in which you’ll hang the strips of bacon.

This design allows the heat to reach all the sections effectively. This allows it to cook faster and evenly. The other type has a flat base where you place the bacon.

The base has contours that allow the heat to pass beneath the food item. Both types are preferred over other types because of their simplicity, easy use, and microwavable nature.

And Why Do You Need It?

Fast cooking of bacon

The accessory works with a microwave. And as you know, the cooking appliance cooks faster than its alternatives.

You simply place the bacon inside the unit and insert it in the microwave. Choose the desired time and then let it do its thing.

You don’t need to keep a close watch on it. Also, the best types have good designs that allow for even distribution of heat. The food will come out well-cooked and crispy just the way you like it.

Authentic taste and aroma

One thing that people want in bacon is a genuine smell and taste. It should taste like the traditionally made one.

It also should have the crispiness that we are all familiar with. A microwave cooker offers more guarantee of the authentic taste and aroma.

It will also eliminate most of the oil to make it less oily and crispier. Besides, less oil means it will have fewer negative effects on health.

Easy use

The normal or traditional way of cooking crispy bacon can be a little messy. An open pan allows the oils and fat to fly all over and this will mess up the surroundings. Also,

the food is prone to sticking on some surfaces.

This may mean leaving some meat pieces on it, and this is also true. Moreover, cleaning the pan will require lots of scrubbing and soaking the utensils in water for a long.

There is the possibility of ruining the surfaces, especially if it’s nonstick. Food won’t stick on it, and this makes cleanup easy. You also won’t leave any pieces stuck on it during removal.

Simple Cleanup

Cleaning pots and pans used to fry or cook bacon can be a little of a challenge. This especially applies to nonstick cookware.

Using abrasives, harsh cleaning agents, or too much force may also ruin the appearance and functionality of the utensil.

A microwave bacon cooker has a smooth and friendly finish and texture. Firstly, food doesn’t stick to it easily. Secondly,

it doesn’t need to be soaked for a long period. Thirdly, it’s easily cleaned with soft cleaning pads.

#13. Microwave Egg Poacher

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What Is Microwave Egg Poacher?

This device allows you to poach an egg using the microwave. The traditional method involves the use of several utensils and a range, cooker, or stove.

It involves pleading water in a pan, boiling it, and then breaking the egg inside it. However, this one only requires the poacher and a microwave oven.

An egg poacher just requires Placing a small amount of water, breaking an egg or eggs in the slots, and then placing it in a microwave.

It’s made of safe materials such as silicone which can handle heat as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition,

they don’t contain toxic compounds such as BPA, Phthalates, or lead. You get a single piece for one egg, a dual unit for two eggs, a 3-slot, as well as types that handle 4 eggs at once.

And Why Do You Need It?

Saves time

The conventional way of poaching eggs requires several utensils including a pan or pot,

a substantial amount of water, a range, a stove, or a cooker. Lighting the range and boiling the water will require a substantial amount of time.

The poaching process is also slower. However, a microwave poacher needs very little time and also works faster than a cooker and stove.

A good one will just require about 45 seconds of poaching an egg.

Easy to use

It’s very easy to poach an egg using this kitchen appliance.

You require no skills at all to operate it. The traditional methods require a person to know the right amount of water to use, the correct temperature,

and also how to pour the egg. Improper timing may lead to a soggy egg. However, with an egg poaching unit, it’s just a matter of breaking the egg inside it and then placing it in an oven.

Easy to clean

Egg poachers are made from simple materials such as silicone. They are more tolerant of oils, greases, dirt, and food stains.

Also, the food particles don’t stick on st surfaces. Cleaning is as simple as wiping it, running it under water, or soaking it for a few minutes.

The only thing you need to clean is the poacher. Traditionally, you have the pot, the stove, or range, and also the countertop.


Egg poaching units are made from safe, hygienic materials. Silicone is among the most common and handles high temperatures well.

It doesn’t rust or disintegrate, it maintains its integrity and smooth surface, and also doesn’t become stained or dirty. The unit contains no BPA, Phthalates,

or other harmful compounds. Due to the smooth finish, the possibility of germs, dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances sticking to the surface is very minimal.

#14. Mini Microwave

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What Is a Mini Microwave?

This is a microwave that is way smaller than the standard type. It will occupy a smaller surface area and is also lighter in weight.

Nevertheless, it will have the same functionality just like the normal type. It will heat, cook, pre-heat, warm defrost, and more.

Also, it will look similar only that the parts and dimensions are smaller. The device is meant for people who have smaller spaces or whose surroundings are a bit cluttered.

Good examples include a small apartment, dorm room, hostel, caravan, mobile home, camper, camping, and more.

Many are dual powered meaning they can run via the mains electricity (100-240 bolts AC) or 12V DC). They can, therefore, be used in homes, offices, vehicles, as well as outdoors.

They are portable and compact and carrying them from one location to another is easy.

And Why Do You Need It?

Outdoor Use

If you spend time outdoors or away from power outlets, a mini microwave is a good option. It will run via a 12V source meaning you can connect it to a car cigarette lighter socket or directly to the battery.

It allows you to heat a cup of tea, coffee, and other beverages. Also, it will warm snacks, canned food, and other things fast. NB: The unit usually uses a bit of power.

Therefore, using it for extended periods will drain the battery.

Use in small spaces

If you live in a dorm or hostel, you’ll have limited space. With this electrical appliance, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of a microwave.

It takes up very little space and should, therefore, fit well on a small Desk or table. It’s also lightweight and carrying or moving around with it shouldn’t be a problem.

Most will fit inside a carry sack, backpack, and other carriers well.

Energy Efficient

The mini appliance uses less energy compared to the normal type.

This is more noticeable if you opt for the inverter type which can vary the heat delivery and distribution. This makes it a good choice for people living in a mobile home, caravan,

or RV, or are simply conscious of energy usage. You can power it using the car electrics, solar power, or even the mains.


Many people go for this unit because it’s very portable. You can carry it without a struggle and also fits nicely inside different carriers.

It’s also not bulky thanks to the smaller and lighter parts. The top choices are made from carry-friendly materials and will handle vibrations, movements, bangs, and bumps well.

And Despite its small nature, it will have a good heating range (60-77oC? 140 and 170oF).

#15. Onion Chopper

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What Is Onion Chopper?

This is a device that seeks to make chopping or slicing onions easier. As you know, cutting onions can be a “teary” affair. You’ll struggle to keep your eyes open and this may lead to you

accidentally injuring your fingers. Also, it may create messy surroundings due to flying particles and not-so-good results.

Some pieces will be large while others small. An onion chopper comprises a container where you place the onion.

It also has a cutting part that will slice the onion while it’s inside the closed container.

You can opt for the manual type or an electric style. Some manual type features a handle for pressing sharp blades on the onion.

It will look almost identical to a small French fry cutter. Another manual option features a retractable cord/ string which will spin steel blades when pulled and in the process chopping the onions.

Electrical types comprise stainless steel blades (2, 3, or 4) which are attached to an electrical motor. Pressing a button activates the mechanism that starts slicing the onion.

And Why Do You Need It?

Quick performance

Chopping or slicing onions with a knife does require some time and effort. And unless you are a culinary expert or an experienced person,

you’ll spend a substantial amount of time. This is more evident if you have several onions to work on.

Picture a restaurant, institution, or a large gathering. However, with a slicer, you will be done sooner rather than later. You simply place the onions in the container,

Press the handle, pull a cord, or hit the button once, and that’s it.


The sight of large onion pieces between small, slender ones isn’t very inviting. This is more worrying if the onions are to be in a dressing or salad.

Unless you are a skilled knife user or a culinary expert, it can be hard to chop uniform slices. A slicer does this effectively and fast. It doesn’t matter whether it’s one, two, or a dozen onions.


Handling a sharp knife does come with its fair share of risks. It can hit your gingers, fall on your toes, or damage the cutting surfaces or countertop.

An onion chopper or slicer doesn’t have any exposed sharp edges. The cutting blades are found inside the container. Therefore, the odds of cutting yourself,

damaging surfaces, or any other form of injury are unlikely. It comprises safe materials such as BPA-free plastic, Silicone, and stainless steel blades. It doesn’t rust, corrode, or encourage the growth or hiding of germs, bacteria, dirt, and other things.


The device is more hygienic in comparison to its alternatives. It’s made of safe materials including silicone, stainless steel blades,

and BPA-fee plastic. It has a smooth and seamless construction to prevent germs and bacteria. Also,

it minimizes contact between the operator and the onions. Knife handles, if not properly cleaned,

may provide a healthy ground for pathogens, fungi, and other things. Wood is also prone to rot or splitting if not maintained properly.

#16. Reusable K Cup

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What is a Reusable K Cup?

A reusable K cup is simply a cup that can be reused severally. Normally, the cups, which are used with Keurig coffee, makers, and brewers are disposable.

You’ll use them once then throw them away. However, with the reusable type, you should be able to use it several times before it loses its effectiveness.

They work just as well as the disposable type but come with more advantages.

The device works with more machines since it comes in a more universal styling. Using it is the same as the other types,

and the results should be similar if not better. This usually depends on the style of product you go for.

And Why Do You Need It?

Cost Effective

K-cups can cost a dime over time. This will particularly affect heavy coffee drinkers or an office where there are many people. With a reusable cup,

you can reuse for several times before it becomes ineffective. All you need is simply get rid of the earlier coffee, clean it, let it dry,

and wait for the next coffee-making session. Washing the device is as simple as placing it under running water. The earlier coffer particles and other things will be eliminated.

Environmentally Friendly

K-cups come in all forms, sizes, and brands. Some big, some small, some used for Keurig 1.0, others for both 1.0 & 2.0. Nevertheless, not all cups are environmentally friendly.

Some will contain toxic compounds and pollutants. Also, too many pieces will litter the environment as they find their way into dumpsites.

A reusable type lasts much longer than the normal one. Also, it will substitute several cups. For instance, if you use it 3 times,

it means you’ll have stopped 2 additional k cups from ending in landfills and dumpsites.

Versatile and universal

Most K-cups will be specific to a particular model. It may work with a 1.0 Keurig but not 2.0. This means that you may need to buy another pack of cups in case you acquire a newer machine.

Reusable K-cups are more universal. They are very basic and will fit well inside different coffee-making machines.

This saves you from having to purchase a set of different cups or even another machine.

Moreover, they allow you to prepare different types of coffee as per your desires.

#17. Toaster

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What is Toaster?

A toaster also referred to as a toast maker, is an electric appliance that helps to toast or make the bread crispy or brown.

It is used with sliced bread and comes with a slot or slots where the pieces of bread are inserted. Pressing a lever down pushes the bread inside the slot thereby exposing it to a heating element. After some time,

the radiating heat from the elements will make the bread crisp and also brown. The longer it stays indeed, the browner and crisper it becomes. Once done,

the mechanism will lift up and in the process, exposé the toasted bread. This will depend on the time setting. You get a 2, or 4-slice toaster.

A toaster oven offers the same service. However, it comes in the form of a mini oven. You place the sliced bread inside, close the door, choose the timing, power it up,

and then wait. Once done, a ringer or buzzer will alert you. The toaster oven is more versatile and also helps to preheat and warm other food items.

And Why Do You Need It?

Quick toasting of bread

A toaster or toaster oven helps to toast brad faster than other methods. You simply place it inside the slots or oven compartment, select the time, and turn it on.

The bread should be ready in about 2 minutes. It doesn’t require any additional ingredients or appliances. Just the sliced bread. You should be able to toast many slices of bread within a short time.


Alternative methods of toasting bread include using a pan and stove or range. This exposes you to heat. With a toaster, you simply insert the bread slice(s) in the slots, push the lever down,

and then it will start acting on the bread. The heating element(s) are found inside the unit and away from the fingers and hand.

The chances of getting buried are minimal. It also doesn’t produce steam which may scald the user.

Consistent Results

A toaster will similarly toast the breed. All you need is to select the timer and all the bread will come out the same.

The heating elements provide the same heat and the brownness or crispiness of the bread will be the same. You also can easily vary the color and crispiness.

This is as simple as increasing the time the bread will stay inside the unit.


The above are some of the appliances you’ll find in the modern kitchen. They range from small appliances such as an onion chopper,

and microwave egg poacher to large accessories like built-in microwaves and double-wall microwave ovens. Each of the above pieces has a role to play in the modern kitchen.

And we can’t say that one is more essential than the other.

They will be used independently but will, at times, require the other to work. For instance, to prepare food that you will eventually warm in the microwave oven,

you will need to chop the onions with the slicer. Also, you’ll need to drink water that has passed through the alkaline water pitcher.

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