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10 Best Refrigerator Thermometers For Home Use — Reviews In 2019

For safekeeping of your food and at the required temperatures, you need to embrace the refrigerator thermometers. This can be expensive, but in the end, it will save you more money as no food will get spoilt. You have to keep the thermometer at 40 F if you want the best results. On the other hand, you can use it to check the temperatures on the freezer as it has a full display screen. In case of power shortages, the thermometer will ensure you know the accurate temperatures.

If you are looking for a refrigerator for your use, you only need to have an open mind and consider some factors. In the review below, it highlights the best thermometer as well as what you need to consider. Use it as a buyer’s guide or to add to your in-depth knowledge of refrigerator thermometers.

List Of Best Refrigerator Thermometers In 2019

#10 Tru Temp Refrigerator-Freezer Thermometer

Tru Temp Refrigerator-Freezer Thermometer

By: Taylor Precision Products

If you want a simple and yet greatly designed thermometer freezer, then this is what you need. It brags of the 6 thermometer pack with the 205-inch design. Besides, this freezer thermometer has safe temperature indicators. Concerning construction, the LCD glass is well protected by the steel casing that will ensure it lasts for a considerable length. For easier installation, the top has a hook that can be hanged easily. Alternatively, you can decide to make it stand on the firm stand base. Regardless of the types of food you stored in, this will ensure its safe throughout.

The -20 degrees to 80 degrees F is enough temperature range for your foodstuffs. Whether you want to use it in the fridge or a freezer, it works well in both. Additionally, the gauges will keep your freezer operating effectively. Despite it being six-pack, it’s reasonably priced in the market. It’s rare for you to get a six-pack thermometer at that price.

#9 DayMark Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer Classic Thermometer

DayMark Stainless Steel Refrigerator-Freezer Classic Thermometer

By: DayMark Safety Systems

Ensure your foodstuffs are safe throughout the freezer with this thermometer. It can either hang on its own or hang on the oven rack. It boasts of the stainless steel that makes the whole thermometer to be compact. On the other hand, it has a 2.4-inch screen size that makes reading the temperatures a more straightforward exercise. Other features include the safe temperature zones and the red pointer. If you want your food to be safe throughout, then try this day mark classic thermometer.

With the temperature of -30 degrees F and 80 degrees F., all will be now for you to check and adjust the temperatures in your refrigerator. This thermometer has all that you need in a modern thermometer. It provides accurate measurements overall. Other than that, it’s greatly designed to fit most of the freezers and refrigerators. If you want a reasonable and precise thermometer to 2 degrees, this can be great for you. Finally, this thermometer meets the standard set by national safety standards.

#8 CDN FG80 Refrigerator/Freezer NSF Professional Thermometer

CDN FG80 Refrigerator-Freezer NSF Professional Thermometer


This CDN thermometer combines both energy efficiency and food safety to ensure you have a thrilling experience. Besides, it has a target range indicator that facilitates proper food storage. With this, you can monitor the internal temperatures without necessarily opening the door. This, in the end, will ensure it spends lesser energy. To be precise, it is capable of measuring temperatures of the following ranges -50 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the thermometer can measure the refrigerator, freezer, and storage temperatures. Furthermore, it has an alarm alert to monitor the temperatures. For your information, the alarm will save both time and energy as you don’t need to open the door every time. There is no doubt this CDN product promotes food safety. Finally, any doubts about its quality have been erased by the lengthy 5-year warranty it comes with.

#7 ORIA Digital Refrigerator Thermometer, Mini Freezer Thermometer

ORIA Digital Refrigerator Thermometer, Mini Freezer Thermometer, Refrigerator Freezer Waterproof


If you haven’t used this ORIA thermometer, then surely you are missing a lot. The digital nature makes it be considered one of the best thermometers in the classification. It has the temperature range of -4F to 122 F making it great when used in a freezer. Additionally, you can choose to either use the stand and place it on the tabletop or use the hook to hang it over. Its small design will occupy the least space in your room. Moreover, it has the IPX3 waterproof rating that ensures it resists the dampness of the freezer and works consistently in the conditions.

Another feature is that it has only three operation buttons. After pressing the on and off switch, you can proceed to select the temperatures that you want. Just like the best thermometers, this one is straightforward to read. In fact, the LCD screen can tell you the maximum and minimum temperatures reached. This will enable you to monitor the temperature variance inside your freezer. It also has the reset button that you can press for the thermometer to record temperatures. Generally, this will enable you to take proper care of your food in the fridge. With its fair pricing, this will represent excellent value for the investment.

#6 refrigerator Fridge Thermometer Digital Freezer Room Thermometer Waterproof

refrigerator Fridge Thermometer Digital Freezer Room Thermometer Waterproof

By: Unigear

This unigear product Is another excellent one in the category. The LCD screen is extra-large, so you won’t strain to view the temperatures. It has a variety of options for mounting it, so you have to choose one based on convenience. This will enable you to read the temperatures from a slightly far distance. On the other hand, it has a temperature range of -20 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, which will keep your food safe throughout. Besides, it is capable of recording both the maximum and minimum temperate witnessed. This, in the end, will enable you gives your food the extra protection it deserves.

Additionally, it comes with a foldable hook, which you can hang it for better display. This high-quality thermometer is very accurate and can be great for home use. This will enable you to keep track of your freezer temperatures. Furthermore, when compared to other analog and digital thermometers in the same category, this is half a degree accurate. You shouldn’t have any doubts about its quality as it’s backed by a 1-month warranty.

#5 Taylor Precision Products Digital Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

Taylor Precision Products Digital Refrigerator-Freezer Thermometer

By: Taylor Precision Products

If you are out there looking for an accurate and reliable thermometer, then you have to try this Taylor precision. For years now, Taylor products have been performing excellently in the market. This one is not an exception, as the compact nature will ensure it gives you the accurate thermometer readings. The LCD screen further makes reading the temperatures an easy task. Other than that, the thermometer is capable of measuring temperatures within the range of -4 degrees to 140 degrees Celsius. What’s more, is the built-in stand that can be easily attached for the better viewing experience. On the other hand, the lithium battery will give the necessary power for so many years.

Your battery issues will undoubtedly be solved. In case of power shortages, you will still know the prevailing temperatures. Additionally, this will enable you to save on energy costs as you don’t have to open the refrigerator door each and every time you want to read it. All these are sufficient reasons why you need to invest in this thermometer.

#4 Rubbermaid Commercial Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

Rubbermaid Commercial Stainless Steel Refrigerator-Freezer Thermometer

By: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

This rubber freezer will ensure your food is safe throughout. The outside features a steel casing that serves to protect the thermometer. You don’t need to move closer to it when you want to read the measurements as the read pointer and the thermometer size. Then again, you can decide to hang it via the hook, or you can leave it to stand. Moreover, it’s equipped with both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales for easy temperature interpretation.

Finally, the temperature ranges are from -20 degrees to 80 Fahrenheit’s. This thermometer works well and will be great for use. Whether you want it for commercial purposes or for home use, this will effectively deliver. Save your money and just get this rubber maid product if indeed you are out looking for one.

#3 Wrenwane Digital Refrigerator Freezer Room Thermometer

Wrenwane Digital Refrigerator Freezer Room Thermometer

By: Wrenwane

This is yet another simple designed freezer that can be great for use. Its simple design is also beautiful. Moreover, the controls are straightforward and do not have any complications. Another great advantage of this thermometer is that it is able to display great digits so you can read it from a far distance. Additionally, if you have difficulties operating other thermometers with this, your task is much-simplified thanks to the two buttons that it has.

Whereas one is for switching on and off the other is for selecting the degrees that you want. Much more is that you can place it in three different places. You can either stick it to the refrigerator door or place it on the stand. Another way is by hanging it on the shelf via the hook. It also has a temperature range of -20 degrees to 60 degrees that can also be used as a room thermometer. When used in the refrigerator, it will prevent food from going bad as you could reset the temperature in case of rising temperatures. This thermometer will undoubtedly fit your purpose and needs. Finally, the small size will occupy only a tiny portion of the fridge.

#2 AcuRite 00986A2 Refrigerator/Freezer Wireless Digital Thermometers

AcuRite 00986A2 Refrigerator-Freezer Wireless Digital Thermometers

By: AcuRite

One of the chance you are looking for a digital thermometer then this wireless one will fit your needs. It can be great in monitoring both refrigerator temperatures and the freezer temperatures. Typically, this thermometer is powered by lithium batteries that can last for a lengthy duration. But then you need to make sure the lithium has -20 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, it has an alarm to alert you when the temperature exceeds the set limit. You can also decide to clip it on the shelf or suction it to the wall inside the thermometer. In addition, it comes with mounting units for easier installation on your refrigerator. For use, it can measure -40 degrees to 100 degrees. With this, you will forget about the battery issues you have had in the past. Lastly, with fair pricing, it’s worth every penny.

#1 Taylor Classic Series Large Dial Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

Taylor Classic Series Large Dial Fridge-Freezer Thermometer

By: Taylor Precision Products

To end this review, we have this Taylor classic thermometer. It brags of stainless steel casing, so durability shouldn’t be any of your concerns. On the other hand, you can either decide to hang the thermometer on the shelf or leave it to stand on its own. For easy viewing of the temperatures, the thermometer has a glass lens and a red pointer. Additionally, it has the blue and yellow temperature zone that serves to ensure the food temperature is regulated throughout. For your information, the thermometer can measure temperatures from the range of -20 to 80 farads. If you want a thermometer with a wide viewing angle, then this can be ideal for you.

Final Thought

The best refrigerator thermometers will do you good when it comes to ensuring your food safety. It is important to ensure your foodstuffs have the required temperature to prevent losses as a result of food spoilage. You have to consider the design, price, and materials when looking for one. Like the ones in this review, they meet all the requirements. If you are indeed looking for one, you can choose any within this rich list for better and accurate temperature recordings.

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