The 12 Best Wooden High Chairs In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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A high chair provides a beautiful place for your kid to sit on. It’s also more convenient for you compared to other options. Over the years, we have seen all kinds of chairs. Some very good, others okay, some not good at all. When about to purchase a unit, there are many things that you need to look at if you want the best wooden high chairs for yourself or any other user.

You don’t want your child feeling too uncomfortable, you struggling to use it, or replacing it too often because it isn’t stable. But with so many types of high chairs, it’s not very easy to make the right decision. In this review, we will guide you in making the right choice; show you the critical factors, and reasons why a wooden chair is the right choice. Let’s get started!

The List of Best Wooden High Chairs in 2020

12. Wooden High Chair For Babies and Toddlers

By: Ashtonbee

This high chair has the legs and footrest of beech wood material construction. The rest of the chair is made of food-grade, sturdy, yet cost-effective polypropylene. The wooden section of this high chair is also highly resistant to shock and robust. Moreover, this chair has the classy and simple to complement your each home décor. The footrest of this chair comes with seven adjustable height levels for growing baby to toddler.

The chair for kids also has a detachable food tray to allow a convenient cleaning. Furthermore, the chair offers easy installation and disassembling within a few minutes. The chair ideally holds your 10 years old kids without any problem. This high chair allows a convenient storage option. The sturdy construction of this chair lasts year after year, yet comes at an affordable price.

In Summary:

Safe design to keep baby intact.
Food-grade material and shock-resistant.
Resistance to fatigue and highly durable.

11. Trio 3-in-1 Wood High Chair

By: Ingenuity

This high chair has a very versatile design. You get a full-size high chair, also a toddler chair, and a booster seat in one chair. Moreover, this chair is the perfect balance of timeless and modern design to suit every home décor. The sleek espresso wood finish of this chair separately organizes two individual seats for two kids at the same time. The chair reclines in 3 different positions. Apart from that, the innovation food-tray comes with 4 different locking positions.

The chair also includes safety straps to keep your infant safe from falling. Furthermore, this tray of this chair is highly dishwasher-safe. Each part of this high chair allows for easy cleaning. The high chair comes with 4 wheels for easy movability. This high chair allows super fast and easy installation with time.

In Summary:

Sleek and modern design.
Different types of functional chairs.
Safety straps and comfortable seat pads.
Adjustable tray and recline for best posture.

10. Wood Baby High Chair with Tray


This wooden high chair has the finest construction of natural bamboo. The high chair is also an ideal dining chair for your baby. Moreover, this chair comes with the 3 gear adjustable seat heights. This chair perfectly holds the infant up to 77 pounds. The hygroscopic and endothermic keeps the temperature of your chair constant on every season. This offers baby a comfortable seat.

This chair also comes with the foldaway design for easy transportability and storage. Furthermore, the high chair has the four-corner support with the three-point structure to keep your baby safely seated on the chair. The chair involves a straightforward installation at home. The smooth surface of this chair allows for convenient and fast cleaning. This 8-inch slim folded upright design of this chair offers a space-saving storage option.

In Summary:

Hygroscopic and endothermic material construction.
Suitable for all seasons due to temperature resistance.
Adjustable heights and foldable for compact storage.

By: Winco

This high chair is crafted from high-quality wood to provide good and long-lasting service. Rubberwood is famed for its strength, reliability, safety, and resistance to bugs, insects, fading, and warping. The elegant chair has a proper height for easy reach and can be adjusted to cater for different users and needs.

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What’s more, It comes with a sleek finish for extra elegance and easy cleaning. The CHH-101 wooden chair from Winco comes in a nice natural wood finish to blend with most interiors and can be placed in the home, hotel, restaurants, and other places. It comes unassembled for easy transportation and storage, and assembly takes a relatively short time and doesn’t need high skills or tools.

In Summary:

High quality and durable
Good support and comfortable
Cleans easily
Easy to assemble

8. Children’s Commercial Wooden High Chair

By: KegWorks

This is one of the versatile and reliable chairs on the market. It has a nice height of 38.25 inches which is fit for most applications. The nice-looking chair is 19.75 inches long and 19.75 inches wide and is spacious enough to hold most kids. It’s built from top-grade wood that can bear the user’s weight and other things as well as regular adjusting and movements.

And although it’s fairly roomy when compared to other types, the chair is moderately lightweight. Moving or carrying it should, therefore, be convenient. The commercial-grade chair includes a strong safety harness straps for firmly securing the baby. It can be stacked for easy and quick storage.

In Summary:

Good quality
Strong and portable
Easy to use
Good value and reliable

7. Adjustable Wooden High Chair

By: Heartwood

This high chair comes with the ergonomic design to add more stability, confidence, and comfort during seating. The chair with highly adjustable seat and the footrest is also ideal for 6 months child to a grown-up person. Moreover, this chair has the construction of sturdy birch tree plywood. The chair is highly efficient to hold up to 250-pound. The children aged between 2 to 13 years efficiently use this chair.

The chair also has a distinctive, modern yet simple look to suit your décor. Furthermore, with the proper instruction guide, you can simply install this high chair. This piece of furniture is a perfect addition for your hall-room or dining room. The backrest design of this chair gives a comfortable seating position for all. The classy-looking yet durable chair comes at a pocket-friendly price. It is definitely one of the best wooden high chairs on the list.

In Summary:

Adjustable seat and footrest.
Ergonomic design for greater stability and comfort.
Comes with a 3-year warranty and FSC certification.

6. High Chair with Tray

By: Keekaroo

This high chair comes in a natural wooden shade. The chair is also ideal for babies aged 6 months and up. Moreover, this chair comes with the adjustable footrest and seat plate. This chair is free of latex and delivers anti-microbial protection. The chair has a cloth-cushioning for your baby’s ultimate comfortable seating. The eating tray has a dishwasher-safe and BPA-free plastic tray cover for easy cleaning.

The chair also has the maximum weight loading capacity of 250-pound. Furthermore, this chair comes with a 3-point safety belt to keep your baby safe on the chair. The chair has a tip-resistant base. Both kids and adults can enjoy the seating on the high chair. The sustainable rubber-wood construction of this chair comes with proper durability. By removing the food tray, you can place this chair in front of your kitchen or computer table.

In Summary:

Anti-microbial protection.
Adjustable seat and footplate.
Soft cushion for comfortable seating.

5. Height Right Kids High Chair, Mahogany

By: Keekaroo

Made of high-quality and sustainable rubber-wood, this high chair comes with a low VOC plant-based lacquer finish. The mahogany color of this chair also fits your every home décor. Moreover, the chair ideally holds the babies from 6 months to 250-pound. The chair has an adjustable foot and seat plate. You can use this footplate as a seat plate when your kid’s feet touch the ground. The ergonomic backrest allows your baby to have comfortable seating.

This chair is also absolutely safe for your children. Furthermore, the high chair supports easy cleaning. The entire chair is easy to install. The chair includes a 3-point positioning belt to keep your child safe from falling down. The high chair has a durable construction to last for a longer time. This high chair comes at a pocket-friendly price and five years warranty. Overall, it is one of the best wooden high chairs to opt for.

In Summary:

Sustainable rubberwood for durability.
Pelvic belts for safety and stability.
Tear-resistant material with anti-microbial protection.

4. Wooden High Chair

By: Winco

With this mahogany chair by Winco, you and your baby will have an enjoyable retime. The simply designed chair is fit for boys and girls of varied ages and comes in an adjustable design to suit different users. The Winco CHH-103 wooden chair comes unassembled for convenient transportation, but assembly is a breeze.

On top of that, you should have it up and run in a few minutes, even with basic knowledge. All you need is to follow the simple and clear instructions. It measures 20 inches long, 20 inches wide, and is very spacious for most users. And similar to most types in this list, it has a smooth surface for easy cleaning and is very comfortable and warm.

In Summary:

Pretty and trendy
Perfect height
Easy to use
Comfortable and safe

By: Excellante

I’ve always respected the Excellante brand when it comes to high chairs and other furniture pieces. While they have several amazing products, this one appeals to me the most. We love the solid construction that delivers good support to the child and also assures the parent and other users of longevity. It comes in a walnut color which blends well with many decors, whether contemporary or traditional.

Also, using the chair is easy and simple because it’s fundamental and doesn’t have any unnecessary frills. The commercial-grade piece has a smooth finish which is easy to maintain and a pyramid design to prevent it from tipping. You shouldn’t worry about your kid slipping through it since it has strong and reliable safety harness straps.

In Summary:

Not very heavy
Good quality and support
Easy to move
Well built and long-lasting

2. Tripp Trapp High Chair

By: Stokke

Another best wooden high chair is from Stokke. Coming in classic Scandinavian design and a walnut color, this high chair will look perfect in your kitchen, dining room, restaurant, and many other places. It is a high-quality chair that will deliver good service for many years if not decades.

Moreover, the unit features an easy-to-adjust seat for the best support. The footrest is also adjustable and ensures your baby’s feet don’t overhang or are not squeezed. It includes a nice cushion for added coziness and is easy to use even for a first-time parent. The accessory can be used by both boys and girls and will accommodate children of different ages.

In Summary:

Good looking and amazing design
Easy to assemble
Practical and functional
Good quality and affordable

1. Wooden High Chair With Tray

By: Abiie

As the best wooden high chair in the list, this one is fit for kids of different ages. It is simple in design and operation, and even new parents won’t have problems using it. It’s built from high-grade wood to tolerate bangs, knocks, spills, food, grease, and everyday use. The stylish chair looks great and will complement traditional, modern, and many other interior décors.

Furthermore, you can adjust the height according to the size of your child or the table. The sturdy seat can support users up to 250 pounds and is very comfortable, thanks to the olive cushion. It supports a 3 or 5-point harnessing to secure your baby while the smooth finish improves cleaning and maintenance. The stain-resistant cushions, together with the smooth finished wood surface, making cleaning easy.

In Summary:

Easy to assumable
Works great
Easy to adjust the height
Good Support
Easy to clean
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What You Need To Look At Before Making A Purchase

Wooden chairs may not only look similar but serve the same purpose. This is why it’s hard to distinguish the best from the not-so-good. However, focusing on the following things will make life easier:


We go for a unit that will provide maximum comfort to my child. It will prevent unnecessary aches, tiredness, and won’t be too slippery or too hard. We usually pick a chair with a smooth finish to prevent injury, it will feel soft on the child, and has good padding. When it’s too low or too high, both the kid and you will suffer.


The right product is sturdily built to handle everyday requirements. It will withstand bangs, abrasions, knocks, vibrations, regular movement, and frequent washing. Wood is one of the most reliable materials. It’s also easy to maintain and can last for an extended period.


Like any other chair, this one also needs to be very stable. It shouldn’t move unnecessary or at the slightest touch. Additionally, the chair shouldn’t wobble or shake as this will affect its steadiness. Trying out several types, following referrals, or relying on credible reviews helps to ascertain which particular unit has the right stability.

Easy to Use

I remember always having a problem getting the baby in and out of the chair. The truth was it was very well made, looked awesome, and was very portable. However, the design featured small openings which made it had to retrieve or place the baby. You should go for a versatile unit that can handle different babies and is easy to use.


Top seats will serve you for quite a long time. During their lifespan, they won’t start wobbling, produce odd noises or creaks, or break down. Wood stands out as among the strong and durable materials.


Your kid’s safety is vital when picking a high seat. It should provide the perfect support, remain stable throughout, the surface should be very smooth without corners or edges that may injure the kid. One notable is making sure it has good padding for extra comfort and doesn’t have any toxic compounds that may harm the baby, you, pets, or the environment.

Cleaning Ease

You also shouldn’t forget about the cleaning of the chair. A good one will have a smooth and sleek surface for easy cleaning will resist stains, fading, discoloration, and also won’t get rust or corrosion. These are some of the things that make wooden chairs preferred choice.


Other important things include consumer reviews, JPMA Certification, Weight, Foldability, and Price.

Benefits And Reasons Why People Prefer Wooden High Chair?


A good number of people say they love the wooden chair because it is elegant and stylish. It will stand out from others and will look amazing in most decors, whether modern or traditional.

Blends Well

Wood is the common material for furniture and fittings complements most interiors. It doesn’t matter whether it is plain, stained, glossy, or painted. The wooden chair is perfect for the kitchen, living room, dining room, and other places.

Timeless Look

I have seen chairs that have lasted generations and still look amazing. In fact, a good number of consumers love classic chairs compared to contemporary ones. The chair is timeless and will always look good even when new trends and designs emerge. You can, therefore, use the same chair for all your kids or even pass it for your grandchild.


Wood is naturally strongly durable and can cope up with most demands. It doesn’t break or get scratched easily, it is resistant to warping, the discoloration can be polished to restore its former glory. However, all wood isn’t the same, and you should be more cautious when buying so as not to fall for softwood.


The other standard option for high chairs is plastic. However, it’s not a secret that wood is way stronger and will outlast the plastic. It’s more resistant to scratches, vibration, stains, dents, heat, and more. This is why you will still find wooden chairs that have lasted a generation.


Like other people, we like the wooden highchair because it’s very safe for the kid and people. It doesn’t contain toxic compounds such as BPA which are present in some plastic. Also, it’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t release any harmful compounds or pollutants. More benefits and other reasons that make the wood-made high chair popular can also be seen here.

Final Word

Picking the right high chair for your kid is important. It provides a good sitting point for your baby and improves access to your baby. The item offers support and stability to prevent unnecessary movement. It also is very comfortable to avoid tiredness and aches and is ergonomic for easy use and reliability. Other reasons for investing in a good chair include reliability, easy maintenance, elegance, and blends well with different environments. Since singling out an excellent piece is a bit of a challenge, we have identified the best wooden high chairs in the market. What remains is you pick your favorite.

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