9 Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes — Products Review In 2021

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As any wise person will tell you, investing in the best waterproof hiking shoes is always advisable. This is especially critical if you plan to spend time outdoors and in the wet weather. Wearing wet boots or shoes is not only uncomfortable but also hinders movement. You use more effort to walk, the wet interior will affect the comfort, and you are exposing your feet toy bacteria, germs, and other infections. You can’t also forget the bad odor that comes with wearing wet hiking shoes.

With more and more people engaging in hiking and other outdoor expeditions, the popularity of these shoes has been rising. You’ll find so many types and brands and finding a pair that fits you isn’t a problem. Nevertheless, the water-resistant nature of the footwear will vary. Some will be exceptional, others okay while some not any good. In the following article, we’ve briefly reviewed the best waterproof hiking shoes on the market.

List Of The Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes

#9. Men’s Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

By: Columbia

Just as it looks, the Columbia Redmond boot feels very sturdy. It will handle the outdoor terrains with ease and won’t rip or tear easily. And this is thanks to the 100% Leather and Textile construction that can take the beating. It’s ideal for any man who loves hiking, camping, and the outdoors. The mid-cut boot fits well on foot and has a smooth interior for excellent comfort and warmth. It also isn’t too heavy to inhibit movements and opens wide for quick wearing and removals.

The rubber sole is not only solid but also has excellent traction. Chances of the wearer slipping of falling are unlikely. One of the critical aspects of this item is its good waterproof nature. It will stop water and moisture; it keeps your foot and sock dry even in the rain.

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#8. Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

By: Hi-Tech

As a man who loves the outdoors or taking hikes, you always desire a shoe that offers good protection. The Hi-Tec Bandera is among the best waterproof hiking shoes for men. It’s designed to endure the rugged terrains, rocks, sand, dirt, grass, and much more. It has an excellent fit to prevent unnecessary movement, which may also cause friction. Moreover, the interior is smooth and soft and together with the excellent ventilation will ensure your feet stay cool even in high heats.

The 100% textile and leather upper is resistant to water and will ensure the interior is dry. Moreover, the laces keep it firm and secure on the food. And like other leading hiking boots, it also features a rubber sole with traction insole for a firm support and to reduce falls.

#7. Men’s M Arrowood Waterproof Hiking Shoe

By: Teva

The Arrowood hiking shoe by TEVA will make a practical addition to your hiking gear and accessories. It targets men who want to venture into the wild without worrying about their shoes coming apart, or being soaked with water or sweat. It’s very sturdily built and comprises of 100% leather. And as you probably are aware, leather is amongst the toughest materials. It doesn’t crack, bend, or tear easily. To further enhance protection, the shoe comes with a reinforced toe to handle the bangs.

The 100% rubber sole maintains a firm grip on different terrains including the wet surfaces and has good shock and impact absorption. You’ll, therefore, be able to walk, run, or jog with minimal impact on your feet or knees. Moreover, the Pu sock liner is removable for easy cleaning whereas the effective lace-up closure ensures it stays firm on foot.

#6. Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe


The Targhee II shoe will come handy in your different hiking needs. It should fit on the feet of different men well thanks to the flexible nature and good lacing systems. It’s also lightweight to minimize any unnecessary weight that may interfere with wearability and movement. Moreover, it has a stylish and tough upper made of 100% leather. This allows the shoe to handle the rugged terrains well without compromising its integrity.

The footwear is also waterproof and isn’t affected by moisture, rain, water, mud, and other things. Nevertheless, you need to clean it properly and regularly to make it last longer. Also, considering it’s made in the USA, you can be more certain of its good quality and reliability. For maximum support as well as comfort, it features a padded collar and tongue.

#5. Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

By: Merrel

Are you a woman who loves hiking, camping, and other outdoor expeditions? Well, with the Moab 2, you will have an even better experience. Ranked, as amongst the best waterproof hiking shoes, the classy shoe will stop water and moisture from interfering with your movement. Unlike other materials and footwear that allow it to seep through, this one lets it run out. The closed-cell foam and the tight seam between the sole and upper section further boost this effect.

The sturdy upper comprises 100% Suede Leather and Mesh. The leather gives it sturdiness, longevity and will combat bangs, rough surfaces, harsh weather, and as well as mishandling. On the other hand, the mesh provides excellent breathability for a cool interior and to prevent any odor. And for stability and minimal slippage, it features a firm grip Vibram sole.

#4. Women’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe


Made of 100% Waterproof nubuck leather, the Targhee II hiking shoe will improve the hiking experience. It won’t get easily damaged by the thorns, sharp rocks, rides, dirt, mud, water, or rain. The shoe is perfect for women and should fit well on different feet. And thanks to the good flexibility, wearing or removing the footwear is effortless. The rubber sole will provide excellent support and prevents slipping, especially in the wet environment. Moreover, it flexes to prevent splitting or warping.

The lightweight not only improves movement but also enhances wearability. It comes with Torsion ESS shank for improving stability and to prevent odor, the shoe is based on Cleansport NXT technology and also has good breathability. And to help you in taking care of it, it comes with instructions.

#3. Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

By: Columbia

Made of 100% leather, the Newton Ridge Plus II is fit for hiking, camping, and other related activities. The men’s shoe has good shock absorption and is also very comfortable. Moreover, its lightweight to enable a person to cover long distances without lesser effort. It features a robust rubber sole to deal with a rough surface, bangs, knocks impact, and to prevent falling or skidding, especially in wet surfaces.

Another thing about the shoe is its good waterproofing which lets the rain or water runoff quickly. And because of this, the interior stays dry, warm, and comfortable. The rubber sole provides a firm traction whereas the durable mesh tongue encourages free movement of air.

#2. Outdoor Men’s Terrex Swift R GTX

By: Adidas Outdoor

Any man who likes hiking, camping or the outdoors will appreciate the Terrex Swift R GTX shoe by Adidas. It’s one of the best hiking shoes in the market and comes in size 11(US to fit different people. The men’s s footwear is designed to put-up with ruggedness, harsh weather, rocky, sandy, muddy, and wet situations. It has a nice fit to prevent unnecessary movement or friction and improves movement. In addition, good breathability keeps the interior and feet cool whereas the smooth interior enhances comfort.

The 100% mesh upper not only improves the ventilation but also contributes to the shoe lightweight. Moreover, the lace-up overlays give it better support and longevity to last you a long time. And similar to other top hiking boots, it has good waterproofing and this is courtesy of the revolutionary GORE-TEX® lining.

#1. Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

By: Columbia

The Columbia Newton Ridge hiking is as tough and sturdy as it looks. It should handle the outdoors with ease, thanks to the 100% leather construction. It won’t rip, tear, warp or crack easily and is fit for women who love hiking, camping, taking nature walks, and the outdoors. The boot fits nicely on various feet and features a smooth and cozy interior. And thanks to its relatively lightweight, it doesn’t interfere with movement.

The wide opening makes wearing and removal easy whereas the EVA foam midsole helps in absorbing shock and impact. The rubber sole’s good traction limits chances of slipping or falling. And for a tight and secure fit, it comes with clamshell lacing and triangular D-ring. The Omni shield treatment stops the effects of water, stains, and gives it its good waterproofing characteristic. This keeps your feet dry even when it’s wet and rainy.

In Conclusion

Why struggle walking in the wet weather, yet there are many good and affordable waterproof shoes? Why put your feet or health at harm’s way because of wearing damp boots or shoes? You also don’t need to rely on trial and error to own the best hiking boots. In this article, we’ve reviewed the best waterproof hiking shoes in the market. And as you’ll notice, they come in a simple nature for easy wearing and removal. They fit well on foot and have a smooth interior for comfort and warmth.

They also have a nice finish and styling to complement your fashion taste and make you stand out. However, their biggest selling point is that they are waterproof. They won’t allow any water or moisture to seep in and this ensures the interior is dry. Furthermore, the moisture-wicking nature helps to maintain the dry interior whereas the nice strapping/laces keep the footwear tightly secured on your foot. If you want the best waterproof hiking shoes, then this review will guide you through the buying process.

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