Top 9 Best Truck Bed Tents To Own Review – In 2021

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Truck bed tents are quite common nowadays, especially for people who spend some time on the road. They resemble the standard types but are specifically designed for use with trucks. They are much smaller, come in a unique design, and are harnessed to the vehicle.

You can mount them on the side or on the cargo bay area. Choosing a good tent isn’t easy, especially with limited time and resources. The good news is that you don’t need to go through the struggle of finding a good truck tent. We have analyzed and verified that the following are the best truck bed tents in the market. All you need now is to pick one or even two simply; the other will make a good gift item to another person.

List Of Best Truck Bed Tents In 2021

#9. Sportz Link Ground 4 Person Tent

By: Napier

This ground tent can be used with most trunks on the market. It measures 8 x 8 feet and can be mounted by one person. It’s prepared from a sturdy tear-resistant material and can serve you for a long time. The waterproof tent comes with 1 large door for easy entry/exit and 3 mesh windows for excellent ventilation.

It also includes a full rain fly for stopping the elements and providing a nice indoor environment. Setting it up and dismantling should take you a few minutes using the common tools. It’s among the portable truck bed tents on these reviews thanks to the lightweight and comes with a friendly carry bag.

#8. Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent – Compact Bed

By: Napier

Also from the Napier Company is this simple yet stylish tent. The Outdoor Sportz tent is compatible with many trucks, and like its earlier stalemate, it’s also straightforward to set up. It will be up and functional in a few minutes. The item measures 60 inches long and 68 inches high and provides excellent shelter for a number of users.

It’s created from polyester taffeta and features a compact bed for better relaxation and comfort. This best truck bed tent works best with truck beds measuring 5 feet and can be used with prefabricated or sprayed liners. The lightweight fabric makes carrying easy while the smooth texture improves cleaning.

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#7. Compact Truck Tent

By: Guide Gear

If you are a beginner or an avid camper or drive long distances, then you wouldn’t mind investing in this trunk tent. It has 4.75 feet headroom and is suitable for different users. The 190T fabric provides a cool shelter while 4 sturdy fiberglass poles prevent it from falling. It is protected with a 1500mm water-resistant coating and chances of water or rain seeping through it are unlikely.

The tent is sewn tightly to prevent ripping and also includes a functional sewn-in polyester floor. It includes mesh windows for good air circulation, a large D-shaped door for easy access, and 2 well-sized pockets. It weighs about 10 pounds and comes with a carry bag.

#6. Full-Size Short Truck Bed Tent

By: Rightline Gear

If you want a sturdy truck bed tent, then you shouldn’t overlook the Rightline Gear 110750. The Full-Size Short truck tent has a length of 5.5 feet and works with most car models on the market. It has a water-resistant fabric and PU 2000mm tape sealed seams to keep you and other users dry during the wet weather. The floorless design is much easier to operate compared to different types.

For a firmer fit and support, it comes with sturdy nylon buckles and heavy-duty straps. The poles are color-coded for easy identification and quick installation. It can comfortably host 2 adults and features a stuff sack, rainfly, and a PDF guide that also offers handy tips.

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#5. Explorer 2 SUV Tent


The Explorer tent series is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. Actually, it’s usually rated among the user-friendly truck bed tents on the market. It has a waterproof fabric that can handle light showers and is also resistant to wind. It is easy to set up, and also you only need to harness it to the vehicle frame using the bungee cord and the plastic-coated hooks.

Once set, it will remain firm until you remove it. The easy folding outer door panels improve functionality whereas the zip and tie at the corners maximize privacy. Entry/ exit to the tent are provided by the two-way zippers and the No-seem insect screen stops bugs and insects. It is suitable for different terrains and climates.

#4. Overlander Tent

By: Smittybilt

The Smittybilt Overland tent comes in standard size and is suitable for up to 3 adults. It is made of 600D heavy-duty PVC to stop rain, wind, water, sun, and other things. The waterproof tent is UV protected and comes with interior LED strips for proper lighting.

The anodized aluminum poles keep it steady and while the side windows improve ventilation. It comes with a high-density foam mattress that measures 92″ x 55 inches and can handle up to 661 pounds of weight. The item features a rain fly, telescopic ladder, sunroof, and mosquito netting, among other extras.

#3. Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent With Annex Room

By: Tuff Stuff

The Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop tent is among the practical types on the market. The well-built and elegant tent has an open dimension of 56(W) X 96(L) X 52(H) inches and is reasonably spacious. It’s made of 280g polyester /cotton ripstop fabric and support is provided by an aluminum frame.

The 3 screened windows create an ambient and relaxed environment while the awnings improve functionality. It sets up and closes within minutes and doesn’t need sophisticated tools. Also included is a 56(W) X 96(L) x2.5 (H) inch high-density foam mattress.

The bed tent is waterproof coated, mold-resistant, and can unfold from either the side or rear of the vehicle. It comes with a ladder and roof rack mounts and is easy to carry because of the lightweight.

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#2. Full Size Truck Tent

By: Guide Gear

Designed for Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, GMC, and many more trucks, this bed tent will make life on the road or the camping expedition worthwhile. It is harnessed to the vehicle using the tension straps and is fully enclosed for maximum satisfaction. This best truck bed tent is made of heavy-duty 190T polyester and is held in place by 4 sturdy poles.

The sewn-in flooring has a nice feel and doesn’t feel too cold in the cold days or get too hot in the hot weather. The D-shaped door is large for convenience while the 2 built-in pockets offer decent storage space. It has a 1500mm water-resistant coating and is easy to carry since it weighs just 11 pounds.

#1. Backroadz Full Size Regular Bed Truck Tent

By: Napier Enterprises

The Napier Backroadz bed truck tent comes in a beautiful Green/Beige/Grey color and works with different trucks. The spacious product is 6 feet 5 inches long and is designed to be placed on the ground. You only need to secure it to the frame of the vehicle.

The 3 season rated tent is made of polyester taffeta, has a polyester floor, and is supported by 4 sturdy shock-corded fiberglass poles. It is ideal for 2 persons and provides proper ventilation via the 4 large windows. The single large door offers comfortable and convenient exit/entry while the storm flap guarantees you of maximum privacy. It has a sewn-on floor to keep bugs and other things out and a handy travel bag.

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Common Areas of Application

The following are some of the situations that may require a truck bed tent:

Frequent Traveler

If you normally spend lots of time on the road, then you may need to invest in this product. As we know, sleeping inside the truck, however spacious it may be, may not be any fun. It will be cold, and you can’t run the heaters all night long.

Romantic Getaway

Ever imagined of a unique romantic gateway? With a truck bed tent, you will enjoy the outdoor experience on a budget. You won’t need to buy or rent a large tent that may be cumbersome to put-up. And thanks to its small size, you will surprise your partner by asking him/her to set up the tent at your chosen location.


Tailgaters are among the main users of these tents. Considering that they spend quite some time on the road, and most are on a budget, it makes more sense to maximize the space on the truck. It easily mounts on the vehicle, and you only need to support part of it via the ground.


Rather than going for the large camping tent, many campers prefer this type of tent. It is fairly spacious, especially for an individual or two people. It’s much easier to set up, and also occupies lesser space. It features a nice floor for a nice sleeping/sitting surface and is also ventilated for extra comfort.

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying

Does it fit?

You need to make sure it will fit on your truck to avoid modifications. The item will state its dimension which should match the bed of the truck. Some will also touch on the target vehicle models. Reading reviews also helps to know if the unit is desirable for your kind of truck.

What tools are needed?

The truck bed tents vary widely. Some are installed at the back, others on the side, while some onto the cargo bed or attached to the rooftop. They will also require different tools, and it’s essential you know what you need. A good kit will come with all the necessary tools, including additional accessories.

How are your skills like?

People with more experience will have an easier time installing the product. If you are new or lack experience, you should choose a simple unit. The one that fits on the bed is the easiest since it is partly supported by the truck. However, it has limited space. Top products come with simple and clear instructions that will help in the setting up.

Where are you going?

If you are visiting a hot region, then a heavy-duty canvas tent with few windows may be a little uncomfortable. It will be too stuffy and hot inside and will cause you to sweat too much. A lightweight tent made of nylon won’t really cut it in the cold environment since it will allow cold air in and will create a very cold surrounding. It pays to understand the season ratings as well as the material.

What accessories come with it?

The types of accessories that are included are influenced by the tent design. Poles, stakes, straps are the standard items. However, the best items go a step further and include a rain fly, gear loft, and rain fly for extra comfort.

What tent do you desire?

Installing a flatbed tent is different from fitting a rooftop tent. The earlier one doesn’t require lots of supporting accessories. The latter, however, will require stronger rails and racks for better support. It will also provide more space but may require more skills and time to set up.

With the right instructions and guidance, installing a truck bed tent is a breeze. You can get more tips on the procedure from this video.

In Conclusion

There you have it – the top 9 best truck bed tents. We chose items that are easy and simple to install and will work with different vehicles, provide sufficient space, are durable and low maintenance, and won’t affect the functionality and appeal of your truck.

In addition, we have guided you on how to identify a good product by looking at the essential things such as size, material, and ease of setup, the manufacturer (brand), durability, and more. We also have thrown in some critical setup tips. With such information and reviews, finding the right bed tent for your truck is comfortable and time-saving.

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