Top 10 Best Rolling Duffel Bags (Duffle Bags) In 2021 Review

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Rolling duffel bags are the preferred ways of moving around your luggage. If you are going for a long trip, the wheels will definitely help you move along, with the least effort and at speed. They do offer good solutions to your storage needs. Your items will be kept safe in place while you are away. Your vacation will be less of a hustle when you know your luggage is safe and secure. This is paramount for any of these bags to be on this list. These duffle bags also do offer the right solution for the storage of items you do not want to use in the near feature. Therefore, they are suitable for all around the year.

Rolling duffel bags come in varying shapes and sizes. It is essential you find a bag that is suitable for your needs. In addition, they do come with different features, such as side pockets to let you access your quick draw items, such as phone chargers. Many options out here in the market do not meet the good standards you require to travel in peace. All the best rolling duffel bags in this review have been handpicked from research and experience of using them. We are 100 % sure, they offer value for money.

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List Of Best Rolling Duffel Bags (Duffle Bags) In 2021

#10. Ripstop Wheeled Duffel Bag

By: AmazonBasics

We start our list with AmazonBasics duffel bag. The manufacturer is known to provide quality at the best prices possible. Here, they do not deviate from this norm. This duffel bag is made of strong, durable materials. Its side and base are made of 1680D ripstop fabric with durable lining. This ripstop fabric is also reinforced to resist tearing and ripping. On your travels, your bag will hold up well against usual bumps. The top is 100% polyester.

On the design aspect of it, it looks beautiful and functional. Warm grey colors combine with black to form nice patterns. This design gives the user a good visual guide to its different compartments. These small pockets let you store or remove small items conveniently. You have the option to use shoulder straps on this bag, making it suitable to use on rough terrain, or if you have few items. The shoulder straps are detachable, for a clean looking bag. The wheels perform well under heavy stresses. You can select one from 35, 30, or 26-inch sizes.

By: Coolife

The Coolife duffel bag is made of lightweight and strong materials. It does not contain frames like others in the market to help it keep its shape. However, frames add some more weight. This is an excellent choice for those looking at moving with airplanes. That extra weight of cargo can be put to good use, or save you money. The overall bag weight is fantastic. For what it lacks in shape, it makes up for in space. You can easily surpass the cargo weight requirement with its large capacity value. If you are skeptical of the quality, Coolife offer you a 2-year limited warranty. Imagine that on a bag.

It has two large compartments for shoes and clothes. Also, you get six more outside pockets for quick access items. You can get on the road with its quick-release handle. The wheels perform well enough to handle the ordinary terrain. Between the two large compartments, you combine them into one. This will give you a large space to use and store your stuff. You can also use this duffel bag as a carryon bag.

#8. Wheeled Rolling Duffel Bag

By: Gothamite

Gothamite has made this duffel bag to meet the need of those looking for the big capacity bags. This thing is huge. For the price, you will not get such features. With three rolling wheels, your bag is well suited to carry around your large volume luggage. This is very good for a bag that can carry a lot of items. The fabric is tough and strong; it will not tear easily.

Therefore, if you are looking for a large capacity volume bag, this is a good option. It is a little bit heavy on its own, but carrying all that self-weight is no joke. This bag is also ideal for those looking for a camping trip. It can fit in your SUV very well. While at the camp, you can have access to more items than other smaller bags. The best thing is that it is even cheaper than many small bags on the market.

#7. Split Roller Duffel Bag

By: Dakine

The Dakine duffel bag incorporates many nifty design features to give you a hustle free experience. It can fold flat to just 7.5 inches depth. This will help you save on lots of storage space when not in use. This design is so unique that Dakine even patented it. Inside the bag are large compartments, separated with see-through meshes. This is particularly good for people like athletes that want to separate their items while on the road. It gives them quick access to their tools of the trade while giving them a safe storage option.

The design is crafted to look beautiful and functional. You have the choice of selecting from 18 different color and style combinations on its fabric. The 600D polymer fabric is reinforced for you to get the most out of this bag. Its zipper is made of YKK number 10. This ensures your luggage is kept safely inside the bag at all times. With this bag, Dakine provides a lifetime limited warranty.

#6. Flashpoint X-Large Rolling Duffel

By: Eagle Creek

With this top rolling duffel bag, Eagle Creek offers what they call a NO MATTER WHAT WARRANTY. What this means is that they will repair your bag throughout your experience with it. The cause of fault does not matter to them. With that being said, this bag is made of Bi-Tech fabric. This makes it weatherproof and resistant to abrasions. Otherwise, people would constantly be sending their bags for repair, if not for this.

This bag is also made with oversized, threaded wheels. This ensures good mobility over the toughest of terrains. With a capacity of 128 litters, this is very huge for most items you may need. It also has carried on handles. You can ask your friend to assist you in carrying the bag in rough terrain. Alternatively, you can carry it on your own if the luggage is light. These handles are detachable, and leave you with a clean looking bag as you roll with it. When not in use, this bag folds very well to save you on space. You can store it in the pouch included. This pouch can also be used to store items that are dirty, inside the bag, separating them from clean items.

#5. 26″ 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel

By: Olympia

Olympia’s rolling duffel bag takes the fifth position. Even though it is cheap, the quality is pretty amazing. It is sturdy and carries your items securely. The 1200 D polyester material offers adequate protection for your items. In case your zipper has an issue, simply pull it back, and the excel zippers repair themselves. It has eight carrying pocket. With this, you can gain access to the items you want to swap quickly on the go. A hideaway pulls out handle retracts to let you cruise to your travel destination.

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The wheels are reinforced to give you the maximum amount of mileage. The quality is very good for normal everyday travels, the design is fantastic, and it is cheap. At its price range, this is by far the best option in the current market.

#4. 22″ 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

By: Olympia

Olympia makes it yet again on our list with their 22-inch version. First, it is very cheap, when you consider all that is offered. It is super light, making it ideal for travel by aircraft. It is filled with bits of features to help you carry it around easily. Take, for example, the side carrying handles. If you are on tough terrain, you can use this option to get to your destination. The other smaller pockets let you store your quick-access items, such as chargers and the like, conveniently. Each pocket can have a little bit of everything.

The fabric used is lightweight and very easy to clean. In most cases, wiping of stains with a wet cloth works. The wheels are amazing and get the job done. The handle retracts and hides well. You can access the handle, simply using the push button.

#3. Luggage Rolling Duffle Bag

By: Rockland

For its size, this is a great duffel bag for holding by hand. At only 22 inches, it is easy for you to keep your items safe during your adventure. Four extra side pockets offer you the option to store smaller items, for a quick use and storage option. The main compartment has a U shaped design for storing or removing your items. The fabric used is strong, to refrain from cuts and tears, yet light enough for you to have an easy time moving it around.

The best part about these duffel bags is their playful fun prints. With the high number of color, you are sure to find the most attractive bag for you. You will be making a bold fashion statement when you are using this bag. This is a good duffle bag to take with you on your short trips.

#2. Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

By: High Sierra

The Sierra 57018 narrowly misses the top spot. This bag offers top-notch quality and value for money for anyone. It is jam-packed with features that everyone will find very crafty. It comes with multiple grab handles for you to move it around in many numbers of ways. This is a good option to have if its reinforced wheels cannot handle the rough terrain well.

This best rolling duffel bag also expands from the top by about 2 inches. This gives the user some valuable extra real estate to play with when needs be. With its quality materials, this bag is ideal for long periods of travel. The fabric is splash resistant and very easy to wipe. This roomy bag will always handle whatever you throw at it.

#1. 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel

By: Olympia

Top on our list is the Olympia 33-inch duffel bag. It marks many boxes, concerning quality, and what you get. The price of it is very affordable. The fabric used is top-notch, easy to clean, and holds up well under stresses. The wheels are very strong and reinforced to handle even rougher terrains. The different compartments have been placed conveniently and can be used for many purposes. At its size, this bag is ideal if you want to move with lots of luggage for a long period. It is also surprisingly light in weight; this also makes it ideal for aircraft travel.

Olympia has added a little bit of everything on this bag to provide the ultimate solution. It offers good practical solutions to real-world problems. Everyone will find this bag useful having around.

Duffel Bags Buying Guide

If you are new to duffel bags, there are some tips that we bring today that will help you out. Below are a few important points to have in mind when buying duffel bags. Let’s take a look and see what they are with us below.


When you buy a duffel bag, make sure that it has enough compartments, pockets, and space for your clothes and items. That way, you will be able to easily pack with space to spare for souvenirs when you come back. The more spacious the duffel bags means the better because having no space is just unpleasant.


No matter if the bag is for traveling or daily use, durability is always important. You have to make sure that it is made from high-quality materials to ensure that it is long-lasting and heavy-duty. That way, your duffel bag will be able to carry any loads that you pack without wearing or tearing easily. There are different types of materials in duffel bags such as:

    Canvas: comes with both quality and affordable prices. It is durable and long-lasting, and it comes with great design as well.
    Leather: provides both style and quality but it comes with a price. This type is ideal for business people who travel a lot because it is cool, elegant, and durable.
    Nylon: offers almost the same level of toughness just like canvas but a bit better. That is because nylon duffel bags are water-resistant which is a total plus.


Watch out for stitching in the duffel bags that you want to choose. Find duffel bags with double stitching so that they are extra durable to use long term. That goes the same with zipper, make sure that they are durable and tough. Look for the ones that will not bust open in case you overpack the bag sometimes.

Duffel Bag Types

    Backpack Duffel: comes with built-in backpack belts to make it easier and safer to carry around. It is super versatile, and it is ideal for a wide variety of use no matter where you go.
    Barrel Duffel: looks like a barrel, and it is easy and simple to use. This type is popular due to its durability and ability to load items inside. Some people use them for gyms while others use them for traveling or even both. There is only one compartment so packing can be both easy and challenging at the same time.
    Square Duffel: comes in a box-shaped with side zipper closure. Usually, it comes with separated zippered compartments on the ends for additional storage. At the same time, it also comes with great structure and rigidity as well. This type is more common with law enforcement since they are used for weapons and ammunition packing.
    Wheeled Duffel: comes with wheels, of course, under the side of the bag that provides convenient transportation. It is easy to carry even with heavy loads, and it doubles as a carry-on for travelers as well.


The market for duffel bags constantly changes throughout the years. Some become outdated, and their features are quickly thrown into the nether land. There have been many brand manufacturers that have come and gone. The market is very competitive. Making the right choice for your needs can be a problem in most cases. Thus in this list, we have selected the best rolling duffel bags that stand the test of time after many years of use. In this list, we have a variety of options from large, medium, and small-sized rolling duffel bags. Remember to ensure you select the size that is best for you.

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