The 12 Best Wireless Adapters For Gaming — Review In 2021

You cannot enjoy the true gaming experience unless you have high-speed internet connectivity and there is no mess of wires. To boost the speed of the internet in the wireless Wi-Fi mode, you need a wireless adapter. A wireless adapter is necessary when you have a computer with wired internet connectivity such that you can set up a hotspot for lightning-fast Wi-Fi connectivity. We have listed the 12 best wireless adapters for gaming and streaming HD videos flawlessly. They are far better than your 5G internet speed, and normal routers as the signal strength stay strong even when you are far away from the computer at your home. You can also add a router with it for greater speed and better coverage range.

List Of Best Wireless Adapters For Gaming In 2021

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#12. 2.4G-5G Dual Band
#12 USB WiFi Adapter AC600Mbps 2.4G-5G Dual Band 802.11 ac-a-b-g-n,Dongle

By: DIZA100

This wireless adapter for gaming is compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS. It offers 433mbps speed for the 5GHz band and 150mbps for the 2.4GHz band. If you have the latest Wi-Fi technology, you can boost the speed and the performance even higher. Under normal circumstances, there is no lagging or signal weakening. You can stream HD videos and online games with ease.

The antenna is a high gain long-range one, and the signaling technology provides consistent strength. The adapter supports the advanced encryption technology WPA which is very common these days. One can also create a hotspot out of it in case he is using a wired internet connection on his computer.

#11. USB Wifi Adapter Dual Band
ANEWKODI USB Wifi Adapter USB 3.0 AC1200Mbps USB Wireless Adapter Dual Band


This is a reliable Wi-Fi adapter for gaming due to its consistent signal strength over a large dedicated range. The use of the latest chip provides the advanced processing technology for signal strength generation and sustainability. The speed is lightning fast, and the support for the dual-band prevents interference to the maximum extent.

Not just that, with the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology, you can boost eh speed further and so will the range coverage. You can enjoy seamless online gaming and HD video streaming like never before. There is no dead zone creation and no unsafe internet connectivity. It supports both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 for providing faster internet speed, and the company offers 1.5 years warranty.

#10. Wireless USB WiFi Adapter, 1200Mbps Dual Band
Wireless USB WiFi Adapter, Techkey 1200Mbps Dual Band


The wireless adapter for gaming comes with two Wi-Fi antennas. These ensure an extended range of connectivity and superior stability on both sides. The speed is excellent, and the peak speed is nearly 1Gbps on the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, and it is around 300Mbps when put on the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band. There is no chance of inconsistency in performance and lagging during online gaming. The HD video streaming is flawless, and the availability of USB 3.0 makes it versatile.

Furthermore, the installation is effortless, and you can create a hot spot with it in case your computer has a wired internet connection. The company offers one year warranty, and the build quality is extremely good. It is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and even Ubuntu Linux. The installation driver is included, and if you are using Windows 10, the device installs automatically.

#9. USB Wifi Adapter – Dual Band 2.4G-5G
Blueshadow USB Wifi Adapter - Dual Band 2.4G-5G Mini Wi-fi ac Wireless Network Card Dongle

By: Blueshadow

This is a high-speed dual-band Wi-Fi adapter with the maximum speed availability of 867mbps at 5GHz and 3000mbps for the 2.4GHz. It is ideal for online gaming and HD video streaming smoothly. With the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac technology, the peak speed achievable is 1200mbps. The range coverage is extremely long, and the product has a high-gain antenna. As a matter of fact, you can connect well, even when the signal is weak.

The size of the wireless adapter is small and compact. It is compatible with Mac OS and Windows. If required, you can download the driver online. It also works with any Wi-Fi router seamlessly. Therefore, you can connect it to a dual-band router for faster speed and greater coverage. The company offers 1.5 years warranty, and it also has USB 3.0 connectivity.

#8. USB Wifi Adapter 1200Mbps Dongle With 5dBi Antenna
Inamax USB Wifi Adapter 1200Mbps, USB 3.0 Wireless Network Wifi Dongle with 5dBi Antenna

By: Inamax

This is one of the best wireless adapters for gaming concerning ratings and sales figures. It has the highest possible speed with the latest Wi-Fi technology. The speeds for the 5Ghz and the 2.4Ghz bands are 867mbps and 300mbps, respectively. There is no issue of lagging or freezing while streaming HD videos and high-end games. Furthermore, it comes with USB 3.0 connectivity which also has ultra-high speed. Therefore, you can expect the internet speed to be extremely stable, and the performance of the device is unmatched.

The high-gain long-range antenna ensures consistent throughput signal, and even when the signals are weak, the connectivity does not get disrupted. The compatibility is not only for Windows but also for Mac. However, it does not support Linux. You can plug and play in most of the operating systems. You can even connect it with other routers for greater speed and distance coverage. The company offers a full refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

#7. 1200Mbps Wireless USB Wifi Adapter
1200Mbps Wireless USB Wifi Adapter, FayTun USB Wifi Adapter

By: FayTun

This is one of the fastest wireless adapters, and it has a peak speed of 1.2Gbps with the latest 802.11ac technology. The availability of the dual-band is a sheer advantage for various applications. For the 5GHz channel, the maximum speed is 867mbps, and for the 2.4GHz channel, it is 300Mbps. You can experience lag-free HD video streaming and gaming. The omnidirectional feature of the antenna ensures strong and stable signal all around in a fixed diameter.

Furthermore, the wireless adapter has Beamforming+ technology due to which it boosts the speed as well as the range. The product has universal compatibility and works seamlessly with Mac, Linux, and Windows from 7 onwards. An installation CD is provided, but you can plug and play with most of the latest operating systems. On top of that, you can create a hot spot with its Soft AP feature which is extremely handy when you are using a computer with wired internet connection.

#6. 600Mbps USB Wifi Adapter Wireless Dual Band
ANEWKODI 600Mbps USB Wifi Adapter USB Wireless Adapter Daul Band


The maximum speeds achievable with the wireless adapter are 433mpbs for 5GHz channel and 150mbps for the 2.4GHz channel. You can do seamless HD video streaming without any lagging. The antenna has a very long range for the consistent signaling system. There is the least chance of signal dropping or showing instability. The device is easy to set up, and the compatibility also has a wide range.

There are no drivers required if you have Windows 10. You can just plug and play, and it is compatible with Mac OS, as well. It uses the latest Wi-Fi technology, and it works with any other Wi-Fi router. The company offers one year warranty, and the build quality is exceptionally well. It is one of the most affordable wireless adapters for gaming.

#5. Top Dual Band USB Wireless WiFi Adapter
NET-DYN Top Dual Band USB Wireless WiFi Adapter


If you are looking for a dongle that can do the work of wireless adapter for online gaming and video streaming, it is the perfect product for you. The speeds achievable in the two popular channels, 5GHz and 2.4GHz, are on the higher side. There is no question of buffering anymore as everything can be live-streamed in HD resolution. The dual-band as always prevented interference and provided enhanced performance.

The coverage is 100 years in all directions, and there are no dead zones to deal with. If you have the latest Windows version, it will start working from the first plugin. Over that, there is WPA encryption to keep the data transfer and connectivity perfectly secure. The USB 3.0 connectivity will enhance the internet speed and maintain the signal strength consistently.

#4. 1200Mbps Long Range USB WiFi Adapter
BrosTrend 1200Mbps Long Range USB WiFi Adapter

By: BrosTrend

The speed for the 5GHz channel is 433mbps and the 2.4GHz channel is 150mbps. These speeds are enough to stream any HD video smoothly. Furthermore, it uses the same dual-band with most of the wireless adapters that come with antennas. The antenna in this one is built-in, and the range of coverage is slightly lower than those with dedicated antenna construction. Nevertheless, you can get good coverage with strong signals in all the directions.

The dongle-type Wi-Fi adapter has compatibility with Windows only. If required, you can connect it with other Wi-Fi router and enhance the speed and coverage. Moreover, it has the advanced security encryption to keep the intruders away. If you use the latest Wi-Fi technology, you can get better range and performance out of it.

#3. Wifi Adapter Wireless 5.8GHz-2.4GHz Dual Band
EDUP Wifi Adapter ac600Mbps Wireless Usb Adapter 5.8GHz-2.4GHz Dual Band


If you are looking for an affordable solution for playing online games, it is the best wireless adapter for gaming tailor-made for you. It uses the latest and powerful Wi-Fi technology, and it is powerful than wireless N Speeds 5G Wi-Fi adapters. The maximum speed that it can achieve is 500mbps while for the 5GHz channel, 433mbps is the peak speed and for the 2.4GHz, the maximum speed is 150mbps. Just like most other premium wireless adapters, it uses the dual-band to reduce interference and increases stability and signal strength. Due to this, some Wi-Fi devices can be connected once you use it as a hot spot.

However, the only drawback could be the use of USB2.0 port through online gaming and HD video streaming are smooth. It supports Windows and Mac OS. You can download the driver, and it is effortless to install and get started instantly. Just for knowledge, the brand has a dedicated support team to help you out in need. The signal can pierce through most of the obstacles and the weakness in the signal is the least.

#2. 600Mbps Dual Band 2.4G-5G Wireless Network Adapter USB Wi-Fi Dongle
OURLINK 600Mbps mini 802.11ac Dual Band 2.4G-5G Wireless Network Adapter USB Wi-Fi Dongle

By: Glam Hobby

Even though it is not the most powerful wireless adapter yet, you can do online gaming and stream HD videos flawlessly. It uses the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac technology, and the speed for the 5Ghz channel is 433mbps, and for the 2.4Ghz channel, it is 150mbps. The use of the dual-band reduces the interference significantly, and you can connect more devices without reducing the signal strength considerably.

The antenna is extremely powerful, and it uses the omnidirectional band for increased coverage and consistent stability. It is compatible with Window as well as Mac. The driver is downloadable in case the operating system does not install it automatically like plug and play mode.

#1. Wireless WiFi PCIe Network Adapter Card
TP-Link Archer T9E AC1900 Wireless WiFi PCIe network Adapter Card

By: TP-Link

This is the highest speed providing a wireless adapter for gaming. The maximum speed achievable is 1.9Gbps. For the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz channel, the maximum speeds achievable are 1.3Gbps and 600mbps. The availability of the Beamforming technology boosts the speed and the range significantly. Furthermore, the signal is spread out in all directions consistently. The stability and performance are of the next level. As a matter of fact, it has better heat management which is a major factor in determining the strength of the signal emanating out. You can render 4K videos smoothly and play online games without any disruption.

TP-Link is the most popular brand in the wireless adapter devices, and it offers two years warranty and lifetime technical support. However, it is only compatible with Windows. There are three different antennas available and the distance achieved is unmatched by any other wireless adapter. Moreover, you get advanced security standards to protect from the intruders. It is needless to say that it is the best wireless adapter for gaming and perfect value for money product.

Best Wireless Adapters For Gaming Buying Guide

Using home WiFi for gaming is not always smooth and fast, and that is not fun. Wireless adapters for gaming is an easy solution to that, and this guide is here to help you out. If you are new to this, the few points below will totally make things easier for you.


This is the technology in most advanced wireless adapters these days. The beamforming technology provides a stronger and more stable connection. Even if the adapter is right there next to the PC does not means the connection is always good. Some traditional wireless adapters for gaming still have limited ability when it comes to connection. So if you buy one now, make sure that the wireless adapters that you choose feature beamforming technology.


That refers to a single or dual band that the wireless adapters for gaming come with. Just like a regular router, the bands are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In a single band, the 2.4GHz band is ideal for a lot of walls. As for the 5GHz band, it has a higher transfer speed and frequency for a faster connection for gaming. The good thing is that there are dual band wireless adapters for gaming now. That means faster speed and higher frequency, and yes, you can use them even if your router is a single band. With two bands, the adapters will work flexibly which is simply convenient.

Signal Strength

The stability and power than an adapter can ensure also play a part. This point relies on the type of antenna that the adapter comes which is either an internal or external antenna. An internal antenna is inside the adapter’s body for a sleek and compact look. While an external antenna is visible and you can adjust to either two or three-dimension. The key is to choose the internal antenna if there is no wall while the external antenna is better with walls or large area coverage. This part is pretty easy, but don’t forget it.

Wireless Protocols

The common wireless router standard is 802.11, but the difference is a letter after the number. This letter gives information about the transmission protocol that the router follows. For example, 802.11b which is the basic connection that gives you the shortest and slowest connection. The one that you should look for is 802.11ac which is the latest version with a broad and fast connection. Along with that, make sure that it has the same protocol as your router. So if you want an 802.11ac adapter, your router should also transmit on 802.11ac protocol as well. That will give you a reliable and fast connection for smooth gaming.

USB Port Type

We all know that USB 3.0 is the fastest port in the technology world at the moment. With USB 3.0, you will receive up to 640 MBps while USB 2.0 only offers 640 MBps. However, all of these will not matter if your router does not provide speed greater than 60MBps. So you have to make sure that the router offers fast and reliable speed first; the USB port type will come later.


Based on your budget and your speed requirements, you can choose any of the above-mentioned best wireless adapters for gaming online without any disruption. The connectivity is going to be consistent and stable, and you can even stream 4K videos with the high-end adapters. Make sure you get the latest Wi-Fi technology to boost eh speed and the range further and have the WPA technology-enabled for security. You can choose among a dongle, a network adapter card, or adapters with antennas.

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