13 Best Pressure Washers For Cars — Review in 2021

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If you are looking to buy the best pressure washers, then this article will be a helpful resource for you to make the decision. Starting a small car wash in his small town was one of the best decisions my best friend ever made. It guarantees a good return in any weather. During the dry season, people want to get rid of the dirt and dust that has accumulated on their rides. In the wet season, they want to eliminate the mud. A good wash also helps to remove road grime, brake dust, animal droppings, atmospheric salt, oils, greases, fingerprints, and much more.

However, the business also comes with challenges, with the most notable being the pressure washer. He recalls paying a premium for his first pressure washer only for it to break down in a couple of weeks. The second one also wasn’t the best as it delivered low pressure that made it hard to remove stick dirt or stains.

I went to him and asked him about these pressure washers, which one worth and which one does not worth the money. Now in his third business year, he told me that he could surely feel confident to tell you the best pressure washers around. According to his experiences and researches, here are his top picks.

List of Best Pressure Washer For Cars in 2021

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#13. WestForce Electric Pressure Washer, 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM Power Washer

By: WestForce

This electric pressure washer comes with a brushless induction motor. The motor also usually produces the highest 3000-PSI of water pressure at a 1.85-GPM flow rate. Moreover, this washer comes with a 35-foot long power cord with GFCI protection. The cleaning device has 4 easy-connect spray tips from zero to 40-degree to permit light to heavy-duty cleaning. The onboard detergent tank of this washer helps you with the optimal cleaning.

The pressure washer also includes the Total Stop System (TSS) to turn off the motor automatically. Furthermore, with the help of the system, you can save a lot more power by prolonging the motor life. This washer comes with a 26-feet high-pressure hose with an integrated hose reel for easy storage. This cleaning machine can also withstand the maximum water temperature of 104-degree Fahrenheit.

In Summary:

Powerful brushless motor for durability.
4 spray tips provided for versatile cleaning.
Gets rid of almost all types of dirt, including oily ones.
Ideal for cleaning any vehicle.

#12. Homdox 3490PSI Electric Pressure Washer

By: Homdox

This electric pressure washer with an impactful 1800-Watt motor delivers the maximum 3490-PSI water pressure at a 2.5-GPM flow rate. This cleaner also includes a 26-feet long high-pressure hose with an adjustable spray nozzle. Moreover, this nozzle allows you to quickly change the pattern and width of the spray for versatile cleaning. The washer has the Total Stop System (TSS) to automatically shut off the motor when the trigger is not engaged.

This system helps to reduce electricity consumption and prolongs pump life. The pressure washer also has an inbuilt pressurized hose reel to keep the hose protected and stored correctly. Furthermore, this cleaning device ideally removes rust from steel, mildew stains, caked mud on equipment, tar, and grease from concrete. This washer is actually highly efficient in cleaning different vehicles.

In Summary:

Effective in removing grease and tar from surfaces.
All-in-one nozzle for versatile cleaning.
Energy-efficient with automatic shut-off.

#11. Pressure Washer With PSI 2.5 GPM

By: PowerBoss

Using this gas pressure washer is very easy, thanks to the simple design and nature. I guess this is among the main reason behind its popularity. The unit comes with a decent water tank that can handle a reasonable volume and produces good pressure.

The wand has a good length for easy reach and fitting the nozzles is also simple. Although it runs on gas, the unit is relatively silent. The materials are also strong enough to bear everyday washing. The wand has good length and attaching the nozzles is merely effortless.

In Summary:

Simple-yet-effective water pressure
Come with 1-gallon tank
Not very noisy
Easy to assemble and use

#10. Electric Pressure Washer

By: Briggs & Stratton

This pressure washer additionally comes with a turbo nozzle and detergent tank. The electric pressure cleaning also consists of an 1800-PSI water pressure generating motor with maximum 1.1-GPM flow rate. Moreover, this washer delivers 900-PSI water pressure with maximum 1.2-GPM flow rate. By adding soap to the detergent tank, you can clean your vehicle and other surroundings. The sturdy and flexible 20-feet long hose of this machine allow super reachability and easy cleaning.

The pressure washer also has an attachable turbo nozzle to provide 40% speedier cleaning than the other ordinary washer. Furthermore, this cleaning device saves a lot of time for cleaning. The foldaway design of this machine allows for easy storage. You can neatly clean your vehicles, boats, fences, or outdoor furniture with this washer.

In Summary:

Turbo nozzle for faster cleaning.
Dedicated detergent tank for soap cleaning.
Welded-steel frame for protection.

#9. 10-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

By: Sun Joe

This pressure washer can easily clean up the light to medium stains. The high-pressure water sprayer also comes with an adjustable spray wand with a twist nozzle to control the water pressure. Moreover, this cleaning device has an impactful 10-amp motor to release the highest water pressure at the rate of 1350-PSI. The washer consists of the maximum flow rate of 1.45-GPM. The large wand of this device measures in 20-feet.

This washer also comes with a 35-foot long power cord with GFCI protection. Furthermore, this cleaning machine set includes a garden hose adapter and a high-pressure hose. This electric pressure washer comes with a unique Total Stop System (TSS). With this system, the motor automatically turns off. When it senses that, the trigger is not engaged. This system helps to save energy and increases the longevity of the pump.

In Summary:

Twist nozzle for controlling water pressure.
Long and adjustable wand with garden hose adapter.
CSA approved with a 2-year warranty.

#8. 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer


This gas-powered pressure washer comes with a sturdy and powerful 208-CC 4-stroke OHV engine. The engine also delivers 2.5-gallon water pressure per minute. Moreover, this cleaning device comes with a 30-feet long reinforced hose for easy reachability. The washer includes an onboard soap tank for the ultimate high-pressure cleaning. This cleaning device set consists of a swift-connect spray gun. The 12-inch wheels of this washer allow you to move it smoothly on any tough terrain.

The pressure washer also involves no critical electric power supply. Furthermore, this cleaning device comes with 5 interchangeable and quick-connect nozzles. These nozzles permit you to get a variety of cleaning angles from 0 to 40-degree. Also, the axial cam pump of this washer offers the consistent spray all the time.

In Summary:

Powerful washer for commercial work.
Five different nozzles for versatility.
Wheels for natural movement on tough terrains.
Long reinforced hose for vertical works.

#7. WHOLESUN 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.4GPM


The powerful 1600-Watt motor of this pressure washer produces the highest water pressure of 3000-PSI at a 2.4-GPM flow rate. This cleaning machine with high-pressure of water flow can easily remove greases and tars from concrete. Even, you clean the oil stains and rust from steel or other stubborn grime and gunk by using this machine. Moreover, the Total Stop System (TSS) of this washer stops the motor automatically when the trigger is unengaged. So, you can prolong motor life and save more energy.

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This pressure washer also comes with five different nozzles, starts from 0 to 40-degree. Furthermore, this device has a 33-feet long power cord with GFCI protection. The trolley design with wheels of this washer permits safe and secure transportability and storage. It is undoubtedly one of the best pressure washers for cars to buy.

In Summary:

Removes stubborn oily dirt easily.
Five nozzles for versatile cleaning.
Easy to move, install, and store.
Waterproof and CSA-approved.

#6. Sun Joe SPX3000-SJB Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM

By: Sun Joe

If you want a pressure washer but are wary of burning holes in your pocket, then I would suggest this one. You probably have seen it in homes or carwash and detailing shops since it’s trendy and has been around for years. People love its good weight which makes moving it easy. It has a nice long wand that provides a good reach and several nozzles.

Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer produces decent power to easily get rid of the dirt, grime, stains, and other debris. I also found assembling the straightforward accessory thanks to the basic design and user-friendly instructions.

In Summary:

Cleaning power: 1800 Watt/14.5 amp Motor
Easy to change the nozzle and setup
Flexible and lightweight washer

#5. 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

By: Simpson Cleaning

My friend told me that he first laid his hands on this pressure washer at his brother’s place and he loved it right from the start. If you go to its official page, it stated that this pressure washer is powered by Honda, a well-known Japanese company. The unit, although a bit light yet felt very solid and could handle the daily demands pretty well.

According to my best friend, he uses it every other day and has never had problems. It delivers good pressure to handle any dirt, the wand is very lightweight, creating more flexibility. It also doesn’t produce lots of noise or emission. The handy unit has a fairly long hose and a strong motor for providing good pressure. And thanks to the Quick-Connect spray tips, changing the nozzles is straightforward and easy.

In Summary:

Powered by Honda
Perfect for bulk usage
Good stability with ideal performance
Strong construction yet flexible and easy to move
Less emission and noise

#4. Electric Pressure Washer

By: Stanley

This is one of the several pressure washing machines my friend has at the shop. It has served us well for more than one year and is among the easiest to maintain. The Stanley SHP2150 may not be a large unit, but the power it delivers is impressive.

In fact, if you were to see the water sprays without seeing the machine, you would be convinced that it is one of the “big boys.” It’s lightweight makes moving with it leisurely and also improves transport-ability. It also comes with many attachments that you might need include: o-ring replacement kit, detergent tank, 4 quick-connect nozzles, and more. This can save you from buying an additional accessory which might take time and money.

In Summary:

Sturdy construction with high-grade materials
Small yet powerful
Easy to keep since it is small in term of size
Comes with more attachments compared to others

#3. 1500 PSI 13 Amp 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer GPW1501

By: Greenworks

This pressure washer comes with a long 33-foot power with GFCI protection. The cleaning devices also have two interchangeable quickly connect tips with 25-degree and 45-degree angles to have versatile cleaning options. This high-pressure water sprayer includes a 13-amp motor to generate the highest water pressure of 1500-PSI at a 1.2-GPM flow rate. Moreover, this machine is suitable to use for both horizontal and vertical cleaning.

The pressure washer also includes a 20-feet long high-pressure hose with high reachability. Furthermore, this cleaning device has the M22 universal threaded twist on hose and trigger handle for safe outdoor usage. The washer has a soap applicator bottle to apply detergent for a complete cleaning for your lawn, car and likewise. The space-saving and lightweight design of this washer allow for easy portability and storage. It is definitely one of the best pressure washers for vehicles on the list.

In Summary:

Powerful blaster to clean stubborn dirt.
Suitable for both horizontal and vertical surface.
Two connect tips available for versatile cleaning.
Soap applicator available for better cleaning.

#2. 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

By: Snow Joe

I got to say that this is one of the simplest pressure washers to assemble. I own this for about one year now. To be honest, it took me only a few minutes and had worked like a champ ever since. Good power delivers a powerful wand and nozzles, minimal noise, and it has never broken down. It is made of durable and wear-resistant materials allowing the user to handle the chores easily.

The engine runs smoothly and is very consistent even under load. It’s also very quiet, making it a perfect choice for residential use or areas where noise is restricted. The unit doesn’t vibrate a lot and remains consistent throughout.

In Summary:

Easy and fast setup
Top-grade car pressure washer
Small and Lightweight
Remain almost noiseless during the performance

#1. 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

By: Snow Joe

Our favorite and top pick car washer in the market is the Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. My friend acquired it several months ago following recommendations from other friends and the positive reviews it was receiving. Well, just as many people were claiming, it produces good pressure, has a smooth-running motor, and is also moderately quiet.

The movable piece is made of sturdy materials that can withstand the vibrations and impact and comes with a carry-friendly design. Moving it from one point to another is therefore comfortable and convenient with its wheels. I like the robust wand and hose which handles the high pressure pretty well and the high-grade nozzles that deliver the right stream of water. Assembling the unit, even by a newbie, should be easy as long as we follow the simple instructions given along with the tool.

In Summary:

So far, it has been receiving a lot of good reviews from consumers
Powerful washer yet easy and quiet operation.
Strong built and reliable

Some Cautions For Pressure Washer

    Never spray water inside a modern car engine. According to the article “Five things never to do to your car” on CNN, doing so may penetrate the electrical and can cause corrosion or even prevent the car from starting.
    Never spray water on the steer clear of delicate parts such as lights, mirrors, or windows because the high pressure may damage them.

Note: Getting acquainted with a pressure washer may take some time, particularly for newbies. You need to learn the different features, to select the best pressure, to maintain, and to service it. We have embedded a YouTube video that can teach you the basics of operating the unit.

How To Use A Pressure Washer?

Operating a pressure washer may look easy. I mean, isn’t it just switching on the machine, turning on the water, and directing the jets to the desired points? Well, using too much pressure can ruin the paintwork, remove clips and seals, and also wastes water. Too little pressure may not eliminate the dirt, and you still end up wasting energy, effort, detergent, and water. To help with this issue, the following steps will help you operate the accessory better.

Find A Suitable Spot:

When I was a child, I remember washing my dad’s car while parked under a tree. Obviously, the results weren’t impressive. First, the high-pressure jets were hitting the soil and this created mud that struck underneath and also on the vehicle’s sides. Secondly, some jets went up to the tree and came down with fluid that stained the car. Thirdly, flying debris like pollen, pet dander, leaves, and grass clippings got stuck on the car’s body including the windshield/ windscreen. If you want a good job, you should choose an open location with the right drainage. Hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete are more appropriate.

Set The Pressure:

The cleaning apparatus comes with different settings to suit varied applications. For instance, light cleaning needs lower pressure compared to eliminating struck mud under the wheel arches or beneath the car. At times you will need to vary the pressure as you work. You will use low pressure to soak the dust and dirt and then higher pressure to blow it off. Also, high pressure at the beginning may remove excess dirt, and lower pressure at the end prevents damaging paint. It’s thus essential to always know the right pressure to avoid errors or causing damage. Generally, pressure below 2,000 PSI is considered safe.

Choose The Right Spray Pattern:

A pressure washer for car produces different spray patterns. You’ll find wide, semi-wide, narrow, and very narrow. Wide ones cover a larger area and clean faster. However, it may not be ideal for tight or narrow spaces. Narrow ones are ideal for small or tight spots but not very effective on large panels. A good operator will know which the best spray pattern is. Nevertheless, this takes practice, trial & error, and learning. The selection involves adjusting the nozzles according to it the desired effect.

Spray Plain Water:

First, start by spraying generous amounts of plain water on the body to soak the dirt, dust, stuck leaves, bird droppings, fur, hair, oils, and other unwanted debris. Ensure you maintain the right distance for maximum productivity and efficiency. The proper distance saves you effort and time, and you also have to move less often. It also gives you a more unobstructed view of the process.

Apply Detergent:

Once the car is wet, you should proceed to apply soap or detergent. This is best achieved by selecting a different nozzle from that used to spray plain water. The compatibility of the nozzle will depend on the type of soap, shampoo, or detergent you are using. Allow the detergent, soap, or shampoo to stay in the car for about 4 to 5 minutes for the active ingredients to take effect.

Eliminating Hard Dirt And Grime:

From my experience, hard dirt, road grime, oils, bugs, and brake dust may not come off after spraying the plain water or apply the detergent. This usually affects areas such as beneath the wheel arches, bumper, headlights, bottom section, and skirting. A good brush will help to loosen or even get rid of the dirt and debris. You should pick a suitable brush that won’t leave scratches or marks even when pressed hard. Small opening or gaps such as in-between the wheel spokes or grill will need a thin brush, sponge, or cloth to reach the hidden dirt.

Rinse The Car:

The final step is rinsing off the detergent that was applied earlier. To do this, you should change back to the earlier nozzle and probably increase the pressure a little. Start spraying from top to bottom to allow the dirty or soapy water to drain downwards. It pays to check your progress and go over an area just in case you missed a spot.

Clean The Equipment:

Once done, you should spray the area to eliminate the suds, dirt, and excess water. After that, clean the equipment (wand, tank, hose, nozzle…) with clean water to remove any dirt and soap. Place the equipment in a clean open space for it to dry.

Final Thoughts

In this review, we have shown you the best pressure washers for cars as well as tips on operating the accessory. Choosing a pressure for your vehicle can be overwhelming. You have to pick only one item from the hundreds; you should have an idea of the frequency of use, the specifications & features, and also have a budget. Furthermore, you should familiarize with operating the equipment. Washing your vehicle or that of a client should now be easier.

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