10 Best Tempered Glass PC Cases In 2021 — Review & Guides

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If you need the best tempered glass pc case for your lovely pc, you can use this article as a guide for buying. In today’s world, every home has a computer to fulfill different requirements of family members. Some use it for internet surfing and data storage, while others use it for projects and printing. If you are using your computer for heavy-duty and processor-intensive works such as gaming, video editing, programming, we recommend you to buy a high-quality PC case.

The reason is that the internal parts get heated up quickly, and they may not survive the heating for long. Furthermore, you will be motivated to work better when you have an attractive PC case beside you. The tempered glass PC cases are the bestselling ones in the market. They have an advanced cooling system and organized cable management. Our team of experts has researched and listed the best tempered glass PC cases for your computer to look like a million bucks. Let’s read further to know what are they.

Why Should You Choose A Tempered Glass PC Case?

Before buying a product, you should be clear about why you are buying it. A tempered glass PC case makes your computer looks like a far more beautiful. Barring the aesthetic reason, the tempered glass is going to protect your internal parts from various accidental impacts.

Therefore, your PC case will be highly durable. The radiating heat system in these types of PC cases is entirely efficient. There is a proper ventilation system with efficient airflow and spaces for fan and radiator installations.

The interior parts can be seen clearly and thanks to the advanced cable management system, everything looks clean and neat. There are beautiful LED lighting effects available that you can change as per your mood. There are space tempered glass PC cases available to accommodate more internal parts like dual storage system, dual GPU system, more expansion cards, and much more.

The List of Best Tempered Glass PC Cases in 2020

#10. Black ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case With Tempered Glass

By: InWin

In this tempered glass PC case, you will be finding a detachable side panel. It has got two HDD mounts of 2.5 inches each. It has got a clean and simple front panel which includes an LED bezel. There is also a GPU holder which gives extra support.

On top of that, it is designed in a tool-less way and has got a sharp front panel. When it comes to the cooling effect, this product has got fantastic ventilation options. It comes in the size of 18.9 x 17.5 x 8.7 inches and weighs 16.42 pounds.

In Summary:

Simple front panel with LED bezels.
Slot for two HDDs and extra space for other components.
Optimized cooling effect with advance ventilation option.

#9. ATX Gaming Mid Tower Computer Case

By: Enermax

This tempered glass PC case has got dual cooling support, and it is designed to minimize cable clutter. It makes your system looks neat and clean and helps in improving the circulation of air. There is a liquid cooler in the front and top and has got a very convenient installation.

Moreover, there is a 4-mm tinted glass on the side panel and has got many fan slots. This weighs 14.5 pounds and comes in a dimension of 18 x 20.1 x 8.2 inches. There are many positive reviews about this product from its users and has got a unique design.

In Summary:

Dual cooling system with liquid cooler in the front.
Minimize cable cluttering with multiple fan cases.
Thick tinted glass side panels with attractive lighting system.

#8. Tempered Glass PC Case

By: Phanteks

In this tempered glass PC case, you will be getting dust filters. It has got a brushed aluminum look and includes a removable optical drive cage. There are two USB ports as well as a headphone, mic, and SSD bracket. This is elegant in looks and will last for a long time.

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On top of that, you can remove all the panels without the use of any tools. Additionally, there are phankets which will mount the pumps, and you don’t have to modify them. This weighs 15.4 pounds and comes in a size of 19.7 x 9.25 x 18.9 inches.

In Summary:

Brushed Aluminum case with removable drive cage.
Can accommodate all cables in an organized way.
All panels are removable without any need for tools.

#7. Pro 5 RGB Mid-Tower PC Case

By: Cooler Master

This is very easy to mount as well as to rearrange. In this tempered glass PC case, there is a thick edge of 4 mm on the glass side panel. There are three splitter cables and included in it are four male to male adapters. Include with it is a bracket which provides compact cooling.

In addition to that, it has got three front fans, a front radiator, and a rear fan. There is also a lightning effect on the cover which adds a spark to it. This will fit in mother broads of several sizes and has got dimensions of 19.7 x 8.7 x 18.7 inches.

In Summary:

Thick glass side panels with impact resistance.
Three splitter cables and four male-to-male adapters available.
Compact cooling option with sparkling lighting.

#6. Full Tower Customizable RGB Color Gaming Case


In this tempered glass PC case, you will be getting a clear view of the inner functioning of your computer system. It is made up of glass and steel and is also very durable. It looks very stylish as it has got a futuristic design. When it comes to cooling, it is very efficient and has got direct airflow system.

Additionally, this helps in heat isolation and keeps your system fresh. It includes fan mounting points, and your PC will be in perfect shape even when it is pushed to limits. The cable management is rapid and comfortable and comes with a tool-free design.

In Summary:

Stylish, durable, and futuristic design.
Efficient airflow system with sufficient cooling.
Heavy-duty steel construction with impact resistant glasses.

#5. ATX Mid Tower Computer Gaming Case


This one comes in a vintage design which looks very attractive. In this tempered glass PC case, you can enjoy the fun of your PC games with its performance as well as elegant looks. This has got HDMI port as well as I/O port. This is also VR supported and is best for gaming computers.

Also, this allows performing many tasks without any hassle. You can also manage your cables and has got massive space for installing a CPU cooler. You can optimize the airflow with its fan and is excellent for your system. This comes in a size of 21.7 x 19.8 x 11 inches.

In Summary:

Vintage look with modern features.
VR feature support for ultimate gaming experience.
Superb airflow system with enough space for different components

#4. Crystal Series 570X RGB PC Case

By: Corsair

In this tempered glass PC case, there are four glass panels and has got three integrated fans. It is also spacious and can fit in six cases of fans. Further, its pre-installed fans have got LED lights in it. This is compatible with radiators of different sizes and is also a removable fan tray. You can manage your cables efficiently with this as it comes with cable routing channels.

Besides that, in the front panel, there is USB 3.0 and includes a CORSAIR logo with white LED backlit. It weighs 22.2 pounds and is 18.9 x 2.01 x 921 inches. This is one of the best tempered glass PC cases from Corsair which is an extremely popular and reliable brand.

In Summary:

Spacious and six fans can be fitted.
Pre-installed fans with RGB LED lighting.
Removable fan tray and space for radiators.
Cable routing channels available with USB 3.0 in the front.

#3. ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case With Tempered Glass & RGB LED Lighting


This glass PC case looks very stylish and is perfect for gaming computers. It is surrounded by tempered glass and has got RGB LED lightning effect which makes it look amazing. This has also got a remote control which allows you to stay in one place and has got pre-programmed color modes. You can optimize the ventilating system as it has acquired four pre-installed fans where they LED case.

What’s more, you can also install a CPU cooler in it as it has got a large expansion space. This performs in quiet mode and includes excellent cable management. There are also any ports available in it and it is very convenient to install. This comes in the size of 22 x 20.5 x 12.4 inches and weighs 23.4 pounds.

In Summary:

RGB LED lighting effect with remote controlled modes.
Optimized ventilation system with pre-installed fans.
Additional expansion space available.
Excellent cable management with quiet operation.

#2. Dual Tempered Glass ATX Black Gaming Computer Case

By: Thermaltake

This can support the motherboard of several brands and is an LCS certified product. In this tempered glass PC case, you will be getting a pre-installed rear fan which is 160 mm. The VGA length is 410 mm whereas the PSU length is 220 mm. This also comes with an outstanding ventilation system and has got advanced cooling functions. The product comes with a warranty of three years and also includes liquid cooling configurations. This is classy and has built with the fully modular concept.

Furthermore, there is also proper cable management which allows you to clean them without any problems. The fan fitter attaches itself to dust filtration which reduces dust and dirt. This comes in the dimension of 19.4 x 8.2 x 18.5 inches and weighs 18.07 pounds. This is one best tempered glass PC cases for gaming.

In Summary:

Modular concept gaming PC case.
Advanced ventilation and cooling features.
Liquid cool functions with robust cable management.

#1. Evolv ATX Computer Case With Tempered Glass

By: Phanteks

In this PC case, there is a direct airflow for your CPU and GPU. This is made up of aluminum and has got LED lights as an indicator. This has also got a fan and has acquired three areas for installing radiators. The tempered glass PC case has got three modular HDD brackets, and there is also a removable cage for installing long PSU. There are also dust filters which are removable.

Moreover, the panels can be released which allows easy access to dust filters and fans. This is designed in a very compact way of enabling it to fit your CPU perfectly. You can also manage your cables as it has got pre-installed Hoop-N-Loop ties. This comes in the size of 19.5 x 9.2 x 20.1 inches. You can also Check out this Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX here.

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In Summary:

Aluminum construction with LED lights.
Enough fans and radiators to keep the interior cool.
Removable dust fillers and easy cable manager.

What Are The Types Of PC Cases?

Before buying any PC case, you should know the types of PC cases available in the market so that you can decide the best one for you.

    Full Tower: This is the largest PC case type and it is excellent for those who need multiple storage options. These are made for large motherboards with large GPUs. These have a radiator system along with fans and liquid cooling option. There is always some extra space available for more component accommodation.
    Mid Tower: These are the most common PC cases, and we will recommend you to buy this type unless you want to have an additional internal component in future. There are an efficient cooling system, multiple fan installation options and it is compatible with ATX and micro-ATX motherboards. It can also accommodate moderate radiators. The cable management system is also robust.
    Mini Tower(ITX): If you are looking for saving some space, this is a perfect choice for you. But while buying it, you should check the compatibility of the case with the motherboard size you are buying. There is no system for radiators, but there are fans, and one can also install a liquid cooling system.
    Micro Tower(ATX): We recommended micro tower ATX for those buying a computer for gaming purposes. These are designed for gamers, and it supports customized gaming set up starting from dual GPUs, extra slots for expansion cards and much more.


If your PC is having heating issues and you want to use your computer for processor intensive works, you should opt for tempered glass PC cases. They make your PC look stunning and inspire you to enjoy your works for a longer period.

We have listed different types of best-tempered glass PC cases for efficient cooling and ventilation and spacious interior with organized cable management. Anything that you choose from the list is going to be a worthy purchase.

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