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Top 9 Best Rolling Workbenches – In 2020 Reviews

Working benches offer you a lot of conveniences. A rolling workbench will give you a better option of working by allowing you to take it anywhere you want. You can easily take it indoors or outdoors and finish your project. The product comes with many features and lets you store your tools in a better way. It also makes you organize the tools and get your job done in an efficient way. Moreover, it provides you with a strong working area and enhances your productivity. Check out the list of the best rolling workbenches below.

List of The Best Rolling Workbenches

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#9. Swivel 12-Drawer 60-Inch Rolling Workbench

Swivel 12-Drawer 60-Inch Rolling Workbench

By: Swivel Storage Solutions

Here is a very functional rolling workbench that comes in a versatile design. This has low resistance and is very durable with its seven-gauge steel construction. Moreover, this has multiple drawers and frame, which lets you organize your items in a proper way. It also has adjustable legs, which enables you to place it in uneven surfaces. Furthermore, it includes a foot pedal that can easily lift and converts it into the moveable mode.

The workbench has a tamper-proof locking system and includes drawer liners. Additionally, this comes with a swivel hinge system and is easy to move with its smooth-rolling wheels. This is perfect for home or commercial use and lets you store your tools in a better way.

In Summary:
  • High durability is conveyed by the seven-gauge steel construction
  • The included adjustable legs enable you to mount on rough surfaces as well
  • There is the exclusive implementation of the swivel hinge mechanism
  • Easy organization of items is facilitated by multiple drawers and frame

#8. Seville Classics Ultrahd Rolling Workbench (Granite)

Seville Classics Ultrahd Rolling Workbench (Granite)

By: Seville Classics

Equipped with a two-door cabinet, the rolling workbench has a full-width shelf. It will allow you to adjust the height in four different positions and lets you use it with ease. Additionally, it has multiple storage compartments, which comes in a lockable design. It has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and has drawer fronts and cabinet doors, which can resist fingerprint.

Moreover, this is made of durable steel and includes four corner bumpers for added protection. This is perfect for a hobby room, basement, or garage and has heavy-duty wheels. The wheels roll smoothly on different surfaces due to its large size and provide you ease. Furthermore, this comes with a solid hardwood top that allows you to perform different tasks.

In Summary:
  • All the small items will be effectively arranged inside
  • The max weight capacity is 500 pounds
  • To deliver supreme protection, there are four corner bumpers embedded inside
  • There are many different storage compartments included to successfully organize different items

#7. Bora Portamate Miter Saw Stand Work Station | Mobile Rolling Table Top Workbench

Bora Portamate Miter Saw Stand Work Station | Mobile Rolling Table Top Workbench

By: Portamate

This rolling workbench is ideal for placing saw or other tools. It will securely hold the saw and has good precision. Moreover, it will not move or wobble and comes in an extendable design. In this, you will find two 30 inches wings that can easily fold and lock into place. Furthermore, the wings have moveable inserts, which easily aligns with the saw.

This comes with a handle and provides convenient mobility with its wheels. Additionally, this is easy to use and is very durable. It has a strong steel structure and offers superior functionality for your workshop. The rolling workbench comes with peg holes and you can easily use it as a full level table with its reverse flips.

In Summary:
  • Once fixed, it will not create instability issues
  • The wheels located at the bottom facilitate hassle-free mobility on different surfaces
  • Its two 30 inches wings allow easy folding and locking in place

#6. Milwaukee 48-22-8560 ELEC TOOL Mobile Workbench

Milwaukee 48-22-8560 ELEC TOOL Mobile Workbench

By: Milwaukee

This is an attractive looking rolling workbench that comes with ball bearing slides. This has a wood work-surface on the top and is perfect for multiple projects. Moreover, this is made of 20-gauge steel and is very durable. It offers easy maneuverability with its caster wheels and has a large handle. Additionally, this can easily accommodate large items as it allows you to adjust the shelves according to your needs.

This comes in thoughtful design and lets you adjust the height. It has a steel pegboard on the back and allows you to place it in three different positions. Furthermore, this will create more space and offers added utility with its reversible design.

In Summary:
  • The red and black colored design represents attractive design
  • The huge sized items can be conveniently accommodated inside
  • High durability is presented by 20-gauge steel construction
  • The steel pegboard facilitates placement in 3 unique positions

#5. Trinity 72″ Black Rolling Workbench

Trinity 72 Black Rolling Workbench

By: Trinity

Available in two different colors, the rolling workbench rubber block top that can withstand heat exposure. The top can resist any kind of impact or marring and is perfect for repair work. With it, you can organize your items in a better way as it comes with multiple compartments. Moreover, this has a total of eight drawers and includes one large cabinet.

In this, you will find a ball bearing slides that make it glide smoothly. Furthermore, this is very strong and has a weight capacity of 2200 pounds. It will let you create more space and is perfect for large tools. Additionally, each of the drawers has a weight capacity of 100 pounds and includes a smooth handle.

In Summary:
  • The max weight capacity is 2200 pounds
  • The huge sized tools can be effortlessly accommodated in its interior
  • Large cabinet and 8 drawers are contained inside
  • There is a sleek handle included for hassle-free portability

#4. Stainless Steel Work Table

Stainless Steel Work Table

By: SM

This rolling workbench comes with an adjustable shelf and provides you greater safety with its curved edges. This is made of stainless steel and has a chrome-plated shelf. It also has chrome-plated poles, which comes with leveling feet. Moreover, this is perfect for kitchens or restaurants and helps you with food preparation. There is no doubt that it is definitely one of the best rolling workbenches to opt for.

Additionally, you can easily use it for work and is very strong. This comes with large wheels that roll smoothly and looks attractive with its all-metal structure. Furthermore, it allows you to use both indoors and outdoors and have a great time with your family. It will not show signs of wear or corrosion and is very durable. This is also affordable and allows you to clean it with ease.

In Summary:
  • Use of stainless steel material assures high durability
  • Contained large wheels enable smooth rolling of wheels
  • Found resistant to wear & tear and rust
  • Not only workspace but it can be used in the kitchen

#3. Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench

Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench

By: Seville Classics

Here is a versatile rolling workbench that provides you with a lot of option. In this, you will find 12 drawers that can easily accommodate different items and lets you have an easy organization of things. The drawers have padded liners and have a stainless steel door. Moreover, this is made of all steel and is very durable. This will provide secure storage to your items as the drawer doors come with locks. Furthermore, this includes heavy-duty wheels that roll smoothly. You can easily lock two wheels and have good stability.

The workbench is attractive and easily complements with the look of your basement, hobby room, or garage. Additionally, this will provide a perfect kitchen storage solution and is very easy to assemble. The sturdy workbench is very strong and gives you the option of attaching handles. This is safe to use and has holes for a pegboard.

In Summary:
  • The drawers are furnished with a stainless steel door
  • Smooth-rolling experience is presented by its heavy-duty wheels
  • The overall workbench is made attractive in terms of design
  • Different items can be safely held inside the 12 drawers

#2. Trinity EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table with Wheels

Trinity EcoStorage NSF Stainless Steel Table with Wheels

By: Trinity

Composed of all stainless steel, this rolling workbench has two working shelves. It has a weight capacity of 150 pounds on each shelf and comes with locking swivel casters. In this, you can easily adjust the shelves and use them according to your comfort. Moreover, it will provide you with additional storage and has rounded corners and edges for safe use. The impressive table is very sturdy and is easy to clean.

The workbench is easy to maneuver and is perfect for the kitchen, garage, or home. Additionally, it is easy to assemble and does not require any tools. The table has NSF certification and is an ideal mobile unit. This will look great in your home and is also suitable for outdoor use. You can even use it without wheels and has a stylish appearance with its all-metal finish. Considering all aspects, it is one of the best rolling workbenches on the list by far.

In Summary:
  • The inclusion of wheels guarantee smooth movement and they can be removed when needed
  • Extremely simple to maneuver and install
  • Minimum hassles while cleaning and maintenance

#1. Seville Classics WEB484 UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench

Seville Classics WEB484 UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench

By: Seville Classics

Made with durable polyurethane, this rolling workbench comes with a steel organizer drawer. This has a thick wood work-surface and includes two adjustable dividers. The workbench has seven mounting points that can easily create compartments. Moreover, this comes with a non-slip drawer liner and has a steel frame. It allows you to easily lock the four casters and get reliable stability. Furthermore, this is perfect for home, office, or garage use and includes stainless steel handles.

You will also find strong ball-bearing sliders and provides complete organization solution. Additionally, the workbench is very durable and the top gives enhanced protection from scratches and chips. The hard rubber casters roll smoothly and can easily glide in different surfaces. This is of multipurpose use and you can easily use it as a workstation, packaging table, or personal desk. It has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and is in a graphite finish.

In Summary:
  • It has an excellent weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Included rubber casters allow smooth movement on different surfaces
  • The corresponding 4 casters can be conveniently locked
  • No harmful effects of chips and scratches

How To Buy The Best Rolling Workbench?

In order to buy the best rolling workbench from thousands of products, you have to keep the following factors in mind.


A rolling workbench can be of different materials. Metal made structures like steel or aluminum will last longer and offers good security. There are also the ones that can be made of hardwood or plastic. Since it comes with rollers, ensure that it is not heavy so that mobility may become an issue. You will also have to see if it has durable wheels and allows you to lock the wheels. Some come in a versatile design and include sturdy legs too. Easy-rolling wheels will let you take it anywhere you want and can tackle different surfaces.

Storage and Weight Capacity

Storage completely depends on user preference. A rolling workbench comes in different shapes and sizes, consider the one that offers the best space for you. However, always go for cohesive storage as it lets you organize your tools in a better way. You can also see if it has a pegboard for better access to tools. Look out for the one, which allows you to adjust the drawers according to your needs. Additionally, a rolling workbench has to be strong and can withstand high weight capacity. If you are looking to hold larger weights, then consider getting a rolling workbench with high-quality frame and legs.


If a rolling workbench comes with lockable drawers, then it will offer good security to your tools. Security is one of the most important factors and gives you peace of mind. See if it has sturdy locks or hinges for keeping your tools well secure.


Another important feature that you need to consider when getting a rolling workbench is if it allows you to adjust it. Some of it will let you adjust the height in different positions and have a comfortable working experience. Adjustable leveling feet will suit your preferences and allow you to perform a range of tasks. There are also others, which can let you expand the working area and have ease of work. These features will allow you to have convenience and utilize the workbench in an appropriate way.

Easy Installation

While some rolling workbenches may arrive in a full piece, others can require setting it up. If you are getting a rolling workbench that requires setting up, then ensure that it is quick and easy to install. Also, see if it includes all the accessories so that you do not have to face any difficulties while installing it.

Other Features

Apart from the above, you can also see if it has handles that offer ease in mobility. Sturdy handles eliminate pressure when you move it and lets you use it from anywhere you want. Check if the drawers slide smoothly without making any noise or effort. In addition to this, you can also see if it is safe for keeping in your home. Rolling workbenches that have rounded corners or curved edges offer better safety. The working top must resist any kind of impact or chips so that it will last longer and does not cause a hole in your pocket.


If you are looking for a replacement for your workbench, then opt from any of these best rolling workbenches. Since a rolling workbench has the ability to improve productivity, it will also provide a secure system to store your tools. You can easily get a rolling workbench that meets your needs and comes with many features. You have already seen the different types of rolling workbenches and now it becomes easier for you to get the right one. Always see if it is durable and offers smooth mobility.

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