13 Best Picnic Blankets In 2021 — Complete Review

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We all love to go to a picnic wherever we have a vacation, but a picnic can turn sour once if we forget to carry the essentials. A picnic blanket is a must, and there are different qualities of picnic blankets available. Such a blanket is quite compact and easy to carry inside your handbag as well as in a car’s trunk. Apart from providing shelter from the cold, it can also protect from windy and rainy conditions. Some people also use it as a sheet to sleep over it. The following is the list of the best picnic blankets available.

List Of Best Picnic Blankets In 2021

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#13. Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Blanket

By: PicniKing

Crafted with 100% genuine polar fleece, this blanket provides you with a really soft and comfortable seat. The water-resistant backing of this blanket also does not absorb the moisture from the ground. Moreover, this is a dust-proof mattress, so you can easily toss it down on the beaches. With the 78”X59” diameter, the blanket has enough space to hold all the family members together. Furthermore, the dual-stitched layers of the blanket do not let you slip or fall.

The blanket is easily machine-washable. This foldable blanket folds into a compact tote for easy portability. The inbuilt-handle also allows you to carry it with your hands. You can use this blanket for RV, picnic, BBQ, beach parties, camping, trekking, sideline sports, and many more outdoor activities. This picnic blanket also folds down easily and quickly for easy transportation.

#12. XL Plush Fleece Rainproof & Windproof Picnic Blanket

By: Lightspeed Outdoors

This fleece blanket has a diameter of 72”X58”, in the unfolded condition. The blanket conveniently folds into 15.3”X6.3”, to easily fit into the included stuff sack. The lightweight design of this blanket provides you with stress-free transportability. This blanket is also resistant to water, dust, and wind. So, you can freely place it on the beach, park, and rocky surfaces. The spill-proof blanket can also easily handle the spills of foods or soda.

This blanket is very easy to clean. The outdoor blanket also provides warmth in the cold winter night. This blanket is suitable for a family picnic, camping, trekking, sideline sports, backpacking, and likewise. Even, you can use it as a pet mat too. The comfortable and soft fleece material of this outdoor blanket also provides a good seat or sleep.

#11. Large Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blanket


Made with premium quality 600D polyester and PVC, this picnic blanket has enough space to hold 2 to 4 persons with foods and drinks. When the blanket unfolds, it measures 12.5”X10.6”. This lightweight outdoor blanket is also 100% resistant to water and dust. The blanket is entirely spill-proof. This long-lasting blanket is also resistant to dirt and dust. Moreover, you can use this blanket on the wetlands or sandy surfaces with ease.

This blanket folds into a small purse. The convenient handle and Velcro strap also make the blanket ideal for transportation. The top layer of this blanket also comes in an attractive fruity print and is soft and skin-friendly. You can use this blanket as a perfect picnic, RV, or as a throw blanket. Even, it works well as a floor mat.

#10. Outdoor Compact Beach Blanket

By: BEARZ Outdoor

This outdoor blanket is ideal for hiking, trekking, backpacking, camping, picnic, and other adventure sports. The blanket measures 55”X60” in the unfolded condition. This blanket shrinks down to fit right into your palm. It also comes with a highly convenient tarp bag with a hook. You can hook this blanket pouch onto your backpack or keep it in your bag or your car. This light in weight outdoor blanket with its state-of-the-art fabric is 100% water-resistant.

Even, you can use it to prevent rain during the sudden rainstorm. The fabric of this blanket makes this a tear-proof product. This blanket is also durable enough to last longer. This outdoor blanket holds up to 4 people and folds down with ease. This blanket is resistant to wind and dust so that you can place it almost everywhere. It is one of the best picnic blankets available.

#9. Outdoor Water Resistant Picnic Blanket Tote

By: Yodo

Made with soft fleece layer on the top, this portable picnic blanket folds into a tote and has a convenient handle. The eco-friendly PEVA bottom of this blanket is resistant to water and dust. So, this blanket does not soak the moisture from the ground. The picnic blanket only weighs 1.2lbs. With the padded foam in the middle layer, the blanket also provides the comfortable seats for all. The unfolded blanket measures 59”X53”, so two or three adults can sit on it.

With the 12.5”X8” X4” dimension, the folded blanket allows easy transportation and storage. Moreover, the stitched guide labels in the blanket help you fold the blanket easily. You can use this sturdy and tear-resistant blanket on the grass, mud, or sand surfaces without any problem.

#8. Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket Dual Layers

By: Scuddles

This foldable blanket is ideal for any outdoor activities like picnic, camping, beach parties, outdoor concerts, and park visits. The delicate top layer of the fleece with padded foam in the middle layer supports the comfortable sitting. This blanket comes with an elegant tartan look to attract everyone. With the water and dust-proof PEVA backing, this blanket also prevents moisture penetration and provides you with relaxed seating.

Moreover, the inbuilt strap helps to carry this foldable blanket over your shoulder. In folded condition, this blanket becomes a compact tote with a weight of only 2.5 lbs. It is a perfect family blanket. You just need to shake off the dust, mud, and grass or beach sand from the blanket. This picnic blanket is also easily machine-washable.

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#7. Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket With Carrying Case

By: Tuffo

Made with 80% polyester and 20% cotton, this blanket is very much light in weight and easily transportable. The 3”X13” folded blanket comes with a carrying case and shoulder strap for convenient storage and transportation. The carry bag has a large pocket to keep your necessary items in it. Moreover, the polyester is resistant to dust and water. With a simple shake, you also clean the dirt, grass, or sand from the blanket. This picnic blanket also supports the machine wash.

The blanket is perfect for the traveling, beach parties, sporting events, picnics, and around the house. The sturdy polyester construction makes this blanket a durable product. Furthermore, the thin layer of foam in the middle of the blanket ensures comfortable seating. This blanket has a generous size.

#6. Outdoor Picnic Blanket Tote XL


This long-lasting picnic blanket comes with a soft fleece upper layer and water-resistant polyester bottom layer. The all-weather picnic blanket with 670”X80” diameter is capable of holding all your family members together. This blanket folds back into an 18”X11” compact tote, and there is an inbuilt, sturdy shoulder strap for easy mobility. You can also toss down this blanket on the sand, wet grass and dirt with no worry.

To get rid of the dust, you just need to shake off the blanket. This foldable blanket is ideal for picnics, stargazing, lounging, outdoor concerts, camps, beach parties, and so on. Moreover, the blanket includes a zippered storage pocket to carry your belongings securely. This mattress also works as a poncho in a sudden rainstorm. You can easily clean this blanket.

#5. Extra Large Sand Proof & Waterproof Portable Beach Mat

By: Angemay

The large size blanket can hold up to 4 to 6 adults with its folded 60”X80” diameter. This full-sized blanket folds down to 7”X12” compact tote with a sturdy inbuilt handle. The compact design and light-weight of this blanket allows easy storage and transportability. Constructed with the highest polyester and PVC, the blanket is also entirely water and dust-proof. This PVC layer provides extra comfortable seating.

On the other hand, this tear-proof blanket also withstands all the rough handlings years after years. Moreover, you only need to wipe off or you just simply shake off the dust from the bottom of the blanket. You can use this as a picnic, RV, beach and camping blanket, and so on. You can even take this portable blanket to camp or any other adventure sports. It is definitely one of the best picnic blankets to buy.

#4. Premium Extra Large Picnic Blanket

By: Pratico Outdoors

This picnic blanket has a 100% soft fleece top layer with a thickness of 220 GSM. The bottom layer of this blanket has the water and wind-resistant reinforced polyester layer. So, the picnic blanket does absorb the moisture from the ground and provides comfortable seating. This blanket allows a simple machine wash. The light-weight, easily roll-up feature with a convenient buckle also makes this blanket an easily transportable product.

In unfolded condition, this blanket measures 58”X80” to hold up a large family with ease. This is an ideal picnic, RV, beach, camp, and a car mat. Even, you can use this for any family events like BBQ, baseball, and other sports events. Moreover, the folding feature of this picnic blanket comes with a convenient storage option.

#3. Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Beach Blanket With Water-Resistant Backing

By: Pratico Outdoors

With the unfolded diameter of 60”X80”, this large picnic blanket has enough space to hold up your family and foods. When folded, it measures 10”X16” and shrinks down to an easily portable purse. The weight of the blanket is only 1.3 lbs. and includes an inbuilt strap. Made with pure and soft polar fleece, this blanket also has a waterproof and dustproof bottom layer.

You can use this blanket for a picnic, camping, BBQ, RV, as well as a pet mat. This blanket is easy to handle and also comes with a convenient storage option. You can toss down the blanket on the sand, wet grass, and dusty surface without any trouble. Moreover, you clean the dust by an easy shaking off or wipe off any spills with a damp cloth.

#2. 100% Waterproof Outdoor Beach Blanket


This blanket is resistant to water, dust, wind, and even snow. Each of the blankets is separately stitched. The 100% soft and pure fleece layer is attached to the premium quality waterproof backing fabric. You can also wash this blanket with regular detergent and water in a washing machine. You can also dry the blanket in a dryer. This blanket is a stain-resistant product. Moreover, in the cold weather, you can use this blanket as a poncho.

The waterproof bottom of the blanket does not catch the ground moisture. This blanket works well as a picnic blanket, RV blanket, camping blanket, stadium blanket, and so on. Furthermore, the blanket comes with a rainproof layer. This blanket measures 72”X57” when unfolds. The handcrafted blanket has a hand-rolled double-stitched edge. It is one of the best picnic blankets to opt for.

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#1. Compact Outdoor Blanket

By: JJ Cole

Fully crafted with 100% polyester fabric, this picnic blanket is ideal for any outdoor activities. This durable and tear-proof blanket is resistant to water and dust. So, you can toss the blanket on the wet grass, sand, or dust without any problem. The highly portable blanket measures 5’X5’ when unfolded. The lightweight of this blanket also allows a very convenient traveling. The polyester foam provides comfortable seating for all.

This blanket is perfect for a day out with your baby in the park or beach. The folding blanket keeps your baby germ free. This blanket is totally spill-proof. The robust sewn-in insert of this blanket helps you to fold it easily. The blanket folds down to an easily travelable messenger bag. The detachable straps of this blanket help you to modify it according to your preference for traveling.


While buying a picnic blanket, you have to choose the size carefully. You need to go through the product descriptions to understand the features the blanket is offering and compare with others to buy the best one. The properties of the blankets vary a lot, and some are water-resistant while others are going to provide full protection. Moreover, there is a difference in terms of the fabric, and most of them are foldable. We have taken all the essential points into our perspective to list the best picnic blankets available online for purchasing.

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