13 Best Water-Based Lubricants In 2021 – Review

Even though there are some who like rough sexual activities, most of them prefer it to be smooth and soothing. To make your sexual activities smooth like butter, the use of lubricant is necessary. There are various types of lubricants available in the market. Still, it is the water-based lubricant that is more popular and better for all skin type. A water-based lubricant prevents vaginal dryness. Therefore, there will be no pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse and various other intimate activities. The following list contains the best water-based lubricant available online.

List Of Best Water-Based Lubricants In 2021

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#13. Natural Personal Lubricant

ACVIOO Natural Personal Lubricant, Water-Based, Sex Lube


Here is a water-based lubricant which comes with the safety certification of FDA. This contains glycerin, water, and hydroxyethyl cellulose and it is skin-friendly. Moreover, there will be no more dryness in the vagina, and it is a silicone lubricant. Furthermore, this will provide long-lasting lubrication and is ideal while having sexual intercourse.

This is suitable for all types of skin including dry and sensitive, and will also not give any discomfort or burning sensation. It is easy to use and is recommended by doctors. This comes in a size of 400 ml bottle and is a natural personal lubricant. This is water-soluble and is also very easy to clean. This will enhance intimate sexual activity.

#12. Smooth Water Based Sexual Lubricants

SQLang Smooth Sex Lubricant Anal Vaginal Pussy Lube Liquid Water Based Sexual Lubricants

By: SQLang

This is a sex lubricant which is suitable for both vagina and anus. It is clear and water-soluble and is in the form of a gel. This is moist and very easy to clean and will rinse with just water. Moreover, this will provide lubrication for a long time, and there will be no stimulation. This is very safe to use and will also remove the dryness from the vagina.

It will provide lubrication not only to the skin but also to mucous, and you can also use it with a condom. Furthermore, this is also compatible with the vagina tightening stick. This is a high-quality product and is available in three different sizes.

#11. Natural Non-Sticky For Sensitive Skin Silicone Based Lubricant

Pulse Aloe-ahh Natural Non-Sticky for Sensitive Skin Silicone Based Personal Lubricant

By: Pulse

Based on a silicone formula, this water-based lubricant contains vitamin E and aloe vera which will provide good moisturization. This will give long-lasting slickness despite being non-sticky. It is fragrance-free and does not have any petroleum, glycerin, or paraben. This is hypoallergenic and is also recommended for sensitive skin.

Moreover, this has been approved by FDA and has gone test for stability, toxicity, condom compatibility, and also vaginal irritation. This comes in 6 pods, where a single pod will provide lubrication for 45 servings. Furthermore, this will go with polyisoprene and latex rubber condoms and is easy to use. This is natural and safe, and a single drop will provide sensation to a different level.

#10. Personal Lubricant Water-Based Lube

Personal Lubricant Sex Feelingirl Water-Based Lube

By: Feelingirl

This lubrication is suitable for both men and women and also for toys. It is water-based and comes in an ergonomic design bottle. This is easy to squeeze, and you can apply it with ease. You can also clean it easily as it is non-staining and it washes off with water. Furthermore, this is paraben, petrochemical, and fragrance-free and is recommended by doctors.

Moreover, this will go with all types of condoms as well as sex toys and is highly ideal for women. This will provide pleasure during your intimate moment, and there will be no dark stains on sheets or clothes. This comes in a style of 150 ml and will enhance sexual drive.

#9. Water Based Lubricant

Water Based Lubricant 150ml Personal Lube Long Lasting Hypoallergenic Sex Lube

By: Lnabni

Made with premium ingredients, this water-based lubricant does not have any perfumes or dyes and is very safe to use. This is hypoallergenic and is non-staining and is very easy to clean. This will provide perfect moisturization, and it is also not sticky. Moreover, this will enhance your sexual life and provide you ultimate comfort.

This will go with all types of condoms as well as sex toys and will allow you to play safely with anything you want. Furthermore, this will not leave a stain and washes off with water. This is ideal for couples and will provide long-lasting pleasure. The lubricant will glide easily and is also non-irritating. This is available in a 150 ml bottle and definitely one of the best water-based lubricants.

#8. Wicked Aqua Heat Water-Based Warming Lubricant

Wicked Sensual Care Wicked Aqua Heat 2-Ounce Water-Based Warming Lubricant

By: Wicked Sensual Care

Composed without any parabens or fragrance, this water-based lubricant is not sticky and will provide you with ultimate comfort. This has various warming elements which will thrill you and provide you with stimulation. This will give you an experience of playing with fire without getting burned. Moreover, it contains all-natural and vegan ingredients and is not tested on animals.

Furthermore, this is gentle on all types of skin and is safe to be used even with toys. You can use this premium product with your partner or even individually. This will enhance personal moisture, and there will be no dryness. This comes in a size of 2-ounce and is one of the few warming lubes available.

#7. H2O Water Based Lubricant

JO H2O 16 oz Water Based Lubricant

By: Topco

This is a latex-safe water-based lubricant which will enhance your pleasure while having sex. It is neither sticky nor tacky and will provide long-lasting comfort. This is available in an easy to dispense a bottle of 16 Oz and does not have silicone or wax. Moreover, this will give good moisturization even without any oil.

This is thick and semi-fluid inconsistency and will let you have a fantastic feel. Furthermore, this has plant-based glycerin and will not provide any gummy feeling. This is also not expensive and does not dry up. This is ideal for people who are looking to have vagina play for a long time. It will increase moisture and will go a long way.

#6. Water Based Flavored Lubricant

Passion Lubes Water Based Flavored Lubricant

By: Passion Lubes

If you want to lick watermelon while having sex, then this is the one for you. The water-based lubricant has excellent taste and is long-lasting. This is safe for your body and comes in a size of 8 Oz. The flavored lubricant is suitable for all types of activities and does not have sugar or artificial sweeteners. Furthermore, this will make you enjoy your time with your partner and will let you have an enthusiastic experience.

Moreover, this does not stain and is very easy to clean. This is not sticky and will go with all types of condoms including latex and silicone. This is discreetly packed and does not look like a lubricant container which is why it is so popular among buyers.

#5. Personal Lubricant Water Based

Valm Personal Lubricant Water Based - Natural Feel - Sex Lube

By: Lush

Here is a water-based lubricant which will provide you with a natural feel and is long-lasting. This will reduce the friction and dryness and will provide good lubrication. This is non-irritating and does not have any fragrance or flavor. It does not stain and will provide a perfect glide. Moreover, you can reactivate with a drop of saliva or water.

It comes in a pump bottle, and there will be no leakage. Furthermore, this is very safe to use, and you can also use it with sex toys. This will go with all types of condoms and can also be used while having anal sex. This is effective and safe and it has FDA certification.

#4. Natural Personal Water Based Lube

Natural Personal Lubricant, Water Based Lube


This is one of the best water-based lubricants, and it is hypoallergenic, and it does not stain. This is composed of premium ingredients and is very safe for your body. Moreover, this is clean and is very soft on the skin. With this, there will be prolonging pleasure time, and it has silky lubrication. This will provide high-degree simulation and is a supplement moisturizer.

This also has high water solubility, and there will be no tack residue. Furthermore, this is easy to clean and is friendly with sex toys. You can use it with any type of condoms and lubricate your feeling. This is very smooth and will glide easily without any stickiness. It comes in a cone top design and will get easily absorbed by the skin.

#3. Personal Water Based Lube

Lubricant - Personal Water Based Lube for Men, Women

By: Nooky lube

Here is water-based lubricant which is suitable for both men and women. This comes in a size of 32 Oz and has an easy dispenser. This will give you the perfect lubrication and has a silky feel. This is very smooth, and it is ideal for toys. The lubricant is very easy to clean, and it will rinse off with just water. Moreover, this is paraben-free and is recommended even for sensitive skin. This does not have any glycerin and is in the form of a gel. It is tasteless and colorless and will provide pleasure to both the partners during intercourse.

You will only have to apply it in intimate areas, and it will also give comfort during sexual activity. Furthermore, this also does not have any petrochemicals and is a supplement to the body’s natural lubrication. This is a natural liquid silk lubricant which will not give any dryness.

#2. Natural Water-Based Lubes For Men & Women

Personal Lubricant. Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lubes for Men and Women

By: Lulu Lube

This water-based lubricant is glycerin-free and is also ideal for people who have sensitive skin. This is paraben-free and does not have stickiness. It will not dry out and is absolutely tasteless. The lubricant is smooth and does not have any smell. It is in the form of gel and has a lot of lubrication which is suitable for intercourse. It is natural and is very thick and will not leave any stain. Moreover, you can clean it conveniently if you happen to drop it accidentally.

This has a discreet label and is very easy to dispense. You will have to apply it in your intimate areas, and it is also free from any kind of petrochemicals. This will enhance the ease and will also provide comfort during your intimate moment. Furthermore, this is more slippery when you compare it to silicone and will provide pleasure to a woman. This comes in a 16 Oz bottle, and it is one of the best water-based lubricants to opt for.

#1. Premium Personal Water Based Lube

Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant, Water Based Lube

By: Shibari

This is a pure water-based lubricant which comes in a bottle of 8 ounces. It is going to provide you a smooth sensation. This is of highest grade materials and is best to provide you with ultimate comfort. It is very clean and will not stain. Moreover, the lubricant is hypoallergenic and is gentle on your skin. This is very convenient to use and is ideal for moisturizing or lubricating penile application.

You will only have to apply a small amount to your genital areas and enhance the ease. This will provide you with comfort during your intimate moment with your partner and will also act as a supplement as a natural lubrication of your body. Furthermore, this is compatible with latex condoms and comes from a popular brand. This will glide on your skin and will provide comfort. This has been tested by FDA and does not have aroma or flavor.


There are three main types of lubricants available, and they are water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. The oil-based ones create a mess, and they are very tough to wash off. You cannot use them with latex condoms as they weaken the latex. The silicone-based ones are expensive, and they are tough to wash off. Moreover, they can cause irritation if you do not remove them after some time. Therefore, the water-based ones are the right choice for you, and by choosing from the various best water-based lubricants we have listed above, you will be satisfied with your decision.

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