Top 9 Best Portable Power Supplies In 2021 – Review

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Electric power is something which is a must-have for all of us. With power, we can use our gadgets without any interruption. Do best have the best source of power one can use a portable power supply. It will ensure that you can use your gadgets like computers, laptops, mobile phones, microwaves, and others with ease and no disruptions. This device comes in various designs and allows you to preserve power. It is easy to use and delivers efficient power supply. The following is the list of the best portable power supplies for you to choose from.

List Of The Best Portable Power Supplies

#9. Portable Generator Power Station For Home Travel

By: Foxnovo

The portable power supplying generator is ready to help you wherever and whenever. Moreover, it has a small portable size and compact design which allows you to carry with you everywhere. This power supply does not become shocked also does not catch on fire anymore.

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Furthermore, it has some advanced safety features which prevent this generator from over-heating, over-charging, and short-circuit. It gets power supply from durable lithium batteries. You can charge its battery with AC charger at home; also you can charge it at outdoor through the solar panel, just you have to buy this panel. While driving, the car charger can charge the batteries of this portable generator.

In Summary:

Will be resistant to shock, fire and other damage
The durable Li batteries are included in the pack to deliver high efficiency
The compact size and portable design streamlines the working operation
When you drive your car, the batteries will get charged

#8. 1000W/2000W Power Inverter Dual AC Outlets & Dual USB Charging Ports

By: IpowerBingo

This inverter charger comes with an exclusive LCD display, which lets you know about the battery capacity, battery voltage, the loaded capacity, and output voltage. The mini built-in slip fuse protects your appliance by charging safely; also, you can replace it easily when it has some problem. Moreover, this emergency inverter does not become over-heated due to the cooling fan.

With this over-heating issue, it also overcomes many common issues of an electronic gadget such as over or under-voltage, over-current, overload, short circuit, and reverses polarity problem. You can charge your household devices quickly with this inverter. Furthermore, this portable generator can power up most of the household appliance also makes your life easier at the outdoor.

In Summary:

Unlike other power supplies, there will be no overheating concerns
Working as an inverter, it can easily charge all your household appliances
A bright LCD display is included on its surface to know different parameters accurately
Whenever required, it can be easily replaced due to excellent portability

#7. 200Watt Portable Power Bank With AC Outlet

By: Powkey

This power bank allows you to carry an excellent power supply always with you as it has very lightweight with a compact and durable design. It also provides a large power capacity to charge your many USB devices like laptops, smartphones, and different kinds of home appliances. Moreover, it will offer enough power supply for LED lights, audio equipment, fans, and other appliance while outing or camping.

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It also offers fast charging technology, which charges the devices faster than another power inverter. You have to charge it only for 6 to 7 hours, and it becomes fully recharged. Furthermore, the built-in 4 LED indicator allows you to check its present battery level. The automatic power-off feature, short circuit prevention feature makes it more convenient to use.

In Summary:

The implementation of fast charging technology allows instant charging of different devices
Current battery level can be checked by its 4 LED indicators
For home use or commercial use, sufficient power supply will be delivered

#6. Portable AC Power Bank

By: GrantMaya-Power

This mini generator helps you to back up a large capacity of power to use in future emergency purposes at home or outdoor. It becomes fully recharged within 7 to 8 hours; also, charge your devices super firstly. Moreover, it offers excellent protection against over-current, over-heating, low-voltage, over-voltage, short-circuit, and overload problem.

Furthermore, it uses an advanced battery management technology for improving the battery utilization and increases battery life. This power bank comes with a portable design and lightweight construction, and the handle makes it also easy for carrying while outing. There is no doubt that it is one of the best portable power supplies.

In Summary:

The execution of advanced battery management technology enhances battery consumption
The built-in handle allows easy portability
Appliances will stay protected against issues like over-heating, over-current, over-voltage, low-voltage, short-circuit, and overload
Within 7 to 8 hours, full recharging is possible

#5. Continuous Power Inverter With USB Charging Ports

By: Wagan

You can charge two devices at the same time while using this power supply as it has 2 USB outlet ports. Moreover, it protects your appliance from being short circuit by automatically shutting down itself while the unit is overloading. When the input power becomes low, then also it shuts down. So, you never have to worry even if your locality frequently has power cut problem.

Furthermore, this power supply package includes alligator clips, a DC cable along with the power inverter. You can power up different kinds of appliances such as laptops, mobile, MP3 player, camera by using this emergency power supply. Here it also offers one year warranty for defective products to make you worry-free about buying this product.

In Summary:

The 2 USB outlet ports facilitate simultaneous charging of 2 devices
Your appliances will stay protected against short-circuit problems
Comes with a 1-year warranty
Equipped with the auto-shutoff feature

#4. Compact & Portable Power Bank

By: Anker

Now you do not have to wait for doing pending works when the power cuts off due to storm and thunder while using this inverter power supply. It can power up your laptop, mobile, lambs, or any other small appliance. Moreover, it can power up a mini-fridge, LED light, and fan for continuing your comfortable lifestyle during a long time blackout. It takes time only 9 to 10 hours for being fully recharged.

While powering, it does not create too much noise like other generators. Its silent operation features make it more convenient for use at indoor. It also uses many safety features to protect your household appliances and batteries. Furthermore, its compact design and portable weight make it a perfect power supply for outdoor trips. All in all, it is one of the best portable power supplies to opt for.

In Summary:

It can effectively power up small and large appliances
The full recharging is possible within 9-10 hours to save your time
Unlike other generators, it will not produce excess noise
Suitable for outdoor trips due to the compact and portable design

#3. 1500 Watt Automotive Back Up Power Supply


This power inverter offers enough power supply for TV, microwave, different electronic gadgets, and, most of all, other home appliances during a power interruption. Moreover, you can have power by connecting the battery cables with the battery of your car, while moving on the car. This inverter can charge 2 appliances quickly at the same time.

With a heavy-duty, it also ensures safety that you need at first. It prevents overload, over-temperature, and short circuit problems conveniently. Furthermore, the LCD display allows you to monitor the input-output voltage and battery level to make you worry-free about your safety.

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In Summary:

The heavy-duty construction guarantees excellent safety during use
It can monitor input-output voltage by its bright LCD display
Accurately displays the battery level

#2. Krieger 1500 Watts Power Inverter 12V to 110V


You can get the installation kit free with this power supply package, so you do not have to buy any components for installing this power inverter as well. Moreover, this inverter can power or power up a major electronic home appliance such as a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee maker quickly. So, you can continue your work also the comfort easily during a power failure at your locality while using this power supply.

Furthermore, it uses many safety features to overcome many safety issues, such as short-circuit, over-heat, and over-voltage. You also can ensure safety by monitoring the battery level, input, and output voltage through the LCD display. This portable generator offers 3 years warranty on labor and body parts, so you can rely on this product easily. Overall, it is one of the best portable power supplies on the list.

In Summary:

To guarantee the safety of your appliances, different protection offered are over-heat, short-circuit, and over-voltage
Comes with 3-years of warranty
The battery level and input-output can be easily monitored
Can power up a range of different devices for home use and commercial use

#1. Power Supply Inverter


This power inverter can power up small appliances as well as heavy appliances during a power cut or the outdoor. Moreover, it comes with a compact design that allows you to port it easily with you everywhere. It also offers an excellent warranty of 3 years for making you worry-free about buying it.

Furthermore, its safety features ensure you that your devices do not become damaged due to overpower or short circuit issue. It also does not become over-heated as usual other inverters. When over or under voltage runs on the unit, then it automatically shuts off for protecting itself.

In Summary:

Provides appliance protection against short circuit or excess power
The appliances will stay protected against over-heating
Comes with 3-years of warranty
Due to its compact size, it can be easily carried and used anywhere

Portable Power Supply Buying Guide

Keep the following factors in mind while buying the best portable power supply, especially for emergency use.


A portable power supply can be of various types. It can be an adapter, which lets you connect the device directly to a power outlet. It can be a UPS for your computers, with which you can run the computer efficiently. If you are looking for other devices, then you see the appropriate power supply required by your device. See if it will reduce the requirement of the components and provides you with more options.

Wattage Rating

The first important thing when you decide to get a portable power supply is the wattage rating. This completely depends on the device you are using. Despite being a small size, some can have high capacity. With wattage rating, you can run the device with ease and provides safe use. Generally, the wattage is 18A on most of the 12V line. It is the capability that determines how much power your power supply can deliver.


During power supply, voltages power converts into heat and gets lost. If you are looking for an efficient power supply, then see if it can save power. This will also enable you to save money by lowering your electricity bills and helps it to operate without heating up. Better efficiency will also let it operate in low noise. It is one of the most important factors, which determine the quality of your power supply. You can see if it has the certification of 80 Plus, which makes it very efficient and perform under typical loads.


When using any device that requires power, you must ensure that it is safe for use. A good portable power supply must give protection from short circuit, overpower, over-voltage, under-voltage, and over current. With heavy-duty protections, you can use it safely and provide great reliability. See if it has certifications from various associations, which makes it safe for use. Some can also come with auto power-off protection.


There are different types of connectors, and it completely goes on the type of device that you are using. Some of it is compatible with a wide variety of AC plug devices, including laptop, and comes with multiple outputs. You can also see if it is compatible with cable adapters so that you can have a power supply by using an additional device. Some power supply can come with a wide range of cable connectors that can go with multiple types of devices and appliances.


A portable power supply has to be functional and must be a reliable product. It must be widely compatible with various devices and must be in an appropriate size. With easy controls, you can use it conveniently and take it anywhere you want. You can also see the design if it will allow you to install with ease. Some of it may not require installation and may arrive in one piece. You need to see if it has improved performance and has better features. A functional power supply will let you have an endless power supply and makes you work from anywhere you want.


Go ahead and buy one of the best portable power supplies to satisfy your needs. Having seen the different types of portable power supply, we can see that it is very important for us in our everyday life. It is reliable and operates in different conditions. It is of multipurpose use and lets you select from the different types to go with your device perfectly. A Portable power supply is lightweight and allows you to use it from anywhere with or without power. It is suitable for both home and outdoor use and fulfills your power needs.

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