6 Best Rear Tine Tillers Of All Time — Products Review

If you have a sizable garden, you know that you have to take utmost care of its soil for the growth of the plants. It is not possible to cultivate the soil manually all the time, and therefore, you need a machine that can cultivate the soil. There are front and rear tine tillers available. However, the rear tine tillers have distinct advantages, and they are tailor-made for the large garden for breaking hard ground easily. The following is the list of the best rear tine tillers that our team has picked for you.

List Of The Best Rear Tine Tillers

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#6. Gas Powered Electric Start Forward Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

Troy-Bilt Pony ES 250cc Gas Powered Electric Start Forward Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

By: Troy-Bilt

This rear tine tiller will let you have an effortless start, and it has a powerful engine. This is easy to operate and has forward rotating tines that will let you make premium garden soil. Moreover, this has a tilling depth of 7 inches, and you can easily adjust the depth. The tilling depth is 16 inches, and the total diameter is 12 inches.

It also has the feature of power reverse and has powerful 13-inch tires that let you have easy maneuverability. Furthermore, in this, you will find a protective front bumper that is very durable and is in a patented design. The reliable engine has heavy-duty performance, and the wheels have a sturdy operation. This will let you dig in tough soil with ease and make a perfect ground for gardening.

#5. 208cc Counter Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

Poulan Pro PPCRT17, 17 in. 208cc Counter Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller

By: Poulan Pro

Are you looking to have an easy to operate rear tine tiller to do your gardening task? This has 13 inches counter-rotating tines and can perform all types of jobs with ease. This is very powerful and easily breaks up heavy soil. Moreover, this has a chain drive emission and features power reverse for reverse and forward operation. This is very durable and quickly moves in different types of terrains.

In this, you will find a split loop adjustable handle that you can easily raise or lower according to your own needs. Furthermore, you can operate with one hand and lets you have effective tilling. It also includes a powerful engine that runs without heating up. This has amazing power and allows you to adjust the tilling depth.

#4. Counter Rotation Rear Tine Tiller Briggs & Straton

Husqvarna Counter Rotation Rear Tine Tiller Briggs & Straton

By: Husqvarna

This is a heavy-duty rear tine tiller that will deliver optimal performance. This is simple to use and has a powerful 205cc Briggs and Statton engine. This can easily go through tough soil and lets you have improved balance. Moreover, this will move perfectly on different types of terrains and lets you have better control. In this, you will find the feature of counter-rotate that will let you have deep digging.

This will make sure that your ground is ready for cultivation and lets you finish your job very quickly. Furthermore, it has a tilling depth of 14 inches, and you can easily adjust the depth. It also has powerful tires that give maximum grip and traction. This is smooth to drive and is a durable product. Considering all points, it is one of the best rear tine tillers available.

#3. 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller With Self-Propelled Agricultural Tires

Champion 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller with Self-Propelled Agricultural Tires

By: Champion Power Equipment

If you are looking to have champion support when you are in the garden, then this is the one for you. The rear tine tiller has a tilling width of 19 inches, and the tilling depth is 8 inches. This will let you have dual-rotation tilling, and you can quickly switch it from forward to reverse. Moreover, this is very flexible and lets you have easy maneuverability.

This has a 212cc engine that will deliver amazing power. It also has a cast-iron case and includes gear-driven transmission. Furthermore, it has self-propelling tires that easily moves on different types of terrains. The steel tines can tackle the roughest soil without any effort and lets you have peace of mind.

#2. 12.51cc Briggs & Stratton Rear Tine Tiller

Husqvarna CRT900L, 17 in. 12.51cc Briggs & Stratton Rear-Tine Tiller

By: Husqvarna

Equipped with a powerful 900 Series OHV engine, this rear tine tiller has counter-rotating tines. This is very easy to operate and has a tilling width of 17 inches. This also has forward and reverse gears, and you will find a chain and gear transmission. Moreover, this is very suitable for frequent use, and you can easily perform various tasks like ridging, plowing, and cultivation. In this, you will find the high rotational speed that can take care of the toughest projects in your yard.

This will make your task very easy and is easy to start. This will let you have improved maneuverability when you are in the garden and is a very reliable product. Furthermore, the engine is very powerful that will let you have quick tilling. This is heavy and stable and does a good job of churning the ground. Overall, it is one of the best rear tine tillers available.

#1. Rear Tine Tiller With 196cc

Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller with 196cc

By: Southland Outdoor Power Equipment

This rear line tiller can take the toughest terrain and has a four-cycle OHV engine. This can pulverize with any type of soil and has a tilling width of 18 inches. It also has a tilling depth of 10 inches, and you can easily adjust it with the help of depth regulator lever. Moreover, this includes a gear-driven system that will allow you to have both reverse and forward tilling. This has heavy-duty pneumatic tires that will easily plow in any terrain.

This is an ideal tool to prepare your garden for the season. It can crush through rough soil and prepare grounds for planting. Furthermore, this has a convenient startup and eliminates the time to wait. This is powerful outdoor equipment with self-sharpening tines. This will let you have a convenient gearing system and has great maneuverability.

Types Of Tiller

There are so many different types of tillers available in the market. These are:

Front-tine Tillers

These garden tillers have two tines located under the engine in front of the tiller wheels. These machines are very easy to use. You can ideally use them for the gardens with narrow rows. These units are very much powerful than a cultivator. However, they are not strong enough than the other types of tillers.

These tools with easy maneuverability perfectly weed between the rows, mix soil, and composite. They are a combination of cultivators and rear-tine tillers. The tillers are not ideal for breaking new ground.

Rear-tine Tillers

These are the most powerful ones amongst the other variety of tillers. They are the perfect machines to break new ground. These tools cultivate the tough soil with ease. These machines generally come with large wheels and tines located on the back of the machines.

Most of these tillers come with the direction changeable option with easy rotation. Many of the models of these machines are forward rotating, some of them counter-rotating and rest of them offer both.

Vertical-tine Tillers

The vertical-tine tillers are the unusual tools that do not fall in any of these tiller categories. These are the latest additional amongst the tiller models. The tines of these machines cut forward through the soil, unlike the front or rear-tine models. This forward cut-through function of these tools makes them easier and faster to use.

Garden Tillers

The garden tillers are the most common models that generally serve your domestic gardening purposes. These large machines are powerful enough to break the new ground. They are generally gas-operated machines with different power levels, sizes, and price ranges. According to the placement of the tines, you can categorize the garden tillers in many different models.


People often confuse themselves by considering cultivators as garden tillers. Usually, the market offers the hardier garden tillers as the cultivators. Most of the cases, the cultivators are light in weight and cost-effective. They perfectly stir the soil and break the new ground with super ease. However, they are not much stronger like the larger, powerful garden tillers. These machines also work great on the established garden.

How To Choose The Best Rear Tine Tiller

Here are some important tips to take care of while buying a rear tine tiller.

Type Of The Soil

Before owning a tiller for your garden, you should determine the type of soil you have. The soft soil is easy for digging and plowing. In that case, a tiller with medium power is ideal for your garden. If you have the soil with clay, then you must look for a tiller with high-intensity motor powered and large wheel tiller. For the hard soil or new ground, it is better to look for a special type of chisel tines to break the hard or rocky surface. However, if you have any confusion in determining the soil type, you can talk to the representative of the tiller company to buy the best tiller for your garden.

Size Of Your Garden

Generally, the size of the garden plays a vital role in selecting a tiller. A small and simple garden does not need a jumbo-sized machine like a rear-tine tiller. You can simply purchase a cultivator for this small garden. If you own a large garden with rocky soil or your need to break new ground, then choosing a powerful and large rear-tine tiller is the best option.

In that case, you need to look for the size of the tiller as well. Besides, the small tools work better on small surfaces. To weed narrow rows, you can look for a simple front-tine tiller. The large machines are perfect for soiling and mixing on the large garden area.

Size Of The Tiller

For commercial purpose, you need to opt for a large machine rather than the smaller one for domestic use. The smaller tiller comes with lesser power to suit your regular maintenance need for your small and domestic gardening. The smaller the machine, the more maneuverability you get from it. Unlike the large tillers, small tillers are much more space-saving and easy to handle. Practically, the small tillers are light in weight for easy operation. However, for commercial gardening, you really need a tough tiller machine to break both the new ground and maintain the soiling and mixing later.

Power Consumption And Maneuverability

The electric-powered tillers are much more easy to use, and they are generally light in weight. These tools also provide enough maneuverability and require very little maintenance. Unlike the electric tillers, the gas-powered tillers help you to do your job faster. You need to look for a gas-powered tiller with a 4-cycle engine. Like the 2-cycle engine, you do not mix gas and oil for the 4-cycle engine. However, gas-powered tools require proper maintenance. A gas tiller with an electric starter is also easy to use.


You need to look for a tiller with proper safety. Before operating this tool, you need to wear proper clothes and gear like long pants, safety glasses, boots, and earplugs. The machines are generally safe to use and come with proper safety instructions. You should read all the instructions before selecting a tiller.


Taking care of any machine is a vital part of sustaining it for a longer time. You need to opt for the tiller that involves lesser maintenance. In this case, you can own an electric tiller that requires lesser maintenance rather than the gas-powered. Otherwise, to prolong the lifespan of the machines, you need to clean the tines after every use. For better results, you have to sharpen the tines on a regular basis. Moreover, if you prefer to use a gas-powered tiller, then you need to watch the fuel levels and refill it from time to time for long-lasting performance.


Go through the product descriptions of the best rear tine tillers to understand the features before buying. While the front tine tillers are meant for small gardens, the rear tine tillers are for large gardens. Therefore, they give a powerful performance and ready for heavy-duty use. Most of them come with adjustable depth regulator. Besides, to take care of the safety, there are side and rear shields as well as treaded wheels. Not just that, there are counter-rotating tines available which can tilt tough ground quite easily.

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