Top 7 Best Speaker Wires In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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Many people complain about the poor sound from their music system, home theatre, or TV. This will also affect high-quality systems that are for good performance. Upon investigation, many learn that it wasn’t the television, home theater, amplifier, soundbar, or speakers that were at fault, but it’s due to bad speaker wire. It will affect the transmission of sound, have poor connectivity, or have broken internally, thus increasing the resistance. If you are scouting for wires for connecting a sound unit to speakers, then you should read this review to the end. We have summarized the best speaker wires the market is offering.

List of Best Speaker Wires In 2021

#7. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire – 50 Feet

By: AmazonBasics

The audio quality of your home theater, TV, A/V receiver, stereo, amplifier, and other sound systems will be better with this speaker wire. It is 50 long and can be used to link many devices and components. The item is covered with a flexible plastic jacket and can be twisted or coiled without breaking and is more tolerant of interference and signal distortion. It has a white marking on one side for quick identification and to prevent confusion during use. The 16-gauge wire is covered in a plastic wrap for easy transportation and to avoid entanglement.

In Summary:

Suitable for A/V receivers, home theater, stereos and more
The wire is 50 feet long
Covered with a hard plastic jacket
Has white marking for quick identification
Has a 16-gauge thickness

#6. 12 Gauge Speaker Wire, 50 Feet

By: Pyle

This wire from the Pyle brand connects speakers to Surround Systems, Amplifiers, Home theatre, TVs, and more. The 12-gauge unit has a proper thickness to prevent excessive stretching which can lead to breakage. It’s also tolerant of interference, heating and supports good electrical flow. It is 50 feet in length and is useful in many situations at home, studio, business premises, and more. You can use the bare ends after stripping it or connect to crimp connectors. Removing the plastic jacket is simple, and one side has a red marking for identifying polarity. It is wrapped around a plastic spool for convenience and easy dispensing.

In Summary:

Designed for Amplifiers, A/V receivers, Home theaters and more
Has a 12-inch thickness
Measures 50 feet long
Covered with a hard plastic jacket
Red marking for easy polarity distinguishing

#5. Pro Series 16AWG Speaker Wire Cable

By: GearIT

With this white wire, connecting sound systems to speakers is not only convenient but also delivers excellent results. The white colored wire has a thickness of 16 gauge and a flexible plastic jacket for protecting the core. It is 100 feet/30 meters in length and covers a large area. Cutting the wire is easy, and you can connect the unit directly to the exposed wires or use crimp connectors or clips. The Copper Clad Aluminum has better resistance to distortion and interference compared to other types and is more reliable. The conductivity is also a notch higher, and this delivers high fidelity sound.

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In Summary:

The speaker wire is white in color
It is classified 16AWG
Has a length of 100 feet/30 meters
Made of copper clad aluminum
Flexible plastic jacket

#4. Speaker Wire – 14-Gauge, 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper, 100 Feet

By: AmazonBasics

This 14-gauge wire has good electrical flow for good transmission of an audio signal. It has a 99% oxygen-free copper core that is covered with a plastic jacket. It works with most components and devices including amplifiers, A/V receivers, TVs, and home theaters. The wire is 100 feet/ 33meter long and is color-coded (black and red) for easy identification. This best speaker wire is more tolerant to signal distribution and interference and is also very flexible. The CL2 rated product comes wrapped around a plastic spool, and this makes dispensing easy. It cuts smoothly and connecting to crimp connectors is also easy.

In Summary:

The 14-gauge wire has good electrical flow
Made of 99% oxygen-free copper
Covered by a plastic jacket
Measures 100feet/ 33-meters long
CL2-rated and comes wrapped around a plastic spool

#3. 50 Feet 16-Gauge Speaker Wire


The RCA AH1650SR wire has a length of 50 feet to cover even long distances. It can also be cut into smaller pieces to suit small gaps. Crimping the bare ends of the wire is easy, and it has good connectivity for the best audio quality. It is also flexible and lightweight for convenient coiling or passing around objects. The core is made of premium copper material and is coated with a plastic sheathing to protect it against dirt, moisture, and interference.

Furthermore, the 16-gauge wire can handle a range of temperatures and is resistant to cracking or becoming too hard. It is rolled around a plastic spool for easy dispensing. For the best results, you should use high-quality connectors such as gold plated ones.

In Summary:

Measures 50 foot long
Covered with a plastic jacket
Rated 16AWG
Flexible and lightweight
Rolled around a plastic spool

#2. 14-Gauge Speaker Wire – 50 Feet

By: AmazonBasics

Expect quality sound when using this speaker wire from AmazonBasics. It comprises a copper core and with a plastic jacket. The 14-gauge unit is 50 feet long and suitable for most audio equipment such as amplifiers, A/V receiver, and stereo systems. One side has a white marking to help you identify the polarity and for easy setup.

On top of that, the plastic jacket blocks any interference or unwanted signals and also protects the wire from moisture, stress, heat, and other things. Like other wires, this best speaker wire is also coiled around a sturdy plastic spool for convenient use and transportation. Crimping the ends or inserting it in connectors is simple due to its thin and flexible nature.

In Summary:

14-gauge and covered with a plastic jacket
50 feet long
Suitable for most audio equipment
White marking on one side
Wrapped around a plastic spool

#1. 14 Gauge 100ft Speaker Wire

By: InstallGear

Coming in True Spec stranded wire, this speaker wire from InstallGear is among the reliable pieces on the market. The 30.5meter/ 100 feet long wire is stranded for extra strength and durability. It has a Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor (CCA) which performs better than the ordinary ones regarding conductivity, resistance to interference, and sturdiness.

Similar to other top wires, this wire is protected by a robust, flexible plastic jacket. The Soft Touch cable can be coiled and twisted with ease and won’t break internally. It has a rugged Black/Blue jacket made of PVC and is perfect for different equipment. For easy identification of polarity, the plastic jacket has two colors.

In Summary:

Has True Spec Stranded wire
It is 30.5 meters/100 feet long
Features a Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor (CCA)
Soft Touch cable
Two colors for identification
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Important Features To Focus On

Looking at these factors will assist you in making a good decision:

Core Material

Of the different materials used to make the speaker wire’s core, copper is the most popular. It’s loved for its low resistance, good connectivity, resistance to corrosion/rust, and durability. The audio quality will be better if you use gold plated connectors.


This means the thickness of the wire and is stated in AWG (American Wire Gauge). You will see AWG 10, AWG12, AWG14, and AWG16, and so on. The lower the number, the thicker the wire. A thicker piece has lesser resistance and is also more tolerant to cuts, bending and breakage. However, it will be more costly.


Just because the wire is sold in a roll doesn’t mean you should use the longest length. This will not increase the cost but also reduce the responsiveness. You ought to know the distance between the speaker and the tuner, amplifier, or receiver and then confirm it again before cutting. Varying the speaker’s location is a good move to reduce the wire length.


A good product is very flexible and can be rolled, twisted, curved, and passed between obstacles without tearing or the strands coming loose. Usually, a thinner wire is more versatile than a thicker one. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t sacrifice flexibility for quality.


The wires come in different prices which are ever changing. A good product will last a long time if used well and it doesn’t make sense to purchase a very long wire or spend too much money. There is quite a number of good quality and the affordable unit as you’ve seen in the above reviews.

Interference Resistance

The best speaker wires feature a good sheathing/covering to block waves or interference. This provides a seamless flow of the signal and minimizes sound distortion. Consumers and analysts will give opinions in regards to how well a product commits interference.

Tips For Connecting The Speaker Wires

Finding a good wire is one thing and getting quality sound is another issue. Many people discover that the sound isn’t that great even after acquiring quality wire. Usually, this is because of a poor connection. The most common issues include the following:

Using a Very Long Wire:

Are you aware that resistance increases with length? A short wire has lower resistance compared to a longer one, and this means that the sound will be better with the shorter one. Many people will use a long wire. This will undermine the audio quality. You should measure the distance between the Speaker and component and leave a small allowance.

Using A Very Short Wire:

In the desire to save money or reduce resistance, some people will leave a tiny margin. As you know, wires will contract in cold conditions and slightly expand in warm temperatures. When it’s too taut, the wire strands are more likely to break, and this increases the resistance. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to know where some strands have broken. To prevent this, you shouldn’t allow some slack.

Fitting Poor Connectors:

You will get poor sound if the connectors are substandard. The transmission of the signal will be bad because of too much resistance. This may be due to the connectors or terminals not maintaining a solid grip or are made of a material with high resistance. Gold plated connectors are preferred due to their good connectivity.

Not Tightening the Ends/Terminals:

When joining the wires to the connectors or terminals, you should confirm that they fit snugly. If they are slack or loose contact because of vibration, the sound quality will be shaky. You need to use the proper tools, and if not confident enough, you should seek assistance from an expert.

Placing the Components Far Apart:

As mentioned earlier, longer distance increase the wire length and this affects the sound movement. Rather than using long wires, you should play around with the speakers. Surround Speaker has good sound distribution and you can place a unit at a central point and will deliver sound in different directions.


Bad speaker wires are what may be standing between you and quality sound. It may have lots of resistance and will affect the sound quality, the connectors may not maintain a tight grip, or the wire may be too thin or prone to breaking internally. A good product has the right length and thickness, is resistant to breakage and corrosion, and interference or frequencies rarely affect it. The above products are the best speaker wires and will work well with amplifiers, television sets, home theaters, speaker units, and other accessories. Besides quality audio, good wires are long-lasting.

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