Discover The 13 Best Tie Down Straps 2020 – Products Review

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The tie down straps are designed to keep products secured in their places during transportation. They are extremely sturdy in construction and have super durability. The straps come in various thicknesses, lengths, and width, and depending on the application, they are chosen accordingly. They are widely used in pickup trucks and flatbed trucks and any vehicles used for transporting items. In fact, the tie down straps are far better than the bungee straps some people use. Check out the best tie down straps you can opt for below.

List Of The Best Tie Down Straps

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#13. Tie Down Straps With Heavy Duty Professional Strength


Made with robust materials, the tie-down strap comes in a set of four. It has reliable performance and includes a built-in ratchet strap. With this, you don’t need any other extra equipment to secure your load. Moreover, this has a massive load capacity of 500 pounds, and the breaking capacity is 1500 pounds. Furthermore, this has rubber-coated hooks that eliminate any kind of damage during the entire journey.

The strap has a generous length of 15 feet and can fully cover your cargo. Additionally, you can use it for securing different types of items including motorcycles and kayaks. This is quality material and can perform in various types of conditions. With it, you can have a safer day, and there is also a rubberized handle that lets you use it with ease.

In Summary:

Use of the heavy-duty materials guarantee reliable performance
Comes with a load capacity of 500 pounds and its breaking capacity is 1500 pounds
Regardless of the type of conditions, there will be no ill effects on the performance
Damage is prevented by the rubber-coated handles

#12. Ratchet Straps Heavy Duty Tie Down Set


Here is a tie down strap that amazing performance and lets you select from different colors. The product is available in a set of four and is extremely durable. It is made of high-quality materials and has polyblend webbing for indestructibility. Moreover, this has steel rachet and includes durable ‘S’ hooks. This has a powerful performance, and the breakup strength is of 5208 pounds.

Additionally, it can easily attach to different types of vehicles and comes with incredibly soft loops. It is also very lightweight and provides you comfort with its padded handles. Furthermore, the tie-down strap comes from a popular company and delivers excellent performance. This will not disappoint you when it comes to performance and provides additional safety to your load. The high-quality product will let you tie with confidence and does not require any rope tying skill.

In Summary:

Exceptional safety is provided to your load
Incorporates durable S hooks
Equipped with the breaking capacity of 5208 pounds
Comfortable user experience is allowed by padded handles

#11. Lashing Straps With Carry Bag


Suitable for different types of operation, this comes in a set of six. The tie-down strap comes in a length of 12 feet and is in a lashing color. The recommended load capacity is 200 pounds, and the breakup point is up to 600 pounds. Moreover, this has a rich appearance and has high resistance to corrosion. This also includes a steel cast metal clamp and is very lightweight.

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Additionally, it is made of durable materials and delivers optimal performance. You can use it to secure different types of loads and prevents any kind of unwanted damage to your items. Furthermore, it slips on easily and quickly and comes at an affordable value. This is very effective, and you can easily track it even in dark conditions.

In Summary:

The breaking capacity is 600 pounds and load capacity is 200 pounds
Affordably priced
For efficient use, it comes with the steel cast metal clamp

#10. Blue Ratchet Tie Downs Logistic Straps

By: Ohuhu

With a massive load capacity of up to 500 pounds, this tie down strap has a breaking limit of 1500 pounds. It comes in a set of eight and allows you to have a hassle-free operation. This is made of high-quality fabric and includes reinforced stitching for optimal performance. Additionally, the rubber-coated hooks prevent any kind of damage to the equipment and deliver you peace of mind.

This is also very durable and allows you to secure it in different types of vehicles including ATVs, trucks, and scooters. Moreover, this is easy to use and comes with the function of release. You can easily use it for moving different types of appliances and comes with a user manual. Furthermore, this is very reliable and is extremely lightweight.

In Summary:

Damage to the equipment is prevented by the rubber-coated handles
Can be secured in diverse vehicles like scooter, trucks, ATVs, etc
Includes a user manual to let you easily follow the working operation
Prepared with the superior quality fabric

#9. 10-Foot Cambuckle Break Strength

By: SmartStraps

Available in a pack of four, the tie-down strap will secure your lighter loads. It does not put pressure on the fragile loads and is perfect for weights of up to 300 pounds. This is safe to use and provides security to the load. Moreover, it is in a convenient design and does not require any skills to tie a rope. It has high tensioning and is ideal for use in cargos.

Additionally, this is made of durable materials and is extremely strong. It comes with SmartWeb technology that makes it resistant to abrasion. Furthermore, this has steel hooks that remain in place and avoids any kind of damage. You can easily secure it in different types of vehicles and is in a retractable design. It delivers optimal performance with its over-molded handles and prevents scratching.

In Summary:

Comes with the excellent weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
No issues while handling heavy loads because it comes with high tensioning
The comfortable fit is presented by the steel hooks
Issues of scratching are zero

#8. Ratchet Tie Down Straps | 8pc Set |


These built to last tie-down straps come along with heavy-duty metal ratchet buckles and soft loop straps. The straps are also effective in load-bearing up to 500-pounds. Moreover, the bent S-shaped hooks of these straps come with the construction of study stainless-steel material. The weather-resistant steel construction with high-visibility neon webbing allows you to use them for outdoor activities.

These straps are also resistant to rotting, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, the spring-loaded release of the straps prevents the ratchets from accidental opening. With a maximum length of 15-feet, each of these straps properly holds your moving appliances. The plastic-coated metal hooks hold the equipment without causing any dents to their bodies.

In Summary:

Can withstand load up to 500 lbs
The moving appliances will be firmly held by the max length being 15 feet
The neon webbing is equipped with excellent visibility
In the straps, the S-shaped hooks are made up of stainless steel

#7. Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

By: Cartman

The double-stitching of these tie-down straps add more strength to the construction. With 18-feet of length, each of these ratchet straps also helps to tie the loops with ease. Moreover, the maximum 3600-lbs of breaking capacity, the straps offer an extremely secure and tight grip over the moving appliances. The bright orange color of these straps allows you to easily point out them in unlighted trailers.

The twisted-loop on one end of each strap also helps you to easily tie down the straps without knotting. Furthermore, the polyester material of these straps comes with lesser flexibility and more UV resistance than ordinary nylon material. The tie-down straps allow you to carry your motorcycle, snowmobile, bicycle, ATV, or other equipment.

In Summary:

There will be no issues of knotting while tying the strap
Capable to carry different automobiles
The loops can be tied easily with the maximum length of this strap being 18 feet

#6. Lashing Straps Up To 600lbs

By: Cartman

With a 12-feet length and 1-inch width, these tie-down straps are very much easy to use to hold your vehicles in the proper place. You also do not need any hook to tie down a general cargo by using these straps. Moreover, the poly webbing construction and reinforced stitching of these ratchet straps help you to carry each moving appliance with ease.

These straps are also capable of tightening loads up to 200-pounds. Furthermore, they come with the highest break strength of 600-pounds. The silver protectant finish enhances the rich appearance of these straps and makes them extremely corrosion-resistant. The tie-down straps easily hold your vehicles like ATV, motorcycle, kayak, and many more without any hassle. Overall, it is one of the best tie down straps on the list.

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In Summary:

The break strength limit is 600 pounds
Can easily tighten load up to 200 pounds
The overall look is made appealing by the silver protectant finish
The reinforced stitching simplifies the hassles to carry moving appliances

#5. Ratchet Straps Tie Down Break Strength

By: Sunferno

These commercial-grade tie-down straps are able to provide the maximum break strength up to 2200-lbs. The straps also come with the maximum load-bearing capacity up to 1250-lbs. Moreover, the heavy-duty material construction of these straps allows you to do mass tie-down for years. The rubberized hooks and handles are very much soft to your hands for easy locking.

The closed S-hooks and robust stitching also provide enough strength to the straps. Furthermore, the webbing comes with the construction of sturdy UV-resistant material for lifetime use. With the 15-feet in length, all of these ratchet straps help you to wrap your moving appliances without any problem. The soft loop straps and padded handles and hooks do not leave any scratches or dents on your vehicles.

In Summary:

The load-bearing capacity is up to 1250 lbs
To hold the moving appliances properly, the strap can be extended up to 15 feet
The elastic hooks and handles facilitate convenient locking
The maximum break strength is up to 2200 lbs

#4. Ratchet Straps Motorcycle Tie Down Kit


These tie-down straps have the maximum length up to 8-feet. The coated steel ratchets with Chromoly S-shaped hooks also offer extremely security and stability over your moving appliances. Moreover, the indestructible poly-bend webbing construction of these straps help to hold the equipment in the proper place. You can easily transport your motorcycle, cargo, or ATV by wrapping them with these straps for safer transportation.

The maximum break strength of these straps is also 5208-lbs to hold all your bulky vehicle without any difficulty. Furthermore, the padded handles and the strengthened double diamond stitching offer excellent break strength for optimal safety. The rubber-coated S-hooks do not cause any scratching or denting over your vehicle. This set of straps includes a pair of soft loop tie-down strap. Considering all the parameters, it is one of the best tie down straps.

In Summary:

The heavyweight vehicle can be easily held by the max breaking capacity being 5208 lbs
Excellent stability and security offered by the S-shaped hooks
Straps can be extended up to 8 feet

#3. Ratchet Tie Down Straps Max Break Strength


With the highest break strength of 1823-lbs, these straps tightly hold all your moving appliances with safety. These tie-down straps also come with the construction of poly or silk webbing for extreme durability. Moreover, the anodized ratchet straps are all-weather and elements resistant. The tie-down straps have paddled handles.

All of the straps also come with bent S-style hooks to provide extreme strength and grip over your equipment. Furthermore, the straps help you to transport your motorcycle, ATV, cargo, and more other moving appliances with ease. The 15-feet length of these straps holds your all small to large equipment without any hassle. The half bend hooks do not bounce back or come loose.

In Summary:

The poly webbing construction enhances durability
Straps can be extended up to 15 feet to perfectly transport different vehicles
The ratchet straps are resistant to external weather elements
Extremely safe to use

#2. Premium Ratchet Tie Down Load Cap

By: Vault Cargo Management

The molded ergonomic handles of these tie-down straps hold each equipment with proper grip. These straps are also capable of bearing load up to 500-lbs. Additionally, the maximum break strength of the straps is 1500-lbs. These items are suitable for lawn equipment, moving appliances, or motorcycle in a truck. The rubber-coated S-shaped hooks of the straps keep your cargo or any vehicle free of dents and scratches.

Each of the straps also comes with the maximum length of 15-feet. Furthermore, the stow-away bag helps you to store them for future use. These straps are perfect for road trips, kayaks, dirt bikes, rooftop crossbars, ATVs, and so on. The ratchet straps are resistant to outdoor elements for more durability. It is definitely one of the best tie down straps to opt for.

In Summary:

Straps can withstand maximum load up to 500 lbs
The vehicles will be protected from scratches due to the rubber coating on S-shaped hooks
Can easily resist the severity of outdoor elements

#1. Ratchet Tie Down Cargo Straps


These tie-down straps come with the distinctive molding technology construction to hold your luggage properly for moving appliances. The rubber-coated S-shaped hooks of the straps also cause no damage or scratches to your belongings. Moreover, with the help of the highest 15-feet length, these straps perfectly hold all your large or small-sized equipment. The ratcheting straps effectively hold and preserve the condition of both your vehicle and luggage.

By keeping your goods in place, these straps also prevent your car from getting dents. Furthermore, the long-lasting tie-down straps are resistant to wears and tears. You can even use them for holding lawn equipment or other accessories and motorcycle. The breaking strength of these items is 1500-lbs. With a maximum load-bearing of 500-lbs in the capacity, the straps make your travel more convenient.

In Summary:

Straps can be enlarged up to 15 feet length
The maximum load-bearing capacity is up to 500 lbs
The vehicles will be prevented from scratches
No instability while holding the vehicles or appliances

How To Use Tie-Down Straps?

The tie down straps, occasionally known as the ratchet straps is highly useful when it comes to securing cargo for transport. Its advantages may not be perceived if you have not used them yet. They are capable hold their tension through an incorporated tensioner device, and also they are equipped with rated weight capacities. These capacities make them highly reliable and allow safe hauling of goods. Regardless of the type of cargo you haul, the tie-down straps will perhaps be a crucial part of your equipment. The light-duty straps are capable of securing lightweight items such as kayaks. On the other hand, the beefier straps are capable of handling heavy items such as cars. Before using them, it is essential to know how to use the tie down straps, so follow the below steps:

Step 1

First of all, open the ratchet handle as well as ratchet the axle till the corresponding open slot is pointing upwards. At this point, the end of the webbing will be fed through.

Step 2

Now you need to close the ratchet in order that the axle assembly is effortlessly accessible.

Step 3

Now you need to direct the free end of the webbing from the base the ratchet, using the axle slot, and out the similar way, it entered.

Step 4

In this step, place the hook connected to the ratchet into position, and then perform the same things with the hook present on the other end of the webbing.

Step 5

Now you have to drag the free end of the webbing to discard any slack amid the two hooks.

Step 6

In this step, make sure you tighten any remaining slack by uplifting and lowering the ratchet handle assembly by adopting a pumping motion. Now you would observe the webbing wrapping surrounding the axle.

Step 7

Once the webbing is entirely tight, shut down the ratchet handle to lock the strap in a fixed place. During this process, take care not too overtight it because that may lead to permanent damage to ratchet straps.

Step 8

In order to undo the ratchet strap, drag and grasp the release handle to completely unlock the ratchet handle. Consequently, the strap will go off loose and you could drag it back out via the axle slot.

Step 9

For the storage purpose, focus on securing ratchet straps as well as webbing together and tie them with a rubber band. Now you could place them inside their own bag and then keep them in a dry location.


There are various factors to look for while buying the tie down straps. The above-mentioned best tie down straps, the first factor is the strength as different straps have different strengths and it is specifically mentioned in all the technical specifications. Depending on the strength required as per the products you are carrying, you should choose accordingly. The next important part is the webbing you need, and the straps can produce. Lastly, the hooks are quite important which should be strong and adjustable.

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