Top 14 Best Wall-Mount Fans In 2021 – Review

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There are various types of fans available to get a cool breeze in a room. There are ceiling fans, standing fans, exhaust fans, and wall-mount fans. If you have a lower ceiling room for a ceiling fan and less space on the floor for a standing fan, a wall-mount fan is the best option you have. A wall-mount fan is as good as a ceiling or standing fan in spreading the air around and making the room cool. There are various settings with which a wall-mount fan comes with. The following is the list of the best wall-mount fans for you to choose from.

List Of The Best Wall-Mount Fans

#14. Oscillating 12 Inch Wall Mount Fan For Indoor Use

By: Lasko

The wall-mount fan will let you beat the heat and is an ideal product for summers. This has three-speed settings and has a powerful performance. It lets you use in any room of your office, and you can even use it in garages or workshops. Moreover, this can circulate the air and provide a cool breeze that lets you have maximum comfort.

Furthermore, this assembles in a quick time and comes with all the hardware. It also has the feature of oscillation and comes in a space-saving design. Additionally, the wall-mount fan includes a power cord of five feet, and you can easily remove the fan for cleaning purpose.

In Summary:

The process of assembly can be accomplished quickly
Its powerful airflow makes sure there are no suffocation concerns
In order to clean the entire unit, you can easily remove it
For the purpose of easy wall mounting, a 5-feet power cord is included

#13. Heavy Duty Workstation Wall Mount Fan


Available in a fully assembled design, the wall-mount fan rotates in 360 degrees to give you a comfortable experience. It lets you tilt in different zones and have custom control of the airflow. Moreover, the fan comes with speed settings allowing you to choose from variable speeds. Furthermore, this is easy to install and has a powerful performance.

The wall-mount fan has consistent airflow and is highly energy efficient. This is perfect for home, office, or garage use and has the ability to keep your workspace cool. Additionally, this comes at an affordable value and is ideal for a dusty environment. It spreads air perfectly and has a total power of 850 CFM.

In Summary:

Allows you to choose from different speed settings
Any hot workspace can be effectively cooled down in less time
Will not produce much noise during the operation
Capable to rotate in 360-degrees as per your convenience

#12. Active Air Whisper Quiet Heavy Duty Wall Mount Fan

By: Hydrofarm

Composed of industrial-grade steel, the wall-mount fan will allow you to use it for years. This has side-to-side oscillation, and you can easily lock it in place. Moreover, it has a tilting function that enables you to have a custom cooling experience. Furthermore, this has a continuous operation and can run 24 hours.

You can also choose from three-speed settings and use it to your advantage. This is very lightweight and has a maximum wattage. Additionally, the wall-mount fan is easy to install and operates very quiet. With this, you can have superior air circulation and includes a simple bracket. It has easy controls and lets you use it without any hassle.

In Summary:

Capable to rotate for 24 hours continuously
Allows you to make a selection from 3 different speed settings
Fr the purpose of hassle-free installation, a bracket is contained in the pack

#11. 18-Inch Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

By: Air King

The wall-mount fan has the ability to perform in extreme conditions as it has a powerful motor. It comes with an SPT power cord of three conductors and has maximum CFM of 7450. Additionally, this lets you have complete control of the airflow as you can easily select from three speeds.

Moreover, this is very durable and has a powder steel coating. The motor has permanent lubrication and is very lightweight. Furthermore, this is perfect for commercial use as it has reliable performance. This is easy to use and lets you install it very quickly. This is also safe to use and has OSHA and ETL certification.

In Summary:

Presence of the powder steel coating depicts high durability and resistance to corrosion
The mechanism of airflow can be effortlessly controlled
The included powerful motor delivers high efficiency regardless of the external conditions
No issues of suffocation

#10. 24″ Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

By: OEMTools

With the ability to cover more area, the wall-mount fan comes with an easy installation process. This can oscillate in 90 degrees and is suitable for office, home, or garage. It can easily spread the airflow in the entire workspace as it has a powerful performance. Moreover, this comes with three aluminum blades and includes a high-efficiency motor.

Furthermore, this is made of durable material that lets you use it season after season. With it, you can easily control the volume of the airflow as it has three-speed settings. Additionally, this will let you customize the installation according to your needs and allows you to save money on your power bills.

In Summary:

Long-lasting use is guaranteed by the use of durable materials
Based on your preference, you can install in the desired manner
Capable to blow airflow on a large space
There is the availability of three-speed settings

#9. High Velocity Industrial Shop Fan With 3 Speed Settings

By: NewAir

The wall-mount fan comes with metal blades that deliver optimal airflow. With it, you can maximize the floor area and choose from three speeds to have a custom experience. Moreover, this is power-saving and has a maximum power of 3000 CFM. Additionally, this will allows you to adjust the tilt angle and get a perfect aim of the breeze.

It will let you have a comfortable experience and is perfect for any home. Furthermore, this is safe to use and includes a dual ball bearing motor. It has high heat endurance and operates at low noise. This offers high stability as the fan comes with rubber feet. The metal frame allows you to use it for many seasons.

In Summary:

Customized cooling experience is facilitated by different speed settings
Works at low noise to make sure there is not much disturbance
The special inclusion of rubber feet presents high stability
Incorporates a dual ball bearing motor

#8. Wall Mount Outdoor Waterproof Fan


Are you looking for a portable wall-mount fan that lets you adjust the speed? The fan comes with a pull chain that lets you adjust the speed of the fan according to your comfort. With it, you will have a cooling experience as it offers optimal air movement. Moreover, this comes with aluminum blades and is in a space-saving design.

Additionally, this has permanently lubricated motor making it perfect for wet conditions. The galvanized steel frame of the fan makes it safe to use and includes a wall mount kit. Furthermore, it is easy to install, and you can easily use it with the ilg-250 cooling system. This has amazing performance and covers a large area. It is definitely one of the most affordable and best wall-mount fans.

In Summary:

The efficient air movement makes sure every corner of the room gets proper cooling effect
The speed of the fan can be controlled by the included pull chain
Equipped with a space-saving design so will not occupy much space
Implements the ilg-250 cooling system

#7. 16 Inch Digital Wall Mount Fan

By: Tornado

Here is a wall-mount fan that comes with reliable performance and allows you to control it with ease. This comes with a remote control that lets you control multiple fans at a time. Moreover, it has a metal gear construction and includes a three-speed motor. It also has three oscillation settings and does not have any maintenance.

Furthermore, it operates without any noise allowing you to have an undisturbed sleep. This is ideal for home, office, or garages and includes steel neck support. Additionally, this is safe to use and comes with thermal overload protection. It also shuts off automatically when there is incorrect assembling and includes a power cord of 16 inches.

In Summary:

The entire operation is devoid of noise
The generated heat gets dissipated effectively
There is a 16-inches power cord included in the pack
A special implementation of thermal overload protection is found
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#6. Compact Wall Mount Fan

By: Lorell

Equipped with a single pull-cord switch, the wall-mount fan has three-speed settings. The fan has adjustable tilting and oscillates on different sides. Moreover, this is easy to operate and comes with a single pull chain switch. This is safe to use and comes with ETL certification. Furthermore, this is easy to install and includes the hardware for installing.

The wall-mount fan requires minor assembling and is available in a lightweight design. This has an attractive look and includes a power cord of 5 feet. Additionally, this will let you have a comfortable experience and provides a cooling breeze. This comes with a diameter of 18 inches and can cover a wide area.

In Summary:

Presented in a simple yet elegant design
Includes all the necessary hardware for installation
Its 18 inches diameter makes sure wide area is covered for cooling

#5. Commercial Grade Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

By: Air King

Equipped with a powerful motor, the wall-mount fan comes in a durable construction. In this, you will find a metal front grill that makes it resist any kind of impact. It has polypropylene blades that can resist chemicals and lets you use it for years. Additionally, this is safe to use and is permanent lubrication.

Moreover, it has three conductors and includes a pull cord switch. It lets you select from different speeds and covers a large area. Furthermore, it has an oscillation performance of 90 degrees and allows you to lock the position of oscillation. The wall-mount fan is easy to operate and lets you install it conveniently.

In Summary:

In its structure, there are 5 blades included for efficient cooling
Comes with an oscillation performance of 90 degrees
The polypropylene blades make sure the fan unit is durable
No time waste during installation

#4. 1/6 HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

By: Air King

This is safe to use wall mount fan and has metal blades with powder coating. In this, you will find a ball bearing motor and lets you choose from multiple speeds. Moreover, this has a maximum CFM of 3760 and comes with easy operation. Furthermore, this has a permanent split capacitor and has a rating of 120 volts.

With this, you don’t have to worry about wasting space, and it lets you install it with ease. Additionally, this is perfect for home and apartments and delivers optimal performance. The fan offers high velocity and does not require any maintenance. This is very durable and can lower down the indoor temperature. Overall, it is one of the best wall-mount fans to opt for.

In Summary:

Comes with a maximum CFM of 3760
Its space-saving design makes sure it does not occupy excess space
Will decrease the surrounding temperature in less time
Efficient performance is delivered by the included ball bearing motor

#3. 18 UPS Wall Mount Fan

By: Maxx Air

If you are looking for a fan that delivers high performance, then this is the one for you. The wall-mount fan is made of high-quality steel and is very durable. It allows you to use it in harsh conditions and is easy to assemble. Moreover, this comes with brackets that make installation very easy. This is also very easy to use and is perfect to beat the summer heat.

Furthermore, this includes grounded power cords that make it safe to use. This has a tilt capability to 180 degrees and is perfect for giving you a refreshing experience. Additionally, the wall-mount fan comes with a powerful motor to deliver reliable performance. You can easily choose from two different speeds and use it to your advantage. There is also a pull chain and has the power of 0.7 amps.

In Summary:

Complete safety during the use is guaranteed by grounded power cords
A pull chain is included to let you vary the speed settings
Will dissipate the generated heat quickly
Capable to tilt up to 180 degrees

#2. Classic 16 Inch Wall Fan

By: Hurricane

Available in a compact design, the wall-mount fan comes with a three-speed motor. The fan offers to cool from different angles and includes two pull cords for better control. Additionally, it lets you use it with ease and gives you easy controls for oscillation and speed. This includes a power cord of 60 inches and is safe to use. Moreover, this has a durable steel neck that offers enhanced support. It is one of the best wall-mount fans on the list.

The fan has an attractive look and is an ideal product for summers. It has high performance and is very reliable. Furthermore, this is perfect for your home or apartment and has high CFM. This operates at a voltage of 120 V and comes at an affordable value. This will give you a cooling comfort and is easy to install. The fan offers excellent airflow and lets you use it for many seasons.

In Summary:

All the 3 included blades are sufficiently sized to deliver efficiently
Possesses an enticing appearance to complement any decor
Long-lasting use is guaranteed by the use of durable materials
The speed and oscillation can be conveniently controlled

#1. High Velocity Convertible Wall Fan

By: Lasko

Allowing you to choose from multiple speeds, the wall-mount fan has a high velocity. In this, you will find a pivoting head that provides direct airflow to give you comfort. With it, you can have smooth ventilation and also comes with easy assembling options. Moreover, it does not require any tools to assemble and comes with instructions. Additionally, this is made of high-quality materials that let you use it season after season.

This has built-in rubber pads and also comes with QuickMount option. You can easily use it as a floor fan as it can stand. Furthermore, this has clips in the mount to provide enhanced stability. The fan comes with metal blades that offer a cooling breeze. It also includes a powerful motor that delivers consistent performance. The fan includes a handle that makes it easy to carry.

In Summary:

Flawless ventilation is provided to remove the chances of suffocation
The included metal blades provide a cool breeze
High portability is conveyed by the included handle
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How To Decide Which Wall Mount Fans To Purchase?

Regardless of the type of fan you choose, the sole intention is to avail sufficient airflow in a given space. In case there is limited floor space in your place, a wall mounted fan will work the best. With each passing day, these fans are getting popular. They prove to be the perfect unit for spaces like garages, workshops, home gyms, outdoor patios, etc. In order to make the selection of the wall mount fans, you need to first consider your requirements and arrangements. These may vary from size to efficiency. Throughout this range, every aspect plays a vital role in deciding the suitable wall fan selection. If you are confused about how to decide which wall mount fans to buy, go through the below factors:


When deciding to purchase a wall mounted fan, the size is the primary thing you should consider. A bigger space will need relatively larger wall fans in order to allow adequate airflow. Typically, any fan less than 18″ Ø would be too small for the commercial applications, so you might require using a large-sized fan i.e., as big as 30″Ø. The chosen size will fit with the room or setting it would be mounted in. Consequently, it will generate sufficient airflow for the room. It is always recommended to never compromise on size; it is always better to have a huge sized fan executing at slow speed than a tiny fan executing at full speed.


Generally, it is best to consider whether the wall mount fans are equipped with speed control or not. Try to make the selection for a fan unit that is as large as you can accommodate so that you can operate it at low or medium speed. A small sized wall mount fan will run at full speed. In this way, your wall mounted fan would fulfill your requirements in a hassle-free way and will surely last longer. It is vital to select those units that allow easy speed control without much hassles or effort from your end.


The next important aspect to consider is the oscillation because, in the majority of the application, you would need your wall mounted fan to oscillate. However, you must also check for whether the oscillation can be switched on and off. This feature will assist in blowing the air over a wide area. By switching it on and off, it is possible to blow the air in an anticipated direction.

Type of Construction

It is good if you focus on the appealing design while purchasing a wall mount fan, but it is equally important to consider the type of construction. The fan unit you choose should have some weight to it and should feel solid. It is best to go for metal-cased motors, and it is even better to go for the metal protective cage surrounding the fan blades. If the fan blades are made up of molded plastic material, then they will be less prone to damage. So, you need to carefully assess the type of materials used in the blade making and the overall build quality.

Angle Adjustment

The angle adjustment of the wall mount fan refers to the angle of the fan head to the wall. It is observed that for most wall mounted fan applications, it is best to have the unit mounted above head height. Therefore, it will be less prone to knock, and it would be less probable to tampered with. The airflow can be effortlessly adjusted by guiding the head of the fan to the anticipated room area.

Remote Control and Timer

Few walls mounted fans come with the remote controls to easily control the different settings. In addition to that, it is vital that your wall-mounted fan possesses a mechanical means of regulating its function as a backup. The next thing to discuss is timer which is usually found on the domestic models. With the inclusion of the timer, it assists in blowing air in a room and then automatically switch off supposedly once you have nodded off.


Over and above the factors discussed above, the type of applications also decides the selection of wall mounted fans. These applications are household and office use, stores, entertainment venues, sports centers and gyms, factories, workshops, community centers and village halls, product lines for product drying, health clubs, etc.


There are various places where wall-mount fans are rampantly used, starting from warehouses, health clubs, gyms, stores, shops, offices, homes, and much more. There are fans that can be controlled by a remote and you have to choose the size as per the size of the room. Besides, if you are installing at home or office, make sure it is noiseless, and the angle is adjustable as well as it can oscillate. Depending on your needs like a timer, a remote control, you need to choose accordingly from these best wall-mount fans.

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