Taking professional shots of your products that you can put up on websites and posters can be expensive. That is because you will need a professional photographer and a proper studio with all the required arrangements. You can cut down the cost if you buy the best portable photo booths which are designed to take professional photos of your products perfectly. You will see such photos on e-commerce sites and even on posters and leaflets. Check out the best portable photo booths of different sizes and shapes below.

List Of The Best Portable Photo Booths

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#12. Photo Studio LED Light Box

MountDog Photo Studio LED Light Box

By: MountDog

This whole set incorporates a photo tent, frame tubes, three different backgrounds, power adapter, and two LED light boards. The set also arrives in a convenient carry bag for issue free transportability and capacity. Moreover, with the assistance of high-grade and reflective material construction, the tent can deliver non-stroboscopic and great quality pictures. The photo booth accompanies a cinema to expel the shadow from each corner.

The compact size of the tent is also ideal for putting small to medium-sized accessories, like watches, jewelry, glasses, shoes, and more. Furthermore, the LED light panels efficiently and uniformly eliminate the light lines. From top to side angles, this photo tent allows you to take multi-angle photos of the products.

In Summary:
  • Easy transport due to the carry bag.
  • LED light panels and easy operation.
  • Compact size and high-quality materials.

#11. Portable Photo Box Studio

Photo Box, FOSITAN 24''x24''x24'' Portable Photo Studio


This professional-grade photo booth is suitable for taking photos of any medium-size object, like food, bag, cosmetic, jewelry, and more. The set of this tent also includes a power supply, six backdrops, and brightness dimmer. Moreover, the adjustable brightness dimmer helps you to adjust the brightness from 10% to 100%. The photo tent allows you to click multi-angle images of the objects with the help of 90-degree vertical and horizontal holes.

The soft white fabric of this booth also effectively fades and equally distributes the light to prevent lights spots and reflection. Furthermore, the tent comes along with wrinkle-resistant colored PVC background boards to match the need. You can easily click high-quality images with your phone camera, DSLR camera, and other higher equipment.

In Summary:
  • Soft fabric with PVC background.
  • Resistant to wrinkle for outstanding images.
  • Adjustable brightness and multi-angle clicking.

#10. Portable Photo Light Box

Photo Light Box TRAVOR Portable 16''x16'' Photography Studio Box

By: Travor

This photo booth comes with an entire set which includes four different color backgrounds, phone holder, and six filters. The tent kit also comes along with two LED tabletop lights, and two tripod stands for stability. Moreover, the phone holder helps you to shoot multiple images with a fixed position to reduce the shaky images. The photo booth comes with a foldable design, and you can carry the entire set almost everywhere.

The LED lights of this kit are also able to deliver up to 1800-lumens of super-bright light output. Furthermore, the booth allows you to shoot multi-angle images with the help of open front and a vertical hole on it. You can easily rotate the lights up to a 180-degree angle. These filters help you to adjust the color temperature range from 3200K to 9000K.

In Summary:
  • Easy storage due to rotating design.
  • Adjustable color temperature and tripod stands.
  • Multi-angle images for user advantage.

#9. Professional Light Photo Box

Photo Box, SAMTIAN 24x24x24 Inches Professional Light Box


This professional-grade photo booth kit consists of a photo tent, six different color backdrops, a power adapter, and a brightness dimmer. The set also comes along with 126 pieces of LED beads to deliver 4200-lumens of light output. Moreover, with the help of color rendering index, you can click natural and crystal-clear images even with your mobile camera. The lightbox helps you capture stroboscopic effect free photographs every time.

The reflective fabric of this photo tent also helps you to click high-quality images without any hassle. Furthermore, the brightness dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness as per your photoshoot’s requirement. The uniform light disturbance of the photo booth easily eliminates the shadow and light lines without any difficulty.

In Summary:
  • LED beads for high light output.
  • Uniform light for better photography.
  • Powerful materials and stroboscopic effect.

#8. Studio Professional Photo Tent

Amzdeal Photo Light Box 32 x 32in Photo Studio Professional Photography Tent

By: Amzdeal

This photo booth allows you to click professional-grade photographs of your objects even with your phone camera. The LED lights of the photo tent also allow you to click flicker-free images without any difficulty. Moreover, the kit comes along with three different color backdrops with wrinkle-resistant material construction. The standard dimensions of this tent help you to click images of any small to large-size products.

With the help of the easy to assemble joints, you can also hassle-freely install the tent within a few seconds. Furthermore, the tent has anti-reflective and heat-resistant silver fabric to eliminate the light lines without any difficulty. With the help of the three-door system, you can click pictures of your objects from multiple angles as well. It is one of the top portable photo booths to pick.

In Summary:
  • Professional photos and three backdrops.
  • Outstanding results with wrinkle-resistant fabric.
  • Resistant to heat and anti-reflective.

#7. Photo Studio With Super Bright Dimmable LED Lighting

HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-40XD - Dimension 16x16x16 - Super Bright Dimmable LED Lighting


This studio-grade photo booth is suitable for clicking commercial photographs by simply using your mobile camera. The photo tent is also suitable for capturing images of smaller objects, like cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, and more. Moreover, the lightbox consists of 120 pieces of premium-quality SMD LED lights. These beads offer uniform coverage throughout the photo booth to eliminate light lines and shadow.

These lights are also able to deliver up to the 26000-lumens light output. Furthermore, the tent comes with a foldable design and supports hassle-free installation within a few minutes. With the help of 5500K color temperature, you can click natural photographs without any difficulty. This photo booth helps you to capture images from three different sides. With the help of three different color high-quality plastic backgrounds, you can get your desired photographs of the objects with ease.

In Summary:
  • High-quality materials for improved durability.
  • Powerful lights for better illumination.
  • Eliminates shadow and natural photographs.

#6. Portable Photography Studio Light Box

Photo Light Box, SAMTIAN Portable 16x16x16 Inches Photography Studio Light Box


This photo booth comes along with reflective fabric inside of it to capture crystal-clear images. The tent also has 84 pieces of LED lights to deliver uniform light distribution to eliminate shadow and light lines. Moreover, the entire kit includes power adapter, brightness dimmer, and six different color background papers. You can stress-freely capture pictures from both vertical and horizontal angles. With the help of the brightness dimmer, you can adjust the brightness from 10% to 100%.

This photo booth also folds down into a compact piece for easy transportability. Furthermore, the lightweight photo tent is resistant to compression. The lightbox allows you to click vivid images by using your DSLR camera, smartphone camera, or any camcorder as well.

In Summary:
  • Eliminates shadow with LED lights.
  • Adjustable brightness and folding design.
  • Easy storage and multi-angle shooting.

#5. Mini Portable Photography Shooting Light Tent Kit

Mini Photo Studio Box, PULUZ 20cm Portable Photography Shooting Light Tent Kit


This photo booth arrives in a littler size for effortless storage and transportability. The lightbox also has 20 pieces of high-grade SMD LED lights. Moreover, these lights offer uniform light supply around the photo tent to dispose of shadow and light lines. With the assistance of a Velcro tie, this booth supports trouble-free establishment. The lightbox joins three pairs of different color backdrops.

The photo booth also allows you to click multi-angle images of the products with the help of vertical and horizontal windows. Furthermore, the photo booth helps you to click images with non-professional equipment, like a smartphone camera or digital camera. This photo tent comes with a 5-volt power supply. You can easily click images at a 90-degree vertical angle.

In Summary:
  • Allows clicking from a vertical angle of 90 degrees.
  • High-quality materials and Velcro tie.
  • Uniform light supply due to high-grade lights.

#4. Portable Photo Studio Box For Jewellery & Small Items

Portable Photo Studio Box for Jewellery and Small Items Portable Folding Photography Studio Box Booth


This portable photo booth comes along with 40 pieces of ultra-bright LED lights in two strips. The lightbox also eliminates shadow and light lines to click crystal-clear images. Moreover, the light tent folds down into a compact unit to support hassle-free storage and transportation. This set consists of six different color backdrops. The compact size of the box is suitable for capturing the photos of watches, jewelry, toys, and other smaller objects.

With the assistance of a USB link, the photo booth also supports bother-free power supply. Furthermore, the photo box encourages you to snap pictures from both the vertical and horizontal windows. You can undoubtedly alter the brightness of the lights according to your need. The non-reflective texture of this light tent offers protection against wrinkles and water.

In Summary:
  • Compact design for easy storage.
  • Non-reflective texture and clear images.
  • Multiple color backdrops and folding design.

#3. Photo Studio Light Box With Adjustable Brightness

ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box 20:50cm Adjustable Brightness Portable Folding Hook & Loop Booth


This portable photo booth comes along with 120 pieces of LED lights. You can also hassle-freely monitor the brightness of the lights as per your need. Moreover, the photo tent kit comes along with a power adapter, diffuser fabric, and four different color backdrops. You can easily adjust the color temperature up to 5500K. With the help of the hook-and-loop design, the portable photo box supports hassle-free installation and takedown.

These super-bright LED lights are also able to deliver up to 26100-lumens of light output. Furthermore, PVC backdrops are resistant to wrinkle. With the help of the multiple openings, the light tent allows you to capture multiple images without any difficulty. The Aluminum housing of these lights offers exceptional heat dissipation. Overall, it is one of the best portable photo booths on the list.

In Summary:
  • Multiple LED lights and easy installation.
  • Resistant to wrinkle and portable design.
  • Heat dissipation with aluminum texture.

#2. Table Top Photography Studio Light Tent KitLimoStudio 16 x 16 Table Top Photo Photography Studio Lighting Light Tent Kit in a Box

By: LimoStudio

This photo booth has a standard size to capture images of any small object, like jewelry, watch, toy, and more. The light tent also comes with the construction of high-quality polyester material. Moreover, the lightweight photo box easily folds down into a compact unit to support hassle-free transportation. The photo booth comes along with four different color backdrops as well.

This light tent kit also has one mini tripod stand, two tabletops LED lights, and a cellphone clip holder. Furthermore, the LED lights come with the adjustable color temperature up to 5500K. The photo box comes with a soft and anti-reflective fabric to produce natural and shadow-free images of the products. The camera stand is easily height adjustable up to 8-inch.

In Summary:
  • Standard size for wide application.
  • Anti-reflective fabric for shadow-free images.
  • Durable materials and lightweight housing.

#1. Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box With LED Light

AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light

By: AmazonBasics

This portable photo booth supports hassle-free installation and takedown. The convenient portfolio case of this kit also allows you to carry it around almost everywhere. Moreover, the photo box has a three-door system to support the multi-angle shooting of the products. The professional-grade light tent helps you to click commercial photographs by simply using your phones. This kit comes along with a power adapter. There is no doubt that it is one of the best portable photo booths.

The top hole also allows you to click images at 90-degree angle. Furthermore, the LED lights are able to produce color temperature up to 5600K. The additional light helps you to adjust the light for achieving modeling photographs. The photo box comes along with a pre-installed super-bright white background. These LED lights come with a high color rendering index to offer consistent color.

In Summary:
  • Adjustable LED lights and portfolio case.
  • Three-door system and white background.
  • Multi-angle shooting for superior results.


With a portable photo booth, you can save the cost of a studio space set up and the service charge of a professional photographer. They can be beautifully lit up, and the background color is also changeable. There are different sizes of portable photo booths available so that they can accommodate products of different sizes as per your requirement. The LED lights are also adjustable, and due to portability, you can move it around anywhere. These best portable photo booths are highly durable and worth investing.

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