11 Best Underwater Boat Lights — Full Review In 2021

Staying along the lake, pool, or port does not need to end once it gets dark. You also should not risk falling into the water while walking on the boat or dork because of poor lighting. With best underwater boat lights, you will still see your way around the boat, water, dork, harbor, and other places. The lights are specifically made for use in/on boats as well as in wet environments. They are waterproof to prevent damage because of exposure to the water, rain, moisture, and come in simple design but still provide good illumination. In addition to lighting the surrounding, the accessories also enhance the beauty of the boat as well as safety. This best underwater boat lights in 2021 reviews will come handy for anyone in search of the product.

List Of Best Underwater Boat Lights In 2021

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#11. Waterproof IP68 Led Drain Underwater Boat Lights

GFJMC Waterproof Ip68 Led Drain Plug Light 9w Underwater Boat Lights


Easy to install and remove, these lights will work with most boats without any problems. In fact, many consumers agree that they are among the most user and boat-friendly pieces. And as you can see, they have good waterproofing (IP68) to ensure you still have good lighting even in the wet weather. They are built of tough bronze material to handle the wet environment. It is chrome plated to prevent fading, corrosion, and rust at the same time; This finish adds beauty to the piece. Although they have good brightness, the item is energy efficient. This is because of the low wattage of just 9 watts. They stay cool to touch and can run for a long time without their performing dwindling.

#10. LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Non-Dimmable

Lumitec SeaBlaze3 LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Non-Dimmable

By: Lumitec

The Lumitec brand is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to improve the lighting in/on and around the harbor or dock. They are easy to fix and don’t require sophisticated tools. You also can do it within a short time, even if you are not too experienced in this sector. Thanks go to the simple design and easy-to-follow instructions. They produce good brightness (1729 lumens) and operate within a voltage range of 12- 24 V DC. Furthermore, they don’t consume lots of power courtesy of the low amperage. 2.4 Amps at 12v and 1.1 Amps at 24v DC.

#9. LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Strobe, Cross Fade

Lumitec SeaBlazeX LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount, Strobe, Cross Fade

By: Lumitec

Also from Lumitec is this underwater boat light. It can easily be mounted on different boats and requires little effort and skill. And like other popular choices, it works with 12 or 24 volt DC. This means that it can connect to the boat’s power supply with ease. The SeaBlazeX LED light has a lumen rating of 4000 and emits good illumination even in very dark situations. The marine-grade housing is made of bronze for extra strength. Furthermore, the material is resistant to corrosion, rust, and fading. It comes in several colors, including Green, White, Blue, and white/blue. You also get crossfade and strobe modes for added functionality.

#8. LED-DP Underwater Light

TH Marine LED-51868-DP Underwater Light, Green

By: TH Marine

With the TH Marine LED-51868-DP Underwater Light, walking and working in and around your boat is safer and more convenient. You will not worry about accidentally running into obstacles or even tripping and possibly ending in water. The lights come with a small surfaced mount for quick and easy fitting. Furthermore, they have a small hole for easy wiring. The High-Intensity LED light is without a doubt among the brightest. And as per the manufacturer’s description, the 6 LED units produce 180 lumens. Nevertheless, despite the brightness, they don’t get too hot. In addition, they drew little power thanks to their low amperage. This helps to conserve battery power. In addition to the good lighting, the green color improves the boat’s appearance, especially at night.

#7. IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Light

Tidal Wake Blue IP68 Underwater 1:2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Light

By: Tidal Wake

The Tidal Wake underwater boat lights are perfect for lighting the boat and the surrounding. Fixing and removal are easy and simple, and you don’t need complicated tools or skills. The installation process is straightforward, even for a novice. The product features 316 stainless steel constructions for longevity, reliability, and strength. They emit good brightness (1800 lumens) and work with 12 -30 V DC. Additionally, due to the low amperage, they use minimal power and stay relatively cool even after extended operation. In case there is a need to carry the waterproof lights, the manufacturer throws in a storage bag as a bonus.

#6. 316L Stainless Steel Underwater Boat Drain Plug Light

Jiawill 316L Stainless Steel Underwater 1:2 NPT 9 to 30V 27w Boat Drain Plug Light

By: Jiawill

Rated to operate with voltage ranging from 9V up to 30V DC, these top underwater boat lights are revered for their reliability and good illumination. On top of the nice illumination, they also score high for easy, quick mounting. What’s more, they are energy efficient. According to the manufacturer, they only use 3 watts of power, yet they emit 27 watts of brightness. Like all the featured pieces, they are easy to fix and operate. Consumers also give them a nod for the good vibration resistance, shock resistance, and top quality 316L marine grade stainless steel construction.

#5. SeaBlazeX Mini Spectrum LED Underwater Boat Light

Lumitec 101436 SeaBlazeX Mini Spectrum LED Underwater Boat Light

By: Lumitec

The 101436 SeaBlazeX from Lumitec is a common underwater boat light. Mounting it on the boat is easy and so is removal. The unit functions with 12 – 24 volt DC. This, therefore, means it will work with the boat’s power supply. It has a 670-lumen rating for decent illumination and boasts of anodized aluminum housing for strength. Furthermore, the material stops the effects of corrosion and rust. To deliver good light, it comes with RGBW Full-Color spectrum. And thanks to its small nature, it takes up minimal space and is also easy to carry.

#4. 60W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights

Jiawill 60W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights 316L Stainless Steel

By: Jiawill

These lights by Jiawill are easy to mount and work with most boats without any problems. Many consumers say they produce good lighting courtesy of the 60W bulbs. They feature strong stainless steel construction for durability and strength. This contributes to their good vibration resistance as well as corrosion and rust resistance. The glass lens has good clarity and is shatterproof for better safety. Furthermore, they have an Internal Driver for better performance. The blue light is quite appropriate for both illumination and beauty. In addition, to keep the user, the bulb, and the boat safe, they have an Overheat Protection feature. Removal, just like mounting, is easy.

#3. Underwater LED RV Boat Light

Clear:Blue Underwater Led RV Boat Light 6inch; Utility Strip Light Sealed 12 LED 2pcs

By: Partsam

If you want lights that are easy to install and remove, then this will work for you. The Partsam lights are available in Clear/Blue and feature 12 LED bulbs. They produce good lighting but don’t get too hot. For easy fitting, they feature a 6-inch long strip and have a slim profile. In addition to saving space, the design also improves the installation process. Other than for boats, you can also use them on trucks, deck, and dock, and floor, interior, exterior, and other places. Consumers also say they are also suitable for Hiking, Survival, Traveling, Camping, Fishing, and Recreational. They work great thanks to the good construction, nice waterproofing characteristics, and universal design.

#2. 120W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights

Jiawill 120W CREE LED Surface Mount Underwater Boat Lights 316L Stainless Steel

By: Jiawill

These underwater lights are okay with different boats. The user and boat-friendly pieces are easy to mount and remove. The strong and durable light features stainless steel construction, which is also resistant to rust corrosion. The good waterproofing delivers good illumination in the wet environment while the range of colors (White, Blue, Green, Red (White) contributes to the elegant design. Despite the good lighting, the product consumes little energy. This prevents putting the electrical systems under too much pressure or draining the battery. You can run them for a long time without the bulb burning out or the housing becoming too hot. For extra safety, they feature Overheat protection.

#1. Spectrum LED Underwater Boat Light

Lumitec 101320 SeaBlazeX Spectrum LED Underwater Boat Light

By: Lumitec

Lumitec 101320 SeaBlazeX offers you RGBW Full-Color for the best lighting. The top-rated underwater boat light is mounted on the surface. And courtesy of the slim and small nature, it doesn’t look out of place. It will make walking around the vessel convenient and safer. The quality light comes with a marine-grade bronze construction and works with 12 or 24v DC. With a lumen rating of 3000 lumens, it is effective even for dark situations. And although it has good brightness, it uses minimal power thanks to the low amperage draw (5 amps @ 12V, 2.5amp @ 24V), it isn’t a power hog.

Best Underwater Boat Lights Buying Guide

While underwater lights for boats may look similar to the normal lights, they are quite different. And if you lack the proper information or knowledge, you may be duped to buying a bad product believing it is the right one. To avoid making mistakes, you should have the following things in mind during the search:


Make certain the lights can put up with the boating environment and wet weather. Good materials include stainless steel, chrome-plated metal or plastic, bronze, and glass, which are more resilient to the wet environment.


Since they are exposed to wet surrounding (lake, sea, ocean water, rain…), the lights should be waterproof. They will not burn out because of the water. Additionally, they maintain their clarity courtesy of a rustproof and fade-proof construction.


Unlike on dry land, the lake, sea, port, harbor, and dock puts lots of stain on the lights. They have to endure the moisture, salty atmosphere, vibrations, motions, and more. It’s, therefore, vital for the lights that are solidly built to handle the situations.

Light Intensity

Also, critical is looking at the amount of light that is emitted. The intensity or brightness is rated in lumens and the higher the figure, the more light. Similar to too little light, too much light is equally ineffective or uneconomical. While the former may offer poor illumination, the latter may be “blinding,” and this affects visibility.

Energy Efficiency

You should pick accessories that provide decent lighting. At the same time, it is important to make certain they are not power hogs. This is because they may drain the battery too fast or put an unnecessary demand on the power systems such as the alternator. LED type is amongst the most energy-efficient choices out there.


As said before, besides illumination, the lights also play a role in beautifying the boat. You should thus opt for stylish pieces that will enhance the boat’s elegance. Other than the design of the boat, individual preference also influences the style/design of the light.

Other than the above factors, the voltage, vibration proofing, brand, wattage, size, price, installation ease play a vital role in making the right choice.

Final Verdict

After reading this review, you most likely have identified a worthy piece. Maybe you like the first one because of the simple design and essay installation, the second one because it is durable and energy-efficient. Or you prefer the last one because it is very versatile, comes with full RGB color spectrum, and has good brightness. Whichever appeals to you, you can be certain that you will enjoy a decent service. We took time to single out these lights from the rest in the market. And to do this, we looked into the brightness, energy efficiency, durability, waterproofing, vibration proofing, installation ease, brand reputation, design, elegance, and more. For peace-of-mind, time-saving, and reliable service, uses this best underwater boat lights in 2021 review to make a decision when buying one.


  1. Thanks for reviews about the lights. I want to replace your old underwater lights with LEDs, your post is useful for me but I hope you can mention the cons os the products, it can make reader easier when choosing lights to buy.

    1. I’ve bought Jiawill 60W CREE LED for my boat, I tested it and the light was great. I am very excited for my upcoming trip with new lights. Thank you a lot, I’ll keep reading your website!!

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