Top 13 Best Sling Bags For Women Review In 2021

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A sling bag for women has become a regular thing as it is a part of your fashion accessory. These bags are tailor-made for women as a substitute for the traditional shoulder bags. Moreover, they can be used to replace the handbags women carry around. They are perfect when you put on casual dresses and there are so many beautiful dresses available to perfectly match with your dress. Check out the best sling bags for women that are worth purchasing.

List Of The Best Sling Bags For Women

#13. Crossbody Sling Bag Backpack For Men & Women

Vanlison Crossbody Sling Bag Backpack for Men & Women

By: Vanlison

With extra-large room and compact design, this sling bag for men and women has multiple compartments. This backpack also comes with two side mesh pockets to store a water bottle or umbrella. Moreover, the crossbody pattern of this bag allows you to wear it in many ways. The compartments of the backpack allow you to store phones, gadgets, small laptops, books, pens, wallets without any problem.

This bag is also ideal for both the lefties and righties. Furthermore, the backpack consists of a breathable and soft shoulder strap for painless carrying experience. The sling bag is ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities. Even you can use this bag for regular purposes.

In Summary:

A leftie or rightie woman can easily wear it
There are many different compartments inside to let you store different important items
Its design is made durable and stylish
Its crossbody pattern allows you to wear in diverse ways

#12. Ultralight Water Resistant Multipurpose Outdoor Chest Bag

Sling Bag Backpack, SEEU Ultralight Water-resistant Multipurpose Outdoor Chest Bag for Women


This extremely lightweight sling bag involves high quality, scratch-resistant, and waterproof polyester material construction. The bag also comes with a reversible shoulder strap with a waist strap. Moreover, the 3D decompression back pad helps to reduce the pressure of the bag on your shoulder. Even this backpack resists any weather conditions and heavy rain.

This bag is also the ultimate bag for traveling and rigorous outdoor activities. Furthermore, this is a crossbody sling bag for all the men and women. The bag has a chest pocket for phone. With the help of the retractable belt, you can easily tighten the water bottle. This backpack comes along with a large compartment for a tablet. You get a briefcase pocket on the back of the bag.

In Summary:

There will be no pressure experience while carrying because it comes with 3D decompression back pad
Not just for travel but it can be carried to different outdoor applications
Comes with spacious interior
There is a reversible shoulder strap along with waist strap

#11. Crossbody Bag For Outdoor

Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Bags for Men Women Travel Outdoors


Made of good quality nylon oxford fabric, this sling bag comes along with leather construction on the bottom. The premium quality polyester lining also makes it water-resistant. Moreover, the scratchproof bag comes with a smooth zipper for easy accessibility. This backpack has a front pocket with magnetic button and two large compartments. The compartments allow you to store and organize your valuable longings with ease.

Two small zippered pockets also let you keep the carry-on items, like a smartphone, cash, ATM cards, and so on. Furthermore, the padded air mesh strap helps you to carry the backpack without any hassle. This fashionable crossbody sling bag is a perfect bag for gym, hiking, cycling and traveling, and others.

In Summary:

The small items can be placed inside the two tiny zippered pockets
Widely suited for travel, gym, picnic, hiking, etc
Its front pocket comes with the magnetic button

#10. Sling Bag For Traveling

KAKA Sling Bag for Travel Hiking Camping Small Backpack


With six roomy pockets, this new-gen sling bag for women and men is a perfect match for your everyday lifestyle. This backpack also comes with the USB charging port design to allow on the go charging or music listening experience. Moreover, the largest compartment with zipper allows you to store a tablet up to 10.5-inch. The shoulder strap includes a holder for mobile.

This travel-friendly and water-resistant backpack also comes with high-quality polyester material construction. Furthermore, the hole under the mobile holder allows you to hang your sunglass gracefully. The pressure-reducing material of the strap causes no pressure on your back. The anti-scratch and anti-theft design of this bag makes it extremely durable.

In Summary:

The superior quality polyester construction guarantees long-lasting use
A standard sized tablet can be stored inside the compartment
The included strap is capable to relieve strap
Comes with anti-theft and anti-scratch design

#9. Direct Sling Bag Sling Backpack

Y&R Direct Sling Bag Sling Backpack

By: Y&R Direct

People from different age groups can easily use this sling bag for every day. The unisex bag also comes with the water-resistant and robust nylon fabric construction. Furthermore, the metal zipper, polyester lining with reinforced buckle make this bag highly comfortable for traveling or other activities. This casual looking sling bag has a crossbody pattern for convenient carrying.

This backpack also consists of three large compartments. Furthermore, the largest compartment of the bag easily holds a tablet up to 9.7-inch. You can store your camera, sunglasses, power bank, or headphone in the middle compartment. Even the front pocket allows you to store your smartphone, makeup kit, charger cables, or other items. The shoulder strap is easily adjustable as per your requirement.

In Summary:

For effortless carrying, it comes with crossbody pattern
There is a front pocket which allows you to store small, accessible items
No issues while adjusting the length of the shoulder strap
There are many premium quality materials used in its making to let you feel comfortable

#8. Sling Chest Crossbody Shoulder Triangle Backpack

WATERFLY Sling Chest Backpacks Bags Crossbody Shoulder Triangle Packs


Crafted from superior quality nylon and mesh, this sling bag is very much soft and light in weight. The backpack for women is also much sturdier and easily washable and foldable. Moreover, the waterproof and tear-resistant material of this bag makes it extremely durable. You can easily turn this bag into a pouch with zipper for convenient storage.

The main compartment of this sling bag also effectively holds the tablet or small laptop. Furthermore, this backpack is perfect for regular use and different sports activities. The breathable mesh strap allows you to carry the bag with comfort. Even, you can easily carry your umbrella or water bottle by using the side pocket of this bag.

In Summary:

Prepared in a triangle design so that women can carry it easily and yet appear stylish
High durability is guaranteed by the use of waterproof and tear-resistant material
The pink color appears elegant
Can accommodate many small and medium-sized items

#7. Canvas One Shoulder Sling For Women

Ambry Rope Sling Bag - Canvas One Shoulder Sling for Women

By: Ambry

The unique pattern of this sling bag for women and men is compatible with all your looks. Made from a high-quality canvas material, this backpack also includes three zippered compartments. Moreover, the larger compartment of the bag is for your tablet, books, small laptop, or other items. The smaller compartments are for keeping makeup box, first aid kit, or sundries.

The metal zippers and reinforced strap buckles also make this backpack enough sturdy. Furthermore, the anti-slip stretched braided rope shoulder strap and padded back increase the comfort level while using this bag. This bag includes two separate smartphone holders. The hidden pocket inside of the bag helps you to secure your valuables from theft.

In Summary:

There is the special inclusion of 3 zippered compartments
There is a large compartment capable to hold your books, tablets, and tiny laptops
Comfort is increased by the padded back

#6. Multipurpose Crossbody Shoulder Bag

MOSISO Sling Backpack, Multipurpose Crossbody Shoulder Bag Travel Hiking Daypack


This is one of the best sling bags for women and it is available in different colorful patterns. The backpack also consists of a large zippered compartment. Moreover, this compact yet spacious compartment keeps your small laptops or tablets up to 11-inch. Apart from that, the sack has a smaller zippered pocket to hold your smartphone, wallet, or other precious items. The bag includes two mesh side pockets to store water bottles or an umbrella.

With the help of the pure waterproof and tear-resistant polyester construction, this bag also stands for durability. Furthermore, this sling bag is a perfect match for every occasion. The adjustable strap allows you to change the length of the straps as per your need. The crossbody style is ideal for both lefties and righties.

In Summary:

Can be used for a variety of purposes –travel, hiking, picnic, camping, etc
Its interior comes with a spacious compartment to hold small laptops and tablets
The length of the straps can be easily varied
On its surface, beautiful leaf design is imprinted

#5. Water Resistant Outdoor Shoulder Backpack

MALEDEN Sling Bag, Water Resistant Outdoor Shoulder Backpack Chest Pack Crossbody Bags


Made of premium quality nylon, this sling bag has three separate compartments to keep your things in an organized manner. This backpack also comes with a large zippered compartment to store tablets or small laptops up to 8-inch. Moreover, the smaller pockets of the bag allow you to store valuables like smartphones, wallets, or power bank. You can definitely use this bag for every outdoor activity.

This sling bag is also ideal for regular use. Furthermore, the padded and breathable shoulder strap is easily adjustable as per your requirement. The padded back with breathable mesh does not cause any unwanted perspiration. This water-resistant backpack is perfect for biking, cycling, or other adventure sports as well.

In Summary:

Will resist water and some other environmental damage
The combination of black and purple color appears sophisticated and stylish
The included breathable shoulder strap is conveniently adjustable
Throughout the use, the users will not feel sweaty

#4. Cross Body Bag Shoulder Bag For Women

Meru – Small Backpack, Cross Body Bag, Sling Backpack Shoulder Bag for Women

By: Meru

This crossbody sling bag comes with the soft and lightweight memory foam strap for strain-free carrying experience. The bag is also ideal for both men and women. Moreover, the simple design of this bag makes it suitable for regular use and several outdoor activities. The compact, lightweight, and small design of this bag comes along with proper durability.

With the aid of one internal compartment and zippered pocket, this bag also allows you to store a small laptop or tablet. Furthermore, in the presence of several small zippered pockets, you can easily store a smartphone, headphone, or other necessary items. The hidden cardholder and hidden pocket keep your valuables secured from theft. Even, it has a separate water bottle holder. Considering all aspects, it is one of the best sling bags for women to opt for.

In Summary:

In spite of being compact in design, it is made highly durable
Comes with concealed pocket and concealed cardholder to protect your valuables
There is a dedicated water bottle holder so whenever you feel thirsty, you can easily access water
Lightweight memory foam is used in its making

#3. Paxton Crossbody Rope Sling Bag

KAVU Paxton Pack Backpack CRossbody Rope Sling Bag


The exceptional teardrop design of this rope bag with a funky double pattern style perfectly matches with your urban lifestyle. This backpack for women also comes with the crossbody design for easy transportability. Moreover, the pure polyester material construction turns this bag into a waterproof and sturdy pouch for carriage. This sling bag has the gear capacity up to 14-liters. The buckle fastener with solid rope straps of this bag allows you to adjust the straps accordingly.

The compact yet spacious compartments of this sack also make it ideal for storing your regular objects. Furthermore, the main compartment of this bag has a mesh zipper closure. Even, you get a separate rear mesh bottle holder. The bag includes adjustable rope straps with buckle fasteners for easy use. The internal key clip holds the keys without any hassle. The zippered compartment allows you to store books, tablets, groceries, or other items with ease.

In Summary:

Presence of polyester material makes this sling bag waterproof
There is a dedicated rear mesh pocket holder
Since the compartment is zippered, it is quite easy to open and close it

#2. Crossbody Backpack For Women

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag - Crossbody Backpack for Women

By: OutdoorMaster

The specific design of this sling bag makes it suitable for both men and women. This waterproof bag with crossbody design also helps you to carry your longings without any stress. Moreover, the roomy compartments of the sack involve compact design to avoid fluffiness. This product is simply ideal for everyday usage. This lightweight bag comes with robust material construction for durability. This spacious bag is perfect for storing your small camera, tablet, and laptop up to 12.5-inch.

The reversible shoulder strap direction of this bag is also useful for both the left- and right-hand users. Furthermore, the hidden pocket of this bag keeps your valuables safe from theft. Even this sack has multiple small pockets along with a water bottle holder to keep your belongings in an organized way. The strap of this bag includes a secured hook-and-loop channel for headphones and charging cable for on the go charging. Overall, it is one of the best sling bags for women on the list.

In Summary:

The gray color appears sophisticated on women
Can seamlessly hold a tiny camera, laptop, books, etc
You will not feel bulky due to its compact design
There are many pocket bags and a water bottle holder

#1. Rope Sling Bag

KAVU Rope Sling Bag


Made of high-quality polyester, this stylish looking sling bag for women comes in a sleek design for easy transportability. This bag also has its unique crossbody design and funky styles. Moreover, the roomy compartments of this bag make it ideal for carrying small accessories. A pair of main compartments in the bag helps you to keep books and other regular items with ease. The internal zip pocket securely holds your personal objects, like keys, cash, ATM cards, and so on.

This lightweight and soft bag also comes with two external pockets to store your makeup box, USB cables, and smartphone. Furthermore, the rope straps of the item are extremely durable and withstand all the abuses. You can bring this sling bag to your school or college without much difficulty. The product with 600D polyester material construction is very much sturdy and resistant to water.

In Summary:

There are many spacious compartments to hold the essential items
The two external pockets can hold items that you need most frequently
Its 600D polyester material construction resists water
The included rope straps withstand the severity of external conditions

Different Types Of Sling Bags For Women And How To Choose Them

Women need to carry a lot of useful items along with wherever they go. Every time, a huge sized bag cannot be a suitable option to carry all their stuff. In such cases, a decent quality sling bag will help them to conveniently include their necessary items inside. When the matter comes to on-the-go storage, it is beneficial to choose options that present great versatility and convenience. Keeping this in mind, sling bags are known to be one of the superior options for women while going on travel.

They will be able to move out conveniently by securely carrying their necessary stuff inside. In order to make an easy selection, women first need to understand different types of sling bags available on the market. Based on the size, design, style, and fit, the sling bags are presented in a myriad of options. The first part of the below section will highlight different types of sling bags for women and the latter one will focus on how to choose:

Types Of Sling Bags

While intending to buy sling bags, there is a wide number of styles and categories available. Few of them are small, few are large, few come with a leather strap while few come with a chained strap, etc. By appropriately choosing the suitable sling bag according to your lifestyle, your investment will prove valuable. Take a look at different types of sling bags for women:

Round Shaped Sling Bag

The exquisite looking round shaped sling bag for women lets them feel stylish and also adds to the convenience. Generally, they are equipped with a strap to enhance flexibility and create an eye-catching look.

Leather Sling Bag

Leather sling bags are generally in high demand because they appear classy and stylish as well. With the facility of a removable and adjustable strap, they certainly appear a decent piece of fashion wherever you go. If you are uncomfortable with the large-sized leather sling bag, the small-sized bag comes with stylish chain straps. Also, they come with tiny pockets capable to easily carry small stuff in a classy way.

Wool Sling Bag

This stylishly looking sling bag is made up of wools that are specially knotted in the unique wave pattern. The mentioned pattern presents a wonderful look and the presence of the attached leather strap will add to the elegance.

Flowing Fringes Sling Bag

With the presence of the flowering fringes throughout the design, this type of bag would appear trendy in unique material and colors.

Stone Studded Sling Bag

The stone studded sling bag certainly flaunt a luxurious look while also maintaining the style quotient. In its design, the distinctive color presents a charming look.

How To Pick The Sling Bags For Women?

Once the types and styles of the sling bags are known, it will be easy to pick the suitable one. It is crucial to know the amount of stuff you want to carry inside and the type of occasion. Moreover, the convenience and flexibility are other important aspects to consider. The type of material used is one of the prime things while deciding to pick the one.

It is best to choose the round shape sling bag if you intend to go to the official party. For casual occasions, you can choose the stone-studded sling bag that would appear attractive in any party. It will uniquely enhance the charm while you carry it. For the office purpose or official meeting, you can buy the big leather sling bag in order to carry your stuff beautifully. The use of leather denotes the capability to withstand the wear & tear from daily commute to office. All the tiny stuff will get accommodated inside easily.

If you are a college-going girl, it is best to go for flowing fringes sling bags. This is because they appear stylish with innovative colors and designs. During winter, it is best to carry the wool sling bag to uniquely flaunt your style.


There are different sizes of sling bags available. In some of them, you can carry smartphones and other essentials. There are large ones available as well for carrying small laptops and tablets. The material construction can vary a lot, and therefore, the properties and features can vary. Hence, it is important to go through the above-mentioned best sling bags for women and understand them well before shortlisting and buying the best one for you. In fact, you can buy multiple that go well with your dresses for variety.

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