Top 10 Best Torch Lighters In 2021 – Products Review

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Are you passionate about your culinary and mechanic skills? Is your matchbox suffering because of overuse? Do you need equipment that takes you to the next level? Worry no more because we have the perfect tool for you. Torch lighters!

These gadgets have been there before, and still, more people prefer to use them. They can be in use for both home and commercial purposes. They are reliable, eye-catching, sturdy, and durable. Never settle for low-quality products that give you a hectic time and lag you behind during your daily hassle. The different types of torch lighters make life easier. From blow torch, cigarette lighters up to butane torches.

We have come up with an in-depth article, which gives you more information about best torch lighters. We decided to focus on the products that have top-notch features.

The List Of Best Torch Lighters In 2021

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#10. Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter

By: Scorch Torch

This lighter works with cigarettes, cigars, and other things and is easy to use. The top flips open and closes quickly and effortlessly. The switch slides easily and smoothly. It includes a strong cigar punch that saves you money for a new cutter. It is made of lightweight material that has a sturdy build enhancing the overall look.

In addition, the sleek design has a nice feel in your hand with the textured grip and slide-switch operation for fast and easy use. It has a sturdy, triple jet flame torch which allows you to adjust the flame height easily. The fuel tank capacity is perfect to last you for extended periods.

In Summary:

Lighter works with cigarettes, cigars, etc
Easy open and closing flip top
Easy and smooth sliding switch
Made of lightweight but sturdy material
Sleek design and textured grip

#9. Olympus Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Cigarette Lighter

By: Scorch Torch

This torch lighter is only 1.31″ x 0.78″ x 2.85″ in size and weighs 4.0 oz, thus makes it perfect for use and store. It fits well in your pocket and any limited space. It has a beautifully-designed easy to use ignition button that allows you to ignite with ease and safety.

Furthermore, this best torch lighter has a built-in safety cap that automatically closes after you release the ignition which enhances safety when not in use. The adjustable flame control with the butane pressure dial located on the bottom of the lighter can reach up to 10″ of flame height.

In Summary:

Measures 1.31″ x 0.78″ x 2.85 inches, weighs 4.0 oz,
Compact and fits well in limited space
Beautiful design and simple ignition button
Built-in safety cap and automatic closing
Adjustable flame control

#8. Skyline Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Cigarette Cigar Lighter

By: Scorch Torch

The Scorch Torch Skyline boasts of a safe to use adjustable Flame Control which ensures you get the right length. The lighter comes with 3 jet flame to help in boosting the pressure as you use it and also for added convenience. It has a built-in lid mirror plus a top cover that enhance its overall beauty.

Additionally, the durable spring makes pressing down and releasing the trigger easy while the nice texture boasts handling. It comes with instructions to assist in easy maintenance.

In Summary:

Adjustable flame control and 3 jet flame
A built-in lid mirror
Elegant and simple use top cover
Nice comfortable texture
Simple and clear instructions

#7. Windproof Jet Flames Butane Refillable Torch Lighter

By: GStar

This is one of the best torch lighters from the GStar® TorchZilla Series. It has a recessed handle that easily flips up to allow a tool-free adjustment process. This torch lighter produces a hot flame and comes with a flame adjuster to allow you to adjust to your preferred length.

Furthermore, a built-in valve is perfect for controlling the flow which ease and safety. It has a decent reservoir capacity that can last for months with just a single fill. The new mechanism ensures your lighter ignites in less than a second with zero skills to operate.

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In Summary:

Simple recessed handle
Tool-free flame adjustment
Emits a hot flame and a simple flame adjuster
Built-in valve for easy flame control
Decent reservoir capacity

#6. Mini Jet Pencil Flame 503 Lighter

By: BBQbuy

This torch lighter boasts of a well constructed adjustable fuel control that helps you set your flame to the best height. It has a button click igniter which enhances straightforward operation. It is inclusive of a fold-out support base to ensure stability after use.

In addition to that, the switch feature is handy for you to use it as a cigarette/cigar lighter. The beautifully made seal adds an aesthetic effect and also increases safety precautions. It has a tank that allows a full butane load to last weeks without leakage or evaporation. It uses a new mechanism to handle a tedious task like bike wiring with efficiency and comfort.

Last but not least, the compact pop-up stand alleviates accidental burns of residual heat in the metal business end. This best torch lighter also features operating controls like on/off gas flow, ignition, and refills port to ensure maximum convenience and smooth use.

In Summary:

Well constructed easy-adjust fuel control
Effective button click igniter
A stable foldout support base
Suitable for cigarette and cigar
Efficient and comfortable hold

#5. Jet Flame Torch Lighter Windproof

By: MegaDeal

This is a pocket-friendly torch lighter that has a built-in safety trigger on the side to ensure no accidental ignition. The smooth surface improves handling while the lightweight enhances portability. It is refillable in case you run out of butane, thus saves you money that could have been used for the purchase of another torch lighter.

Likewise, it has a beautiful flame size trigger which allows you to adjust the flame to a considerable distance easily. The transparent bottom design makes it unique enabling you to see how much butane is left.

In Summary:

High-quality pocket-friendly torch lighter
Built-in side safety trigger
Smooth and comfortable surface
Easy to refill case
Beautiful flame size and simple trigger

#4. Self-Igniting Butane Micro-Torch

By: Blazer

The GB2001 combines flexibility, elegance, portability, and convenience. It is among the practical lighters in the market and has a unique airflow dial for easy control of the type and strength of flame. It offers a variety of flames to handle varied requirements. Also, it comes with a rubber diamond pattern secure grip located over the gas tank which provides a firm grip during operation.

Also, the wind-resistant mechanism is perfect for producing a stable flame with no interruptions. The gas inside the unit can last for a moderately long period, although this also depends on the frequency of use.

In Summary:

Flexible, portable and elegant
Practical and lightweight torch lighter
Unique airflow dial and simple control
Offers different flame desks
Diamond pattern firm grip rubber

#3. Top-Z Dual Torch Flame Lighter Insert

By: Blazer

Never allow windy conditions to stop you from using a torch flame. With the Top-Z dual torch lighter, you have easy and quick access to quality flame. The wind-resistant flames guarantee fast, reliable ignition and conserve fuel.

Moreover, the stylish top-z swapping inserts allow you to easily convert back and forth between a traditional and torch flame with ease. It has a design which can fit most flip top case lighters. You can eliminate messy lighter fluids because it does not need any modifications.

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In Summary:

Easy and quick lighting
Quality wind-resistant flame
Reliable ignition and fuel-efficient
Stylish and easy swapping top-z inserts
Easy to convert/ adjust the flame

#2. Culinary Butane Torch – Leak-Free Micro Cooking Torch

By: EurKitchen

The EurKitchen refillable blow torch has an impressive leak-free micro cooking torch that ensures maximum safety and efficient butane use. It has an elegant aluminum design and is TUV CE certified and is also lightweight. The durable and compact structure makes it easy to use and carry around.

In addition, it comes with a burn-free finger guard together with an inbuilt safety lock to aid in preventing accidental burns from high temperatures. Also, it includes a gas flow safety lock that stops unintentional lighting which is a safety precaution for unauthorized users like kids. It has a perfect flame technology that offers stable flame which quickens the heating process.

In Summary:

Refillable blowtorch
Leak-free and energy efficient
Micro cooking torch and lightweight
Elegant aluminum design
Safe design and is TUV CE certified

#1. Best Creme Brulee Torch – Refillable Professional Kitchen Torch

By: Spicy Dew

Spicy Dew torch is ideal for cooking foods easily and also good for caramelizing sugar, roasting capsicum, atop crème Brulee, melting cheese, searing a steak, and toasting bread crumbs plus more. It has a sleek design that is not only beautiful but also practical. It is small for easy carrying and also lightweight.

Moreover, the good design and construction give out high burning temperatures allowing you to cook food for lesser times. The durable material plus a strong base ensures you get the most out of this product and have more stable and secure storage. It uses an anti-flare technology plus a child safety lock to prevent accidents and unauthorized use. Also, the flame and handguard feature helps to protect you from flares and extreme heat.

In Summary:

Ideal for caramelizing sugar, melting cheese, etc
A sleek and modern design
Practical and decent built
Lightweight and easy carrying
Made of durable material

Ways To Keep Lighters From Clogging

If you have the know-how on how to make your torch lighter last for extended periods, add these tips to your knowledge. For those who don’t have the slightest idea, we have easy tips to guide you through. We will focus on clogging problems and how to avoid/remove them. They are as follows:

    When you light your cigarettes/cigars, never put them onto the burning flame to prevent ashes from falling into the inbuilt flame holes of the torch lighter. This leads to a quicker process of clogged holes.
    If after an extended period of extended use, you discover the flame holes are clogged, you can blow compressed air into them. This is an easy and efficient way to clean up the flame holes.
    Most people keep lighters inside pant pockets which are the most efficient place to store and retrieve quickly. Dust and dirt particles form after a while and attach to the lighter nozzle. Always ensure your pocket is free of debris.
    Another alternative is to clean your nozzle frequently or buy a cover for it. Various shops sell nozzle covers which are not only easy to put on and take off but also ensure your lighter last longer.
    Lastly, buy quality torch lighters that are made from dust and water-resistant materials. They keep dirt away with no need for expensive maintenance. Always go for high-quality products that seem pricey at first but worth it in the long run.

If you follow these tips, you will prolong your lighter’s lifespan. You do not need to be skilled to do simple maintenance.

Tips on Filling & Maintenance of Torch Lighters

The common issues with torch lighters are; inconsistent lighting, low flame, clogged flame holes or malfunction of the entire unit. In this article, we will offer the steps to use when refilling your lighter.

    Use Good Butane: When you purchase high-quality butane rather than the cheap ones, it makes a huge difference. Good butane burns perfectly and allows the jets to work in a perfect condition. Furthermore, butane that has been triple refined or more is best.
    Clean and Air Out the Chamber/Tank Before a Refill: When you thoroughly air out any left butane from the reservoir, it removes any air bubbles that might be stuck in the fuel chamber. The recommended thing to do is to use a compact screwdriver to push the built-in valve.
    Use Lighters Frequently:  Your lighter should often be lit to ensure the jets function properly. To know more about the types of lighters, the following article explains it better.
    Never Push the Flame too Close to Cigarette/Cigar: Ensure you keep the jets far away from the ash when your lighter is in use. This runs the risk of ashes getting into the flame holes or lighter jets which leads to clogging up. In some extreme cases, you might burn your fingers. Keep a safe distance because the flame can go up to 2 inches.
    Cleaning the Jets: Finally, you can blow compressed air into the jets if they are clogged. Sometimes dust build-up may cause this problem. The easiest way is to put the extension nozzle down into the jet tank and give it 2-4 blasts of air.

Bonus: If you want to acquire knowledge about how to refill a torch lighter, you may learn more from the following video


There you go the 10 best torch lighters with excellent features. Our primary focus before the compilation of this list was performance, durability, accessibility, practicality, and also designed. The above products are incomparable to the rest and not only do they give out superior performance but also have excellent features like safety lock, adjustable flame, durable material, refillable tanks, plus more.

Moreover, always invest in products that give you value for your money. The torch lighters are handy and yet good looking. Do yourself a bold favor and buy one that is more than just a lighter.

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