The 14 Best Tire Inflators in 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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Any part of a vehicle can break down at any place and any point in time. The case is more prominent with the tires which undergo wear and tear on various road surfaces. They get deflated from time to time randomly. This urges us, as the car owner, to have the best tire inflator in the vehicle or at home so that we can do the job when it is required to.

Deflated tires not only make the vehicle consume more fuel as it loses the peak driving power, but it also dangerous as the drivers find it difficult to bend the tires in the direction required. Furthermore, the tires can get punctured at any point and if such scenarios. A tire inflator can come handy to inflate the spare tire and punctured tire and go some distance before arriving at the mechanic workshop. To provide an assistant to consumers who are eager in finding the right tire inflator for their cars, today, our team has been discussing and come up with the top-rated tire inflators. And here is the list.

The List of The Best Tire Inflators in 2021

#14. Portable Air Compressor Pump, Tire Inflator


This one of the best tire inflators is from BOSONER, and it is a portable air compressor pump where you can use the pressure up to 150 PSI. There are different nozzles for your bike, car, motorcycle, or even your toys. It brings you the convenience of auto shut off, so you won’t ever face over inflation. There is a digital LED that can be used to read the pressure and the backlight helps in the night. There is a total of three tips that come with the package and a cord that is 10ft long, so it reaches all four tires easily.

In Summary:

Safe and power saving with auto shut off feature
Compact and highly portable with strong construction.
LED display with international accuracy standard.

#13. 120v & 12v Portable Air Compressor Inflator Tire

By: Kobalt

This best tire inflator comes up with several advanced features that all genuine inflator should have. The device operates on 12V and comes with four nozzles. This enables you to inflate different type of vehicles and products without any worries. With Kobalt ACP1C, the airflow rate is 35L/Min. The LED and 2 Mode Light helps in dark, and as for your accuracy, you can see the unit in PSI, KPA, and Bar. And in addition to that, you can use this tool to check the pressure before you proceed as it can also work as a pressure gauge as well.

Last but not least, it also comes with an auto shut off functionality too. Of all these features, this tire inflator can surely be noted as a professional inflator.

In Summary:

4 different nozzle adapters provided
A large dial and overheat protection available.
Show unit in different formats
Can be used as a pressure gauge.
Strong airflow with auto shut off feature.

#12. Digital Tire Inflator with Digital Pressure Gauge


This versatile air compressor pump comes along with 3 extra adaptors. This inflator with adaptors not only inflates the tires of vehicles but also inflates the sports balls and other objects. Moreover, this compressor pump is ideal for filling a mid-size car tire. The inflator with maximum PSI rate of 35 inflates the tire within 4.8 minutes. The automatic shut-off technology of this air compressor pump protects your tires from over-inflation by setting your desired air pressure.

The tire inflator also consists of a 9.8-feet long power cord which helps you to get an easy reach to your car tires. Furthermore, this air compressor has an LCD display with backlit to deliver accurate air pressure reading at night. The convenient size and weight of this compressor pump allow easy storage and transportability. For your information, the digital tire inflator requires a 12-Volt power supply from your car’s cigarette lighter socket for the inflation.

In Summary:

Powerful pump for rapid inflation during an emergency.
Automatic shut-off when the preset pressure is reached.
Versatile applications with adapters.

#11. Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator AC/DC Electric Pump

By: Prow

As you can see the image, this is a unique inflator in both working and exteriors. Here, the machine works a bit differently. You first need to set the PSI as per your needs and then use that auto shut-off feature so there won’t be any over-inflation. This auto tire inflator uses 140W which is a clear sign of mighty working power.

With this inflator, you can see the readings in the backlit LCD. These incredible and different nozzles work to inflate other types of vehicles. You can check the units in several formats like PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM². The extra light helps you in case of darkness and saves you from any danger of incorrect use.

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In Summary:

Backlit digital display with four display units.
Bright LED lights for working in a dark environment.
Nozzles provided make it multipurpose.

#10. 12V DC Auto Portable Air Compressor Pump

By: EPAuto

This air compressor works on 12-Volt and comes as an auto portable tire inflator. For your convenience, it is plug and inflates right from the vehicle at the cigarette socket. The auto inflator can inflate all vehicles such as a car, bike, motorcycle, sedan, and midsize SUV. Sports things or any inflatable products can also be air-filled using this tire inflator. The led comes as a great facility where you can see the pressure readings, and it is all very compact to carry anywhere.

Other than the mentioned above, the only small downside is that it cannot be used for truck tires.

In Summary:

Compact and portable.
Suitable for various types of vehicles include other inflatable products.
Easy to read and work with at night.


This tire inflator with digital display provides an accurate calculation of air pressure for your tire. The screen also shows values in units like KG/CM², KPA, PSI, and BAR. Moreover, this inflator pump has built-in bright LED lights to enlighten the road in the dark for emergency tire inflation. The auto shut off the technology of this portable air compressor automatically turns off when it reaches the required inflation pressure. This inflator ideally fills in the tires from 0 to 35 PSI with just 4 minutes.

The air compressor pump also has a maximum PSI capacity of 150 PSI. Furthermore, this inflator effectively inflates the tires of the bicycle, vehicles, sports equipment, and other inflatable objects. The 10-foot long power cord of this emergency tool can simply fill up the boats as well. Last but not least, this hand-sized and lightweight design of this air compressor makes it perfect storage and transportability.

In Summary:

Suitable for heavy-duty inflation.
Multiple units of pressure present.
Bright display for viewing in the dark.
Multi-purpose and highly portable.

#8. AC/DC Swift Performance Portable Air Compressor

By: Kensun

This air compressor is presented by Kensun. The machine works on either AC or DC which means you can either plug it from your car or directly from your home electricity. The inflator brings you an accurate analog display where the quantity of pressure can simply be identified.

It is a well-built and sturdy looking air compressor, with a swift performance inflates any tire in just seconds. Moreover, the AC/DC option makes it convenient for you to whether put and inflate your vehicles or other inflatable products either indoors or outdoors. Similar to other competitors, the package comes with different types of nozzles. With them, you can inflate just anything, including cars, bikes, sports equipment, etc.

In Summary:

Operate either way: AC or DC
Versatile and heavy-duty air compressor.
Comes with error-free analog display.
Easier to use for household items compared to others on the list.

#7. Energizer Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator

By: Energizer

Using this air compressor, you can inflate any vehicle or objects that require air pressure to function properly. It comes in a black and yellow combination and seems to be a sturdy device. It uses 12V DC to work and gives the Air Compressor up to 150 PSI.

You also get three nozzles that support high airflow so you can use it to inflate different things and vehicles. The display is analog, and the 12 feet long cable actually helps to inflate all the tire without any trouble. So, there is absolutely no inconvenience of short cable anymore while inflating any vehicle.

In Summary:

Tailor-made for heavy-duty use.
Long charging cable for large vehicles.
Different air-flow nozzles for multipurpose uses.

#6. Digital Tire Inflator for Car With Pressure Gauge


This air inflator easily inflates the tires of Jeeps, bicycles, ATVs, and motorcycles. This tool comes with multiple nozzle attachments. The air compressor pump also allows you to fill in the sports balls, water toys, and air mattress. Moreover, this inflator with its robust construction yet lightweight and compact design stress-freely fit into your vehicle trunk. The compressor comes with the automatic shut-off technology to avoid the over-inflation of tires.

This tool also has the inbuilt LED flashlight to illuminate the dark country road at night for an emergency tire inflation. Furthermore, this air compressor pump includes an easy-to-read digital backlit display screen for easy and accurate air pressure calculation.

The lightweight yet sturdy plastic construction of this inflator comes in carrying case for easy transportability. Also, the robust tire hose of this inflator can withstands high air pressure.

In Summary:

Auto shut-off feature prevents over-inflation.
Multiple nozzles available for versatile use.
Better construction for high-pressure works.
Various useful features like LED flashlight with a carrying case provided.

#5. Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

By: AstroAI

AstroAI Digital Tire Inflator comes along with pressure gauge and can inflate up to 250 PSI unit. The package comes with different nozzles to inflate tires of different vehicles, and the backlit LCD makes it possible to see the readings even in the dark.

The item and all the add-ons are heavy-duty like those metal nozzles, air hose, and other compressor accessories. So if you are a professional and want it for your garage or workshop, then go ahead and purchase this one. The units can be converted to PSI, KPA, Bar, and Kg/cm² whatever suits you best to get the readings done.

In Summary:

High accuracy and superior construction.
High safe and battery-saving features.
Units can be read in a different format

#4. Portable Air Compressor Pump

By: Helteko

This above tire inflator works using 12 Volts and on 150 PSI. It is made to fit all types of transport such as bike, car, motorbike, and plus other inflatable objects like basketball. For the construction, high-quality ABS is used, and for the readings, there is an LED on the front.

If it is dark outside and it is hard for you to do the job, an emergency light will come along to make sure that the user can inflate the tire correctly. Just like some other inflators on the list, the auto shut off feature is beneficial as it turns off when it is not needed.

In Summary:

Sturdy construction and safe against low drops.
LCD display & Emergency light with other parameters help users perform the job easier
Auto shut-off feature with multipurpose uses.

#3. Portable Digital Tire Inflator

By: AstroAI

The over-heat protection feature of this digital tire inflator automatically turns off when it reaches the temperature of 212-degree Fahrenheit. This air compressor also comes with the maximum and break-free operation time of 30 minutes. Moreover, all-weather-resistant inflator causes no tire explosions or premature tire wear. When you set the desired air pressure for your tire, after reaching the air pressure, this inflator automatically shuts off. This compressor pump blocks the over-inflation of tires.

This tire inflator will collect its power from your 12-Volt cigarette lighter socket of the vehicles. Furthermore, this air compressor ideally fills in a tire within a minute with the highest air pressure being 35 PSI. With AstroAI inflator, you can quickly inflate the tires of your vehicles, bikes, sports equipment, air cushions, and other inflatable items with the nozzles it provides. The digital LED display with backlit also delivers an accurate reading of the air pressure for your reading. Thus, there is no doubt that it is one of the best tire inflators on the list.

In Summary:

Better safety measures with an in-line fuse.
High accuracy and operate in all weather conditions.
Overheat and overload protection.
Backlit LED screen with various accessories.

#2. Premium 12V DC Tire Air Compressor Pump


PI. Auto Store’s air compressor pump seems to have a robust design and premium looks. Other than just inflating features, this one also includes an emergency torch that will be a great help when there is no light around. It is a 12V DC tire inflator where the airflow remains at 35 l/min.

All types of tires, whether it is your bicycle, motorcycle, or car, can be inflated, plus several sports objects like footballs can be inflated too. For the display, it uses a digital LCD, and it automatically monitors the pressure amount.

In Summary:

Superior pump with high speed and consistency.
Robust design and highly compact.
Complete set with accessories for versatile uses.
One of the recommended product in the tire pressure monitoring system category.

#1. 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

By: EPAuto

This is probably the best tire inflator in the market. EPAuto Air Compressor Pump is compact for sure, and with this, you get the convenience to carry it easily. Here you can use that Cigarette Lighter Socket and get the inflation done in minutes. It can be used on different vehicles but not for the trucks.

For the reading, you can set it to PSI, KPA, BAR, or just KG/CM, and that bright torch is a great assistant when you can’t see things at night or in a dark area. There is an auto shut off feature that runs off the air pressure and keeps the tire from bad luck.

In Summary:

Durable construction with a superior display.
Prevents over inflation by auto shut off feature.
Large display with strong LED lights for night use.
One of the bestsellers in the tire accessories and parts category.
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How To Use Tire Inflator?

Check this YouTube video on how to use a tire Inflator.

Before Buying The Best Tire Inflator – Things To Keep In Mind!

Buying the best tire inflator can be a daunting task, especially if you are buying it for the first time. The reason is that there are so many parameters to watch out while buying so that you can buy the best tire inflator with the budget you have in mind.


Whether you are experienced in tire inflation or not, you will always want to inflate the tires automatically so that you have to put the least effort into getting the job done. Furthermore, an automatic operation reduces or eliminates human error. All you have to do is adjust a few parameters here and there, and you can inflate your tires instantly. But for the convenience of the experienced mechanic and also those who have a slightly low budget, there are many tire inflators available where a person can set the settings manually with the analog setup for inflating objects perfectly. As a matter of fact, these analog inflators are considered to be more versatile than digital ones that are prevalent in the market.


One can perceive the damage that can be done when a tire bursts. If a person stays nearby, he can get injured due to the pressure generated while bursting. That is why the tire inflator must have auto shut off feature so that the tire does not get overinflated and burst out of the air pressure inside. As a matter of fact, overinflation can lead to tiny punctured in the previously punctured region.


It is more likely that you will carry the tire inflator with your vehicle wherever you go. Thus, under some emergency on the road, you can inflate the tire on the go and reach the nearby mechanic workshop to fix the problems. That is why you should check and compare the compactness of the tire inflator you are about to buy. More than the weight, you have to concentrate on the size as there are some that need huge space and they are suitable for keeping them in a mechanic workshop or at home.

Time and Capacity:

The pressure and performance of the tire inflator determine the time that the inflator will take to fill up your tire to an optimal level. Even though the time may not be a constraint when you are inflating your tire at home or a garage, but in the middle of the road, the faster you can inflate, the better it is. There are high chances of accidents if you keep your vehicle parked in the middle of the road. Similarly, the capacity of air filling will determine the type of tires the tire inflator will be suitable for.

Apart from these factors, there are a few others you need to check whether the tire inflators in weather-resistant or not. Some of them break down at highly cold and hot temperatures like in the desert or mountains. There is also something called duty cycle that determines the constant output of the tire inflator.


Depending on the tires your vehicle has and the size of the vehicle, you should only seek the best tire inflator accordingly, especially for your safety, portability, and comfort. Make sure that the inflator has all the features you are looking for. If you want to inflate other objects other than tires, you need to check the nozzles available that will enable your inflator to be multipurpose ones and satisfy all your non-mainstream uses.

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