Top 10 Best Portable Mini IP Cameras Review In 2021

How safe is your home or business premises? You probably are thinking about an answer. The truth is that modern life has become prone to security breaches, disorganization, home break-in, office burglary, and more. And to be able to put a check on these things, people invest heavily in surveillance or CCTV cameras. They are better thanks to superior technology, have fantastic coverage, are easier to install; you can remotely control them and view the ongoing in real-time and are quite affordable. We are talking about portable mini IP cameras.

Unfortunately, most are very heavy and bulky and limit movement. And chances are people will tend to change their behavior since they know they are being observed. A more viable option is portable mini IP cameras. And as the names hints, they are very easy to carry around, work with most computers and Operating Systems, and you can fit them in different places with ease. After receiving queries from people, we saw it worthy of reviewing the best portable mini IP cameras. And here are the best we found in the market.

The List Of Best Portable Mini IP Cameras In 2021

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#10. SmartCam HD 1080p Full-HD WiFi Camera

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full-HD WI-Fi Camera

By: Samsung

The Samsung SmartCam HD is not only a popular surveillance camera but also among the portable types. In fact, you may have seen it in many homes, offices, and other places. The mini camera has a high-resolution thanks to the 1080P, and this provides crystal-clear images. It also has good coverage and range that limits the number of cameras you place in an environment. This helps to improve operation and minimize interference.

The 128-degree ultra-wide-angle works great during the day as well as the night, and together with the wide dynamic range will give you nice views of the target location. And thanks to the Micro SDXC memory card slot that can handle upper 64GB, you can always revisit the recordings after storing them. The Multi-Streaming technology supports as many as 10 cameras at a go and also has a simple interface for easy control.

In Summary:
  • A popular and reliable surveillance camera
  • Easy to use and very portable
  • 1080p high-resolution
  • Provides sharp crystal-clear images
  • 128-degree wide-angle view

#9. AI Home Security Camera

Lighthouse - Number 1 Rated AI Home Security Camera by Gizmodo

By: Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Home Security camera is a top seller from Gizmodo and is suited for many locations in the home, Business, office, and other places. The small camera is very compact and fits well in most locations with ease. It also doesn’t occupy too much space, and this makes it a good option for limited spaces or people who want a bit of discreteness.

The unit comes with Artificial Intelligence for easy monitoring and a highly effective 3D sensor, and this will notify you of any movement in the location when you are not around and will provide clear images of the surrounding. The 1080p resolution delivers crystal clear images that are free of shadows and blurs, whereas the 112-degree field of view (FOV) provides excellent coverage.

In fact, one camera can survey a large room with ease. Other features that make this product a popular pick include the security siren, two-way talk and night vision, and people & pet recognition.

In Summary:
  • Suitable for home, school, Business, etc
  • Small and very compact
  • Takes up minimal space and easy to install
  • Easy monitoring Artificial Intelligence
  • Highly effective and powerful 3D sensor
  • 1080p high clarity resolution

#8. 1080P HD Security Wireless IP Camera

Lensoul 1080P HD Security Camera, Wireless IP Camera

By: Lensoul

You don’t need to live in constant fear of your home or office being broken into and your valuables getting lost. With the Lensoul 1080P HD Security Camera, you get real-time surveillance and update of what is happening. Furthermore, you also enjoy clear blur-free images thanks to the Full 1920 x 1080P high-definition that also includes image rectification.

The device has an effective night vision and together with the advanced IR you get good visions as far as 30 feet. And it doesn’t matter how dark the environment is. The included 180°panoramic layer glass fish-eye lens is not only superior but also enables you to rotate it manually.

And in case you need to communicate with a person from the other end, all you need is talking into the unit. It has a Two-Way Duplex Audio that consists of a superior and effective microphone. Additionally, it features an anti-noise filter for the perfect sound and minimizes distortion or interference.

In Summary:
  • Gives real-time surveillance
  • Delivers clear blur-free images
  • Full 1920 x 1080P HD and advanced IR
  • 180-degree glass fish-eye lens with a panoramic layer
  • Two-Way Duplex sound

#7. Dual Band Wifi Indoor Wireless Home Security Camera

REOLINK 4MP HD Pan_Tilt 2.4_5GHz Dual Band Wifi Indoor Wireless Home Security Camera (C1 Pro)


A good surveillance camera doesn’t have to be too heavy or bulky. You can still monitor the happenings in the home and other places by installing the REOLINK Wireless Home Security camera. It comes handy as a home, nanny, baby, and pet camera and has decent picture quality. The gadget also comes with reliable night vision and the built-in IR sensor can reach as far as 20 meters even in pitch darkness.

To provide a strong network, the mini camera has 2 bands; 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. It features 2T2R MIMO antennas for better signal reception and distribution whereas the Quick Wifi setup reduces the setup up and effort. And considering it is wireless, you don’t need to worry about messy cables that clutter an environment. The 4MP gadget supports live video streaming, mobile App (Android or iOS), and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

In Summary:
  • Not bulky or heavy
  • For home, baby, nanny, pet use
  • Decent picture quality and sound
  • Effective IR sensor with a 20-meter range
  • Reliable and clear night vision

#6. Mini WiFi Network IP Wireless Camera Motion Detective

3T Cleverdog Indoor Mini WiFi Network Camera IP Wireless Camera Motion Detective

By: 3T

The 3T Cleverdog camera is meant for indoor use and is useful in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, workshop, office, warehouse, and other locations. It works as a nanny, kid, pet, or general surveillance camera. One thing that makes it accessible is its portable nature. It’s very lightweight, has a small design, and takes up little space. The practical piece also blends well with most environments, thanks to the advanced modern styling.

And although it’s small, it has a nice reach courtesy of the superior wide-angle lens. The pictures are also good even in the dark because of the superior high powered IR LEDs that are effective as far as 30 feet. Additionally, it features a 2-way Audio for Real-Time communication and easily connects to a Wi-Fi network including 3G and 4G network.

In Summary:
  • Good for indoor use
  • Works okay in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc
  • For pet, baby, nanny, or kid surveillance
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Superior IR LEDs and 30 feet range

#5. Mini IP Camera With Night Vision

Mini IP Camera, Night Vision 720P HD Home WiFi Wireless Security Surveillance Camera System


This Mini Security IP camera is straightforward to install and also operate. You can place it in the kitchen office, baby’s room, and bedroom, and many other locations. The lightweight gadget is very compact, and handling it isn’t a problem. This best portable mini IP camera also has excellent picture quality thanks to the 720P resolution that relays the images in high definition (HD). The 80-degree wide-angle offers good coverage while the rotating nature lets you select the best angle.

It has powerful 4x digital zooming for quality images and depends on advanced 1 / 4-inch CMOS sensors for capturing the happenings. And thanks to the Wi-Fi functionality, you can connect it to an existing network and also access it remotely from a phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices. It works with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

In Summary:
  • Straightforward design and easy to operate
  • Fit for office, kitchen, baby’s room, etc
  • Lightweight and very compact
  • 720P resolution and clear images
  • Wide-angle view And 4x digital zoom

#4. Mini Wifi Camera Full HD 1080P Wireless

Leegoal Mini Wifi Camera, Full HD 1080P Wireless Nanny Camera IP Security Camera Portable DVR

By: Leegoal

This Wifi IP camera comes in a small handy size for improved functionality and is fit for most applications. It can be a nanny, baby, or indoor camera and is very easy to use. You don’t need to install any cables, drill holes in walls or worry about tripping over wires. The unit works with Windows and Mac OS and well as Android and iOS apps.

And according to consumers, it has picture-perfect quality for smooth and satisfactory viewing and also has good coverage thanks to the positive 140-degree wide-angle lens. Viewing images in the night is also not a problem thanks to the superior night vision technology that can reach as far as 10meters (32 feet). The Motion Detection is amazing and so is the Alarm alert feature. And like most cameras in these reviews, it supports apps from both Google and Apple, and you can control it remotely.

In Summary:
  • Small and handy size
  • Suits many applications
  • Simple and very easy to use
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, etc
  • Picture-perfect quality and 140-degree wide-angle view

#3. Wireless IP HD Home Surveillance Camera For Indoor Security

Wireless IP Camera, LaView 4MP HD Home Surveillance Camera for Indoor Security

By: LaView

Watching over your baby, kids, nanny, pet, or your home when far is comfortable with this wireless IP camera. It is small in size for easy and discrete fitting in various places, and since it is wireless, you won’t create a mess or clutter due to wires. The lightweight piece is also very portable and has great picture quality thanks to the 2560 x 1440 resolution which is way better than the popular 1080p or 720p resolution.

And in addition to the crisp images, you also get real-like pictures thanks to the full color. It includes a 4MP camera for the finest pictures and has a superior Night Vision that can reach as far as 33feet even in pitch darkness. The 180-degree view is among the widest and together with the 180-degree rotation improves the functionality. It has a strong Wifi connection, supports live video streaming and local/remote access and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, mobile App (iOS/Android), and http web browsers.

In Summary:
  • For baby, pet, kids, nanny, etc
  • Wireless IP camera and very portable
  • Easy fitting and very discrete
  • 2560 x 1440 resolutions deliver great picture quality
  • Superior 33feet Night Vision

#2. Home Security Camera Wireless IP Surveillance

YI Home Camera, Security Camera Wireless IP Surveillance Camera

By: YI

Available in a pack of 2, this IP surveillance camera will give you peace of mind while away from home. The white-colored piece looks good in different settings including the living room, bedroom, balcony, and a kid’s room.

Furthermore, it has a 1280 x 720p high-definition resolution and together with the full color will give you perfect picture quality. You also don’t need to strain your eyes observing the footage or having to install more than one camera since it has a nice 110-degree wide-angle lens. It produces crisp, bright images, and this is also experienced at night courtesy of the advanced IR Night Vision.

The Two-Way audio enables you to communicate with a person on the other end while the decent 32GB Micro SD storage allows you to conveniently store the recordings. You can remotely control the unit and also get instant alerts via your mobile or tablet. And to ensure the baby or kids aren’t disturbed, the device is super silent.

In Summary:
  • White-colored IP surveillance camera
  • Good for the bedroom, living room, balcony, etc
  • 1280 x 720p HD resolution and perfect picture quality
  • 110-degree wide-angle viewing and advanced IR Night Vision
  • Two-Way audio

#1. Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera With Wide Angle Lens

Canary View Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera with Wide-angle Lens

By: Canary

The Canary mini camera deserves the first position for a number of reasons. One, it is very portable, and you can place it in very many places. Two, it’s very versatile and works as a nanny, baby, pet, or a general indoor camera. Three, it has one of the best picture quality thanks to the excellent 1080p resolution.

In fact, many consumers say this is a key reason they went for it. Four, the camera’s 147-degree wide-angle view suits it even for larger rooms or spaces, and you only need one in a room. Five, thanks to the full color, you get a real-like picture that improves the monitoring. Other reasons it’s worth every coin include the decent night vision, AI-powered intelligence that detects movements and also alerts you on time, and the Pan and Zoom feature that improve functionality. It has good video streaming capabilities and is compatible with Alexa.

In Summary:
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Versatile and Suits many places
  • Works as pet, kid, nanny, and baby surveillance camera
  • Great picture quality courtesy of 1080p resolution
  • 147-degree wide-angle of view

Best Portable Mini IP Cameras Buying Guide

Things become easier as the technology develops, and portable mini IP cameras are one of a good example. There are many of them to choose from, so you have to know what to look for in them. This buying guide is here to give you just that, so feel free to take a look at our tips below.

Audio Quality

There are IP cameras that allow you to hear the sound from the area where you install them. Even better, some even feature a 2-way audio function for easy communication. The latter is more common for baby monitoring since the parents can talk and listen to their children. Either way, you have to make sure that the sound quality is clear and the volume is adjustable. It helps you and people on the other side to easily communicate with one another. The adjustable volume is to ensure that it is too loud which will scare the babies. With high-quality audio, that portable mini IP camera is even easier to use.

Compatibility & Operation

Apart from being able to carry it places, you should also be able to connect it with various devices as well. Most IP cameras are compatible with smart devices as well as different operation system on PC and laptops. The wider the compatibility, the better so that you can use various devices to manage the camera. That also connects with the operation and control that the cameras offer as well. By that, we refer the ability to zoom or record the footage and more. A good portable mini IP camera should have that for convenient operation.

Image Clarity & Quality

This is one of the most important things in any camera, high resolution, and clear image quality. Through the camera, the image and video should be bright and clear with no noise or blur. So when you choose an IP camera, make sure that the image resolution is as high as possible. Along with that, pick the ones that also come with night vision. That way, you will be able to monitor and see both day and night with HD quality every time.

Wide Viewing Angles & Zoom

Most IP cameras these days come with wide viewing angles for a better and easier view. Just install the cameras at the right place, and you will be able to see the entire area with ease. So for the front gate or a room and other areas, one or two wide-angle cameras will do the job. Plus, with the high clarity and HD resolution, you will be able to watch and monitor things with ease.

Another great feature that the portable mini IP camera should have is the zoom function. In case there is a burglary or other incidents, you can easily zoom in for more detail as well. This function is very useful, and that is why you should make sure the IP camera that you choose has it. It will come in handy, so don’t overlook this part.

Final Word

While it’s true that crime and insecurity have risen in the recent past, you can always take preventive measures. I mean, you don’t want to be told that an outsider has broken into your home or office, has access to your valuables or sensitive information or that your privacy has been infringed.

You also want to know what your kids, nanny, and other people inside your home are up to. The standard CCTV and surveillance cameras work perfectly. Unfortunately, they tend to be significant, heavy, and not comfortable to move around with. Installing them is also a process and usually requires the services of an expert. A more viable and user-friendly approach is through using portable mini IP cameras. They are very small, quite light, are easy to move around with, and can be placed almost anywhere.

They work as well as their larger counterparts and are compatible with most computer and Operating Systems (OS). To assist you in finding the perfect one, we have briefly classified the best portable Mini IP cameras on the market.

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