The 8 Best Walkie Talkies For Kids In 2021 – Review

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When you buy one of the best walkie talkies for kids, it enhances the outdoor game. Your children can communicate with each other to help improve their communication skills. Also, these devices are usually compact and lightweight to supports a comfortable hold. In this review, we look at the best walkie talkies for kids in the market.

List of The Best Walkie Talkies For Kids

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#8. Kid’s Walkie Talkie Watches

By: zizwe

The Zizwe is a simple to use walkie talkie suitable for the young ones. Its child-friendly design is made from eco-safe and durable material. Not only to improve safety but also for extra appeal. Your child can use it together with other toys to make the game more interesting. Another thing we like is the versatile 7-in-1 construction. With two pieces, this set acts as a walkie talkie, magnifier, watch, night light, compass, reflector, or scepter capsules. Your kid can choose which mode to operate to suit the gaming application. What’s more, the lightweight construction of this product prevents hand fatigue during extended use.

Moreover, this gadget comes with a large LCD watch that shows real-time display. Its wristwatch style featuring an adjustable band fits different wrist sizes perfectly. Besides, the extendable antenna comes in handy to improve transmission sound and distance. This accessory looks good, making it the perfect birthday gift for the youngsters. It is ideal for children above 5 years old. Boasting a unique voice, it is designed from hundreds of synthesized sounds for advanced battlefield effects. In addition, operating this device is quick by pressing the PTT button to talk. Its built-in mic lets your little one stay connected with other neighborhood friends.

In Summary:

Its child-friendly design is simple to use
Made from eco-safe materials for durability
The 7-in-1 structure allows a multipurpose use
Comes with an adjustable band to fit different-sized wrist
Easy to press the PTT talk button

#7. Walkie Talkies For Kids

By: Little Pretender

The other best walkie talkies for kids is by Little Pretender, which has an impressive mile range. It allows smooth and clear communication up to a 2-mile distance, making it among the longest in the market. Also, the included 3 channels allow a versatile use in an open filed or enclosed areas like the backyard, living room, bedroom, and other places. This gadget comes loaded with advanced features like the LCD screen, which is bright enough to improve readability. A built-in flashlight that helps brighten up a dark area or camping ground.

We love the call alert function and a belt clip, to let your child feel like actual agents on an adventurous mission. This device eliminates the mumbo jumbo noises some other models have. With precise voice technology, your youngster can hear messages in crystal clear audio. Not only that but also the compact structure fits comfortably in little hands. Besides, this unit has a simple-to-use push to talk dial suitable for all ages. Made from a lightweight and yet durable material, it supports an endless entertainment.

In Summary:

It has a long-range that reaches up to 2 miles
The bright LCD improves readability
A convenient flashlight lights up a dark place
Comes with a belt clip for simple carrying
The material is lightweight and wear-resistance

#6. USB Rechargeable Walkie Talkies For Kids


What makes the KOMVOX among the top walkie talkies for kids is its unique USB chargeable function. You can load up the AAA batteries using a USB cable for another endless fun. Note that this gadget does not come with batteries, so you need to buy some for it to work. Besides, this unit comes with multiple channels that can reach up to a 3-mile range distance. Communication will be clear for your child to enjoy voicing messages to a friend or sibling. At the same time, they develop excellent communication skills and a sense of independence.

This item is well made to allow use indoors or outdoors. It can make camping or hiking trip more memorable than using the standard toys. Another thing we like is the longlasting batteries that last 9 hrs on standby and around 3.5 hrs in interrupted use. This accessory’s private channels and CTCSS code prevents voice interruptions. They make sure the reception is clear from all ends for little ones to practice proper commands of communication.

In Summary:

Its USB chargeable function allows recharging of the batteries
Comes with three channels that reach up to 3 miles
Helps develop good communication skills
Suitable for indoors and outdoors
The CTCSS code prevents voice distortions

#5. RT628 Kid’s Walkie Talkies

By: Retevis

Little ones love bright toys to make the game more exciting while adding appeal. That’s why the Retevis is one of the top-rated walkie talkies for kids with a modern red finish. The color allows simple mix and matching with other toys, and also its high visibility is easy to locate. Besides, this unit weighs 90 grams making it ultra-lightweight to prevent hand fatigues. The little hands can hold it for many hours with maximum control and comfort. This accessory is powered by 3 AA batteries that need to be purchased. In addition, the clip belt allows quick hanging onto a safe platform when not in use.

Furthermore, this device lets your kid perform more commutation using the same channels, whether the one-to-more or the one-to-one functions to suit various needs. Thanks to the vibrant and visible talk button, locating it by touch is super easy. Not only that but also it activates the mic VOX function. This lets your child use the device hands-free to make the game more advanced. Another thing is a cool-looking keypad lock feature allows that prevents little ones from an unintentional operation. Simply lock it during travels or storage for added safety.

In Summary:

It has a modern and stylish red finish
The lightweight design improves carrying comfort
Comes with a belt clip for a conveniently hanging
With a keypad lock feature, it prevents unintentional use
The talk button is easy to use

#4. Kids Walkie Talkies With Two Way Radios


The new and old brands that make the leading walkie talkies for kids include WOSPORTS. It has made this two-way radio with a multipurpose design to make the play more enjoyable. Also, it has 22 channels that reach to a 3km distance for superior wireless communication. Your little ones can voice messages and commands to each other at home or in an open field. Besides, you can use 99 low-frequency tones without interfering with the signals. A convenient anti-interference feature comes in handy to make the sound clearer and audible.

It is quick and easy to use this gadget, thanks to the child-friendly functions. Your youngster can set the sub-code or the same channel by pressing the PTT dial. Plus, a user manual offers additional operation information. Not only that but also hanging this accessory on a secure place is more straightforward with the clip belt. This walkie talkie is compact to fit a child’s hand comfortably. Note that the batteries are not included, so a purchase is required.

In Summary:

It has 22 channels that reach a 3km distance
Comes with an anti-interference feature to make sounds clearer
Easy to use thanks to the compact body
Secure and sturdy belt hanging clip
It’s small to fit in hand comfortably

#3. Walkie Talkies With 22 Channels

By: Obuby

Operating some two-way radios is quite challenging for the little ones. That’s why the Obuby is among the best walkie talkies for kids because of its ergonomic design that supports a comfortable use. With a push-to-talk dial, your kid can double-click it to activate the single beep action. Also, this device can broadcasts to multiple or one unit, thanks to the 22 channels. If you have a reliable rechargeable battery, it is compatible with this talkie for added user convenience. The lovely finish is bright and appealing, suitable as a birthday gift for a 3-12-year-olds. Plus, its sturdy construction can be used as an outdoor game or for summer camping.

Furthermore, this gadget has an intelligent alarm system and an anti-wandered off setting for added safety. It doubles as a real-time monitor for kids when out camping or other outdoor adventures. Made from durable material, it wipes clean with a soft cloth to remove any marks, dust, and dust. Moreover, this unit’s flashlight illuminates dark places during a hiking trip. Its lightweight body and call alert function improve user comfort. The anti-interference feature reduces noise interferences during parent-child interaction.

In Summary:

Its ergonomic design is easy to use
Simple to press the push button
Attractive and modern finish
For 3-12-year-olds
Acts as a kid monitor during a camping trip
Comes with an anti-interference feature that reduces noise interferences

#2. Walkie Talkies With FM


The QNIGLO company has joined the top brands that make the best walkie talkies for kids. It has created this one with a unique wearable style in a 2 pack set. Featuring a strong watch band and carrying string, your little ones can hang it around the neck. Also, they can wear it on the wrist to act as a watch for simple transportation. Moreover, this unit boasts lovely pink and green colors that look great in any outdoor setting. Whether you are camping, hiking., lounging, or fishing trip, the tones make the gadget easy to access. Plus, an adorable kitty appearance improves the overall design for additional beauty.

We love the modern PTT button that allows simple pressing to activate the talk function. After pushing it, the cat’s eyes flash a colorful light for added elegance. Besides, this device is rechargeable suitable for outdoor places where there are no wall outlets or other power sources. The battery lasts up to 24 hours of continuous talking and up to 5 days on standby. Featuring a modern FM radio, it produces cool voice sounds during an outdoor adventure. Alternatively, you can use it to get entertained when running, camping, biking, or hiking.

In Summary:

The watch band and string allows a versatile carrying
Comes with vibrant colors for added appeal
After pressing the PTT dial, the kitty’s eyes flash
A longlasting battery lasts up to 24hrs in continuous use
A convenient FM radio improves entertainment

#1. Walkie Talkies With 22 Channel 2 Way Radio

By: Car Guardiance

The Car Guardiance is among the best walkie talkies for kids suitable for three-year-olds and above. With a 3-mile range and 22 multiple channels, it supports a long-distance playing. Not only that but also, communication improves your little one’s speech at a tender age. This item can be used while spring outing, summer camping, or hiking to let youngsters keep in touch with friends. In addition, the straightforward button is easy to press to allow talk and quick communication. Plus, a convenient LCD and 0.5-watt radiation power add more user comfort and safety.

We understand some two-way radios are quite heavy, leading to hand fatigue. This one is lightweight and made from durable materials to keep the little fingers comfort. Now, your kid can operate, carry, and store this gadget independently without adult assistance. What’s more, the belt clip is designed from a durable element to hold the entire unit safely for an extended time. This accessory is a fun and functional kids toys for most adventures. You can use it as a real-time monitoring device for kids when camping or if they wander off. Additional features include channel lock, channel scan, low battery alert, and clear microphone.

In Summary:

Its child-friendly design is ideal for 3-year-olds and above
Helps improve little one’s communication skills
Can be used outdoors for a spring outing
Comes with a belt clip to allow secure carrying
It is lightweight and compact for more user comfort


Choosing one of the best walkie talkies for kids is simple after reading this review. It has quality-made units that make an outdoor adventure more exciting. Children can communicate with their little ones to improve their sense of independence. Also, these best walkie talkies for kids have a child-friendly design for comfortable use.

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