Top 7 Best Smartwatches For Kid You Should Own

Stand out from the other parents and surprise your child with one of the best smartwatches for kids. It is an advanced watch that comes with advanced features for versatile use. For instance, some have an SOS Emergency Call for added safety, especially in a camping or hunting ground. Others have a selfie-cam that lets you or your young one take selfies for added memories. This item usually has an adjustable strap to fit different-sized wrists resulting in comfortable wear. The following article has the best smartwatches for kid in the market.

List of The Best Smartwatches For Kid

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#7. Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker

Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker

By: Karaforna

If you want to surprise your little one with the best smartwatch for kids, stop looking. The Karaforna is a stylish pink device suitable for teens and young girls. Not only that but also the color looks great with most clothes from shoes, dresses and even t-shirts. This item is versatile, thanks to the multiple functions such as LBS+GPS location, Voice chat, Phone book, Footprint, and also Safe area. You can set the alarm clock for waking up to stay on schedule every day and night. We take note of the Remote shutdown, Low-power Alarm, Lighting, Camera, Math Game, Photo album, and Self-dialing for more convenience.

Furthermore, this unit’s SOS Emergency Call comes in handy for added safety. You can control it via the Settracker application to know where your little one is at all times. Besides, you can set up to 10 phone numbers for children to access the phone book in case of emergencies. This device supports voice chat function, which lasts up to 15 seconds to allow communication between friends and guardians. Moreover, this equipment comes with a “Do Not Disturb” feature for you to set via an app. This will help avoid interruptions during homework or class time.

In Summary:
  • It has a vibrant pink finish suitable for teens and young girls
  • The LBS+GPS location, Voice chat, and more features allow a versatile use
  • With a spacious Phone book setting, it holds up to 10 numbers
  • An SOS Emergency Call improves child safety
  • A unique “Do Not Disturb” feature prevents interruptions during homework

#6. Smart Watch For Kids With Pedometer

Funntech Smart Watch for Kids with Pedometer

By: Funntech

Funntech watch has made it on this best smartwatch for kids list because of its Bluetooth compatibility. It has two working modes, Bluetooth and Independent Phone watch for you to use without sim card and connect to a smartphone. Then make and receive calls for added user convenience. For the other mode, you need to install a GSM 2G sim card to make a call directly from this device. Not only that but also messaging is support. This gadget has multiple functions like the Dial, Message, Remote Cameras, Steps Counting Pedometer, and even Alarm Clock.

We love the Sleep Monitor and Sedentary Remind that checks your sleeping pattern. Plus, an Audio Player plays supported formats of stored video recordings. In addition, this product’s camera takes clear pictures, while the Recorder quickly records your voice. You can watch your little one browse popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Scan the QR code and download the BT (Bluetooth) APP, thanks to the Synchro Function, and then use the advanced Sync software to read SMS and reply text messages. What’s more, the date and time, phone book, music-laying, and more features get automatically synchronized.

In Summary:
  • The Bluetooth function promotes a versatile use
  • You can use this device with or without a sim card
  • With an alarm clock, it keeps you organized
  • It features a Recorder that allows simple recordings
  • The Camera comes in handy to support simple photo sessions

#5. Kid’s Game Smart Watch

Kids Game Smart Watch Phone

By: Karaforna

The three-color of options of this smartwatch allows simple style coordinating with attires. Your child can mix and match the blue, pink, or black finish with shoes, school bags, and even toys. Also, it is among the best smartwatch for kids because of its simple operation, thanks to the child-friendly design. It is made using high-quality materials that don’t crack or fade over time. Besides, the sturdy strap lets you adjust to the right fit suitable for different-sized wrists. This equipment’s USB cable allows you to transfer the stored pictures from the 1GB sd card. Your youngster can save many photos and music to watch later or during a long road trip.

If you have 4 to 10-year-olds at home, this watch is an ideal gift. It looks cute suitable for most occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, get-togethers, thanksgiving, and more events. Additionally, this unit has 9 functions, including phone book, Watch alarm clock, Phone, Calculator, Game, Camera, Music Player, Photo album, and call recorders. With learning games, children can enjoy fun and educational features when at home. As a result, they help exercise their logical thinking, response, and hand-eye coordination. Note that the display is a full touchscreen to ease and quicken setting selection.

In Summary:
  • It comes in three color choices including pink and blue for added appeal
  • The child-friendly design is made from quality material for longevity
  • With a short USB cord, it allows quicker and safer file transfer
  • Featuring 9 main functions such as a calculator, it adds more user convenience
  • The touchscreen is simple and comfortable to operate

#4. Kid’s Smart Watch With Swivel Camera

iTouch Playzoom Kids Smart Watch with Swivel Camera

By: iTouch Wearables

When planning to buy one of the best smartwatch for kids, you need to check the design. This one is made from premium and longlasting material for longevity. Also, it will not break, tear, crack, or discolor like the rest for added value. Featuring a unique swivel camera and video cam, it can capture up to 50 photos. Now you can transfer the pictures to a PC using a USB cable to keep the memories secure. Moreover, this device has active games to promote a fun learning experience. For instance, sound animation makes this watch more interactive. There’s no need to use an app when using this watch. Simply buy and play without any GPS or data connection.

This item has multiple and kid-friendly functions for added convenience as well as organization. The included calendar, stopwatch, timer, and alarm help meet your little one’s schedule. Also, wallpaper can be changed to suit the screen’s and user’s style. Note that the many functions come in handy to support a customized operation with face and edit elements. What’s more, your child’s creative side is enhanced thanks to the voice recorder, photo effects, and cool backgrounds. The pink unicorns make the overall design look appealing for young girls.

In Summary:
  • Made from longlasting material for durability
  • The video cam and swivel camera capture up to 50 photos
  • Comes with fun and educational games
  • Its calendar, stopwatch, and alarm help meet kid’s schedule
  • The pink unicorn are attractive and stand out

#3. Kid’s Android SmartWatch

Beaulyn Smart Watch, Android SmartWatch

By: Beaulyn

Both you and your child can use the Beaulyn smartwatch because of its friendly design. You can receive and make calls, receive and send texts including Twitter, IG, and Facebook. Not only that, but also the alarm clocks help you stay organized every morning when waking up. We love the additional features of this best smartwatch for kids, including pedometers, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminders, anti-lost, phone camera controllers, take photos, music players, and much more. Besides, the sim card mode allows you to install a GSM 2G network card to use this device like a smartphone. You can answer a call and receive a text directly for added convenience.

Furthermore, this item boasts a modern Bluetooth mode. Simple download and install the BT notification to connect to a mobile phone. When outside or in the house, you can only receive information, but can’t send them in this mode. For sending texts, insert a reliable sim card to continue communication with friends. Moreover, this watch comes with an adjustable strap made from soft, breathable material. The design is sweat-proof to give you a comfortable and snug fit. Featuring a full touchscreen with a 240×240 pixel resolution, the display is clearer and brighter.

In Summary:
  • With a friendly design, it can be used by adults and kids
  • The alarm clock lets you stay on track in all your daily schedules
  • Comes with a sim card mode that supports a GSM 2G network
  • Its sweat-proof and breathable strap is comfortable around the wrist
  • Features a 240 x 240 high-resolution touchscreen for a more precise display

#2. Sleek Kid’s Smart Watch

Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls

By: MeritSoar

Another best smartwatch for kids that supports multiple languages is the MeriSoar. It has English as the default language and Italian, German, Spanish, and French. You can change them to suit your child’s preferences and also get to learn a new word. Besides, this device has a 1GB MicroSD card to store selfie pictures and voice recordings. This ensures your memories are saved in a reliable location, which you can later transfer to the cloud. Playing music stored in the card is simply by selecting the Audio Player, which supports mp3 files only.

What’s more, the 7 video games make this gadget more advanced than the rest. It features the Basketball Shoot master, Eat gold, Car grab, and also the Bee war. All these fun games help your child find and capture exciting things for more creative thinking. Plus, communication is improved as young ones make and receive any calls easily with this accessory. There’s no need to use a sim card if you don’t need to use the call function. More features include Time and Date, Alarm clock, Album, and Record.

In Summary:
  • Its multi-language tech includes German, Spanish, French, Italian and English
  • With a 1GB MicroSD card, it stores many photos
  • The Audio Player supports MP3 files
  • Comes with 7 video games including “Bee war” and “Basketball Shoot master”
  • Its improves kids communication with the multiple features

#1. Touchscreen Smartwatch

LOL Surprise! Touch-Screen Smartwatch

By: LOL Surprise!

The LOL Surprise is the best smartwatch for kids with advanced features for multi-use. With a selfie-cam, your little one can take pictures when indoors or outdoors with a simple press of a button. Also, the video function is a perfect addition for downloading films and safely share with friends. Now, you can view the photos online after the upload to create lasting memories with your kid. This device’s voice recorder comes in handy when recording audio. Plus, the available 3x games, alarm, stopwatch, and pedometer add more user convenience. The provided battery runs for a long time to encourage uninterrupted fun all day.

Featuring a digital calculator, your teen can perform simple calculations on the move. For instance, when purchasing items in the mall, they can calculate the total before going to the counter. In addition, this unit is attractive and modern, suitable for a get-together or birthday gift. It s charming gift wrap, and LOL Surprise logo makes the overall packaging more appealing. Constructed from heavy-duty material, this gadget can withstand excessive use and abuse. Whether at a camping or hiking tour, the design stays put without breaking. Boasting a bright and kid-friendly pink finish, the color is perfect for teen girls.

In Summary:
  • It has advanced features that allow a multipurpose use
  • The selfie-cam takes clear photos
  • Comes with a video function for recording films
  • With a longlasting battery, it lasts for an extended time
  • The bright pink finish is ideal for teen girls

In Conclusion

Upgrade the standard gifts you give your little ones with one of the best smartwatches for kids. It has multiple features that are easy to operate for both the young and old. Some are stylish with vibrant colors such as blue, orange, pink, and white. Not only for added appeal but also simple style coordination. This handy device improves time-keeping thanks to an alarm clock and even a calendar. Different models have a phone book that stores up to 10 numbers suitable for emergencies. Check the features of the best smartwatch for kids and age recommendations to know if your child can use it independently.

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