Top 14 Best Shampoo Bowls Of 2021 – Products Review

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The shampoo bowls are portable washing basins, and they can be seen in hair salons and spas. The customers do not have to move from their place, and they can get their hair washed after cutting and trimming. The shampoo bowl has all the arrangement to wash the hair after shampooing and draining the water out perfectly without creating a mess. Even when you have elderly people at home with mobility issues, you can use the same for their convenience. The following list contains the best shampoo bowls for you.

List Of The Best Shampoo Bowls

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#14. Wall Mount Salon & Spa Shampoo Bowl

By: LCL Beauty

With the ability to accommodate clients of different heights, the shampoo bowl allows you to tilt adjust it to 6 inches. This is easy to mount and comes will the necessary hardware. Moreover, it includes many other accessories like towels, neck gel, and P-trap. It is in an elegant design and allows you to set it up with ease.

Furthermore, this is in a generous size and is very easy to clean. It has great performance and is a must-have product for salon professionals. Additionally, the bowl comes in a convenient shape and lets you mount it on the wall. This is made of white ceramic that makes it easily blend with the look of your salon.

In Summary:

Can be easily mounted on the wall with convenient fit
All the necessary accessories are included in the pack –neck gel, towels, and P-trap
Presented in a comfortable size to let you use conveniently
Use of white ceramic effortlessly blends with the appearance of a salon

#13. Shampoo Bowl Floor Cabinet With Storage

By: Beauty Salon Shampoo Bowl

If you are looking for a versatile shampoo bowl, then this is the one for you. This comes with a storage cabinet and has an attractive look. Moreover, this is made of thick ABS plastic and the cabinet is made of melamine. It comes with all the plumbing parts and includes water line reducers. Additionally, the bowl is in a tiltable design and lets you cater to all types of clients.

It is very easy to assemble and provides you with an option to store all your salon tools. Furthermore, this comes in a space-saving design, and you will be getting a silica gel neck rest. It also includes shampoo towels that make your task very easy.

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In Summary:

Extremely simple to assemble and use when needed
The unique space-saving design makes sure there will be no wastage of space
All the plumbing accessories included in the pack
Incorporates a storage cabinet inside

#12. Extra Wide Shampoo Bowl

By: eMark Beauty

Composed of heavy-duty ABS plastic, the shampoo bowl is the perfect equipment for any beauty salon. It comes in an extra-wide design and is very durable. Additionally, it allows you to serve clients of all heights and has a scratch-resistant sink. Moreover, this lets you mount it on the wall and is easy to set up.

It comes with a white glossy finish and includes a drain with a spray hose. Furthermore, it includes additional accessories like gel neck rest, faucet, and vacuum breaker for your convenience. It also comes with a hair trap which ensures that there will be a smooth flow of water. This has a built-in receiver plate and is easy to clean.

In Summary:

Use of the heavy-duty plastic boost durability and flexibility
The flawless flow of water is guaranteed by a hair trap
Includes a receiver plate inside its structure
The included sink is resistant to scratches

By: eMark Beauty

This shampoo bowl comes in a two-in-one design and allows you to have both comfort and convenience. It is made of ABS plastic and has a glossy finish. Furthermore, this is resistant to scratches and lets you use it for many years. This includes a gel neck rest that provides additional comfort when you wash your hair.

Moreover, the melamine cabinet is resistant to water and lets you store your important items including tools and accessories. Additionally, it includes a hair trap, and there is also a spray hose drain. This is visually appealing and offers you long-lasting service. This is easy to clean and lets you install with ease.

In Summary:

All the included tools, as well as accessories, can be kept inside the melamine cabinet
The overall look is made attractive
No hassles while using and cleaning

#10. Professional Salon Shampoo Bowl

By: Pibbs Industries

Equipped with a single handle faucet, this shampoo bowl comes in a stylish design. This is made of ABS material and is very durable. It does not fade and has the ability to resist stains. Moreover, it includes all the hardware that lets you set it with ease.

The shampoo bowl is in a convenient design and includes a hair trapper. Additionally, this is a must-have tool for any salon as it offers convenience and can accommodate clients of different sizes. Furthermore, this is easy to clean and has low maintenance. With it, washing hair will become an easy task and is in a space-saving design.

In Summary:

Capable to accommodate clients of varied sizes
A person can clean it easily without any hassles
Use of ABS material enhances durability
The chic design is conveyed by a single-handle faucet

#9. Portable Height Adjustable Hair Treatment Bowl


Available in a wide design, the shampoo bowl has all the professional features. It lets you use it with ease as it is very lightweight. It also affordable and includes all the accessories and tools that let you set with ease. Moreover, this will allow you to adjust the height and use it with any type of chair.

With this, you will find a convenient drain hose for easy emptying of water. Furthermore, this is made of durable materials and has a sturdy base. It comes with removable small feet and is in a portable design. Additionally, this has a swivel bowl that lets you adjust it in multiple angles and have client satisfaction.

In Summary:

Extremely lightweight for easy movement if required
Comes with the height-adjustable feature
The rotatable bowl allows you to adjust in different angles

#8. ABS Shampoo Bowl & Hydraulic Shampoo Package

By: LCL Beauty

Here is a shampoo bowl that comes in a complete set and lets you have your own salon. It includes a 360-degree swiveling chair, and there is also a chair cover. Moreover, the headrest is adjustable in four different heights, and you can even remove it according to your client’s comfort. Furthermore, the bowl is made of high-quality material and is very lightweight.

It has good strength and lets you use it for years. The bowl is easy to set up and includes other accessories like gel neck rest and P-trap to effectively catch the fallen hair. Additionally, you will be getting towels and a cutting cape for easy client service.

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In Summary:

The included headrest can be adjusted in 4 diverse settings
Incorporates a rotatable chair and there is a chair cover included
The pack comes with a cutting cape and towel
Use of premium quality material guarantees long-lasting use

#7. Heart Shaped Heavy Duty Professional Shampoo Bowl

By: LCL Beauty

Composed of durable ceramic material, this comes in a convenient design. The shampoo bowl is in a heart-shaped design and is very functional. Moreover, this comes with six absorbent towels to dry your hair dry immediately after cleaning it. Furthermore, this includes a hanging bracket for easy installation on the wall.

It has low maintenance and cleans up in a breeze. This is visually appealing and comes with a spray hose for effective hair washing. Additionally, this includes a vacuum breaker and is an ideal product for salon professionals. This does not occupy much space and comes at an affordable value. This is beautiful and lasts for years.

In Summary:

No much hassles while cleaning and maintenance
A spray hose is included for hassle-free washing
Comes with a vacuum breaker
Will not take up excess space

#6. Portable Salon Deep Basin Shampoo Sink

By: Nova Microdermabrasion

Allowing you to adjust the height according to your preference, the shampoo bowl comes in a functional design. This is very lightweight and lets you optimize the space. Moreover, this is easy to clean and has a durable structure. In this, you will find a plug that helps to avoid the water out.

Additionally, this comes with a drain hose for easy emptying and includes stainless steel pipe. The bowl is made of durable ABS composite material is safe to use with its sturdy base. Furthermore, this has a larger bowl that is perfect for clients with different needs. It eliminates stains and is resistant to fading.

In Summary:

Allows saving the space in the insufficient space area
Use of the durable ABS composite material conveys high safety during use
The spacious sized bowl allows high capacity
Resistant to fading and stains

#5. Shampoo Bowl Hair Sink With Gel Neck Rest

By: AW

Preventing any kind of water blockage, the shampoo bowl comes with a hair trap. With it, you don’t have to worry about your small items including keys and contact lenses. This is made of PP material and is very durable. Moreover, this is resistant to corrosion and includes a vacuum breaker. This is perfect for home use or commercial use and is easy to install.

Furthermore, it comes in a space-saving design, and you can easily mount it on a wall. You will also be getting comfort gel neck rest that is waterproof. Additionally, this has a gloss finish and looks very attractive. This is very strong and resists fading and stains, and hence, it is one of the best shampoo bowls.

In Summary:

The space-efficient design allows easy mounting on the wall
Will not have any harmful effects of corrosion
The included gel neck rest is waterproof
Equipped with a gloss finish to convey excellent beauty

#4. Shampoo Barber Backwash Chair

By: Ainfox

This is a highly functional shampoo bowl that comes with an attached chair. It is in a unique design and allows you to adjust the sink bowl. Moreover, this will let you have enhanced comfort with its reclining design and has high-density foam on the chair. It also has a gel neck rest and includes many other accessories including a cutting cape.

Furthermore, this has reinforced saddle sticking that avoids tearing and ripping. The chair has a massive weight capacity of 450 pounds and is very durable. Additionally, this includes a vacuum breaker and a spray hose along with the shower nozzle. It has a stable construction and is in an ergonomic design. Considering all the parameters, it is definitely one of the best shampoo bowls.

In Summary:

The reinforced saddle sticking makes sure there is no ripping and tearing
Comes with the steady construction and ergonomic design
Furnished with the reclining design to convey excellent comfort
The softness is conveyed by high-density foam

#3. ABS Plastic Bowl Sink


Are you looking for a shampoo bowl that will let you use it for years? Here is a shampoo bowl that has steel parts and is made of durable plastic. It comes in a classic style and includes a draining basket for easy usage. Moreover, this will let you clean it conveniently and is resistant to stains. You will also find a vacuum breaker and a stainless faucet for effective usage.

Additionally, this has two inlets for both hot and cold water along with a shower hose. The silica gel neck rest provides a comfortable experience while keeping the head and gives better client satisfaction. Furthermore, this is very lightweight and is perfect for heads of all sizes. This will offer you convenience and is ideal for salon stylists.

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In Summary:

The included two inlets allow hot and cold water
Hassle-free experience is facilitated by silica gel neck rest
Can prevent the accumulation of stains
Suitable for heads of different sizes

#2. Portable Deep Basin Shampoo Sink With Drain

By: Saloniture

Here is a shampoo bowl that comes in a portable design and lets you have better flexibility. This is made of ABS composite material and is very durable. It has a large capacity to accommodate clients of different sizes. Moreover, it includes a strong pedestal base and allows you to adjust the height from 39 inches to 55 inches. In this, you easily use different types of chairs and have your own advantage.

Additionally, the basin is in a tilting design and lets the neck rest to dip. There is also a rubber stopper that easily fits the opening of the drain. Furthermore, it includes a drain hose clamp as well as a drain hose that lets you set it up with ease. This is lightweight, and you can easily take it to your client’s location. Clearly, it is one of the best shampoo bowls to buy.

In Summary:

Allows height adjustment from 39 inches to 55 inches
The included rubber stopper effortlessly fits the drain’s opening
Allows easy portability and operation

#1. Inflatable Hair Washing Shampoo Basin

By: Chrome Cherry

Providing you with amazing neck support, the shampoo bowl lets you use it with any kind of chair including a wheelchair. It allows you to have a cushion contour and use it according to your preferred position. Moreover, this will keep the water out and lets the hair flow neatly with its adjustable channeling flaps. Additionally, it is in a portable design and lets you clean it with ease.

With this, you will not have to face any mess as it is easy to maintain. This is an ideal product for any stylist and lets you use it from anywhere you want. Furthermore, this is very lightweight, and you can easily carry it in your travel kit. It is made of safe materials and allows you to have maximum flexibility.

In Summary:

Water will be quickly drained and the mess will be cleared effectively
The convenient size allows you to use anywhere
Comfort is enhanced by the included cushion contour
Portable design allows simplicity of use

The Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Best Shampoo Bowls

The shampoo bowl facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, but you need to know certain aspects before purchasing the one. Go through the ultimate guide for having the best shampoo bowls:

The Purpose of Use

The first step is to evaluate for which purpose you need a shampoo bowl. Firstly, you have to ask yourself about why to buy it and will it serve your purpose or not. The appropriate answers to such questions will give proper insight into what you want to buy actually. For example, do you need it for your salon and have lots of space. If yes, then you can go for a fixed or a cabinet one. On the other hand, if you require it for house-hold use, then it best to go for the portable shampoo bowls due to its excellent maneuverability.

The Budget

One of the most crucial factors to consider is your budget before choosing the shampoo bowl. You need to carefully evaluate your needs vs your pocket. It is a bad idea to go blindly and choose the most costly shampoo bowl. It is better if you have prioritized your needs and make a budget-friendly purchase. If you are able to compromise on a few features to get improved quality on others then do it. After assessing your needs, you can know how much to spend on the shampoo bowls.


One more exciting feature to consider is the material used in the making of shampoo bowls. You may consider tensile strength, mobility of combination of both. If you go for the former, then you must avoid excess plastic because it is the least durable material. Instead, it is best to go for the shampoo bowls made up of metallic materials. In case you are insisting on finding a common ground, then it is certain that an alloy would meet your needs.


In recent times, the shampoo bowls are made available in stylish designs. They provide different depths, shapes, and radii. A large bowl will offer sufficient space for use, but it may be difficult to perform space management. In case you are working in a narrow space, then a small bowl is the best choice. If there is adequate space, then it can be used for kids and adults without any discomfort.


It is a fact that all humans do not have the same height and same body shape. These factors are important to focus on, and when it comes to adjustability, it relies on you to choose the shampoo bowl. It should be able to vary the height based on the needs of users. Moreover, it should be able to move forward, backward, right, or left without any difficulties. Focusing on these aspects will certainly give excellent comfort level to the customers for long-term use.


This factor is one of the most fundamentals one, but simultaneously it is one of the most essential requirement. Compromising on the balance of the shampoo bowls could lead to a potentially harmful injury to customers. It is best to choose the height that users find the best comfort with.

Resistant To Stains And Mess

One key aspect to take into account is the capability to resist mess and stain. The type of material used decides whether the shampoo bowl is stain-proof or not. There are some materials that are susceptible to stains and they would leave their mark on the bowl to let it look untidy. Therefore, for the customers, it needs to be avoided. Occasionally, while washing hair, the hair strands mixed with shampoo, hair color, or conditioner can break off the scalp and may stick to the bowl. In case the shampoo bowl is not stain proof, such stains can be difficult to remove for even the superb cleaning detergents. Therefore, it is crucial that the cleanliness factor should be considered.

Additional Aspects

It always depends on the budget to get an affordably priced shampoo bowl with manifold features. The same will assist you to save from the troubles in the future. The additional features one may need to consider include water drainage tank, hot/cold water facility, choice of shampoo and water sprayers.


It is a must for hair salons and spas for the convenience of the users, and we have listed the various types of best shampoo bowls to choose from as per requirement. There are a lot of factors to consider while buying a shampoo bowl. Some of the bowls are not as portable as others are. You can install them at a fixed place, and you do not have to go to the bathroom for washing your hair. You can shampoo your hair with mild shampoo every time you come home from outside.

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