Top 10 Best Vacuum Storage Bags You Would Like To Buy In 2021

Nowadays, space is a precious commodity to have. Vacuum storage bags are an excellent choice to save on space. With this technology, luggage space is reduced by up to 80%. If you are at home or traveling, you can make the conditions much better for yourself. The bags in this review, stand the test of time and hold firm for a long period. They are also strong enough to place inside a suitcase. To put the 80% figure in perspective, a quick calculation means you can carry laundry worth five suitcases in one. The advantage of this is obvious. Your luggage stays in sterile conditions when compared to traditional packing methods.

Sadly, not so many folks understand how they do work. Some unscrupulous manufacturers have taken advantage of this fact. Therefore, in this review, we have looked for some of the best vacuum storage bags on the market. On top of this, we have considered many factors for each item to be on this list. We have looked at things such as price, durability, and differences in sizes. You should get conversant with the sizes you need for you to get the number and bag sizes you require for your needs.

List Of Top Best Vacuum Storage Bags In 2021

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#10. Premium Space Saver Vacuum Compression Bags

Hibag Premium Space Saver Bags, 20 Pack Vacuum Compression Bags

By – Hibag

For those looking for a complete set of vacuum storage bags, then Hibag has got you covered. Instead of raking your brain buying different bags when you are not sure of the quantity of clothes you have. The main reason we chose this is the price. It is cheap when compared to other products in the market. You still get value for money, and you can select the combo pack or the 6-combo pack.

The combo pack contains two small-sized bags, 6 medium, 5 large, 5 jumbo, and 2 jumbo plus. If you are much more frugal and do not have many bags to store, you can choose the six combo pack. In it, you get two small, two medium and 2 large. The quality is outstanding. You can attest to this with Hibag’s lifetime warranty. If for a reason, your storage bag inflates, they will replace it for you at no cost. Although this does not cover for human-made damage like puncturing, it just exudes confidence in their product.

#9. Premium Jumbo Vacuum Bags With Travel Hand-Pump

SpaceMax Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags with Travel Hand-Pump, 40 x 30-Inch

By – SpaceMax

Store a variety of items with this space vacuum storage bag from SpaceMax. In the 6-pack combo, you can tuck in your bedding, clothes, or even pillows. From a design standpoint, these bags are superior to most brands out there. Take the double zip seal design. This ensures no air gets in or out of providing your clothing, stays airtight for long periods of storage. The double zip style offers twice leak protection than a single thread zip style. On top of this, an ultra-seal turbo valve also ensures air that sucked out, stays out. The cap works really well.

We cannot fail to mention the anti-microbial material used to make the bag. Water, mildew, odors, and insects will not be a problem anymore. Not only do they save your space, they also keep them in pristine condition for longer periods of storage.

#8. Vacuum Storage 10 Space Saver Bags, Clear

Home-Complete HC-2001 Vacuum Storage 10 Space Saver Bags, Clear

By – Home-Complete

Here is the complete solution for people that travel or store their clothes interchangeably. We say this because; you can also pump the air out with your normal house vacuum cleaner efficiently. This feature is a bonus to having the free hand pump included in the package.

This pack of 10 bags is, therefore, an all-around solution for the homeowner or the traveler. Home-Complete bags come with zip-lock that close to the end and pop off. With this design, the edges are much better secured when you start another slide again from the start. Do not worry if the zip locks do get lost, they are 15 in number. You also get a 10-year limited warranty with this purchase.

#7. Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Anna Home Premium Vacuum Storage Bags 8 Pack (6 x Jumbo, 2 x Large) Space Saver Storage Bags

By – Anna Home Collection

Anna Home Collection pushes the market with what clients really look for in vacuum storage. The bags are much thicker than competitor’s versions. This is thanks to the multilayered antibacterial fabric they use for the bags themselves. They have a triple lock seal in each bag. In addition, a double-layered zip-lock design to ensure no air leaks out.

The product is so good, Anna Home even provide a lifetime warranty. In case of any leak, you can contact them and they will replace it for free. They have added this feature since their bags are so good; you will not need to replace them later on. It beats the purpose of them making substandard bags and has to replace them. To counter this, they have happy customers more often than not, who keep referring others.

#6. Premium Vacuum Storage Bags 6 Pack

SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags 6 Pack (2 x Medium, 2 x Large, 2 x Jumbo) Bags

By – Space Saver

At number 6, we get the Space Saver vacuum storage bags. They also do come in six different sized bags. The overall cost per bag is quite reasonable. You have the freedom to store your items from the largest of duvets to the smallest shirts. For a long time, your clothes will be shielded from the harmful effects in a sterile environment.

They are affordable and do get the work done. From the design to the materials used, this is a very solid product. If you are moving from one place to another, a handy pump is included. Shrink your clothes by nearly 80 percent in size, compared to ordinary means. Travel with the least amount of space used. Open the bag, and get your clothes still looking fresh for the picking. When it is time to go, give them a nudge into the bags, close the double zip lock and pump the air out.

#5. Vacuum Storage Bags

Simple Houseware 15 Vacuum Storage Bags to Space Saver for Bedding, Pillows, Towel, Blanket

By – Simple Houseware

Looking for a simple solution for your space-saving needs, then you are in the right place. With a high number of size options, the seasoned traveler or people who regularly want to access their clothes, this is a good option for them. With 15 different storage options, you can hand them out to the family to use as a group.

For example, you have a specific set of clothes you want to apply for a particular week. You can remove them from one of the sets and leave others un-interfered with. From spreading this storage, your clothes will be in tiptop condition through time. You can alternatively choose from the 10, 7, and 5 pack.

When using this product, your clothes will be safe from harmful effects such as mildew. After sucking the air out using a common home vacuum, the rubber stopper will ensure no air slips through. To ensure maximum airtight conditions, it is best to slide the zipper 3 times across the sealing line. These are impressive bags for the price.

#4. Premium Vacuum Storage Bags 8 Pack

SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags 8 Pack (2 x Small, 2 x Medium, 2 x Large, 2 x Jumbo)

By – SpaceSaver

The SpaceSaver vacuum storage bag simply oozes quality. Every detail about it is perfect for ensuring your clothes are in excellent condition throughout the seasons. They are so useful to use even while traveling. You even get lifetime insurance cover on the bags when you get this complete set. A hand vacuum pump is also included in the package for your convenience. No matter the size of your clothes, they will find a place in these bags.

For best service, avoid any items that may puncture these bags. Taking advantage of the lifetime warranty, your interests are completely covered. You will be making absolutely no risk purchasing it. SpaceSaver is known to respond quickly to rare customers complaints.

#3. Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Space Saver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags (3 x Small, 3 x Medium, 3 x Large, 3 x Jumbo)

By – Space Saver

Space Saver dominates this list, and for good reasons too. They are, for lack of a better term, good at making best vacuum storage bags. When you buy this set of bags, your clothing will always look in top conditions after prolonged storage. With the mix and mash of sizes in this package, you can store a wide range of items. From the largest of blankets to the smallest of shirts, they stay in optimum conditions.

If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, then you can use the hand pump included in the package. On your travel, you will carry more clothes and consume the least amount of space. Suitcases you need can be reduced by more than half. Even in your home, the precious space can be covered and used.

#2. Premium Large Vacuum Storage Bags With Double-Zip & Triple Seal

Space Saver Premium Large Vacuum Storage Bags, Double-Zip Seal and Triple Seal Turbo-Valve

By – Space Saver

At number two, we have the excellent Space Saver pack of five. Much has been said about the manufacturer, but here they also add another wonderful feature. Previous versions of this vacuum storage bags had snap caps. Unfortunately, they sometimes used to fall off. With this brand, they have incorporated a screw cap system to prevent this fault.

These bags are also much thicker and flexible when compared to previous versions. This may be counter-intuitive, in that they use up more space, but the benefit is glaring. These bags will outlast more bags in the market under tougher conditions. Therefore, if you want a product that will serve you longer under strenuous conditions, then this is for you.

#1. Premium Reusable Vacuum Storage Bags

SpaceSaver Premium Reusable Vacuum Storage Bags (Jumbo 6 Pack), Save 80% More Storage Space

By – Space Saver

Top of our list is, yet again, the Space Saver vacuum storage bags. This pack of six jumbo-sized bags can store virtually all types of common clothing in your household. Do not waste that valuable space with clothes that you do not need presently. Simply put, those into this well-structured bag, and you are good to go. Once packed, your clothing will be in the best conditions possible. This is possible because of the double zip closure to the screw cap mounted on them. Travelers are not left out. A free hand pump is included in the package.

Each of the storage bags in this kit is extra thick. The durability of these bags is excellent. Moreover, they being large in size (each bag is 40 by 30 inches); you are not restricted to small items. Do not fret if you have fewer items; these bags can be suctioned in to even smaller sizes. Space is not wasted at all. If you are not sure of this, you also get a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are skeptical, you have no reason to be.

Things To Know About Vacuum Storage Bags

  • For short term storage, it keeps your clothes clean and fresh.
  • Most vacuum storage bags are durable and protective, and they don’t rip easily.
  • Vacuum storage bags can protect your items inside from dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • With a wide range of size options, you can store clothing items from small to big with ease.
  • In case you travel in rainy seasons, vacuum packing can keep your important clothes from getting wet.
  • Vacuum storage bags are ideal for seasonal storage but don’t forget to air them every six months.
  • Many vacuum storage bags come in different colors which you can easily color-code when you move. It is convenient and easy, and it saves a lot of unpacking times as well.
  • Vacuum packing can help to save a lot of space at home especially for larger items such as bedsheets.
  • You can also vacuum pack your clothes when you travel as well, and it saves so much luggage space.
  • Some items are great for vacuum storage bags such as clothing, bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet, towels, floor mats, etc.
  • There are certain materials that you should avoid storing in vacuum bags. Those are natural fibers like wool and fur, fluffy items like sleeping bags and down jackets, and other leather clothing.
  • You should not store cloth materials in vacuum bags for longer than six months. Without air to maintain their structure, the garments will lose their shape and face damages.

How To Use Vacuum Storage Bags

  • Ensure that everything in the bag is clean and completely dry. Even if one item is slightly damp, there is a high chance of mildew buildup.
  • Pick the right size of the vacuum bag for the amount of items that you store. Overfilling will fail the whole process, and things go the same with under filling.
  • Fold the materials and put the items inside the bag carefully. You can stack them on top of each other, just avoid overfilling the bag. Make sure that there is a space of an inch or two from the edges between the clothes and zip closure.
  • With everything in place, use the plastic clip to zip along sealing the two plastic zips. Go back over the zips to ensure that it is fully sealed. You can make sure by running the clip fully from end to end in both directions. Then run your hand along the whole length of the zip between finger and thumb to ensure perfection.
  • After that, undo the valve lid by unscrewing it then place the vacuum cleaner nozzle without attachments over the valve. Press it against the valve, and turn the vacuum on to remove the air.
  • As you remove the air, keep patting down the areas of the vacuum bag away from the valve. This is to ensure that everything goes well and perfectly. When you finish, screw the valve back on tightly.


Getting the best vacuum storage bags for your needs can be a daunting task. There are many reasons as to why this is so. Some have been explained earlier. In this review, we have eliminated the poor quality brands. The ones that people give poor ratings and stick to only the best. According to our research, poor brands are not necessarily cheaper. After all, these bags are not that expensive. However, you do not want to make a purchase twice. So here is the ultimate list of vacuum storage bags at this point.

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