Reviews Of The 10 Best Wireless Car Chargers You Should Have

With the advancement of technology, the wireless charging is becoming a common thing for modern gadgets. However, most of the modern cars have USB based charging options. Therefore, you should buy a wireless car charger so that you can charge your devices with support for wireless charging technology. They are easy to mount on your car, and they can also act as a phone holder. Their grip and construction are such that the phone will stay stable during bumps and turns. The charging will also be quick as most of them have quick charging options. The following article has the best wireless char chargers for your smartphones and smart gadgets.

List Of Best Wireless Car Chargers In 2019

#10. Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger


This wireless car charger is able to rotate 360 degrees. Therefore, the display will optimal for road navigation. The strong grip and silicone structure hold the phone strong, and the surface is anti-slippery in nature. The bumps and sharp turns will not affect the phone’s position. The charger has the option to either install in the air vent or in the car panel. Moreover, there is a metallic ring to strengthen the grip further.

Besides, it comes with a smart chip that is compatible with multiple devices and it prevents devices from overcharging, overvoltage and over-temperature conditions. The charger has universal compatibility and it also supports the Qi wireless charging standard. It supports the popular smartphones of Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and premium smartphones of the Chinese brands.

#9. Wireless Car Charger, iFunTec Car Mount Air Vent Car Phone Holder

Wireless Car Charger, iFunTec Car Mount Air Vent Car Phone Holder

By – iFunTec

This wireless charger for the car is very flexible for drivers. This will allow you to charge your phone fast while you are still driving. You can mount it in the interior of your car. The mounting can be within seconds in your car’s vent. Moreover, you can even use it in your office, home, or anywhere you want. This is a wireless charger which makes you free from all the messy cables. This is very convenient to use, and the charger pad will fit in most of the phones.

It supports many phones like iPhone 8/8+, Samsung Note 5/6/7, Nokia Lumia 820 to 1020, LG V30/G6+/, HTC 8X and many others. This is very lightweight and even supports models of other brands like Huawei, Gionee, Motorola, Sony, and MI. This is very flexible as well as safe to use. Even when you are driving on a rugged mountain, your phone will not fall off. Besides, the soft rubber in the charger will not give scratch to your phone. This product comes with a warranty for 18 months, and you will be getting one wireless charger, one USB charger, and a car vent mount.

#8. 10W Wireless Car Charger, Wireless Fast Car Mount

10W Wireless Car Charger, Wireless Fast Car Mount


Compared to other chargers, this wireless car charger will charge your phone very fast. This has 10W fast charge mode which is faster than 5W chargers. It is ideal for various brands of phones like Sony, Samsung, iPhone, HTC, LG, and MI. Moreover, this can also support Qi-enabled devices. You will have to mount the charger and simply drop your phone to get it charged. You can do it with the help of a single hand and save your time from the tangling cables.

The two arms located on the charger will hold your phone very safely. It is suitable to mount on the air vent and will not block your visibility when you are driving. With this, you can drive safely and charge your phone even when you are driving on a bumpy road. This is a 2-in-1 charger which will grab your phone very safely. On top of that, for multiple protections, it has an intelligent chip and will take care of temperature, short-circuit, overcharge and over-current. This is case friendly, and you don’t have to remove the case when you are charging. This also has an eye-catching design and will look amazing in your car.

#7. Wireless Car Charger, BOSLISA Auto-clamping Qi Wireless Charger

Wireless Car Charger, BOSLISA Auto-clamping Qi Wireless Charger


This is a 10W Qi-compatible wireless car charger. Therefore, it is one of the fastest and best wireless car chargers available. In fact, it can charge your device 1.5 times faster than any standard charger. The build quality is excellent, and there is an intelligent chip integrated for the safety of your device. It ensures that there is no over-heating, over-voltage, and battery damaging issue. The best part is its auto-clamping feature that let you attach the device to the mount with one hand.

Moreover, it lets the users enjoy effortless view experience. The attachment of the device to the mount is powerful to survive all bumps and turns comfortably. Besides, there are 2-in-1 installations with the suction mount as well as through the air vent of the car. It allows 152 degrees adjustable for the first option and for the latter, you can get 360 degrees flexibility. The wireless car charger works with all QI-enabled devices of all brands and especially for smartphones in the size range of 4 to 6 inches.

#6. TOFOCO Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount

TOFOCO Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount


This is another 10W Qi-enabled wireless car charger that can charge your device 1.4 times faster than traditional wireless chargers. All the devices especially smartphones that are Qi-enabled can be charger with it conveniently. However, for fast charging iPhones, you will need QC2.0 or QC 3.0 charging adapter. It is suitable for smartphones with the cover on as long as its width is in between 2.6 and 3.54 inches and that of the cover must be within 2mm. Moreover, it comes with auto-grip gravity linkage for easy placement of your device on it.

The best part is that you can place it almost anywhere in your car whether it is the air vent, dashboard, or the windshield as there are mounts for all of them. The telescopic arm extends from 4.9 to 8.3 inches, and you can get a better viewing experience. Moreover, it is one of the safest and best wireless car chargers to use because of its advanced integrated IC to prevent overload, short-circuit, over-heating and over-voltage issues.

#5. Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount Adjustable Gravity Air Vent Phone Holder

Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount Adjustable Gravity Air Vent Phone Holder

By – Squish

This will allow you to charge your phone without messing with the cables. It will charge your phone in a safe and secure way and can be mounted very quickly. The cradle can rotate 360 degrees and is one of the most convenient methods of charging your phone. Once mounted, it will allow you to charge with a hands-free experience. Moreover, the clamps will fit on your phone automatically and hold them securely.

This is made up of anti-slip rubber which has a strong grip. It will also not scratch your phone and is Qi-standard approved. You can install it easily in your vehicle, and one can also use it in other places like home or office. You don’t require any tools to install it, and it will give you endless possibilities. The charger is compatible with most smartphones of any size. Besides, it will fit into most phones and will allow you to drive safely. This item is very lightweight and has automatic locking after placing the phone.

#4. Wireless Car Charger, WiLEES Automatic Qi Wireless Car Charger Air Vent Phone Holder

Wireless Car Charger, WiLEES Automatic Qi Wireless Car Charger Air Vent Phone Holder


If you are looking for a single hand operation while charging your phone, then this is the one for you. The wireless car charger has an infrared sensor system which is very efficient in charging the phone. When you keep your phone near this charger, the clips will get automatically opened and hold it. This has a phone base and will allow you wireless charging. This is compatible with Qi protocol and supports many brands of phones like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, iPhone, and HTC.

This works without any problems and also has a USB charger. If your phone does not support wireless charging, then there is also an option to charge it with the help of a USB. You can mount this easily in your car and enjoy safe charging. This will safely hold your phone and will not let them slip. The air vent mount is very effective, and it is adjustable to a full 360 degrees. You will be getting the instruction manual, vent stent, and USB cable along with the dual charger. Therefore, it is one of the best wireless car chargers to buy.

#3. TNSO Wireless Car Charger Mount, Gravity Linkage Charging

TNSO Wireless Car Charger Mount, Gravity Linkage Charging


Apart from charging your phone, you can also use this wireless car charger as a phone holder in your car. You can adjust your phone in the optimal charging position with its bottom bracket which has a stretch bracket. This will give you flexible viewing angles and will not create any problem when you are driving. Moreover, the air vent mount can be easily mounted and provide a flexible perspective to you. Furthermore, it will keep your phone steady even when you are driving on a bumpy road.

This is a highly rated product which has extremely positive reviews. The fast wireless charging is possible with various brands of phones like the iPhone, Sony, Nokia, LG, and Samsung. The product comes with a warranty of one year, and both the input and output volt is 5.0V. Additionally, this is also very lightweight and has an indicator on it when the charging is going on. This will give you a better experience when you are driving. This is also very safe and is suitable for use even at home or office.

#2. Wireless Car Charger, Sadun Qi Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount

Wireless Car Charger, Sadun Qi Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount

By – Sadun

While you are thinking about a good quality car charger, then you can consider this wireless charger once. This charger is one of the fastest chargers among all other wireless chargers. Moreover, you don’t have to carry any additional instruments for charging purpose when you have this charger. This contains an air vent mount and suction mount which is easy to attach with desktop, air conditioning outlet and likewise. According to your car vent, you can switch within broad and narrow pins.

This charger also combines the gravity linkage phone holder only in one unit which makes it easier to hold a phone according to your need. Moreover, this contains a soft leather pad which provides protection to the holder. You can also use this charger in your office as well as home too. Before using the charger just remove the phone cover and adjust the phone in the center position of the charger. This does not require any battery. This is only available for Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 Edge, S6, iPhone 8/8,iPhone X and other Qi supported smartphones.

#1. Wireless Car Charger, AEDILYS 2 in 1 10W Fast Wireless Charger

Wireless Car Charger, AEDILYS 2 in 1 10W Fast Wireless Charger


Before hopping to others, you should consider this wireless car charger for buying which contains an inbuilt IC chip. This charger helps to detect the quantity of current usage, as well as give protection to the voltage. Moreover, your phone’s temperature also stays in under control when you will attach this charger with your phone. This charger also provides enhanced safety to your device. Furthermore, any wireless charger takes more time to charge where this charger offers 1.5 times faster-charging opportunity. This is undoubtedly the best wireless car charger on the list.

This charger contains both the air vent mount and Suction mount, for which you can use it in air conditioner and windshield. Moreover, this charger contains 360 degrees rotating ball for which you can fix it in landscape or portrait orientation according to your choice. You can easily fix it in anywhere in your car. This wireless charger supports charging to the 3.5-6 inches smartphones like Samsung Galaxy, S7, S9, S9+ which have wireless charger facility.

Bonus#1 – Car Charger, Ainope 4.8A Aluminum Alloy Car Charger Adapter Dual USB Port

Car Charger, Ainope 4.8A Aluminum Alloy Car Charger Adapter Dual USB Port

By – Ainope

If you are planning to have a good quality car charger which is small in size, well, this car charger has the smallest size for a car charger. This charger’s body size is near about 43.5mm x 23.5 mm. You can comfortably fit this charger with your car’s outlet. Before using it just check your car’s cigarette lighter at once. The most important features of this charger are that you can use two devices for charging at a time. Besides, this charger provides the 2.4A power of current for each device, which is 40% faster-charging quality than any other car chargers.

This charger has an aluminum alloy body with scratch resistivity for which this looks like a new charger all the time. Moreover, its metallic coated body provides high-temperature resistance technology. This charger will safeguard your device from high current, the high voltage as well as over temperature. This charger supports the USB related devices like iPhone8/8.1, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, Android tablets, power banks and likewise.

Bonus#2 – CHOETECH Wireless Charger, Qi Certified T511 Wireless Charging Pad

CHOETECH Wireless Charger, Qi Certified T511 Wireless Charging Pad


This is by far one of the best chargers to buy because of its all-round features and performance. There are three colors available, and the product has the largest market share. The product needs no USB interface, and it can charge your device over the Qi-enabled covers. The universal compatibility charger supports all the premium smartphones of smartphone brands and any other Qi-enabled device.

It is one of the slimmest wireless chargers you can find, and the design is modern and eye-catching. Besides, it has integrated smart chip that prevents the charging pad from over-heating and over-voltage conditions. Therefore, your device will charge safely, and the company offers one and a half years’ warranty on it. There are built-in LED indicators to show that the device has the perfect position for proper charging. It takes minimal space and very convenient to use.


The most important thing to consider while buying a wireless car charger is its compatibility with the smartphone you have. First of all, the smartphone or smart device you have must have wireless charging facility. Secondly, if you have Qi-compatibility with the device for quick charging, the wireless car charger must also have support for the same. Therefore, it is important to go through the description of the best wireless char chargers we have listed before buying any one of them.

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