Discover Top 12 Best Space Heaters – Review Of 2021

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With the winter becoming colder as time progresses, a space heater is essential. If not for you, you need to have one for your elderly people and kids who feel the coldness more. There are different sizes and capacities of space heaters available to heat the required space effectively. Our team has handpicked the best space heaters available online, and we have listed them below with proper descriptions and features for you to understand clearly.

List Of The Best Space Heaters

#12. Oscillating Space Heater


Made with high-quality materials, the space heater comes with ETL certification. It has multiple built-in protections for user safety and operates in lower energy cost. Moreover, it has a durable housing and includes ceramic chips for greater resistance. The Positive Temperature Coefficient Heating Technology delivers outstanding performance and consists of an oscillating fan for user advantage.

Furthermore, it is portable and lightweight and has a cool housing that prevents burns. With it, you will have a comfortable ambient temperature as it lets you choose from dual heat settings and fan-only mode. Additionally, it delivers consistent performance and runs at a safe temperature. This can be an ideal replacement for the coil electric heater and oscillates at 70 degrees.

In Summary:

70-degree oscillating fan.
Superior performance with Positive Temperature Coefficient Heating Technology.
Ceramic chips and multiple modes.

#11. Portable Space Heater


If you are looking for a space heater that has easy maintenance, then this is the one for you. It lets you wipe it easily with a soft damp cloth by turning off the power socket and use it for a long time. Furthermore, this will let you select from three modes including fan mode. It has an adjustable thermostat control that lets you have personalized comfort.

Moreover, it is ideal for indoor use including office and home. This comes with overheat protection and shuts off automatically. Additionally, this offers a portable power as it comes in a lightweight design. You can carry it anywhere you want it its carrying handle and have the comfort. It operates quietly and produces no radiation.

In Summary:

Radiation-free and portable housing.
Easy maintenance and over-heat protection.
Carrying handle for easy portability.

#10. Ceramic Heater With Energy Efficient

By: Honeywell

This space heater comes with six customized heat settings that let you have optimal comfort. In this, you will find intelligent heating abilities that let you control it with just a button. Moreover, it has a powerful performance and allows you to use it conveniently. Additionally, this has auto-off timer settings, and you can even select from the quiet mode.

It has a cool-touch housing with features of overheat protection. The space heater will provide a more pleasant feeling and can be an ideal product for any home. Furthermore, this will lower energy bills and comes in a portable design. With it, you can increase the temperature of your home by a few degrees and get all the heating that you would like.

In Summary:

Personalize heat control for better comfort.
Auto-off timer and quiet mode.
Safety features and energy-efficient performance.

#9. 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

By: AmazonBasics

With the ability to heat up within seconds, the space heater has efficient ceramic coils. This is perfect for small spaces and easily goes to home or office. Additionally, it allows you to select from different colors and match it with your décor. Moreover, this is in a compact design that does not require any space. You can easily place it on desktops or tables and have a comfortable time.

It comes with protection that lets you have extra safety. Furthermore, this will offer a bit of warmth as it has consistent performance. It is ultra-lightweight and includes a sturdy base.

In Summary:

Quick heating due to ceramic heating coils.
Compact design and safety features.
Sturdy base to prevent tipping over.

#8. 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater With 3 Operating Modes

By: Pro Breeze

The advanced safety features of the space heater make it a highly reliable product. It switches off instantly during any unsafe situation and comes in a portable design. Moreover, it has a lightweight structure and does not occupy much space for storing. Furthermore, this is perfect for homes, offices, garages, and dorms. It is one of the best space heaters to buy.

This comes with advanced ceramic heating technology that offers faster and efficient heating. It lets you have easy controls, and you can adjust the thermostat control for optimal heating efficiency. Additionally, this includes a cable of 1.83 meters, and you can use it in three operating modes. This is suitable for both heating and cooling and runs on 120V.

In Summary:

Safety features and lightweight design.
Efficient performance due to advanced ceramic heating technology.
Long power cable and multiple operating modes.

#7. Portable Ceramic Heater With Adjustable Thermostat

By: Moonflor

This one allows you to select from low heat, normal heat, and high heat settings. The space heater has overheating protection as it shuts off automatically. The EPL listed product offers peace of mind for a powerful performance. Moreover, it is ideal for medium-sized rooms and operates without making any noise.

With it, you can have personalized comfort as it has adjustable thermostat control. Furthermore, it is available in different colors and provides a convenient solution for cooling. It will lower your energy bills and comes in an ultra-lightweight housing. Additionally, it lets you use it anywhere including bedroom, kitchens, offices, garages, and dorms.

In Summary:

Multiple heat settings for user advantage.
Efficient performance and wide application.
Auto shutoff and quiet operation.

#6. Space Electric Heater For Home & Office

By: Andily

With three different colors to choose from, the space heater comes with manual controls. This includes a carrying handle that lets you have easy transportation. Furthermore, it comes fully assembled and has an adjustable thermostat that delivers perfect performance. You can use it in three different modes including high heat, low heat, and fan.

Moreover, this has a power indicator and includes heating elements for efficient performance. It turns off automatically when there is overheating for user safety. Additionally, it comes with ETL certification and has user-friendly controls. It does not require much space and offers intimate warmth anytime you want.

In Summary:

Three modes for user convenience.
Manual controls and carrying handle.
Eliminates the need for having assembling.

#5. Oscillating Space Heater

By: Comfort Zone

This one comes with safety features and has ETL certification. The space heater delivers optimal comfort as it includes a programmable timer of 8 hours. Additionally, it has a digital thermostat that prevents overheating, allowing you to use it safely. Moreover, this has efficient heating and rotates side-to-side for even heating.

This maintains a constant temperature and features automatic fail-safe during any accidental tipping over. You will also find the feature of auto shutoff, and it delivers energy-efficient performance. Furthermore, it has a lightweight housing and lets you control it with the help of a convenient remote control. It has a cool housing that prevents burning of the skin.

In Summary:

ETL certification and cool housing.
Automatic fail-safe for user safety.
Reduces energy bills and programmable timer.

#4. HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

By: DeLonghi

The space heater has a sleek look and comes with convenient mounting options. This has a heating power of 1500 watts and is ideal for a large room. Moreover, it lets you have the ultimate comfort and features adjustable thermostat. Furthermore, it has multiple heat settings, and you can customize it according to your needs.

It comes in a compact design and has two wheels that let you move it conveniently. It is also lightweight and has a handle. With it, you can have peace of mind as it includes thermal cutoff, anti-freeze, and tip-over switch settings. Additionally, this operates quietly without any noise and is perfect for an area of 300 square feet.

In Summary:

High heating power and compact design.
Adjustable settings for user comfort.
Quiet operation and safety features.

#3. Compact & Portable Space Heater

By: Dr Infrared Heater

Here is a space heater that comes in a compact design and is very lightweight. This has a power of 1500 watts and includes an electric cord measuring 72 inches. Moreover, it includes an infrared remote control that allows you to have convenience while using it. You will also find a low noise blower that delivers outstanding performance. Additionally, this is perfect for an area of up to 1000 square feet and includes a lifetime filter.

The thermostat range is 50 – 86 degrees and includes caster wheels for easy portability. This has dual heat settings and features auto-shutoff. The heater comes with both low and high feature, and you can use it in auto energy-saving mode. Furthermore, it has maximum heat transfer and lets you have a comfortable time. It is one of the best space heaters on the list.

In Summary:

Easy portability due to caster wheels.
IR remote control for user advantage.
Compact design and lifetime filter.

#2. Ceramic Space Heater

By: Lasko

Equipped with dual quiet settings, the space heater lets you select from low heat and high heat. This has auto settings that make it perfect for warming your area. Additionally, it has widespread oscillation that distributes the air evenly throughout the room. You can easily use it at both home and office and has an adjustable thermostat of 1500 watts. In this, you will find a digital temperature display that lets you select from a wide range of temperatures.

Moreover, it has easy controls as it includes a remote control. You will also find a built-in timer that allows you to program it for up to 8 hours. Furthermore, this eliminates the need of having to assemble, and you can use it instantly. It has a cool-touch exterior that keeps your hands safe even after running for hours. It also has overheat protection and comes in a portable design.

In Summary:

Digital temperature display and widespread oscillation.
Programmable timer for up to 8 hours.
Cool-touch exterior and remote control.

#1. Ceramic Portable Space Heater With Adjustable Thermostat

By: Lasko

The space heater has an adjustable thermostat and allows you to get the heat setting of your desire. This has three quiet settings and lets you select from a fan, high heat, and low heat. This is perfect for home or office use and is ideal for small spaces. Moreover, it includes a ceramic heating element of 1500 watts, and you can opt from 11 temperature settings. Furthermore, you will only have to turn the dial and experience a comfortable time. There is no doubt that it is the bestselling and one of the best space heaters to buy.

This comes with safety features like overheat protection and has a cool-touch exterior. Additionally, it lets you carry it conveniently due to its handle. You can easily move in different areas due to its lightweight structure. This comes fully assembled and includes a convenient knob that lets you have easy controls. The heater delivers peace of mind with its exceptional performance.

In Summary:

Eleven temperature settings for user comfort.
Cool-touch exterior and carrying handle.
Ceramic heating element and adjustable thermostat.


While buying a space heater, you have to check the wattage, and the higher the wattage, the more powerful the heater it will be. The more powerful, the greater the space it will be cover. Besides, we have explicitly mentioned the space a heater can cover effectively. We have listed the best space heaters with different features to cater to all the different requirements of the buyers can be fulfilled completely.

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