Top 13 Best Whole House Fans You Should Buy In 2021 – Review

A whole house fan is generally attached to the attic of a home as an exhaust fan. It can exhaust the hot air from home and keep the indoor temperature normal and lower than that of the outdoor. Besides, throwing out the hot and poisonous air is essential for maintaining a hygienic environment inside the house. Along with that, the cooling is going to be optimal, and therefore, it is a highly beneficial product to buy. We have listed the best whole house fans that are available online for purchase.

List Of The Best Whole House Fans

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#13. Ductless Whole House Fan

Tamarack Technologies HV1600 R50 Ductless Whole House Fan

By: Tamarack Technologies

With the help of the dual fan system, this whole house fan offers easy ductless installation. This unit also comes along with mechanically sealed doors. Moreover, the power-saving fan supports stress-free installation. The vacuum insulated panel effectively reduces the requirement of maintenance. This unit supports both the installation orientations of horizontal and vertical.

This unit also easily fits into the center joists from 16 to 24-inch. Furthermore, you do not need to cut any of the joists to install this tool. You can adjust the speed of the motor in between 1000 and 1600-CFM with the help of a 6-feet line cord.

In Summary:
  • Comes with a dual-fan system.
  • Comes with mechanically-sealed doors.
  • Supports horizontal, vertical installations.

#12. Master Flow Direct Drive Whole House Fan

LL BUILDING PRODUCTS WHFS24M Master Flow Direct Drive Whole House Fan


This whole house fan is an ideal alternative for your regular air-conditioner. The unit is also highly energy-efficient. Moreover, with the help of 4500-CFM of airflow, this fan helps you to keep your room temperature lesser than the outside temperature. This fan is suitable to install for the area up to 1000-square feet. The 1/4HP motor generates powerful air circulation as well.,

The motor of this fan also offers noiseless operation for overnight usage. Furthermore, the sturdy metal construction of this unit is resistant to rust, abrasion, and weather. The fan allows you to control the speed of the motor with the help of the two-speed pull-chain. The 24-inch blade of this fan generates powerful airflow.

In Summary:
  • Supports efficient air conditioning.
  • Comes with two-speed pull-chain.
  • Supports noiseless, vibration-free operation.

#11. Deluxe 4800W Whole House Fan

QA-Deluxe 4800(W) Whole House Fan

By: QA-Deluxe Fans

This power-saving whole house fan effectively cuts down those extra bucks you pay for your air-conditioners. The unit also effectively attracts cold air from outside and exhausts hot air from your room. Moreover, this highly-functional fan is suitable for any two-storied house up to the area of 1700-square feet. You can avail both the remote controlling facility and the wall-mountable two-speed switches.

With the help of noise dampening technology, the motor of this fan also offers noiseless and vibration-free operation. Furthermore, the acoustical ducting system helps to reduce the motor in half for better sleep. The support brackets of this unit keep the drywall away from the damper to deduct vibrations.

In Summary:
  • Offers excellent air conditioning.
  • Acoustical ducting system for noise reduction.
  • Support brackets for the damper to reduce vibration.

#10. Insulated Whole House Fan

Tamarack Insulated Whole House Fan - 1150 CFM, 70 Watts, Model# HV1000

By: Tamarack Technologies

With dual fan blades, this whole house fan is extremely power-saving and an ideal replacement for your air-conditioning device. This unit is not only able to remove heavy odor from your room but also cools down the indoor air. Moreover, the unit with its simple and convenient structure, allows hassle-free installation. The fan tends to deliver 100CFM of airflow to circulate the air up to 1000-square feet.

The innovate structure of this ventilator fan also allows you to install it on center joists from 16 to 24-inch gap. Furthermore, you do not need to cut the joists for setting this fan up. The unit comes with quiet operation technology to reduce operational noise effectively.

In Summary:
  • Extremely energy-efficient model.
  • Fits in between of center joists.
  • Dual fan structure for better performance.

#9. Belt Drive Whole House Fan

TPI BD302WHS Belt Drive Whole House Fan


This belt-driven whole house fan comes with lubricated blades. The fan also comes along with automatically closable shutters to prolong the lifespan of this fan. Moreover, the blades are resistant to weather, rust, abrasion as well as corrosion. The shutter system of this ventilation fan allows it to close entirely in the turned-off condition and vice versa. With the help of a 1/3HP motor, this fan comes with two different fan speeds.

This 120-volt whole house fan is also very much light in weight and easy to carry around. Furthermore, the unit efficiently removes hot air and draws cool air from the outside. Even, this fan helps to draw out odor from any place without any hassle.

In Summary:
  • Belt-drive fan for more air circulation.
  • Removes odor from your room.
  • Supports stress-free transportability.

#8. 24″ Attic & Whole House Fans

Air Vent Inc. 24_ Whole House Fan 54301 Attic & Whole House Fans

By: Air Vent

This extremely durable whole house fan allows easy operation for everyone. The wooden framing of this ventilation fan also supports stress-free installation. Moreover, this attic fan comes along with a 24-inch blade to deliver powerful air circulation throughout your room. This fan comes with two adjustable speed for low and high. With the help of a metal pull chain, you can easily adjust the speed of the motor.

The sturdy plastic body of the fan also does not wear or tear. Furthermore, the unit supports quiet operation and lesser vibration. This fan effectively removes hot air and replaces it with natural cool air without much hassle. The energy-efficient unit is an ideal replacement for energy-consuming air-conditioners.

In Summary:
  • Supports stress-free installation.
  • Comes with a large plastic blade.
  • Supports noiseless, vibration-free operation.

#7. Attic & Whole House Fans

Air Vent Gable Ventilator 53315 Attic and Whole House Fans

By: Air Vent

With robust plastic construction, this whole house fan comes with a 14-inch fan blade. This ventilator is also able to cool an area up to 1500-square feet. Moreover, the structure and mounting system of this fan are suitable for any type of gable roof. With a 180-volt power supply, the 1/12HP powerful motor of this fan is able to generate up to 1050-CFM of airflow.

This fan also supports a stress-free installation. Furthermore, the unit comes with quiet operation technology to dampen the operational noise of the fan. The cooling device comes along with an easy to install thermostat as well. This fan generates no vibration while the operation to offer a peaceful sleep at night.

In Summary:
  • Suitable for a gable roof.
  • Comes with a thermostat.
  • Offers vibration-free operation.

#6. Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator

Broan 35316 Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator, 1600 CFM

By: Broan

With 1600-CFM, this whole house fan is suitable for any residential attic. The cooling device is also ideal for an attic up to 2280-square feet. Moreover, this fan comes along with a 120-volt motor which is highly energy-efficient. The unit offers near to noiseless operation even in the highest motor speed, just because of its inside-the-attic application.

With the help of the zinc-coated steel housing, the unit also stands for durability. Moreover, the mounting brackets of this ventilation fan support easy setting up. In the presence of built-in thermostat, the fan also automatically adjusts the speed of the motor according to room temperature. The permanently lubricated motor of this unit comes with thermal overheating protection.

In Summary:
  • Durable zinc-coated steel housing.
  • Motor with thermal overheating protection.
  • Built-in thermostat for automatic fan-speed adjustment.

#5. AFG Smart Attic Gable Fan

QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan

By: QuietCool

This whole house fan comes with a special design to fit any gable roof. The attic fan also has a unique mounting tab system to support stress-free setting up. Moreover, the fan consists of an AC/DC durable brushless motor. This motor comes with the energy-saving function with a higher RPM rate, as well. The fan is fifteen times more powerful than the ordinary attic fan. Considering all the factors, it is clearly one of the best whole house fans to opt for.

This unit is also able to cool down the extremely heated attic by 50-degree. Furthermore, this fan comes with an inbuilt humidistat and thermostat. This ventilation fan automatically adjusts the motor speed between 10 speeds. The highly efficient fan effectively also protects your roof and home from overheating, moisture, mold, and mildew.

In Summary:
  • Built-in humidistat and thermostat.
  • Automatically adjustable motor speeds.
  • Energy-efficient brushless motor.

#4. Direct Drive 2-Speed Whole House Attic Fan With Shutter

Cool Attic CX24DDWT Direct Drive 2-Speed Whole House Attic Fan with Shutter

By: Cool Attic

This whole house fan is suitable for installing in the area up to 1800-square feet. The fan also comes with the blade diameter of 24-inch to easily fit into any attic. Moreover, the fan comes with the powder-coated finish to resist the harsh elements of weather. This attic fan efficiently draws cool air from the outside and removes hot air from your room through the air vents. Overall, it is one of the top-rated whole house fans on the list.

With the help of the innovative bracing system, this unit also offers better and stable motor mounting. Furthermore, the fan has quiet operation technology to dampen the noise of the motor and offers reduced vibration in the room. This energy-efficient unit supports a stress-free installation. The four fan blades with a 1/3HP PSC motor also allow you to adjust the speed in two modes.

In Summary:
  • High-power air movement.
  • Comes with noise dampening technology.
  • Innovative bracing system for stable motor mounting.

#3. WhisperCeiling 290 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling 290 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

By: Panasonic

This ceiling-mountable fan involves the construction of galvanized steel to provide extreme protection against damages. The fan also comes with rust-resistant coating to prolong the lifespan of the unit. Moreover, the unit is able to offer uninterrupted and noiseless operation for quite a long time. The premium-quality parts and permanently lubricated motors prolong the lifespan of the cooling device.

This fan also comes along with a customizable-mounting bracket which extends up to 26-inch. Furthermore, you can simply remove the fan and motors from the housing and the basic wiring system support stress-free installation. The internal damper of this fan effectively blocks the outside air from entering your room.

In Summary:
  • Internal damper to prevent backdraft.
  • Comes with adjustable mount brackets.
  • Galvanized steel body for durability.

#2. Original Classic Fan Model

QuietCool QC CL-3100 Original Classic Fan Model

By: QuietCool

This whole house fan is suitable for circulating air up to the area of 1570-square feet. The fan also comes with a motor with quiet operation technology. Moreover, this unit comes along with an independent duct system to dampen the noise vibration effectively. With the help of barometric pressurized gravity dampers, this fan efficiently prevents the loss of cooling or heating between your house and roof space. This is one of the best whole house fans to choose from.

This whole house fan also comes with the CFM of 3126. Furthermore, the unit consists of energy-efficient permanent split motors. The fan with noiseless operation allows you to sleep comfortably at night. This unit is an ideal alternative to air-conditioner machines. The premium-quality aluminum material construction makes it durable and abrasion-resistant.

In Summary:
  • Barometric-pressurized gravity dampers.
  • Comes with independent duct system.
  • Cover a large area.

#1. 20″ Whole House Window Fan

Air King 9166F 20_ Whole House Window Fan

By: Air King

This 20-inch wide whole house fan comes with a rotary control at the front side of the fan. The unit is also suitable for both large and small houses. Moreover, this three-speed controllable fan comes with a 1/6-HP motor with single phase. The all-time lubricated mechanism of this unit eliminates the requirement of maintenance and oiling.

This fan also comes with 1600 to 1100 regulatable RPM for desired fan speed. Furthermore, this fan comes with a sturdy plastic housing with impact resistance. With the help of the powder-coating, this fan front grill and blade with steel construction stay rustproof. This house fan delivers high-speed air circulation and fits the window opening up to 38-inch width and 26.25-inch.

In Summary:
  • Impact-resistant plastic housing.
  • Permanently lubricated mechanism.
  • Front-mounted rotary control.


There are many features to look at while buying best whole house fans. The common features are the number of blades they have, the shutter quality, the availability of timer function, the construction, and the size. We have considered all such factors and listed the various types of whole house fans to choose from. Besides, the placement of the fan and the time of using the fan can determine how effective it will be. Go through the list of these best whole house fans and understand them and then compare them before buying.

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