The Top 10 Best Portable TVs In 2019 Reviews

Even though it is hard to imagine, the TVs can also be portable. Well, a portable TV has a relatively small size ranging from 4 to 13 inches. It does not matter where you are; if you love watching TV, the device is right in front of you. It is more like carrying a laptop or a portable DVD player. Just like a traditional TV, the portable ones have all the ports in the back starting from USB to HDMI. In fact, some of them are suitable for playing games with a console. They have a rechargeable battery, and you can enjoy a few hours of complete entertainment. Check out the top 10 best portable TVs below.

The List Of Best Portable TVs In 2019

Image Product Price
Trexonic Ultra Lightweight Rechargeable 12
Supersonic 7
9 inch Portable Digital Television, Small 16:9 ATSC 1080P HD Video Player TFT LED TV Built-in Rechargeable Battery Support USB and TF Card for Car, Caravan, Camping, Outdoor or Kitchen
9 Inch Nice Little Portable TV - 7 Free Accessories ($20 Value) - Crisp Picture - Great Sound - for Kitchen, Vehicle, Desk, Camping -Rechargeable Battery - Unlimited Swivel -Sports, News, Emergency
SuperSonic Portable Digital LED TV 12
Chaowei DTV530 Portable ATSC Digital TV with 3.5
Milanix MX9 9
[Updated Version] Tyler TTV702-9 Portable Widescreen LCD TV with Detachable Antennas, USB/SD Card Slot, Built in Digital Tuner, and AV Inputs
Envizen Digital Quartet ED8890A Portable Television and Dvd Player, 9
Tyler TTV703 10

#10. Ultra Lightweight Rechargeable 12″ LED TV

Ultra Lightweight Rechargeable 12 LED TV

By – Trexonic

This is an ultra-lightweight portable television with a very sleek design. This is perfect for your adventures, and you can even use it in your vehicle. The versatile TV is 12 inches in size and requires 12V of vehicle power input. This has USB, headphone jack, HDMI input, MMC, SD, VGA, USB, and AV output and input. Besides, it is also very convenient and allows you to operate it with the help of a remote control. You can watch it in any angle you want as there is an adjustable back stand.

This has an anti-slip textured panel and is a very sturdy product. The television is mountable on the wall and has a resolution of 1280 x 800. The portable television has everything for your pleasure and convenience. It will allow you to watch your favorite shows from programs from anywhere. This is rechargeable and includes an inbuilt digital tuner offer. Besides, it supports various file formats, and the power consumption is also very less. You can even connect it to a PS4 and enjoy games.

#9. Supersonic 7″ Portable LCD TV with ATSC Digital Tuner


Supersonic 7 Portable LCD TV with ATSC Digital Tuner

By – Supersonic

In this portable television, there is both video and audio output. This comes with a remote control which has all the full function. This will allow you to watch both standard television and digital TV as it has receptions for dual ATSC/NTSC tuners. This is perfect for your car as it is powered with a 12 volt DC adapter. Besides, the built-in rechargeable battery is very strong, and you can also use it in your home with a power AC adapter.

This has built-in speakers and if you prefer to watch in privacy then you can also insert an earphone. The size of the TV is 7 inches and is ultra-lightweight at only 2.7 pounds. In addition to this, you can also control the volume, brightness, contrast hue, and color on the ‘On Screen Display’. You can play your files by inserting your SC card or USB and it has a built-in television stand. This TV offers you a TFT LCD color display.

#8. 9 inch Portable Digital Television

9 inch Portable Digital Television

By – fosa

This is another amazing portable television which comes in the size of 9 inches. You can watch your favorite videos with the help of a USB or SD card. It will play videos in 1080p and supports many formats like WMV, MKV, MPEG, FLV, AVI, MOV, RMVB, and MP3. Additionally, the television has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which allows you to watch it outdoors. However, it does not support the analog television. You can easily fold it as it is very compact and it will enable you to watch from different angles. In addition to this, there is also an option of recording HD television.

You can directly record to your hard disk or USB flash with the PVR function. This is perfect for kitchen, car, camping or caravan and weighs only 1.96 pounds. This is also durable and made up of ABS material. It will put no burden on your hands and you just need to place it on a flat surface to enjoy watching. You can even fix it on a wall. It is one of the best portable TV in terms of features.

#7. 9 Inch Nice Little Portable TV

9 Inch Nice Little Portable TV

By – eXuby

Apart from being portable, this television is also compact and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere you want and enjoy your shows. The built-in rechargeable battery will come handy at the time of emergency. With this, you will be getting many free accessories like car/wall charger, external stationery antenna, remote control, adhesive plate, AV/RCA adapter, coax extender, and adhesive plate. Additionally, you will be able to watch your favorite television shows as well as sports and movies.

It has an amazing picture and sound quality, and the aspect ratio is 16:9. Watch crystal clear videos in the resolution of 800 x 480 and get clear sound with its two in-built speakers. This can easily be swiveled and is 9 inches. Besides, it is robust and allows you to watch from any direction. The maximum power consumption is 18 watts, and it weighs only 1.63 pounds. The little television is perfect to be kept anywhere including car and kitchen. You can take it anywhere you want, and the battery operation is excellent.

#6. Supersonic SC-2812 12″ Portable Ultra Lightweight Widescreen LED TV

Supersonic SC-2812 12 Portable Ultra Lightweight Widescreen LED TV

By – Supersonic

This is a widescreen portable television which comes in the size of 12 inches. This has a digital TV tuner, and you can also play audio and video files via your USB. The screen mode is 16:9, and it can play in 1280 x 800 resolution. The television has built-in speakers which will deliver amazing sound quality. Besides, there is also an earphone jack where you can listen to music privately. In addition to this, it has a built-in lithium rechargeable battery, and there is HDMI input.

Additionally, there is also a rotary road antenna. The television is very lightweight and the maximum output is 20 watts. You can adjust the brightness and the contrast and the viewing angle is 165°. This is a perfect portable TV for your home or for outdoors. This will also receive the air TV stations and is a very reliable device. Moreover, the television will also allow you to download media contents on your external device and save it. Once fully charged, the battery will run for more than three hours.

#5. [NEW VERSION] Chaowei DTV530 Portable 4.3″ Digital TV

[NEW VERSION] Chaowei DTV530 Portable 4.3 Digital TV

By – Chaowei

This is a 4.3 inches TFT LDC television which is very portable. This will run for up to 2.5 hours once it has the full charge. In this, you will be able to watch your favorite shows as well as sports as it has full ATSC digital broadcast receiver. Besides, the closed captioning, auto-programming, and volume control can be done with the help of touch keys located on the television. This is perfect for any journey and will allow you to enjoy television wherever you are.

Moreover, there is also a low battery indicator on the screen. This is powered with the help of an AC/DC adapter, and you can even charge it with your power bank. The built-in speakers will give you clear music and to boost your signal; there is an MCX connector. With this, you will be getting an external magnetic base antenna and stereo earbuds. There is also the feature of multi-lingual audio processing, and it weighs only 200 grams. It is undoubtedly one of the best portable TV you can buy.

#4. MX9 9″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV

MX9 9 Portable Widescreen LCD TV


This portable TV has an inbuilt television tuner as well as the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This allows you to have both audio and video playback. There is also an internal battery operation and is powered by an AC/DC adapter. In this portable television, you can watch videos directly from your SD card or USB. The AV input will allow you to connect it to a DVD player or even a game system. This supports both ATSC and NTSC, and the adapter has ETL approval. Besides, you can operate it with a full function remote control, and there is also a high external power to boost the signal.

With the TV, you will be getting a removable stand and an AV cable. It is also sturdy and lightweight and will allow you to watch crystal clear picture from anywhere you want. This has many amazing features and comes in a size of 9 inches. Furthermore, the sound quality is also very good and you can even connect your headphone on it. This is very easy to operate and you will be impressed with the picture resolution.

#3. Tyler TTV702 9″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV

Tyler TTV702 9 Portable Widescreen LCD TV

By – Tyler

This is another 9 inches widescreen portable television which will deliver a sharp and clear picture. It will operate with multiple antenna options and will also allow you to have external playback with the SD and USB inputs. In addition to this, you can even connect it to a gaming system or a DVD player. This supports ATSC/NTSC and has full band digital television tuner. Additionally, it has in-built rechargeable lithium ion battery, and you can even power it with an AC/DC adapter.

The TFT LCD display will support many formats like FLV, MVC, MPEG4, JPG, MP3, and MPEG2. This has amazing sound quality and allows you to insert a headphone. The display mounting pad is easy to remove and you will also be getting a full function remote control. Once fully powered, the battery will run for up to 80 minutes. This is also lightweight and compact and will be your perfect partner for any journey.

#2. Envizen Digital Quartet ED8890A Portable Television

Envizen Digital Quartet ED8890A Portable Television

By – Envizen Digital

In this portable TV, there is also a DVD player which allows you to play your favorite movies by inserting the disc. The screen size is 9 inches, and it offers HD viewing. You can easily swivel the television in any direction, and it comes with an attractive carry bag. This has fantastic picture clarity, and the sound is also very good. You can also connect your headphone and listen to music in private mode. This is operated with the help of remote control, and the resolution is 800 x 480 pixels. It is one of the most versatile and best portable TV you can buy.

The portable TV cum DVD player is powered with the help of car and AC adapter. There is also a multimedia player and has a card reader in it. This is ultra-lightweight and compact and allows you to carry it conveniently. Moreover, this will support many file formats and is an all-in-one device for a power outage. You will also be getting other accessories with it and is a very good product. It will provide you with a portable entertainment system and perfect for home or television.

#1. Tyler TTV703 10″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV

Tyler TTV703 10 Portable Widescreen LCD TV

By – Tyler

This portable television has 10 inches widescreen, and it also looks very stylish. It will deliver a sharp and clear picture and has multiple antenna options. With the audio/video playback, you can also play media content with the USB and SD card. The TV will also allow you to play games on it by connecting a gaming system. In addition to this, this will also let you connect a DVD player and play your favorite movies. This has full band digital TV tuner and will support ATSC/NTSC.

You can watch your favorite shows by sitting anywhere and is perfect for the car or home. This is powered with an AC/DC adapter, or you can also use the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This is ultra-lightweight, compact and will offer crystal clear viewing. The three-way powered device will run for up to 80 minutes when it is fully charged. With this, you will also be getting a coaxial antenna input and will allow you never to miss the game again.


A portable TV is compact and lightweight, and you can enjoy TV programs on your bed, in your chair, inside your car, and anywhere you want. The picture quality is outstanding for all the above best portable TVs. The sound quality is exceptional, and if you want, you can plug in the headphones. There are various means of watching your favorite movie, programs, web series and likewise. There are connectivity options for USB, SD card, cable connection, DVD, and some even have support for dongles for internet connectivity.

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