11 Best Speedo Water Shoes For Men & Women In 2021

Speedo is the best brand when it comes to water shoes for various water-based activities. They have a different series of shoes for men and women. Each shoe belonging to a particular series has its own set of features and specifications. We have handpicked the best speedo water shoes for men and women with which you can do all the different water sports comfortably.

As a matter of fact, they are perfect for normal use as well as they have elegant design and color combination to show off. The durability is beyond any questioning, and they have the best designs to ensure full safety.

The List Of Best Speedo Water Shoes – For Both Men & Women

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#11. Men’s Tidal Cruiser Water ShoesSpeedo Men's Tidal Cruiser Water Shoes

By: Speedo

Speedo’s Tidal series shoes are the most affordable yet quality pairs for all water activities. The design may not be inspiring, but the construction is ergonomic for comfort and stability. There are three different colors available, and the material is imported. These shoes are tailor-made to enhance your speed in various water activities without making you slip. The construction is such that the shoes will stick to your feet if you get the size right from the size chart provided.

There are meshes for breathability and quick drying. The water drains faster, and there is enough padding on the footbed for better gripping of the foot to the shoe and comfort while putting it on for hours. The availability of the neoprene collar ensures the secure fitting, and it belongs to the lightweight shoe category.

#10. Women’s Tidal Cruiser Water ShoesSpeedo Women's Tidal Cruiser Water Shoes

By: Speedo

This is one of the best-constructed water shoes from Speedo for women. There are three color options available. The shoes are well meshed for breathability and prevent sweating from the interior. The material is imported and of high-grade for more excellent durability. The upper mesh is for water drainage in rainy days, and wet surfaces, and the drying can be faster. This is a slip-on design water shoe pair, and there are webbing pull tabs for stability.

Moreover, the use of a neoprene collar ensures perfect fitting. The footbed is well padded for comfort in wearing it for a long duration. It is a suitable shoe pair to wear for using on water sports as well as on the land elegantly. It is a perfect combination of style, comfort, and essential features.

#9. Women’s Seaside Lace Water ShoeSpeedo Women's Seaside Lace Water Shoe

By: Speedo

This is an incredibly stylish pair of water shoes and available in two colors only. It is a perfect combination of textile and synthetic material. The material is imported, and there are rubber soles to enhance the durability and shock-absorbing capacity. The shoe is extremely lightweight, and this helps in better agility if you are participating in water sports. The upper mesh ensures better ventilation and not letting the interior sweat due to heat. Furthermore, the webbing lacing overlay makes water passage easy.

It is effortless to wear and adjust due to its bungee strap and toggle closure. The outsole is designed for better water flow dispersion. The shoe dries off quickly and suitable from shore to surfing. It is having an improved design from Speedo, and it slips resistance in watery surfaces.

#8. Men’s Hybrid Watercross Water ShoeSpeedo Men's Hybrid Watercross Water Shoe

By: Speedo

If you are looking for a shoe with a thick sole that is raised from the ground by a few inches, this is the perfect one for you. The hybrid shoe series is designed to make the shoes suitable for the land as well as water. The lightweight of the shoe helps in faster pace generation and swift movements. The comfort level is high due to its padded sides and bottom. The bottom sole is thick, and this is why it looks so elegant when you put it on land.

The construction has been done in such a way that the drying effect is fast and better. On top of that, there is 360-degree drainage for not letting the water accumulate easily. You can do various workout sessions with the shoes on. The design is elegant, and there is a lateral support to keep the foot in its position throughout for better performance. The shoe will not feel heavy in the waterlogged area due to continuous drainage.

#7. Women’s Surf Knit Athletic Water ShoeSpeedo Women's Surf Knit Athletic Water Shoe

By: Speedo

This is one of the unique shoe designs that are extremely liked by women. There are several color combinations available to choose from. The construction is superior, and the S-Trac design of the outsole lets the water pass through the bottom efficiently. This series of shoes are popular for breathability, comfort, and terrific support. There are paddings all-around for the comfort factor. The breathability factor is taken care of by ample mesh on the upper surface. Lastly, the ultimate support is provided by the gripping design.

The fabric is of high quality that helps immensely in quicker drying and better drainage for the water management. Furthermore, the design is tailor-made to improve the performance, and the users will find it easy to put on and off on the go. There are various sizes available, and the heel tab also helps in easy on and off as per requirements. The shoe has set a new drying record time thanks to its hydrophobic material.

#6. Men’s Surf Knit Athletic Water ShoeSpeedo Water Shoes

By: Speedo

This shoe has 100% textile construction material, and the soles provided in the shoe are removable for adjusting to different surfaces on the go. The series of shoes from Speedo is popular for their upper mesh. This mesh has better breathability, and there is no question of internal sweating. The shoe has created a record time in drying. There is a rubber sole for better gripping and stay-put performance.

It is the perfect shoe you can buy if you are looking for various water activities in the summer season. The interior will stay completely dry, and its knit technology has a better support system and comfort level. The S-Trac outsole is available like in most of the shoes of Speedo. The shoe has anti-slip property, and the design is extremely stylish.

#5. Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes (Toddler)Speedo Water Shoes

By: Speedo

The Pro series from Speedo has better material construction for surfing. There four different colors available and one particular size is available for the toddlers. The shoe is stretchable from all the sides, so that putting it on and off is a cakewalk. Instead of the rubber sole, there is a synthetic sole for better durability. There is an air mesh insert panel for faster drying, and it also increases the comfort level by making the ventilation better.

Moreover, the patented S-Trac rubber outsole is available in this series that makes water management highly efficient. There is a water flow dispersion feature, and the adjustable strap closure ensures stability and stay-put performance. The bottom sole has anti-slip property, and it improves the traction considerably. The overall design is great, and there are beautiful color combinations available. The shoe is washable, and it dries off quickly, even in that scenario. Get the size right from the size chart to make it a perfect fit.

#4. Men’s Seaside Lace 5.0 Athletic Water ShoeSpeedo Water Shoes

By: Speedo

This Speedo shoe is tailor-made for the athletes, and it has unmatched flexibility. Since men like the black color, there four different black-based color variations available. It has a suitable combination of textile and synthetic for its supreme built quality. The sole is synthetic for higher durability. The outsole has the patented S-Trac technology, and it lets the water flow underneath but does not cause any slippage. Furthermore, the grip ensures stability and traction.

The shoe is quite lightweight, and the design is tailor-made for quick drying. The upper mesh increases the airflow, and you will find it more comfortable in the summertime. The lace-up surf shoes of Speedo are one of the bestselling ones, and this is the updated design with bungee lacing system and toggle closure for easy put on and off. On top of that, there is a heel top for stay-put performance. The price range varies according to the size and the model you choose.

#3. Men’s Seaside Lace 4.0 Water ShoeSpeedo Water Shoes

By: Speedo

Even though it is not the most updated shoe from Speedo, the shoe still sells like hotcakes. The reason is its extremely beautiful design and the overall features and functionalities. There is no dearth of great reviews from genuine buyers. Available in three different shades, the shoe has synthetic sole and unmatched mesh all around. The mesh system is one of the best that you can find in any Speedo shoe. This is the reason for so many people liking it as it can dry off in no time and it does not let the feet get sweaty by any chance in the summers.

Moreover, the hydrophobic material is a big contributor to its suitability in any water sports. On top of that, the shoe is extremely lightweight, and as an athlete, you will not feel it as a constraint. There are webbing lacing overlays, and they ensure constant airflow. As for the straps, there is a highly adjustable bungee strap with toggle closure system for greater stability and perfect fit. As always, there is the S-Trac outsole for water flow dispersion. It is definitely one of the best Speedo water shoes for men.

#2. Women’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water ShoeSpeedo Water Shoes

By: Speedo

When you talk about classy water shoes for women, this is the one that stands out from the crowd. There are some exquisitely beautiful shoes available to choose from that will catch the eyes instantly. Apart from the aesthetic part, the features and functionalities make it one of the best Speedo water shoes for women. It has a total textile construction, and the upper mesh has been designed in such a beautiful fashion that it does the job and makes it look innovative.

It is one of the updated Speedo water shoes, and you will find synthetic sole which is more long-lasting. The upper part is stretchable so that you can easily put it on and off and get a secure fit. The breathability is maximum, even though most of the parts are covered. Moreover, the material has quick-drying property, and the color does not fade away even during overexposure. The grip is non-slip in nature, and you will find the evergreen S-Trac outsole for which Speedo shoes are popular. On top of that, the shoe offers great impact protection, and you can play any water sport with full safety.

#1. Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water ShoeSpeedo Water Shoes

By: Speedo

It is needless to say that it is the best Speedo water shoe for men and its high sales figures and ratings are a proof for that. You can find the best color combinations in this shoe’s variants. It is a low-end shoe and has all the features you desire in a water shoe. The drying is faster, and the material is hydrophobic. The breathability is maximum thanks to its innovative mesh design. The sole is of synthetic, and the upper mesh is stretchable for a secure fit.

The comfort factor has been paid a lot of attention, and there is enough padding on the bottom as well as on the sides. The insole is cushioned, and it also protects the feet from high impact in different water sports. The outsole has a great grip with slip resistance protection, and it offers greater traction. The pricing is slightly on the higher side, but it is totally worth the value.

Best Speedo Water Shoes Buying Guide

Speedo is one of the brands that you can trust when it comes to durability and quality. Speedo water shoes are great, but there are still a few things to see if you are new to water shoes. We list down some important that you should know about them below, so check them out.


A pair of comfortable shoes is the one that fits great along with cushioning to support the feet. Another feature that makes shoes comfortable is definitely the cuff and heel padding. You wouldn’t want to be in shoes that hurt or peel your ankle or heels during hiking or traveling at all. In water shoes, the fast-drying feature also plays a great part in making them comfortable. That way, you won’t have to walk in wet shoes for hours at all. The last important thing that comfortable water shoes should have is breathability. Stuff shoes are a no, especially when they are wet, the odor, unpleasant. So make sure that the water shoes that you like are comfortable and breathable for long hours wear.


Quality comes with durability to ensure that the shoes are tough enough for long term use. Durable water shoes should come with the design from high-quality material to withstand regular use. Also, make sure that the water shoes that you like can withstand outdoor conditions like heat and water well. The good pair will not wear or tear easily, and they are also easy to wash and clean as well. Even if you prefer the lightweight options, still make sure that they are durable to last longer than one summer.


There are 4 types of water shoes that you can choose from, and each type depends on your preference which are:

  • Active: The name of the type says it all; it is ideal for users who are active. Just one pair, and you will be able to wear them for hiking, running, backpacking, hangouts, and more. This type is so comfortable and lightweight, and they allow water to drain through them for fast drying. Most of these shoes even float in water, no doubts why it is so common.
  • Barefoot: Barefoot water shoes have a spot for each toe. It looks like your toes but underneath the shoes, if that makes sense. This type is lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and durable, and they drain water very well with their rubber design.
  • Closed Toe: It looks like a combination of sandals and running shoes, and this type is great. In fact, it is the one type that fits all kinds of shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. Plus, with more support and protection, closed-toe water shoes are ideal for all-around use.
  • Sandal: This type is very common for many occasions outdoor such as beach, regular use, and more. It is comfortable like flip flops but better because of the thick soles. The soles also provide more support as well, apart from being lightweight and comfortable.


There are different series of shoes available from Speedo in different price ranges. The better the design and features, the higher is the price. But the quality of all the shoes irrespective of the price tags is extremely high. They can boost your performance, ensure full safety, and make you feel comfortable. On top of that, they are highly flexible and easy to put on and off on the go. The drying is rapid, and the patented S-Trac sole let the water pass through the bottom uninterruptedly.

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