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For a tent to withstand the wind, train, human contact, and to stay firm throughout, you need to use stakes. These simple pieces are nailed to the ground and connect to the tent via ropes or straps. Pulling them tightly helps to straighten the fabric and also to make it proportional. In the market, you will see all kinds of stakes. Some are made of stainless steel; others galvanized steel or iron, some titanium, while some are crafted using heavy-duty plastic.

But, similar to other products, some won’t deliver the most wanted service. Yes, they will have the right structural strength but may require lots of effort to nail. Others go into the ground easily but also come out easily. Bad products may break, warp/bend due to the stress/strain. We noticed that consumers were eager to know which the best tent stakes in the market were, and we decided to review them.

The List Of Best Tent Stakes In 2020

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#9. 20-Piece Tent Garden Stakes

Ram-Pro 20-Piece Tent Garden Stakes Heavy Duty, Galvanized Steel Pegs Rust-Free

By: Ram-Pro

Securing your tent should not be a struggle. With this long stakes, not only will it be comfortable, but also ensures it stays firm throughout. The pegs are made of durable steel and won’t bend or warp easily even after continuous hammering. They are coated with galvanized steel for protection from corrosion and rust.

The heavy-duty pieces have a nice 4mm diameter which ensures that they don’t come loose or pull from the ground easily and letting the tent crumble. They are ideal for different soil styles, vegetation, ropes, straps, and climates too. The rugged no-hook design is easy to use and also occupies little space. The light stakes weigh about 1 ounce.

#8. 30-Pieces Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs – Garden Stakes

30-Pieces Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs - Garden Stakes

By: Essentials Tool

With this 9-inch long stakes, chances of your tent falling down or becoming loose are unlikely. The galvanized steel pieces drive smoothly in both wet and dry soils and require minimal effort to hammer into the ground. They have a wide 4mm diameter which provides better harnessing compared to the thinner types. Each piece has a simple hook for attaching to a rope or strap.

It works with garden fabrics, anchor netting, twine cloches, and many more materials. Besides the normal tents, the items also work with tarps, canopies, and holiday decorations. The kit comprises 30 pieces which are sufficient for one or more tents.

#7. Durable Tent Stake, 6-Pack

Adams Manufacturing 5550-02-3340 Tent Stake, Black, 6-Pack

By: Adams

The Adams Manufacturing 5550-02-3340 stakes make securing a tent look very easy. Thanks to their simple design and excellent length, the units penetrate deep into the ground and minimize the possibility of the wind uprooting the tent. The black-colored pieces are made of a durable resin material that doesn’t rot, rust, corrode, or lose its beautiful nature.

They are 2(W) X 0-3/4(D) X 9-3/4(H) inches and feature a 0-1/2-inch grommet. Although strong, the best tent stakes are lighter than most of the competition and won’t interfere with your movement. The pack contains 6 pieces which can be used for game nets, Christmas decorations, taint tarps, holiday inflatables, and bouncy houses besides tents.

#6. Outdoor Aluminum Multifunction Tent Hammer Stake

Eurmax Outdoor Hiking Camping Aluminum Multi-function tent Hammer Stake

By: Eurmax

This pack of stakes works with most brands and types of tents in the market. It is simple in design and has a large head for natural hitting with a mallet. The milled point goes through the ground quickly and stays firm even when pulled tightly. The galvanized steel construction assures a user of reliability, longevity, and corrosion/rust resistance.

Each piece is 11 inches long and fit for rough terrains and rocky surfaces because of the heavy-duty nature. You also green 1 green stopper, 4 10-ft ropes, and an aluminum multi-function mallet.

#5. Aluminum Outdoor Tent Stakes Pegs

All one tech Pack of 12, 7075 Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes Pegs, Orange

By: All one tech

If you want a guarantee that your tent will stay firm, then you need to use these stakes from All one tech. They are made of high strength 7075 aluminum and have a sharp point and broadhead. Tapping them lightly with a hammer or male is all you need to drive them into the ground. And considering they are aluminum, you will have rust-free service.

The orange color improves their visibility while the 7-inch length is suitable in most places. The “Y” design is known to have a better grip than other designs and you will still pull them out easily. This pack has 12 pegs and should serve all your tent harnessing needs.

#4. 10pcs Galvanized Non Rust Pop up Pergolas Canopy Gazebo

ABCCANOPY 10pcs Galvanized Non-rust 10_ Pop up Pergolas Canopy Accessories Gazebo


With these stakes from ABCCANOPY, you don’t need to worry about stabilizing your tent or it falling down in windy situations. It comes with 10 long pegs that sink nicely into different soil types. Each stake is 10 inches in length and has an orange-colored stopper for better support. The steel pieces are galvanized for better looks and to prevent rust. It goes through the soil smoothly thanks to the milled point and large head.

Using the item is easy because of the effective design. They are heavy-duty and can be used in rocky or hard surfaces without them bending or breaking. Also included in the kit are 4 pieces of rope, each measuring 10 feet long and 1 PVC top that works with Pergolas accessories.

#3. Ground Hog Stake Kit

MSR Ground Hog Stake Kit


With the MSR Ground Hog Stake kit, you get 6 long and sturdy tent stakes. Each measures 7.5 inches and is individually packed for convenience and also for protection. They come in a nice size and are useful in any outdoor setting including rocky, sandy, grassy, or vegetative grounds. The tent accessory is crafted using high-quality aluminum, and this contributes to its lightweight of 0.46 ounces.

They don’t rust, corrode or lose the nice appearance. They feature a 3-sided Y-beam design and sink better and maintain a stronger hold in most soil types. The Red color is visible in darkness or poorly lit surroundings and this allows the people around to avoid stepping over them.

#2. Aluminum Tri-Beam Tent Stakes & Bag

TNH Outdoors 10X Aluminum Tri-Beam Tent Stakes and Bag - Made for Camping

By: TNH Outdoors

Coming with 10 stakes, the TNH Outdoors 10X is what you need to secure the tent. The pack consists of an assortment of pegs with the standard one measuring 7 inches long while the XL is 11.8 inches long. They feature an improved design for better harnessing, increased longevity, and reliability. The steel material is well-built and resists rust.

The tri-beam ground stakes provide a firmer hold and the possibility of the tent or wind pulling them out is minimal. For easy visibility and to prevent accidents because of someone tripping over, the items have a racing red color. They are used with most tent types, tarps, canopies, patios, Xmas decorations, and more. The lightweight pegs are compact and occupy minimal space.

#1. Galvanized Non-Rust Heavy Duty Metal Tent Pegs Stakes

SE 9NRC10-20 Galvanized Non-Rust Heavy Duty Metal Tent Pegs Stakes

By: XE

Stringing your tent via the stakes is a no-brainer when using the SE 9NRC10 stakes. The pack contains 20 high-quality pieces that will work with different types of tents, tarps, Christmas decorations, garden structures, patios, and much more. Each piece is 8mm wide and sinks quickly into the ground. It has a decent eyelet for easy roping of cords and is 10.5-inches in length.

The heavy-duty accessories are able to fit for different climates and seasons and will easily go through sandy, rocky, grassy, and clay terrains. To prevent corrosion and rust, and also to extend their lifespan, the steel-made pegs are galvanized. The PVC top not only improves their beauty but makes inserting the rope through the eyelet easy.

Types Of Tent Stakes & How To Pick Them

There are different areas that you are going to camp, and so are the tent stakes. Each type of stake is ideal for various uses that you can choose from. Let’s find out what they are, and you will know right away about which type is suitable for your need.

Hook Stakes

It is the most affordable tent stakes that you can find on the market. This type is for the ground that is less sturdy but not as soft as sand or snow. Since hook stakes bend easily, their durability is not so promising. However, they are inexpensive to replace which is why there are still many campers who prefer using them. This type is also great for last-minute camping as well since they are very easy to find.

Nail Stakes

Also goes by the name of T-stakes, this type of tent stakes looks like large nails. The pointed end drives very easily into the ground while the flat T-shaped head keeps them in place with pressure. Nail stakes are very durable yet super lightweight with their construction from steel or titanium. Also, they work on a wide variety of soil types which leads to their expensive price. However, this type is worth spending on because of their durability and quality last for years.

Sand Stakes

Perfect for sand and soft grounds, sand stakes have anchors that grips tight to the soft and movable ground. Sand stakes are similar to stakes for snow but less expensive. Since its main purpose is for sand, it is ideal for beach camping and other sandy grounds.

Shepherd Hook Stakes

This type is ultralight, and they have a rounded tip that looks exactly like a shepherd’s staff, hence the name. With shepherd hook stakes, you won’t have to worry that they puncture your backpack at all. This type of tent stakes is sturdy and easy to push into the ground due to their tip covering. The best part is that you will not risk hurting your hands or foot while pushing them into the ground. With their thin and classic design, shepherd hook stakes are very popular.

Snow Stakes

Comes with wider and U-shaped shaft, snow stakes offer maximum grip in slippery snow. The unique thing about this tent stake is that they have holes cut in them to reduce weight for convenient portability. Snow stakes are made from titanium or steel to make sure that they are durable and resistant to cold conditions.


Just like the name suggests, this type of tent stakes has a peculiar shape. The awesome thing about them is that they can get into the ground and stay right in it. V-stakes have very pointy tips, so always be careful when you drive them into the ground.


This type of tent stakes has a three-sided design that you can easily use in many different terrain types. With them, you can trust that your tent will be in place even on the most windy days. At the same time, they are also quite difficult to pull out as well because they are so secure.


Harnessing your stake properly requires using the right type of stakes. They should be easy to nail into the ground, the rope or strap easily attach to them, and they don’t warp or break easily, and also have good tensile strength. The sad bit is that it’s not easy to know if a particular product will work. Some manufacturers or sellers may make false claims just to make a sale.

This review has categorized the 9 best tent stakes. And to come to this conclusion, we had to look at the most critical factors. These are good in term of strength, length, and size, ease of use, design, material, durability, and versatility. By using them, your tent will stay firm and upright even in harsh weather and you will also have more fun in the outdoors.

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