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The best portable projectors are perfect for professionals who have to give a lot of presentations. A portable project gives them the scope to set the projector immediately and start their session without much effort and adjustments. In a non-portable projector, you have to waste a lot of time in manual adjustments and getting the right angle you want. Besides, there are issues of focusing, brightness, and much more. In a portable project, you can set it once and forget about them. Check out the best portable projectors available in the online market.

List Of The Best Portable Projectors

#13. HD Mini Portable Projector


This wireless and portable mini projector allows you to connect your smart devices via multi-screening, maracas, and Airplay. The device also offers a big screen projection with 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio compatibility. Moreover, the projector is able to project contents in 1080p resolution. You can enjoy crystal-clear picture quality with vivid color by plugging in this projector with your device.

This portable projector also allows you to adjust the projection size from 50 to 180-inch. Furthermore, you can enjoy contents from a distance 3.3 to 18-feet. The thermal glass lens of this projector helps to keep the mechanism cool to prolong the lifespan of the system. You can easily connect and access content from your laptop, iPad, DVD, Fire TV stick, camera, and SD cards.

In Summary:

Provides big screen projection.
Connects with the latest media devices.
Simple set-up for bright, colorful video experience.

#12. Portable Projector With Dual Harman Kardon Speakers

By: ViewSonic

This highly-portable projector uses innovative LED technology to offer crystal-clear picture quality with vivid color. The device also comes along with a rechargeable and inbuilt battery to provide uninterrupted playtime of 6-hours. Moreover, with the help of the shorter throw lens, this projector is able to project up to 8.9-feet. This projecting device supports easy configuration for most of the latest devices.

You can also stress-freely play videos, pictures, and other content with ease. Furthermore, With the help of HDMI, USB, and other ports, you can easily connect your PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, or other devices. The type C USB cable allows you to charge your mobile phone while the projector is connected with the power adapter.

In Summary:

Big display projection for better viewing experience.
Powerful battery for long time use.
Portable structure and hassle-free set-up.

#11. Portable Mini Projector


With the help of a slim and lightweight profile, this portable projector offers easy portability. This device is also able to perform multi-screen sharing. Moreover, with the help of HDMI, AV, USB, and microSD ports, this device allows you to connect with various multimedia gadgets. This unit is able to play videos, photo sharing, TV series, and more other contents.

You can also connect this projector with your PS3, Xbox, PS4, and any other smart device. Furthermore, the wireless, built-in, and rechargeable 4000-mAh battery helps you to watch contents for 2-hours without any hassle. The RGB LED lights of the projector can last up to 30000-hours. This unit allows you to customize the picture size from 15 to 130-inch.

In Summary:

Extremely compact design for convenient use.
Can be easily connected with multiple media devices.
Runs more than 2 hours without charging.

#10. Ultra Mini Portable Projector

By: Vamvo

The portable projector offers higher compatibility with most of the Mac and Android devices, Xbox, PS3, PS4, and so on. This lightweight projector is also suitable for various business and gathering parties. Moreover, the multi-screen technology of this unit allows you to connect with your smartphones and other latest gadgets. This device helps you to watch your contents with crystal-clear picture clarity and vivid color.

This projector also needs the project area up to 130-inch. Furthermore, this wireless gadget comes with an inbuilt 5200-mAh battery to play contents over 2-hours. With the help of HDMI, TF, USB, and microSD ports, you can connect most of your devices without any hassle.

In Summary:

Lightweight design with easy installation.
Vivid display with 1080p resolution.
Powerful battery ensures long time streaming.

#9. 2400 Lux Mini Projector

By: Vankyo

This portable projector allows you to project contents on any clear wall or ceiling. You can also enjoy 1920X1080p resolution without any obstruction. Moreover, this unit comes with energy-efficient LCD technology to offer vivid colors and picture quality. This device supports the 2000:1 contrast ratio. The projector projects content up to the area of 170-inch. You can stress-freely connect this unit with a TV box, smartphone, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and more.

You can also enjoy various contents, like movies, videos, sports matches and so on. Furthermore, the convenient carry bag allows you to carry this portable device almost everywhere. The light source of this device can last up to 40000-hours. With the heat dissipation system and noise reduction technology, this machine comes with a prolonged lifespan.

In Summary:

Easily adjustable set-up for convenient use.
Can be connected with various types of media devices.
In-built cooling system and low noise technology.

#8. 3,200 Lumens Portable Projector

By: Epson

This mini portable projector tends to offer 3200-lumens color and brightness. The device also comes with a noise-dampening fan to deliver operational noise up to 28-dB in eco-mode. Moreover, the projecting tool supports manual digital zooming and focusing. With the help of SVGA resolution of 800X600p, you can easily use this unit for delivering presentations. This projector is compatible with both PC and Mac.

You also just need to maintain the projection distance from 30 to 350-inch. Furthermore, this projector connects with your TV box, laptop, smartphone, and any other multimedia devices via HDMI or USB port. You can even rotate, enlarge as well as reduce the image size. This unit comes along with 2-watt mono speakers.

In Summary:

Vivid viewing experience with digital zoom.
Can be used with lastest media devices.
Comes with a mono speaker.

#7. Mini Portable Video DLP Pocket Projector


The sleek and compact design of this projector allows it to carry it around almost everywhere. This device is also ideal for projecting in a low-light environment. Moreover, this rechargeable unit is able to run up to 2.5-hours with a single charging. With the help of the DLP technology, this projector is responsible for offering 50% sharper image.

This projector also allows you to enjoy 1080p resolution videos without any hassle. Furthermore, this device comes along with inbuilt speakers to offer crystal-clear sound quality. You can easily connect your laptop, tablet, camera, DVD, PS3, PS4, and TV box. This projector is suitable for the projection area from 30 to 100-inch. It is better to maintain the projection distance from 1 to 4-meter.

In Summary:

Powerful mini projector with in-built battery.
Provides full HD resolution in the big display.
Comes with low noise technology.

#6. Mini Portable Projector With Dual Built-in Speakers


This compact portable projector comes with 2000:1 contrast ratio. You can also enjoy high-definition 1080p videos without any hassle. Moreover, with the help of 3500-lumen LED lighting, this device is able to deliver super bright and vivid images. This projector is suitable for projecting up to 180-inch screen size. The device allows you to show contents in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

This projector also works well in low light or dark-room environment. Furthermore, this device consists of two inbuilt speakers to deliver excellently vivid audio quality. You can even connect external speakers of your choice as well. This projector comes with efficient cooling technology to increase the lifespan of the bulbs up to 45000-hours.

In Summary:

Full HD resolution with 4.0 LCD screen.
High-quality speaker and strong cooling technology.
Can be easily connected with various media devices.

#5. Mini Projector 2020 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector

By: AuKing

With the help of a 2000:1 contrast ratio, this portable projector is suitable for any home theater. This projecting device is also able to project 1080p resolution and comes with 55000-hours of lamp lifetime. Moreover, the device is suitable for screen size from 32 to 170-inch. It is better to maintain the projection distance between 1 to 5 meters. With the help of built-in speakers, this unit delivers high-quality and loud sound.

You can also enjoy your favorite TV shows, football matches, and videos by connecting your projector with multiple devices. Furthermore, this high-tech projector easily connects with your laptops, Xbox, mobile phones, tablets, and other USB drivers. The heat dissipation technology of this projecting device effectively keeps it cool during operation. Considering all the features, it is one of the best portable projectors.

In Summary:

Super contrast ensures vivid experience.
Comes with in-built high-quality speakers.
Strong cooling system and low noise technology.

#4. Smart Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector

By: Anker

The compact design and mini size of this portable projector make it extremely travel-friendly. This Wi-Fi enabled projecting device also delivers noteworthy clarity and high-quality contrast. Moreover, you can enjoy excellent picture quality up to 100-inch. The capsule shape of this projector makes it suitable for any occasion. This device comes along with inbuilt 360-degree omnidirectional speaker to deliver high-quality sound. You can enjoy four hours of non-stop video playtime.

This unit also has the structure of a lightweight aluminum body to prolong the lifespan of the projector. Furthermore, the Android 7.1 version of this device helps you to stream various media applications without any hassle. You can even download applications directly from the projector by using Wireless internet.

In Summary:

Provides sharp and vivid watching experience.
Comes with high-quality omnidirectional speaker.
Android 7.1 for convenient streaming of media apps.

#3. Mini Android Projector


This mini portable projector easily fits into your palm. The projecting device also comes with 30000-hours of working time. Moreover, the 1000:1 contrast ratio of this projector makes it suitable for any home theater. This device even effortlessly plays 1920X1080p resolution files. The unit offers 50% extra brightness in comparison with the other ordinary projectors. This projector is ideal for screen size up to 150-inch.

This wireless portable projector also comes with part-optical technology to deliver razor-sharp projection. Furthermore, this unit is compatible with HDMI input to make a connection with the TV box, external Bluetooth speaker, laptop, and more. With the help of 2G/5G Wi-Fi technology, this projector allows you to stream content from Netflix and more other online channels. Overall, it is one of the best portable projectors to opt for.

In Summary:

Extremely lightweight design with great performance.
Comes with adaptable projection size.
Fully wireless technology for a hassle-free experience.

#2. Portable LED LCD Projector

By: Meyoung

With a simple inbuilt carry handle, this projector allows you to carry it around almost everywhere. This compact projecting device also comes with a portable charger. Moreover, the unit has an innovative LED lighting with 20% additional brightness than the other projectors. The device comes with an 800:1 contrast ratio which is suitable for your home theater. This unit is compatible with most of the portable connection, like AV, USB, TF, and HDMI ports.

This projector also supports the 1920X1080 resolution for screening. Furthermore, this projecting device easily connects with your laptop, desktop, digital camera, DVD player, and smart devices. This unit comes along with two inbuilt 2W Hi-Fi speakers. The heat dissipation technology keeps the mechanism cool. This projector is suitable for screen size from 24 to 71-inch, and the ideal projection distance is up to 10-feet.

In Summary:

High-quality in-built speakers.
Comes with big screen size.
Easily connects with different types of devices.

#1. Mini Projector With Full HD Display


This portable projector comes with a special cooling system to keep the machine cool. With the help of quiet-operation technology, this projector also easily dampens the noise of the fan. Moreover, this tool comes with the LED brightness of 2400-LUX. The projecting device comes along with a pair of two built-in speakers to enhance your viewing experience.

The projector is also able to play 1920X1080-resolution clips without any hassle. Furthermore, the device is able to connect with your PS4, Xbox, PS3, or any smart devices. The projecting machine comes with a big screen size from 32 to 176-inch within the distance range up to 16.4-feet. You can efficiently connect your devices with this projector via HDMI, TF, USB, AV, and VGA. It is clearly one of the best portable projectors on the list.

In Summary:

High tech color engine for amazing visual experience.
Comes with in-built noise cancellation system.
Durable and compact design for carrying out.


While buying a portable projector, you have to consider the size of the rooms where you are going to use it and the throw distance of the projector. There are best portable projectors available for small rooms as well as for large rooms. Apart from that, the battery life, the connectivity, and other essentials need to be checked thoroughly. Take your time going through these products and then choose the best on as per your requirement.

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