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The 9 Best Tennis Ball Machines – In 2020 Reviews

A tennis ball machine is a must for a tennis enthusiast. You will not need any person during your practice session, and you will get consistent ball delivery to work on your weak areas perfectly. Besides, you can adjust the projection and speed of throw, and you can also select randomize for real-life throw of the balls. If you are serious about playing tennis, you must make an investment in buying it as it is worth every penny. The following list contains the best tennis ball machines our team has picked for you.

List Of The Best Tennis Ball Machines

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#9. Pro Tennis Ball Machine



This is a very durable tennis ball machine that operates with the help of batteries and has a convenient two-button remote. This can make backhand and forehand oscillation, and the ball speed is up to 120 KPH. Moreover, this is easy to transport even when the hopper is full of balls. The battery can run to up two hours, and it moves the ball side to side.

This is great to workout with and is suitable for all levels of players. Furthermore, this will allow you to make an adjustable spin, and you can also use an optional AC module. This is easy to set and will make you have fun with your family. This is simple to use, and it hits well.

#8. Tennis Ball Machine With Remote

GDAE10 Tennis-Ball-Machine

By: GDAE10

Arriving in intelligent design, this tennis ball machine lets you adjust it in the position according to your preference. This will easily fit in ping-pong tables and s very convenient to set up. The portable design of the machine makes it easy to transport. Moreover, this can serve different types of spins and has different speeds and frequency.

This is also easy to install and includes a convenient wired remote control for your convenience. Furthermore, this is very suitable to have fun in your backyard and is at an affordable price. This has a large ball capacity, and the frequency is up to 100 balls per minute.

#7. Automatic Table Tennis Machine

Popsport HP-07 Table Tennis Robot Ping Pong Robot Automatic Table Tennis Machine

By: Popsport

With arc adjustments of 7 angle settings, this tennis ball machine comes with a wired remote control that lets you operate it with ease. It has various functions, and the capacity is up to 100 balls. This has a rated power of 36 Watts and is in a portable design. Moreover, this is very suitable for training purpose and lets you have fun with your family.

This has an adjustable swing frequency, and you can also adjust the ball-out frequency. Furthermore, this has a convenient ball switch and lets you make different spins. This is lightweight, and you can store it anywhere you want. This is easy to install and comes with an instruction guide.

#6. Lite Tennis Training Machine

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine

By: Spinshot

Suitable for junior players, this tennis ball machine is in a portable design and is very easy to use. This has a maximum speed of 60 KPH and has a capacity of up to 50 balls. This is very easy to use and has an attractive look. Moreover, this will let you adjust from various modes like speed, feed interval, and height. It is one of the best tennis ball machines for amateurs.

This is powder coated and has a metal housing that makes it very durable. Furthermore, this is extremely powerful and operates with the help of a standard battery. This will let you have variations during straight-line shot delivery, and the ball feed rate is up to 10 seconds. This will serve best for entry-level players and improves their game.

#5. 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine For Training

CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine with Automatic Table Tennis Machine for Training


This is a large capacity tennis ball machine that can fit in many balls at a time. This is very convenient to install and is a perfect item for your family. This has a wired remote control and is very easy to operate. This has many functions and allows you to use it in one position. Moreover, this will allow you to adjust the angle of the ball back and is in a portable design.

You can also easily adjust the arc settings to seven angles and is extremely lightweight. Furthermore, this has fixed dropping, and the spin direction is of two wheels drive. You can also adjust the ball-out frequency to up to 70 per minute.

#4. Table Tennis Robots Automatic Ball Machine

HP-07 Ping Pong Robot with 36 Different Spin Balls Table Tennis Robots Automatic Ball Machine

By: HP

This tennis ball machine is very easy to set up and can hold different types of balls. It comes in a portable design and is very quick to perform. You can install it easily without using any equipment. Moreover, this is convenient to carry and has double-ended serve. This will let you make different types of spins including combination spin. All in all, it is one of the top tennis ball machines to buy.

You can also use different spinning gears for creating different spinning balls. It also allows you to adjust the machine position as per your need. Furthermore, you can adjust the angle of the ball back and is very easy to use. It can hold over balls at a time, and the ball-out frequency is up to 70 per minute.

#3. MLB All Team Logo Ball

Franklin Sports MLB All Team Logo Ball

By: Franklin Sports

With an ability to pitch a ball every 5 seconds, this tennis ball machine has three-speed settings. This has a maximum speed of 20 MPH, and you can easily make a three-position adjustment of the pitch angle. In this, you will also find a red light that will flash to indicate the release of the pitch. Moreover, the ball feeder is in a telescopic design and easily expands to hold nine balls.

Moreover, this operates with the help of four alkaline batteries and includes four foam balls. Furthermore, this will let you have great fun in your backyard and weighs extremely less. This is compact and portable, and you can take it anywhere you want. This has a user-friendly operation and comes with an adapter plug. The versatile tennis ball machine shifts naturally and works excellent.

#2. Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

By: Lobster Sports

This tennis ball machine comes with improved features and is extremely easy to use. This is very durable and is in an ergonomic design. Moreover, this is very lightweight and comes at an affordable price. In this, you will find the feature of spin control that allows you to adjust it at different levels. This also has oversized wheels, which makes it easy to transport. This is a versatile machine that has manual oscillation.

You will also find a folding handle, which allows you to transport it on different surfaces. Furthermore, this can operate to up to four hours and has a top speed of 70 MPH. This will let you have better control with the help of its optional elite remote. Moreover, this is in a portable design and is very easy to store. It has fast charging and can feed in 2-12 seconds. Overall, it is one of the top-rated tennis ball machines on the list.

#1. Tennis Ball Machine With Phone Remote Supported

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine with Phone Remote Supported

By: Spinshot

Available in an upgraded design, this tennis ball machine is very easy to use. With this, you can do any type of oscillation and comes with a charger. You can easily sync it with your phone to do various settings. Moreover, you can easily program it to make your own drills. This operates with the help of a battery and is very portable. This is in a groundbreaking design with which you can get custom drills.

Moreover, this is easy to program and makes you drill from any height and width. Furthermore, all the oscillation is on the phone and gets stored in the machine. You can also easily start a fresh game by pressing the X button. This is in a user-friendly design and is very compact. In this, you will also find towing wheels, and there is also a metal handle.

How To Buy The Best Tennis Ball Machine?

Keep the following things in mind while buying a tennis ball machine in order to buy the best one.

Oscillation & Elevation

Better oscillation will deliver the ball will deliver the balls from different angles. See if the tennis ball machine is programmable so that it will allow you to make your own settings. With this, you can easily set it in a random mode so that the ball shoots from different positions and improve their performance. If you look to have a dynamic feed, the machine must have better elevation. With adjustable elevation, you can easily set the appropriate height of delivery. With different spinning gears, you can easily create different spinning balls.


If you want to have maximum playtime, then it is better to opt for a machine that has higher capacity. Most of the machines have a capacity of 50 to 300 balls. This completely depends upon the user profile to choose the exact capacity. Individual players can go for medium capacity, and if it is for a team, then a large capacity is preferred.


One of the most defining factors of getting a ball machine is its size. If you are a player who travels constantly, then a portable size will be the best choice for you. However, if you are looking only for your personal use at home, then you can go for a large size. You must also know that the size should let you store it with ease. A machine with appropriate weight lets you take it anywhere and also protect it from the various elements of nature. See if it is lightweight and has convenient handles or rollers so that you do not have to make much effort while transporting it. Check if it is suitable for all level of players.


The main source of energy of a tennis ball machine is either AC power or battery. If it is with AC power, then you require a plug-in point. However, a battery operates machine will eliminate the need for the same. Some will give you the option of using it with both AC power and battery and allows having user convenience.

Feed Rate & Speed

A player who is looking to enhance his skills will definitely like to try on faster shots. Adjustable feed rates will let you select your own speed and react to the arriving balls. It will also allow multiple players to use the machine and set their own speed to hit the incoming balls. Speed is another important feature that distinguishes the level of players. Advanced players go for higher speeds, and intermediate players choose medium-paced speeds. The ball-out frequency of the machine determines the level of a player.


A tennis ball machine should be in a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use. An easy to install and easy to set up machine will make you use it conveniently. Most of the machines let you operate it with a wired remote control. In addition to this, some will easily allow you to adjust the machine’s position. You can also see it will let you make different types of serves and improve your game.


A tennis ball machine is equally necessary for amateurs, beginners, and professionals. You can practice at your own pace, and you can perfect every stroke with time. It is also great for a complete body workout, and you can also program the tennis ball machine for different types of shot playing. You can play as long as you want without worrying about the presence of a partner. Check out the above-listed best tennis ball machine minutely and buy as per your requirement and budget.

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