The 13 Best Short Throw Projectors — Review In 2021

Short throw projectors are becoming common sites in offices, schools, colleges, and many other places. And this is due to the growing awareness and appreciation of the product as well as improving technology that is leading to better, more efficient, and reliable units. Furthermore, today’s units are highly advanced and deliver high-quality images and audio. You will also notice that they are much smaller, lighter, compact, but very reliable.

One challenge that many people face when planning it purchase the unit is deciding on a specific type. Yes, a particular type may have good resolution and excellent picture quality. However, it may not be reliable in a very small room. You may also find that the unit is a bit techy for inexperienced users or is a little costly for your budget. To assist you in making the right decision and selection, we reviewed the best short throw projectors in 2021. Check them out right here!

List Of Best Short Throw Projectors In 2021

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#13. Ultra Short Throw Laser Smart Home Theater Projector

LG HF85JA Ultra Short Throw Laser Smart Home Theater Projector

By: LG

Although it was released into the market in 2017, the LG HF85JA Ultra Short Throw Laser projector still ranks among the best short throw projectors in 2021. It’s a good choice for the home, office, classroom, conference room and many other places. The small and compact unit takes little space and can be placed near screens with no issues.

It relays great images courtesy of the Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution and good 150,000:1 Contrast Ratio. On top of that, it has up to 1,500 lumens for the best brightness and the laser lamp has a long lifespan of 20,000 hours. The unit is also energy efficient and consumes less than 0.5 watts on Standby.

#12. Short Throw Gaming Projector

Optoma GT750ST Short Throw Gaming Projector

By: Optoma

With Optoma GT750ST Short Throw Gaming Projector, you will enjoy great picture quality at a competitive price. The unit will work from a distance as close as 32 inches, and you still get high-resolution images. This makes it good even for small homes, offices, or classrooms. Setting it is easy courtesy of the basic nature and simple instructions.

It is compatible with many OS, including iOS, Android, wireless, Windows, and supports Multimedia layback. The powerful LED light ensures the images are not just bright but also clear. Nevertheless, it keeps the power consumption on a low, and the lamps have a long lifespan. To make listening to music and watching videos easy, the accessory features a media player.

#11. 3200 Lumens WXGA HDMI Short Throw Projector

ViewSonic PJD5553LWS 3200 Lumens WXGA HDMI Short Throw Projector

By: ViewSonic

If you desire to own a versatile and reliable short throw projector, you will definitely find the ViewSonic PJD5553LWS worth buying. In fact, you probably have seen it in use in homes, offices, classrooms and other places. And from what consumers and experts say, this unit is appropriate for beginners as well as professionals. It works from a very close distance without undermining the picture quality. Credit goes to the 3200 Lumens brightness that prevents shadows or blurs.

Additionally, it features Dynamic Eco-Mode lamps which can last for as many as 10, 000 hours. Thanks to the Plug & Play, design, setting up the projector is simple. Similar to the best choice on the market, it is energy efficient, portable, reliable, and durable.

#10. Short Throw Projector, 3300 Lumens, HDMI, LAN

InFocus IN126STa WXGA Short Throw Projector, 3300 Lumens, HDMI, LAN

By: InFocus

The InFocus brand is no stranger in regards to top-selling Short Throw Projectors. In fact, the firm has several items on the market, but this one, in our view, is one of the best. The InFocus IN126STa WXGA has good picture quality that is free of distortion. This is due to the superior technology and the 3300 Lumens of brightness. The unit comes wireless-ready meaning there is no need to hook up candles. And thanks to the WXGA (1280 x 800) native resolution, you will enjoy great video and pictures.

It works great from a close distance courtesy of the and features several ports and connections (HDMI, VGA, USB minibus-A, USB-B, RCA, RS-232, S-Video,) for connecting other devices.

#9. Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projectors

LG Electronics PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projectors

By: LG

The LG Electronics PF1000U is a perfect option for homes, offices, classrooms, lecture rooms, conference room, and much more. The lightweight and compact needs very little space and is also easy to move around with. It is Plug_and_play meaning you don’t need additional Programs, Software, or Apps to use it. What’s even better is that it works from a very close range and the image quality is quite decent.

It comes with Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution and has a maximum brightness of 1000 Lumens. And if you are concerned about the power bills, then this unit is certainly what you need. It is energy efficient and has long-lasting lamps.

#8. 1080p Home Theater Projector Short Throw

BenQ HT2150ST 1080p Home Theater Projector Short Throw

By: BenQ

The BenQ brand isn’t just famous for computers but projectors as well. It has many short throw projectors under its belt. Still, the BenQ HT2150ST Home Theater Projector is undoubtedly among the worthy pieces. It relays good picture quality thanks to the 1080p resolution and 6x RGBRGB color. According to the manufacturer, the unit can be used from as near as 1.5 meters and will deliver a nice 100-inch screen.

This is because of the good technology, Full HD image quality, and 15000:1 contrast ratio. The built-in 10W speaker emits good audio for easy listening whereas the simple design improves operation. It features 2200 Lumens of brightness and comes ready-to-use. No extra programs or Software is required.

#7. 200 Lumen HDMI/MHL With Built-In 6,000mAh Battery Power Bank

ASUS S1 200 Lumen HDMI:MHL Built-in 6,000mAh Battery Power Bank

By: Asus

The ASUS S1 Short-Throw LED Pocket Projector is a good fit for people looking for reliability, efficiency, and portability. It comes in a palm-size for easy placement on the hands, desk, and for convenient carrying. And despite its relatively small nature, this piece delivers amazing performance. It boasts of a WVGA 854 x 480 True Resolution (Native) that relays good picture quality.

To power the unit, it includes a built-in 6000 mAh battery that can last for as many as 3 hours. Users appreciate the lightweight and compact size, which improves storage and portability. They also like the good resolution, seamless operation, and the HDMI/ MHL connectivity. Thanks to the Advanced DLP Technology, the 200 lumens LED lamps can last for up to 30,000 hours.

#6. 1080p 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector

Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector

By: Optoma

With the Optoma GT1080, watching videos and listening to music will be fun. The unit has a high resolution (1080p) which ensures the images are crystal clear. And to add the fun and excitement, it products good audio that is free of distortion. Placing it 5 feet from the screen provides a large 100-inch screen.

Thanks to the 2800 lumens of brightness, cases of shadowy images are unlikely. This is further improve3d by the DLP imaging technology, which gives you really like pictures. The Short Throw Projector comes with several connection points to work with other devices. Setting it up and operating, the unit is easy and straightforward.

#5. Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

iRULU P5 Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Support 1080P HD


Coming from a renowned manufacturer, this projector appeals to both novices and professionals. The iRULU P5 Projector is one of the simplest to set up thanks to having minimal frills. On top of that, it is compact and lightweight for easy movements. The unit is good for watching videos, playing games, and other things. You can use it at home, office, classroom and other places.

It has a resolution of 1080p, which is quite decent and works well even when a few feet away from the screen. Unlike some of its rivals, this piece stays cool to touch even after long use. And to add icing to the cake, it is high quality, energy-efficient, and durable.

#4. 800-Lumens 1280 x 800 Ultra-Short-Throw

ASUS P3B 800-Lumens 1280 x 800 Ultra-Short-Throw 12,000mAh Battery HDMI:MHL

By: Asus

The ASUS P3B short throw projector is suitable for home use, office use, school, and other places. It delivers picture courtesy of the 1280 x 800 resolution. Just like the picture, the sound is equally good and can be heard from a long distance. It includes 12,000-mAh battery that lasts a long period and is very portable.

Thanks to being wireless, struggles of carrying of moving it, or wires entangling with objects, are unlikely. Although the 800 lumens is a little low in comparison to other alternatives, the unit has good brightness for the best clarity. And to easily connect to other devices, the portable unit features HDMI/MHL, VGA as well as supporting microSD.

#3. 1080P DLP Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT2050A 1080P DLP Home Theater Projector, 2200 Lumens, 96% Rec.709, 3D

By: BenQ

Featuring a High Resolution of 1080p, this projector guarantees a user of better picture quality. And not just that, it also has amazing audio. The small unit is amongst the most advanced systems in the market, and one of the notable features is the 3D capability. This assures you if better images, while the premium RGBRGB color gives you really like pictures.

With an ANSI brightness of 2,200 Lumens and a contrast ratio of 15,000:1, the unit delivers sharp images. It’s also one of the easiest to install as well as operate and you also get a remote contrail for easy use. The energy-efficient unit includes smart technology to keep power conception low while the DLP technology suits it for day and night viewing.

#2. 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness Projector

Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness (Color Light Output)

By: Epson

If you are keen on Short Throw Projectors, chances are you have heard of or even used the Epson VS250. It comes in a compact size and is perfect for many situations like the office, classroom, or home. It works from a close range and has a high color output thanks to the 32000 lumens. Furthermore, the 3LCD projector delivers vivid colors, clear images, and is fit for both day and night viewing.

With an SVGA resolution (800 x 600), the unit is perfect for everyday presentations. It is compatible with PC, Mac and doesn’t need additional software or programs to operate. The apparatus works with media players, laptops, and features HDMI for easy connectivity.

#1. 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

By: ViewSonic

The ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector completes our review of the best short throw projectors in 2021. It’s ideal for the home, office, conference room, classroom, and many other places. We like the small size and compact nature, which saves space and also improves portability. It can be placed as close as 120 inches to the screen and the image wills until be great.

It has good images because of the 3600 lumens which deliver good brightness and. The unit supports many video systems including NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. Furthermore, it boasts of superior light bulbs that have a lifespan of 15,000 hours. And thanks to the SuperEco mode, the projector conserves energy.


Picking a good short throw projector may be tedious and confusing, especially for a complete novice. As a seasoned user, you also will face challenges due too the many types in the market and ever-changing technology. What may have been the most advanced or reliable piece may soon be overtaken by a more superior product. And considering that people do not have the time or even knowledge to compare the different items, singling out a piece can be hard.

Fortunately, we looked and compared what the current market is offering. And we can proudly say that we have unearthed the best short throw projectors in 2021. To do this, we focused on the Throw ratio, Lumens, Picture Quality, Lighting Source, and other features. Any of the above pieces will, therefore, suit your needs whether in the classroom, office, business premises, or any other place.

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