The Top 10 Best Portable TVs In 2021 Review

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Many people dream and desire to own the best portable TV. You want to have a good experience e watching your favorite TV show, movies, playing DVDs, or even playing games. A portable unit allows you to move around with your TV without any hassle. It will fit inside a backpack, glove compartment, and many other places. And when you need to use it, you simply unpack it and enjoy the viewing.

They come with rechargeable power that gives you many hours of viewing. What’s more, they will run from different power sources. It can be from the mains power via an adapter, car cigarette lighter, or even directly from a battery. As more people desire to own this device, the manufacturers keep releasing more and more products. Unfortunately, not all pieces will prove worthy. The picture clarity may not be very good, the sound may be wanting, it may be a power hog, or lacks key features. In this review, we will walk you through the best portable TVs in the market.

The List Of Best Portable TVs In 2021

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#10. Portable Battery-Powered Widescreen LCD Handheld TV


MILANIX is one of the known names when it comes to the best portable TVs. This particular unit is among the popular and reliable pieces. It’s also very versatile to fit in many places. These include the kitchen, living room, bedroom, car, cabin, and also for travel. It has a 9-inch diagonal dimension, which is practical. You’ll be able to see the images well thanks to the widescreen LCD screen. Moreover, the screen is more resistant to glare and this makes it a good choice even for the outdoor. The slim profile and lightweight fit nicely in the hands and you won’t feel weighed down even after long usage. Moreover, it has a sturdy shell just in case you bang it against objects or drop it.

It’s a digital unit that supports NTSC and ATSC signals. Moreover, it also comprises detachable antennas that work great to ensure you get good reception. You also get AV inputs as well as a nice speaker system that relays decent sound. Nd Thanks to the AC/DC option, the unit can operate via the mains power or from a 12-volt source. This can be car cigarette lighter or battery.

In Summary:

Versatile to fit in many places
9-inch diagonal dimension
Widescreen LCD screen
Sturdy shell and lightweight
Digital unit supports NTSC and ATSC
AC/DC operate via the mains power or from a 12-volt source

#9. Portable Widescreen LCD TV With Detachable Antennas

By: Tyler

You shouldn’t miss your favorite show just because you are away from home. With the Tyler TTV703 unit, you will own one of the best portable TVs around. It’s a compact piece that requires minimal space. It also has a slim profile and is also lightweight. Therefore, you can hold it by hand; place it on our lap without struggling. It also won’t congest the desk space just in case you opt to place it there. It features a 10-inch widescreen LCD screen and relays clear images. Besides, you also get 2detachable antennas to improve the signal reception.

It’s a digital unit that can run via AC or DC power. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps a charge for a good period allowing you many hours of viewing. You also get an AV input to work with other devices as well as an SD/USB slot to work with external storage media. We love the sound quality, which is good enough for most uses. This is owing to equality builtin speakers.

In Summary:

Small and compact to take minimal space
Slim profile and lightweight
10-inch widescreen LCD screen
2 detachable antennas improve the signal reception.
Digital unit that runs via AC or DC power
Longlasting built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

#8. Portable 4.3″ Digital TV


This is, without a doubt, one of the smallest portable TVs in the market. It only measures 4.3 inches and is also very lightweight, measuring about 1 lb. Holding it with your hands is, therefore, very convenient and easy. This allows you to watch TV with maximum comfort and satisfaction. Despite its small nature, the images are pretty clear, and this is courtesy of the superior digital technology. The sound quality is also quite good. Besides, it comes with inputs for attaching headphones, earphones, or an external speaker.

The placing of the controls is pretty good. This gives you easy and quick access to the volume, channels, and more. Moreover, they are very responsive and you need to use minimal effort. It’s a well-built piece and handles the use, movements, bumps, bangs, and much pretty well. Also, it has a very nice clear screen, which doesn’t suffer from too much glare. Therefore, viewing it even under bright light or outdoors isn’t an issue.

In Summary:

Smallest portable TV measures 4.3 inches
Very lightweight weighing about 1 lb
Clear images courtesy of the superior digital technology
Good sound quality well-placed controls
Well-built piece and durable

#7. Portable Widescreen LCD TV With Detachable Antennas

By: Tyler

If a good TV is what you want, the TTV701 unit from Tyler is ideal. It’s very portable for easy operation and moving around with. The screen is just 7 inches in diagonal but delivers clear images. It features an LCD screen, which is less susceptible to reflection, or glare hence is suitable even for outdoor use. The unit is ideal for the home, office, travel, camping, tailgating, and many other places. You can power it via an AC adapter or a DC power source such as a cigarette lighter or car battery.

It boasts of a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery that keeps power for a decent period. On a full charge, you’ll enjoy several hours on nonstop viewing. And To offer you the best signal reception, it comes with detachable antennas that work great. It’s a Full Band Digital unit that works with ATSC/ NTSC. Moreover, it features dual AV inputs to work with the Gaming system, DVD player, and others. What’s more, it also includes a USB/SD input.

In Summary:

7-inch LCD screen
Runs via an AC adapter or a DC power
Longlasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Comes with detachable antennas
Full Band Digital unit works with ATSC/ NTSC
Dual AV inputs to work with Gaming system, DVD player, etc

#6. Portable Widescreen LCD TV With Detachable Antennas

By: Tyler

Also, from the Tyler brand, this should be the TV you are looking for. It’s a very portable unit thanks to the lightweight, compact nature and slim size. It’s also very reliable and delivers sharp images. This ensures you and other users have an amazing experience. You can watch free local TVs or even hook it up to a DVD player. It comes with AV input as well as SB/USB inputs.

The built-in digital tuner, together with the detachable antennas, works great and the images are less prone to flicker, shaking, or graininess. And like most other good options, it runs via AC or DC power. It includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that stores power for a decent period. This lets you enjoy the experience for longer hours. What’s more, you will appreciate the clear sound as well as decent volume. It comes in a sleek design and a simple black color to match various settings.

In Summary:

Lightweight, compact nature and slim size
Comes with AV input as well as SB/USB inputs
Built-in digital tuner and detachable antennas
Runs via AC or DC power
Longlasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery

#5. 13-Inch LED HDTV With Headphone Inputs

By: Axess

AXESS TV1705-13 is another good and reliable portable TV. It’s flexible to fit in many areas, including the kitchen, living space, bedroom, vacation house, cars, cabin, as well as also for travel. It has a dimension of 13 inches and offers better views than other options. This is boosted by the widescreen LCD display. It may be larger than other alternatives but is lightweight for easy handling. The screen is immune to glare and this makes it an excellent choice also for the outdoors. Thanks to its slim nature, it fits perfectly in the hands and is easy to carry around.

It features a robust shell to endure bangs, falls, abrasion, and more. Besides, it’s a digital device that is compatible with NTSC as well as ATSC signals. Moreover, it has detachable antennas that work fantastic and guarantee you of good reception and quality images. You additionally get USB and AV inputs in addition to a speaker jack. Courtesy of the AC/DC option, the device can run from the main power or 12-volt source. This makes it suitable for a wide array of situations.

In Summary:

Dimension of 13 inches and offers better views than other options. This is boosted by the
Widescreen 13-inch LCD
Slim nature fits perfectly in the hands
Portable and easy to carry around
Digital and compatible with NTSC and ATSC
Detachable antennae and good reception
USB and AV inputs, AC/DC

#4. 7-Inch Handheld LCD TV (2009 Model)

By: Haier

Haier HLT71 ensures you don’t miss your preferred show when away from home. It’s among the best portable TVs in the market and is also compact and lightweight for better handling. The slim profile allows you to conveniently hold it by hand or place it on the lap or desk. Moreover, it doesn’t congest the desk space or any other location. It features a 7-inch widescreen LCD screen for clear pictures and has detachable antennas.

The signal reception is pretty good and works okay with the digital system. The AV input to collaborate with other devices while the remote control improves the operation. It comes with a multi-language menu to support English, Spanish as well as Spanish language. Choosing a function is easy, thanks to the responsive remote that has a good operating range. The SD/USB slot works with external storage media while the nice builtin speaker relay high-quality sound.

In Summary:

Compact and lightweight
The 7-inch widescreen LCD screen
Digital and detachable antennae
Multi-language menu supports English, Spanish, and Spanish
Responsive remote with a good operating range
SD/USB slot and high-quality sound

#3. 9.5-Inch Portable Widescreen TV With Built-in Digital Tuner


This is among the best portable TVs on the market. It has a diagonal size of 9.5 inches and is lightweight and very compact. Holding it with your hands is, for that reason, very practical and easy. You can move around with it more conveniently and with maximum comfort. Despite its small nature, the pictures are rather clear and sharp thanks to the superior technology. It’s a digital unit that works with NTSC and ATSC and also supports Analog TV to work with SECAM, PAL, and NTSC.

Thanks to the DC 12V / 1A rechargeable battery, you can use it either indoors as well as outdoors. Moreover, the screen isn’t affected much by glare or reflections and will, therefore, handle bright and sunny situations. The audio quality is additionally great and you also get inputs for attaching earphones, headphones, or a speaker. The controls provide you easy and quick access to the channels, volume, and more. Moreover, it comes with a nice car charger as well as a wall charger to work in different settings.

In Summary:

9.5-inch LCD screen
Sharp, clear and colorful images
Digital TV supports NTSC and ATSC
The analog option works with SECAM, PAL, and NTSC
Features DC 12V / 1A rechargeable battery
Comes with a car charger and wall charger

#2. Portable Smart Rechargeable Battery Wireless Car Digital TV Tuner

By: Pyle

If the best portable TV is what you desire, the Pyle unit is worthwhile. It’s extremely portable for easy operation as well as walking around with. The display is just 7 inches and provides clear and colorful images and this is courtesy of the high resolution. It features a wide LCD screen, which is less susceptible to glow, glare and reflections. The unit is suitable for the house, workplace, traveling, camping, tailgating, dorm, and many other areas. You can power it via AC or DC power and has a resilient rechargeable lithium-ion battery that maintains power for a decent duration. On full power, it will run the TV for several hours nonstop.

To provide you the most effective signal function, it comes with detachable antennas that work wonderfully. Moreover, it supports ATSC/ NTSC and has 5 inputs to work with other devices. You get AV, microSD, USB, and more. This allows you to play games, watch DVD movies, play media from USB, and much more. And to help you in installation, it comes with a mounting bracket as well as simple instructions.

In Summary:

7-inch wide LCD screen
Runs via AC or DC power
Resilient rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Supports ATSC/ NTSC
5 inputs to work with other devices
Comes with a mounting bracket and simple instructions

#1. Portable Battery Powered Widescreen LCD Handheld TV with AC/DC


Milanix MX7 is a very mobile system thanks to the lightweight and compact nature. It’s also very reliable and delivers sharp and colorful images. This guarantees you a remarkable experience that allows you to enjoy a TV show, watch a movie or play a game. It features several inputs, including AV and SD/USB, to work with other devices. Moreover, the built-in digital tuner, along with the removable antennas, functions wonderful and allows for use in many situations. The images are less prone to blurs or graininess thanks to the good technology.

Like most good options, it runs via A/C or DC power, boasts of a reliable and longlasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It offers many hours of viewing and also recharges fairly fast. What’s more, you get clear audio as well as good volume.

In Summary:

Lightweight and compact
AV and SD/USB input work with other devices
Built-in digital tuner
Runs via A/C or DC power
Reliable and longlasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery
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The Best Portable TVs Buying Guide

Picking a good portable TV from the many available options isn’t easy. You’ll find several models that look very similar. They’ll have the same specs and features and may even come from the same brand. You’ll need to go through a whole lot of products and this will definitely require a substantial amount of time and effort. You also can’t forget that technology is always changing. For instance, 720p resolution is still trendy. However, 1020p is becoming more available. The days of the analog signal are over as we have embraced digital TV. The following tips will help you find the right piece much faster.

Understand Your Need At Hand

Before you begin the journey to owning a portable TV, you need to understand your needs. Will you be using it indoors or outdoors? Do you plan to travel with it a lot or you’ll be at a fixed place? Is it for you or for your kids? Such things help to pick out the best. For instance, adults are usually more careful than kids are. Therefore, a unit for kids will need to be tougher and made if durable materials. If you’ll be using it outdoors, it needs to have excellent anti-glare characteristics. And if you’ll be mounting it in the car, then it should have pleasant shock and vibration characteristics.

Learn More About The Brand

As said earlier, the TVs aren’t built the same. You’ll find a very reliable piece and also some not-so dependable pieces. It’s been proven that top brands will release good units more often than not. A company that has been in existence for decades and still enjoys positive reviews is more likely to deliver the right product. This can’t be said about a new company or startup, which has only one product that didn’t enjoy an excellent reception. You will be better off buying a product from the more established firm rather than the new company.

Get Insights From Consumers

It’s no secret that vendors and manufacturers will praise their products. In fact, most will stretch the truth a bit to just make you part both your money. They may say it has some features but they may not work right. It won’t point out any drawbacks such as not keeping charging for a long time, being a little heavy, or not being compatible with some systems and devices. Reading reviews and comments from consumers will help to shed light on products. If it’s good, it will enjoy fantastic reviews. If it’s bad, the opinions will also be bad.

Have A Budget

Before you start going through reviews or researching the market, you need to know how much you are willing to spend. It’s straightforward to be carried away, and you’ll end up overspending. The next thing will be you regretting your ill-informed decision. Yes, The TV will be good but you’ll leave dents in the wallet. You’ll discover exquisite pieces that don’t really cost that much. At the same time, you’ll find expensive units that lack most features hence not really reliable. Reading the best portable TVs reviews helps to learn more about the top and also affordable pieces.


Owning the best portable TV should no longer be hard once you go through this review. We have outlined some of the top and most worthy products. And as you will observe, they are very portable and easy to move around with. This is owing to its small size and compact nature. Besides, they also are lightweight and also have a slim profile. They also have good picture quality, which is vibrant, colorful, and very clear.

You won’t experience any graininess or blurs. On top of this, the sound is pretty decent and reaches far. In fact, you can conveniently listen to them without the need to install external speakers. They come with inputs and features to support other devices such as headphones, external speakers, external storage media like SD cards, and more. The high-quality piece also comes with a friendly price. Choosing the best portable TV assures you of an amazing experience.

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