The 10 Best Throwing Knives In 2019 — Unbiased Reviews

Throwing knives come in all manner of forms which complicate the buying process. A light one may feel good on the hands but may lack the momentum. A heavy unit may have good momentum and power but maybe a little heavy for an inexperienced user. You also have to look at the shape, weight, size, your personal experience, and length among other features. With so much to consider, picking a particular piece from the so many types isn’t easy even for a seasoned knife thrower.

You may have the experience but lack time to look at the different types and compare them. If you are inexperienced, it will be hard to know what to look for in a knife, or simply get confused by the suave salesperson’s word. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a guru to pick a good knife. And to help you to own a good item, we have reviewed the best throwing knives on the market.

The List of Best Throwing Knives In 2019

#10 Perfect Point PP-110-3RB Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point PP-110-3RB Throwing Knife Set

By: Perfect Point

The Perfect Point set comprises 3 knives that are suited to different throwing situations. These knives are fit for seasoned as well as beginners and look very classy. They are well-balanced to offer better control and also improve safety. The stainless steel construction together with the titanium coating gives them durability, reliability, and good weight for maximum thrust and balance.

They have an overall length of 7.5 inches which is perfect for most hands and have a nice grip. The handles are wrapped with a cord for better handling and maneuverability while the jagged serrated edge enhances the penetration. The well-protected blade doesn’t corrode, rust or lose its beautiful appeal and cleaning it is easy and simple. For safety and better carrying, the set features a black-colored nylon sheath.

#9 Perfect Point PP-595-6MC Throwers (6-Piece), Multicolor

Perfect Point PP-595-6MC Throwers (6-Piece), Multicolor

By: Perfect Point

If you want to improve your knife throwing skills or are learning the art, then you should go for the Perfect Point PP-595-6MC Throwers. They are among the user-friendly pieces on the market and are well-balanced for the best control. The set consists of 6 knives, all made from high-quality stainless steel.

In addition to its good looks, durability, and reliability, stainless steel doesn’t tarnish, corrode or rust, and this assures you of long-lasting service. The pieces measure 5.5 inches long, each and have a firm, nonslip handle for the best grip and throwing power.

The sharp edge and pointed tip offer better penetration in different surfaces including the hard ones while the tough metal ensures they retain their sharpness.They are available in multicolor to suit different tastes and preferences and are also easy to maintain.

#8 Avias Supply 9 Inch 3 Piece Stainless Steel Throwing Knife Set With Nylon Sheath (Blue Angel)

Avias Supply 9 Inch 3 Piece Stainless Steel Throwing Knife Set With Nylon Sheath (Blue Angel)

By: Avias Supply

The Avias Knife Supply Company has many throwing knives under its belt. However, this set is undoubtedly the best from the firm and comprises 3 knives that measure 9 inches long. They feel right on the hands, even for a beginner, and together with the beautiful styling make throwing easier and more fruitful.

The blade is ultra sharp and is appropriately balanced for a seamless throw. It’s made of durable stainless steel metal and is resistant to chips, cracks, fading, tarnishing and corrosion. The well-crafted handle is solidly built and provides an excellent surface for gripping even if your hands are a little moist or sweaty.

To prevent injury and also retain the sharp edge, the set includes a nylon sheath for storing the knives. The Velcro closure secures them properly while the belt loop improves carrying.

#7 SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FX41N-CP Fling Throwing Knife

SOG Specialty Knives _ Tools FX41N-CP Fling Throwing Knife


Some of the best throwing knives come from the SOG Specialty Knives & Tools company. The FX41N-CP Fling knife is a good example and is known for its easy handling, practical design, and accuracy. It is made of durable and fade-resistant 3Cr13MoV steel and can handle falls, bangs, abrasion, and impact pretty well. The blade features an attractive satin polish finish and is super easy to clean. Just like the blade, the handle is also made of steel and has a good tan paracord grip for the perfect throw and better safety.

The 2.8-inch knife fits nicely inside the black ballistic nylon sheath, and this protects its sharpness and the user too. The full tang construction gives them strength and sturdiness while the traditional styling gives them their classy appearance. They are fit for experienced and inexperienced users, and considering the pack has 3 knives, you have a good opportunity to practice and improve your skills.

#6 United Cutlery GH2011 Gil Hibben Gen. 2 Large Triple Throwing Knife Set with Sheath

United Cutlery GH2011 Gil Hibben Gen. 2 Large Triple Throwing Knife Set with Sheath

By: Gil Hibben

Without the perfect throwing knives, you are more likely to have a not-so-good experience. Fortunately, with these knives from Gil Hibben, you are sure to learn the skillful art or improve your experience.

They are made from 420 stainless steel to deliver top performance and also last a long time. The strong knives have a solid handle for a firm non-slip grip to make every throw count. With an overall length of 8-5/8-Inches, these knives have a good balance and weight. You only need to use minimal effort to achieve maximum force. It features a Trigger-grip design for better handling and control and comes in a One piece construction. The heavy-duty nylon sheaths provide a nice holding /storage points for the knives and also protect their sharp edge/point and the user.

#5 Perfect Point PP-022-3B Throwing Knife Set 6.5-Inch Overall

Perfect Point PP-022-3B Throwing Knife Set 6.5-Inch Overall

By: Perfect PointThe first runner-up position goes to the Perfect Point PP-022-3B. This throwing knife set has 3 pieces each measuring 6.5 inches overall and has a nice weight for better operation. They are built for everyday use and have a simple, user-friendly design.

The items are made out of stainless steel for longevity, and good performance and they maintain their sharp edge for a long time. The spear shape styling improves the throw as well as the accuracy and also makes them look professional. They are suitable for many applications such as Gaming and target practice and are rust/corrosion resistant.

Other than improving its beauty, the smooth finish makes taking care of the blade easy. The handle has a firm grip, even with sweaty, moist or oily hands, and fits nicely on the palm. It comes in a black color and fit nicely in the included sheath.

#4 Perfect Point RC-1793B Throwing Knife Set with Three Knives

Perfect Point RC-1793B Throwing Knife Set with Three Knives

By: BladesUSA

Consisting of 3 pieces, the Perfect Point RC-179 Series ranks among the well built, reliable and accurate throwing knives on the market. They have been in the market for some time but still command a huge following.

This accessory is a top pick by professional and amateurs and is ideals for shows, exhibition, and target practice. The nice length of 8 inches enhances the handling and increases the accuracy. They include solid handles that are well crafted and designed ergonomically to offer you a nice firm grip. It feels right on the hand courtesy of the good weight distribution and balance. Like other knives from the company and in the market, they are made of black stainless steel and are not prone to rust, corrosion, or fading.

They are very elegant and classy thanks to the spider printed decoration and also the fine edge. You can also tie a ribbon on the laser cut-out handle end. For easy storage, transports and to improve safety, the set comes with a practical black nylon sheath.

#3 SOG 4004939 Throwing Knives F041TN – Set of 3

SOG 4004939 Throwing Knives F041TN - Set of 3


These knives from SOG are well made for regular throwing and are fit for any user, both experienced and novice. The stylish knives come in a set of 3 for easy practice and have a nice sharp edge for easy penetration.

Each knife is 4.4 inches long and has modern styling. They follow a straight path if thrown right thanks to their well-balanced design and streamlined shape. They are made of robust 420 stainless steel to handle the pressure, accidentally bang and falls, regular cleaning and the environmental factors.

The highly polished surface doesn’t get dirty or dusty easily and cleaning it is simple. Simply use a wet cloth or rug. The 4004939 knives feature a paracord wrapped handle for a better grip and safety. They also come with a ballistic nylon sheath for better storage and the smooth interior protects the sharp edge.

#2 Smith & Wesson SWTK8CP Six 8in Stainless Steel Throwing Knives Set

Smith _ Wesson SWTK8CP Six 8in Stainless Steel Throwing Knives Set

By: Smith & Wesson

Measuring 8 inches (20.3 cm) long, these throwing knives move seamlessly and have high chances of hitting the target. And like other top sellers, they are suitable for practice and game shows. The set has 6 knives in total, and all come in a similar design for improved functionality.

They are made of 2Cr stainless steel and can combat rust, corrosion, chipping, braking or fade quite well. The dual-edged spear points penetrate into surfaces quickly, and they don’t become blunt quickly courtesy of the toughened steel. The polished surface improves their appearance and also does cleaning/ wiping them easy.

Each knife weighs 4.7 ounces and feels just right in the hands. And with all of them weighing 1 lb 12.2 ounces, holding or carrying them for a long period isn’t a daunting task. The black-colored nylon sheath provides a nice holding point to protect you, any other user and the knives too.

#1 Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set with 12 Knives

Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set with 12 Knives

By: Perfect Point

The Perfect Point PAK-712-12 is the best throwing knife set in our view and is ideal for most users. They work great as practice knives as well as for shows or exhibitionists. The 8.5-inch overall length is more practical compared to other options and is also very easy to handle.

The spear-shaped point together with the good weight distribution enables the knife to travel, accurately and seamlessly in the air. This enhances the chances of hitting the mark. You also don’t need to use lots of effort since they are very solid and ultra sharp.

The blade and handles are made from premium stainless steel, and you don’t have to fear about them getting rusty, fading or corroding. The lanyard hole in the handle makes handling them efficiently while the smooth polished surface improves cleaning ease. This set comprises a total of 12 silver colored knives with black handles and also comes with a black nylon sheath for safe transport and convenience.

Note: To learn more on how to choose throwing knife correctly, you may view this education video as we have embedded down here.

To Sum Up

Picking the right throwing knives is critical if you want to put out the best performance. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who is learning the skill, an exhibitionist who loves showing off his/her prowess, or a professional knife thrower. The kind of knife you go for will greatly determine the success and the approval you get from the spectators.

In this review, we have gone through what we firmly believe are the best throwing knives. We looked at the construction, material, accuracy, efficiency, durability, weight, length, design, ergonomics and handling ease. You will also note that all the above items have strong reviews from consumers and regularly get 5-star ratings. Therefore, if you want nothing but the very best, you should find these throwing knives very reliable and useful.

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