10 Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks For GoPro In 2021

A perfect way to add memories to your life is to take photos that have maximum clarity. The use of selfie sticks is the best option for both regular and extreme activities. GoPro Company is renowned for its quality products, which give out 100% customer satisfaction.

A person who loves diving, skydiving, water rafting, hiking, camping, and normal activities can now use this gadget with ease. It has extra accessories like a wrist strap, thumbscrew, rotating poles, plus more to ensure the capture session is memorable. Additionally, it is lightweight to enhance portability and usability.

In this article, we have compiled this informative guide to help you get more information about the best waterproof selfie sticks for GoPro with the top-grade features in 2021. We have researched and put the focus on usability, functionality, reliability, durability, design, and portability. Let us look at them more closely.

List Of Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks For GoPro In 2021

#10. Waterproof Swivel Selfie Stick For GoPro Cameras & Smartphones

Spivo 360, New 20-Inch Waterproof Swivel Selfie Stick for GoPro Cameras and Smartphones

By: Spivo

A fantastic selfie stick that allows you to use the rotating pole plus the beautiful swivel button to ensure you take photos from every angle. It has a well-designed stainless steel bearing that gives you a more smooth and enjoyable operation. Moreover, it is also compatible with smartphones to give out explicit photos.

In Summary:
  • Swivel button turns the stick 180-degree angle
  • A fantastic smooth operating stainless steel bearing
  • Rotating pole
  • Compatible with most smartphones

#9. Selfie Stick For GoPro Hero Cameras

GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero Cameras, Waterproof, Pole Extends, 17-40 Inches

By: GoRad Gear

The GoRad gear selfie stick is made of aluminum that ensures it is long-lasting. A CNC thumbscrew with a go pro compatible tripod makes it more efficient to use and operate during extreme activities. The lock twist system gives you a smooth operation by adjusting the pole from 17″ to 40″.

On top of that, this allows you to use it as a camera grip for close-ups or static to capture POV selfies. It can withstand any harsh weather conditions because of the fantastic waterproof material. This selfie stick comes with a nylon tote bag, a cord, a shoulder strap, plus more accessories to ensure a hands-free travel experience.

In Summary:
  • High-quality durable anodized aluminum
  • Inclusive of an aluminum tube, go pro compatible tripod and a strong CNC thumb
  • A well-designed firm grip lock twist system
  • Made of waterproof material
  • Includes a nylon carry bag, shoulder strap and other accessories for a hands-free experience

#8. Telescopic Pole With Tripod Stand For GoPrSMATREE Y2 Telescopic Pole with Tripod Stand for GoPro Hero Fussion:6:5:4:3:Session:Hero

By: Smatree

This is also another popular choice in the market. The beautifully designed adjustable head will give a variety of shooting angles up to 360 -180 degrees horizontal and vertical angles, respectively. The WI-FI remote controller housing helps you to conveniently attach the WIFI remote to pole for a smooth start/stop shooting experience.

Moreover, this professionally built telescopic pole allows you to quickly adjust the selfie stick from 17.5″ to 48.5″ for an excellent shooting effect. A cell phone holder supports and holds your phone firmly while in use.

In Summary:
  • A beautifully designed adjustable head to give different angle options
  • Built-in WI-FI remote controller
  • Comes with a built-in telescopic pole
  • Has an attractive cell phone holder for added security

#7. F1 Waterproof Floating Carbon Fiber Hand Grip

SMATREE F1 Waterproof Floating Carbon Fiber Hand Grip

By: Smatree

This selfie stick comes with a fixed aluminum tripod mount plus a built-in nut to ensure your equipment is secure at all times. It has a SmaPole F1 that is made up of carbon fiber material, which gives you a very comfortable experience because of its lightweight features. Besides, using it is easy even for a first time user and remains firm throughout.

In Summary:
  • A sturdy tripod mount with a built-in nut
  • Lightweight material to keep your GoPro camera afloat
  • A durable Smapole F1 provides a longer lifespan
  • Easy to use

#6. Waterproof Extendable Hand Grip Plus Floating GoPro

Waterproof Extendable Hand Grip Plus Floating GoPro Pole 6.5-23

By: MicroJib

The waterproof extendable selfie stick is perfect for all underwater activities. It has an unusual floating GoPro construction to aid you to shoot different angles more quick and easy. State of the art floating design will allow you to achieve maximum buoyancy and take perfect photos.

Furthermore, the GoPro pole can extend up to 23 inches long for a more lengthy shot, plus it is compatible with all GoPro models of equipment.

In Summary:
  • A perfectly constructed Floating GoPro Pole
  • A floating design helps the camera to float effortlessly in water
  • Superior technology allows the pole extends up to 23-inch long
  • It is compatible with all GoPro Models and other action cameras

#5. Waterproof Telescopic Pole & Floating Hand Grip In One

Waterproof Telescopic Pole and Floating Hand Grip in One, Cradle For Remote

By: XShot

This GoPro selfie stick has a locking system to enable you to quickly adjust the pole length from 6.7″ up to 15.7″. It uses a loose handgrip, which has caps that can be unscrewed to help you add water to ensure neutral underwater buoyancy.

On top of that, the well-constructed two-solution aid you to use a telescopic pole more practically. The selfie stick is made using a transparent material to provide it is not visible during a photoshoot. Furthermore, it comes well made with a brightly colored design to enhance location that is more natural in case you drop it underwater.

In Summary:
  • Selfie sticks adjusts from 6.7-15.7 inches
  • Has a floating hand grip with a unscrewable cap
  • Well constructed durable telescopic pole
  • Features a locking system
  • Adjusting the pole length is easy
  • Made of a transparent material
  • A beautiful brightly colored design

#4. Pole-Compact Edition For GoPro Cameras

Sandmarc Pole-Compact Edition, for Hero 6, Hero 5, 4, Session, Hero 3, 2 and HD Cameras

By: Sandmarc

The Sandmarc pole is compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras including Hero 5, Hero 6 plus more. It has a firm rubber grip, which helps you to hold this unit more firmly and avoid slippery effects. The adjustable wrist wrap is excellent for adjusting the equipment to the most comfortable position.

What’s more, it is lightweight for improved functionality and made of durable material. The plastic thumbscrew is very practical and improves functionality.

In Summary:
  • Compatible with most GoPro Hero cameras
  • Has a nonslip rubber grip
  • Comes with an adjustable wrist strap
  • Attractive and practical plastic thumbscrew gives a more appealing look
  • It is lightweight and durable

#3. Aluminum Waterproof Telescopic Pole Monopod For GoPro

Luxebell Selfie Stick Aluminum Waterproof Telescopic Pole Monopod for GoPro Hero 6, 5, 4

By: Luxebell

The durable aluminum alloy top and bottom monopod give the Luxebell Selfie Stick a more attractive appearance and durability. This selfie stick is compatible with most equipment like GoPro, iPhone, Android smartphone, and Sony action cameras. This gives you a more enjoyable photoshoot experience with any devices that you own.

Additionally, the practical non-slip rubber handle helps to increase friction between the selfie pole and your hand. This also avoids it from sliding off. It comes with a fantastic purse size or pocket construction, and it fits even in the smallest places and stretches up to 19-inch.

Furthermore, the lovely and unique one-piece design allows you to keep all parts intact during use and storage. It uses a simple and straightforward system to let you take photos and videos independently without assistance.

In Summary:
  • A perfectly-designed aluminum alloy top and bottom monopod
  • It is compatible with a variety of action cameras and phones
  • Ergonomic non-slip rubber handle
  • Fits nicely in purses and pockets
  • One-piece design to keep all parts intact
  • Easy to use selfie stick

#2. Waterproof 3-In-1 Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick With Float Accessories

Floatpro Waterproof 3-in-1 Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick with Float Accessories

By: Rraycom

This hi-end selfie stick is made of 100% aluminum alloy, which is 11 inches in length. It is not only rustproof but also easy to carry to all your favorite diving action. An in-built beautiful detachable wrist strap and floating strap to help you to use it on the water without fear of camera lose.

On top of that, the well-designed adjustable lock lets you firmly secure it to the perfect position. It comes with a complete set of well though-of monopod accessories that you can use for both land and water with comfort.

In Summary:
  • Made of strong durable 100% aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight, waterproof and rust-free material
  • A detachable wrist and floating strap
  • Firmly secure to your wrist
  • A beautifully designed adjustable lock
  • Comes with a set of functional monopod accessories

#1. Professional 10-In-1 GoPro Monopod

Professional 10-In-1 GoPro Monopod, 15”- 47” Waterproof Selfie Stick for Go Pro Hero

By: Selfie World

This selfie stick uses true Universal 10-in-1 compatibility. It also works with all GoPro models like Hero & session, GoPro Omni VR 360, as well as Mini Camcorders, Action Cameras, Sports cameras, Digital Compacts, iPhones, iPod, Samsung Galaxy cell phones and Android Smartphones.

In addition to that, it has a handy quick extend release clips to help you reach the length up to 4 feet in seconds. This best waterproof selfie sticks for GoPro also comes with weatherproof and waterproof construction with a nylon carry bag. This ensures you have the ideal telescopic accessory for diving, underwater, hiking, and outdoor activities.

In Summary:
  • True universal 10-in-1 compatibility for GoPro, Digital cameras, Smartphones and more
  • Has a Quick Extend Release Clips that extends up to 4 Ft
  • Waterproof and weatherproof design
  • Comes with a nylon carry bag

Why GoPro Selfie Sticks?

Easy To Use

GoPro selfie sticks are very simple to use because of the straightforward mechanism. It does not require advanced skills or assistance to operate it. It is inclusive of handles, thumbscrews, caps, and straps for a more enjoyable capture experience. Additionally, they come with manuals that give a straightforward direction.


They are made of lightweight materials that enhance easy usability. Even a child can operate it without tiring the hands.


Another advantage of using this product is the ability to move it from one place to the other. Moreover, it is useful in many activities including extreme ones such as deep-sea diving, mountain biking, hiking, trekking, a fishing expedition, and boating.


It is compatible with most gadgets including smartphones, iPhones, GoPro Models, Camcorders, and many more. You can efficiently use your current smartphone while saving money without buying a new phone.

Buoyancy and Waterproof

Additionally, top selfie sticks will float on water. The waterproof material used makes it more durable and avoids corrosion.

Apart from the excellent features GoPro products offer, there are numerous videos on the internet that show how they work. We have researched the first video of a professional using an underwater selfie stick for you to see the great functionalities it possesses. This YouTube video below gives you more tips and information on how to operate a waterproof selfie stick with the highest comfort.


A GoPro Selfie stick will help you capture the beautiful moments in a fun and stress-free manner. You can use it in normal as well as extreme activities. Nevertheless, the selfie sticks vary in practicality, reliability, material, user-friendliness, cost, weight, extendability, and more.

The above units are the best waterproof selfie sticks for GoPro in 2021 because of the excellent features and advanced technology. You are assured of good usability, performance, reliability, efficiency, durability, and easy maintenance. Besides, it is apt for all types of weather conditions. By using it in the right way, not only will it give you maximum service but also you will add memories to your life.

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