Cute Pink Kick Scooter With Colorful Wheels For Kids

Cute Pink Kick Scooter With Colorful Wheels For Kids 1

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By: Beleev

One of the best ways to let kids enjoy their time outdoor is by letting them ride their own kick scooter. Kick scooters are not only fun but also beneficial for the kid’s health as well. The more they use their kick scooters, the more calories that they will burn. This is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. I have a little sister, and she is very active. So I got her this cute kick scooter last April, and I can feel that she loves me more already. In case you want to know if it is the right gift for your little girl, check out my review below.

Cute Pink Kick Scooter With Colorful Wheels For Kids 4

Adjustable Handlebar

This is a very nice function to have in kick scooters and pretty much all types of scooters for kids. That is because it grows with the kids, and your kids can enjoy riding it for years. As for this kick scooter, it offers up to 3 adjustable levels so that this scooter is long lasting. Another great thing about adjustable handlebar is that it offers great comfort since the kids won’t have to slouch while riding. When they can get to ride the scooter using the right height, the kids can also control it easily as well. That means it is extra fun and safe which is a total plus.

More than that, the handlebar of this kick scooter is also very comfortable in hands. It features the design from high quality plastic rubber which is soft. This means there will not be any red marks or discomfort as your kids ride the kick scooter at all. It is a very important feature because ergonomic grab offers additional comfort no matter how long the kids ride it. With both comfort and control, this kick scooter is simply nice to have.

Cute Pink Kick Scooter With Colorful Wheels For Kids 7


Another important thing that this kick scooter comes with is the high quality brake construction. The combination of ABS plastic and stainless steel makes the brake both durable and responsive. It stops on the spot yet not all of a sudden which is absolutely safe for the kids to ride on. This is my little sister’s first kick scooter, and she can ride and stop it quite nice for a beginner. I like the fact that the brake did not force stop so that the scooter will not collapse.


For most kids, design of a gift is essential because first impression is very important. Most little girls love pink, so the color of this kick scooter already wins. Along with that, it also comes with great detail on both the deck and handlebar. The whole scooter looks super cute, and it is also modern and stylish as well. Another awesome thing is that it will never go out of style because its appearance is one of a kind. Not to mention that it is also super sleek, I am sure your kids will surely like this kick scooter as well.

Cute Pink Kick Scooter With Colorful Wheels For Kids 2


Kids won’t find it fun to ride a kick scooter that is too heavy for them to handle. This is the reason why both my little sister and other kids out there like about this scooter. With weight only 2.56 kilograms, this kick scooter is very easy to handle and ride. It allows them to easily glide along the road or carry around to place all by themselves. At the same time, this lightweight kick scooter also makes it easy for your kids to control during the ride. Since it is easy to balance, the whole scooter is both safe and fun to ride.


There are 3 wheels under this kick scooter, and all of them are colorful and durable at the same time. All wheels feature the LED light that brightens up when there is motion. No, it needs no batteries at all and that makes it super cool to ride especially at night. Along with that, the wheels show no one light which means there are many colors that you will see. This is a very beautiful feature, and all kids will absolutely like how it shows.

Cute Pink Kick Scooter With Colorful Wheels For Kids 5

On top of that, the wheels glide super smooth and quiet while being sturdy at the same time. No matter how fast the kids go, the ride is always safe and smooth for your kids. That is not all, those high quality wheels also absorbs bumps on the road which is a total plus. Not to mention that it offers the lean-to-steer mechanism, this kick scooter is super fun and safe.

In Summary

  • The deck is wide so that the kids can stand on comfortably.
  • Both the scooter and the wheels are stable and sturdy which is safe.
  • It is compact which is very easy to store or bring along with to places.
  • This kick scooter is lightweight which is easy for kids to control and ride.
  • The durable ABS plastic and stainless steel brake is durable and safe to use.
  • There are 3 wheels, and all of which offer quiet and smooth glide on various terrains.
  • The handlebar is adjustable, and it offers comfortable grip even during long hours ride.

Cute Pink Kick Scooter With Colorful Wheels For Kids 3

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(Coupon Code: PB2020 – 12% OFF)


I grew up riding bicycle instead of a scooter, so I want my sister to experience the fun I didn’t have. The special thing about this kick scooter is that it is not only cute but also durable and safe to ride. Along with that, it also offers great comfort on the feet and hands as well which is a total plus. Since I got this scooter for her on her birthday, she has been riding it every evening. Many kids also have the same fun experience, and I am sure that yours will too. Feel free to check it out and see if this is the kick scooter that you want your kids to have.

Cute Pink Kick Scooter With Colorful Wheels For Kids 6

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