Top 10 Best Portable Folding Workbenches In 2021

A workbench is an essential item for a construction worker, DIYer, hobbyist, woodworker, metal worker, and other craftsmen. It provides an excellent working platform for them to undertake their duties. However, without a portable unit, you may not be able to use it in another location.

This means that you have to look for another unit which may be costly and also an inconvenience. The best solution to this is getting a portable folding unit. A good one will be lightweight, compact, folds fast, remains stable, and secures the items well. After scrutinizing the current market, we concluded that these are the best portable folding workbenches.

The List Of Best Portable Folding Workbenches In 2021

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#10. Workmate Workbench 550lb Capacity

BLACK+DECKER BDST11000 Workmate Workbench 550lb Capacity WM1000


Moving with your workbench can be a hassle. Fortunately, this won’t be the case when using the BDST11000 Workmate Workbench from Black and Decker. It is versatile and portable and enables you to work from different locations. The solid unit features a steel frame and handles up to 550 pounds of weight.

Also, it’s made of tough materials for durability and stays firm during use. The workbench has flexible, quick clamping options come in a freestanding design and are also easy to carry. You only need to use one hand to hold it to a smaller easy-to-carry size.

In Summary:
  • Made from a solid steel frame
  • Can handle up to 550 pounds of weight
  • Flexible quick clamping
  • Freestanding design and easy to carry
  • One-handed folding mechanism

#9. Folding Work Table EX With Extendable Legs

Keter 17200954 Folding Work Table EX with Extendable Legs and 2 C-Clamps Black:Green

By: Keter

When folded, the Keter 17200954 worktable may not look very large. However, you’ll love its sizeable working surface when unfolded. The Black and Green table is suitable for weights up to 700 pounds and features extendable legs for versatility. It has an excellent working surface and 2 C-Clamps for securing workpieces. Adjusting the height of the table is easy and requires no tools.

Last but not least, carrying it from one location to another is hassle-free thanks to its lightweight and portability. The smooth surface offers a user-friendly working point and is also easy to clean.

In Summary:
  • Comes in black and green
  • Supports up to 700 pounds
  • Comes with extendable legs
  • 2 work securing C Clamps

#8. 425-550 Pound Capacity Portable Work Bench

BLACK+DECKER WM425 Workmate 425-550 Pound Capacity Portable Work Bench


The BLACK+DECKER WM425 Workmate handles weights not exceeding 550 pounds. It is made of heavyweight steel and measures 29.2 by 8.9 by 29.5 inches. It is fit for the garage, workshop, home, business premises, and more settings. The piece transforms from a workbench to a bench tool stand and vice versa quickly, and this happens fast.

Moreover, the best portable folding workbench has 4 swivel pegs, vise-to-workbench converter insert, and an extra block. It has a one-handed clamp mechanism for easy adjustment of the independent jaw and has a simple-to-clean surface.

In Summary:
  • Recommend for weight up to 550 pounds
  • Frame made of steel
  • Measures 29.2 x 8.9 x 29.5 inches
  • Both a workbench and bench tool stand
  • Comes with 4 swivel pegs, vise-to-workbench converter insert, and an extra block

#7. Aluminum Work Platform Drywall Step Up Folding Work Bench

Portable Folding Workbenches

By: Finether

The Finether Aluminum Folding Work Bench is excellent for kitchen, garage, orchard, workshop, garage, bedroom, and many other circumstances. You can use it to paint, wash cars, drywall finishing, and other duties. It’s made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and can support 150kg (331 pounds).

And although it handles heavyweights, the unit itself only weighs 11 pounds, and this makes carrying or moving it comfortable and hassle-free. This is improved by the ergonomic side handle and its folding nature. The large working surface of 80 x 30 cm, together with the non-slip surface, provides a good platform to work on.

In Summary:
  • Good for the garage, kitchen workshop, bedroom and more
  • Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Designed for 150kg/331 pound weight
  • Weighs 11 pounds
  • A large working surface of 80 x 30 cm

#6. Resin Multi-Purpose Center Folding Bench

Portable Folding Workbenches

By: Office Star

Measuring 72-1/2(L) by 12 (W) by 17-1/2(H) inches, this folding workbench is suited for many applications around the home, workshop, office, and more. It is made from tough blow-mold resin to handle demanding heavy-duty work. The piece also features grey-powder coated steel tube for strength and to keep it light for better movability.

In addition to that, the 6-foot long table folds into two and has a handle for easy carrying. It is stain proof, waterproof, impact-resistant, and scratch-resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors as well. The unit weighs 20 pounds and can handle up to 300pounds. Setting up the table and folding is easy, and so is cleaning the smooth surface.

In Summary:
  • Measures 72-1/2(L) x 12 (W) x 17-1/2(H) inches
  • Has a tough blow-mold resin table top
  • Features grey powered coated steel tubes
  • Folds into two for easy carry
  • Has an easy-carry handle
  • Weighs 20 pounds and can handle 300 pounds weight

#5. Sidekick Portable Work Table

Portable Folding Workbenches

By: Worx

The WORX WX066 Sidekick work table is fit for indoor and outdoor work. It comes in a compact design and is also easy to carry due to its lightweight. It features robust metal legs that maintain a non-slip grip on different surfaces, both soft and hard.

Moreover, the tabletop is easy to detach and also doubles as a carrying case. It has 2 Link Locks for joining several Sidekicks and 4 Clamp Dogs for holding the workpieces tightly and safely. Although it’s relatively light, it can safely handle 300 pounds and doesn’t wobble during operation. The tabletop folds into two for out-of-the-way storage and easy carrying.

In Summary:
  • Comprises strong metal legs
  • Detachable tabletop
  • 2 Link Locks and 4 Clamp Dogs
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Folds into two for storage

#4. Folding Compact Workbench

Portable Folding Workbenches

By: Keter

The Keter workbench is among the versatile and reliable pieces on the market. The sturdily built workbench is not only compact but folds into a smaller size. This makes carrying it and using it more convenient. It has a dimension of 85(W) X 55(D) X 75.5(H) cms and, together with the Sawhorse, can support up to 1000 pounds of weight.

On top of that, the non-adjustable unit has a one-of-its-kind quick opening mechanism for fast operation. It includes 2-12 inch clamps for holding the pieces and keeping the user safe. It remains stable during operation and is also easy to maintain.

In Summary:
  • Measures 85(W) x 55(D) x 75.5(H) cms
  • Can support up to 1000 pounds
  • Non-adjustable but foldable
  • A unique Quick Opening mechanism
  • Includes 2-12 clamps

#3. Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table & Sawhorse

Portable Folding Workbenches

By: Worx

The WORX Pegasus is a multi-function worktable and is ideal for the workshop, garage, home, and many other situations. It has a Sawhorse, 4 Holding Pegs, and 2 Quick Clamps for improved functionality. The tabletop has a working area of 725 square inches and measures 31 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 32 inches high.

Furthermore, the table weighs 30 pounds and is recommended for weights up to 300 pounds while the Sawhorse can handle 1,000 pounds. The versatile workbench doesn’t need any assembly and folds to a smaller size for better carrying and storage. It is lightweight and also compact.

In Summary:
  • Multifunctional work table suitable for many uses
  • Comprises a table, Sawhorse, 4 holding pegs, and 2 Quick clamps
  • Has a working surface area of 725 square inches
  • Measures 31(L) x 25(W) x 32(H) inches and weighs 30 pounds
  • Table maximum capacity is 300 pounds and the Sawhorse is 1000 pounds

#2. Workbench & Shelving Storage System

Portable Folding Workbenches

By: 2×4 Basics

This custom workbench has a maximum length of 8 feet, a width of 4 feet, and a height of 3 feet (36 inches). The table is crafted from heavy-gauge resins for proper strength and stability and has solid legs and platform. It features 4 sturdy workbench legs and 6 easy-use Shelf Links.

Moreover, The piece comprises differently sized benches and shelves with each capable of handling a maximum weight of 1000 pounds. Assembling the table is effortless and convenient, and the shelves slide in and out seamlessly. It is resistant to solvents, impacts and will maintain its nice appearance for the longest time.

In Summary:
  • Dimension of 8(L) x 4(W) x 3(H) feet
  • Made of heavy gauge resin
  • Features 4 workbench legs and 6 Shelf Links
  • The surface is resistant to solvents and impact
  • Shelf handles a maximum of 1000 pounds

#1. Ultra Graphite Wood Top Workbench With Wheels & Organizer Drawer

Portable Folding Workbenches

By: Seville Classics

The Ultra Graphite Wood Top Workbench from Seville Classics is ideal for the workshop, garage, home, godown, warehouse, business, and many other places. It measures 48(W) x 24.7(D) x37.4 (H) inches and can be used in small spaces too. The sturdy table comprises a 1.5-inch thick solid-wood top that is tolerant to bangs, solvents, knocks, and impact. It has a steel frame, and the top is coated with smooth ultra-durable polyurethane for beauty and protection.

Additionally, the table is portable and has four 3-inch wheels for smooth movement. To provide stability after moving, 2 wheels are locked with steel hardware. The built-in drawers help in organization and consist of 7 mounting points, differently sized compartments, and 2 adjustable dividers. One of the drawers has a non-slip liner for better support and also to protect the items as well as the drawer’s interior.

In Summary:
  • Top made of 1.5-inch thick solid wood
  • Frame made of steel
  • Top coated with ultra smooth durable polyurethane
  • Comes with 4 30-inch wheels
  • 2 wheels can be locked
  • Consist of built-in drawers and dividers

DOs and DON’Ts of Using a Portable Folding Workbench

The Do’s

  • Ensure the workbench is properly set up before progressing
  • Make sure the work piece fits nicely on the workbench.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when setting up or folding the item
  • Ensure the legs are fully opened and have been locked in place.
  • Always put on safety goggles or glasses when working with power tools.
  • be careful when working with tools that emit heat or high temperature (blow torch, heat guns, solder iron, etc.).
  • Always keep the workbench clean
  • Make sure the workspace is properly secured at all times

The DON’T’s

  • Exceed the recommended weight capacity. This will interfere with the unit and may lead to damage or make it collapse.
  • Leave a weight on the workbench for too long. You should remove it once done and only place a workpiece when ready to start working on it.
  • Exert unequal pressure or load on the workbench as this may cause it to topple over.
  • Use the workbench for other purposes other than what it’s meant for. Some aren’t designed as a standing platform or a stool.
  • Apply too much force when using the C-claps or holding pegs
  • Place flammable liquids on the surface of the workbench.
  • Place or store a workbench in a wet environment

As We Conclude

A portable folding workbench is a must have for anyone who usually works in different locations. It is also a good option for a person who wants reliability, convenience, and also to lower operating costs. In this review, we focused on the best portable folding workbenches in 2021. We went for products that have high ratings, are backed by many positive reviews, and have received a “thumbs up” from experts.

It was important for the portable folding workbenches to be very portable and easy to carry, provide a firm and stable platform, can be used indoors and outdoors, and are resistant to corrosion, water, scratches, and are user-friendly. With any of these items, moving with your work won’t be a problem.

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