The Top 10 Best Smartphone Stabilizers You Can Find In 2021

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There are many premium smartphones available with which you can take photos equivalent to a DSLR camera. If you are the one who prefers a smartphone camera over DSLR camera, you need to get a smartphone stabilizer to produce professional quality. Your smartphone may have image stabilization but to capture sharp images and stable videos, you need a stable support. A smartphone stabilizer guarantees the sharpness and steadiness you are looking for. The following is the list of the top 10 best smartphone stabilizers for your smartphone to become a DSLR camera.

Reviews of The Best Smartphone Stabilizers In 2021

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#10. Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

By – Zhiyun

With 12 hours of non-stop operation, this smartphone stabilizer is a perfect match for your branded smartphones. The long-lasting battery comes with an indicator to indicate the power usage continuously. The Hotkeys are also there to let you operate all the parameters of your camera with ease. Besides, you can effortlessly operate the exposure, resolution aspects, and ISO with the help of this product. The handwheel on this stabilizer supports a sharp focusing and smooth zooming in/out operation. Moreover, it also includes a follow focus controller button; by pressing it, you can chase down your moving subject with précised focus.

You can also manually shift your focus on manual mode. With the instant scene transition button, you can precisely and rapidly track down each and every frame of your moving subject synchronously. This stabilizer provides a default Time-lapse mode and customized Hyper-lapse and Motion-lapse functions. Moreover, the free-angle settings with three axes of this stabilizer allow Autofocusing and Wide/Telephoto adjustment at the same time.

#9. 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal For Smartphones

By – EVO Gimbals

This smartphone stabilizer supports all the regular and plus-sized smartphones. To make your memory more memorable, this stabilizer also adds more clarity to your ordinary phone camera. With the professional quality video operation, the stabilizer has a touch-sensitive four-directional joystick on the handle. When you connect your phone with this stabilizer, you can have the entire control over the zooming and recording parameters of the camera. Moreover, the three easy stabilization modes of this stabilizer support the free movement with your smartphone camera. You can reproduce the dolly and crane shots of the big-budget movies all by yourself.

With the automatic subject tracking feature, the stabilizer provides 180-degree and 330-degree ideal panorama. It is also able to seize the point to point motion Time-lapse with perfection. This stabilizer runs 10 hours of a long time with no break. The inbuilt charger and battery allow your smartphone to have a quick and convenient charging. Furthermore, the kit includes a Micro USB cable, GoPro adaptor plate, travel case, tripod, and a user manual.

#8. Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

By – Zhiyun

This latest smartphone stabilizer is now compatible with the FiLMiC Pro App and for the professional mobile filmmakers too. This handheld stabilizer is there to transform your casual smartphone camera into a professional one. To get the steady and flawless shots from your phone camera, this stabilizer is the solution. This stabilizer can easily hold up the weight of 75 to 210gm of iOS or Android smartphones. It can additionally include the LED lights or camera lenses for an entire professional video shooting experience. Moreover, the focus controller of this stabilizer ensures a précised focus pulling and a smooth zoom in/out effect.

You get the sensible Time-lapse operation, moving Time-lapse, and Motion-Lapse. Besides, you can also record live videos and apply Time-lapse to them. To enable object tracking, you just need to fix the frame over the subject on screen. Then stabilizer automatically tracks down your subject with precision. You no need to touch the screen repeatedly to get control over the parameters of the camera. You simply have to use the Hotkeys on the stabilizer for more instant operation.

#7. Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Bundle

By – DJI

The convenient design with lightweight makes this smartphone stabilizer a good choice. The Auto intelligence empowered functions of the stabilizer also helps to collect the memories with the cinematic movements. The durable battery with a brushless motor and the inbuilt sensor provides the stabilizer preferred stability. Besides, this stabilizer is steady enough to prevent a little vibration caused by the skateboard riding. It also stabilizes the shakes during running or jumping. With the 15 hours of prolonged battery life, this stabilizer professionally snaps every moment of your life.

Moreover, this stabilizer comes with an option called Portrait orientation. You can get them on point motion and time-lapse functions. This stabilizer has a beautiful panoramic feature and zooming control for more accurate video shooting. Furthermore, the starter kit of videographer consists of one tripod, lens maintenance kit, base, and two handheld gimbal stabilizers. It also works great as a selfie-stick. The stabilizer has a built-in battery and a power cable for convenient charging. You can get a smooth video with this stabilizer.

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#6. Smooth 4 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer With Focus Zoom Wheel PhoneGo Mode

By – Zhiyun

This stabilizer has a two-way charging facility and comes with Type-C port. You can charge your phone during shooting or with an output port. This stabilizer lessens the need to touch your phone screen camera and to operating all the parameters. Additionally, this stabilizer comes with some more features like a POV orbital shot, Vertigo shot, and roll-angle time-lapse. The inbuilt handwheel makes you zoom in/out operation more flawlessly than ever. You can also easily capture close-up shots without missing any precision of your subject.

By pressing the FN switch button, you can experience a real-time focus shifting with perfection. You can also artistically customize the time flow with the functions like Motion-lapse, Time-lapse, and Hyper-lapse. You can do focus shifting manually on your own, by pointing your subject area on the screen. With no delay, you can capture every single movement of your subject, with the help of the PhoneGo mode. This stabilizer also supports no post-processing scene transition. It can continuously run for 12 hours.

#5. Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Must-Have Bundle

By – DJI

The Auto knowledge enables elements of the stabilizer to recreate the recollections with the cinematic movements. The durable battery with a brushless engine and inbuilt sensor give the stabilizer preferred stability. This stabilizer can hold up the highest weight of 485gm of iOS or Android smartphones. This stabilizer sufficiently endures the vibration caused by the skateboard riding. Even it balances out the shakes amid running or bouncing.

With the 15 long stretches of long battery life, this stabilizer professionally freezes each snapshot of your life. It accompanies a programmed glorify choice for your boundless live streaming choice. This stabilizer is an effectively foldable product, and it permits simple stockpiling alternative. Moreover, the stabilizer effectively charges your phone while shooting or streaming live. Besides, this stabilizer also accompanies an alternative called Portrait orientation. You can get the on-point movement and time-pass capacities. This stabilizer empowers a delightful all-encompassing element and zooming control for more exact video shooting.

#4. U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig


This rig comes with three extra shoes, mounts, and two universal ¼”-20 threads to hold two LED lights or a video microphone for an entire professional video shooting experience. The U-rig pro is a must tool for the Android and iOS filmmakers. The convenient design and lightweight of this product make your video shooting experience smoother and steady with a professional touch. With the omnipresent threads at the bottom of this rig, you can also easily mount this product on the tripod, jib, stabilizer, and slider according to your need.

Moreover, the universal design of this rig also suits almost every smartphone of the leading brands with or without casing. It has supportive spring clips and additional screw to secure your phone from dropping. The rig is designed to enable both the Portrait and Landscape orientations for better frame capturing the experience. You can charge your smartphone battery while you are in the middle of shooting. The rig also comes with a stronger and comfortable grip than the previous models. It is one of the best smartphone stabilizers to opt for.

#3. Official Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphones

By – Zhiyun

This stabilizer diminishes the need to contact your telephone screen camera while working. You basically need to utilize the Hotkeys on the stabilizer for activities. It additionally incorporates a take after center controller catch. By squeezing it, you can pursue down your moving subject with a précised center. The handwheel on this stabilizer underpins a sharp centering and smooth zooming in or out the task. With no postponement, you can also catch each movement of your subject, with the assistance of the PhoneGo mode.

With the moment scene change catch, you can definitely and quickly find every last edge of your moving subject synchronously. It is ready to grab the point to point motion Time-lapse, Motion-lapse, and Hyper-lapse with flawlessness. Moreover, you can record live videos and apply Time-lapse to them. This stabilizer, with a two-way charging office and by a type-C USB port link, can charge your telephone amid shooting or. The pack also has a Micro USB link, conveying case, tripod, and client manual.

#2. 4-In-1 Stabilizer

By – Fantaseal

This ‘C’-shaped stabilizer is highly compatible with the DSLR, DV compact cameras, and action cameras. Not only that, but this stabilizer is also a perfect match for the smartphones. If you are looking for a stabilizer that is perfect for the low angle shots, then this is the right one for you. It enables a very low angle camera positions with the movable scenes or micro shoots. With the universal ¼” thread at the bottom, you can mount this stabilizer on the tripod easily. Overall, it is one of the best smartphone stabilizers to buy.

The anti-slip of the clamp holds the smartphones steadily while shooting as the HD monitor in sports. You also control your GoPro camera without any remote control by downloading the GoPro App. The detachable tripod adaptor allows easy mounting of the flashes, video lights, LED lights, and microphones at any degree with every position. This is a suitable transportable platform for your GoPro or 4K and any other shooting devices. This stabilizer is perfect for motor riding, skateboarding, biking, surfing, skiing, and so on.

#1. Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer With Focus Pull & Zoom

By – Zhiyun

Zhiyun is one of the most popular brands in the smartphone stabilizer industry. This stabilizer has integrated controls for focus pull and zooming. The control panel is well-built, and you can use the official app called ZY play for alternate control. However, you need to balance the stabilizer before use. The instruction for the same is available in the user manual in details. You can use the available PhoneGo mode for scene transition instantly. You can take amazing time-lapse and do object tracking efficiently.

The product has a two-way charging facility, and therefore, you can use the product for a longer duration of time. It supports smartphones from all the leading brands and the premium ones, as well as the mid-range ones. Besides, the motor power of the product is great, and it is compatible with the larger size of the smartphones. You can use it with the camera lens as well as LED lights. The footage captured will be smooth, and you can take motion-lapse, hyper-lapse, and slow-motion videos.

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A smartphone stabilizer can as a flexible support and lets you capture jiggle-free videos and still photos. Besides, you can use some of these stabilizers as a selfie stick or tripod. Moreover, taking time-lapse, hyper-lapse, motion-lapse, and slow-motion videos becomes so easy. Besides, you can capture smooth pan shots and do zooming flawlessly like a professional and cinematic video shoot. All the above best smartphone stabilizers we have picked have the best construction and features to make your purchase worth every penny.

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