The 12 Best Outdoor String Lights Review For 2020

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Decorating with home with lights is a must during every occasion. The occasion can be a religious one like Christmas or a personal one like a wedding. Instead of buying lights separately and connecting them manually, you should opt for an outdoor string light. Such a light has multiple bulbs attached in a line of cable, and most of them are extendable. Therefore, with one or more outdoor string lights, you can decorate the outdoor area like your backyard, patio, and garden instantly. Go through the list of the best outdoor string lights available online.

List Of Best Outdoor String Lights In 2021

#12. Weatherproof Outdoor Patio String Lights Bulb

By: AmazonBasics

This cost-effective string of lights can not only decorate your indoor place but also outdoor parties as well. You can use the string of lights easily for various purposes throughout the year. The weather-resistant capability of the bulbs and string makes it more user-friendly. This 48-foot string of light has a 3-foot difference within each bulb. Moreover, these 14 bulbs spread warm glow in white color to lighten your place.

You will also get a replacement bulb along with this white color string and the set of 14 bulbs. Furthermore, this outdoor string bulb is available with one year warranty. This is easy to install and maintain at the same time.

#11. 48ft LED Outdoor String Lights

By: Classyke

This string light is available with the cable which is safe and ideal to use for installation at an indoor or outdoor place. It has an adopter with the UL certification. You have to set up the light once to get a long-lasting service. This installation process is also very easy, and you can do it at your home by yourself. These lights are able to resist heat, cold, and snow effectively.

These LED lights are perfect for decorating the outdoor on any occasion including Christmas, various parties, marketplace, and decorating deck. Moreover, you can also install this light in your bedroom to make it more unique. Furthermore, this light also comes with two years of warranty. This cost-effective light can also make your place more beautiful and charming easily. This particular product has a 45mm diameter and 86mm length.

#10. 48 FT Outdoor String Lights

By: addlon

This outdoor bulb string is available at a reasonable price along with many facilities. You can not only install the bulbs and string wherever you want, but you can also use it throughout the year. The string stays well in cold, hot, rainy, and snowy weather. So, this is the perfect string to use at outdoor parties and decorate your lawn. However, you want. Moreover, the hanging sockets of the string are very safe, and you can easily set the bulbs in these. You will also get 3 extra bulbs with the string of bulbs.

You will get hanging hook with each socket in this string. These hanging hooks can make your use of this string easy according to your need. The weatherproof and long-lasting commercial material of the outdoor bulb string can give you a satisfactory result.

#9. White Patio Lights

By: AmazonBasics

This outdoor bulb string is 50 feet long and contains good quality bulbs that are ideal for decorating outdoor and indoor spaces. Each bulb is set in the distance of 12 inches. This string also has a one year warranty and super longevity as well. The durable white cable is weather-resistant, and you can use it safely according to your need.

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This lightweight and easy to manage outdoor bulb string can highlight your parties, Christmas, and other occasions throughout the year. The plug is there along with a 6 inches lead and to first and the last bulb of the string. Moreover, the bulbs spread some warm glow which makes the surrounding bright elegantly. This package is available at a reasonable price also.

#8. Vintage LED Warm White & Color Changing Café String Lights

By: Enbrighten

This outdoor string light is the ideal choice to decorate your interior and outdoor at the same time. This string of the outdoor light can give you a long-lasting result in decorating the balcony, Christmas tree, parties. This advanced LED light string is available with the color combination preference. The remote control facility is also there to select your preferred color and other facilities. This color-changing light string is durable as it has construction with very high-quality material. Moreover, the installation process is also very easy, and you can complete it in a short period as well.

You can use this outdoor string light throughout the year because it is weather resistant. There are two power cord plugs in this string also. One of 18 inches lead is in the front of the string, and another is in the end 6 inches. Furthermore, there are 24 bulbs available with extreme durability and longevity. The black color wire is 48 feet long, and high-quality rubber is the prime material of this product.

#7. 48ft LED String Lights With Sockets & Hanging Loops


This package of one of the best outdoor string lights contains two strings of 48 feet. You will also get 3 spare bulbs along with 15 suspended sockets and LED bulbs. The sockets are weatherproof and long-lasting. You can also get a long-lasting result from this string which has the construction of heavy-duty materials. There 18 shatter-proof bulbs available for each string. Moreover, the sockets are easy to fit any size of the bulb. The special designs of the sockets are able to keep the bulbs safe and long-lasting.

Furthermore, the bulbs and string go through some tests and then come in the market along with the ETL approval. The black wire and easily linkable sockets can give you an excellent experience in decorating your outdoor and indoor place. This package is also available at a reasonable price.

#6. 50ft Black String Lights With Globe Bulbs

By: Outdoor Lighting Store

This outdoor string light comes in 50 feet length size along with 60 high-quality G40 bulbs. These bulbs are easy to fit in the sockets of the wire. You will also get extra 10 bulbs in this package. Moreover, you can decorate the outdoor or indoor place safely according to your preference. You can easily replace the bulbs and fit other ones with the socket. The globe shape bulbs are 1.5 inches in size and these spread warm and romantic light. It is one of the best outdoor string lights available.

This product is available with two years warranty and easy to install facility. It can turn your parties into a perfect one by lightening a broad area. You can use it in your rooms or outer space. This UL listed product has good durability. These clear glass bulbs enhance the beauty of a place and give a bright view. This set of LED lights stay well in any type of weather also so you can use it throughout the year. Moreover, you will also get a how-to install guide along with this product warranty.

#5. Globe String Lights With 50 Clear Bulbs For Indoor/Outdoor Decor

By: Moonflor

Here is an outdoor string light which is ideal for both home and commercial usage. This is attractive and is of commercial quality. It will look great in the garden, patio, restaurant, weddings, and tent and is connectable from end to end. Furthermore, the product comes with a male plug and female connector of 6 inches.

There is a spacing of 12 inches between bulbs and features energy-efficient bulbs. Moreover, it has a bulb count of 50, and the lighted length is 49 feet. It is very suitable to be placed outdoors and have an impressive performance. The product comes with a warranty of one year.

#4. Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights With 15 Hanging Sockets

By: Lemontec

If you are looking to have a patio with a completely new appearance, then this is the one for you. It will create an environment of café lightning and comes with 15 incandescent light bulbs of 11 watts. This has been built to last long and is rugged. Moreover, it has a waterproof material and is also suitable for commercial use.

You can install it easily, and there is a spacing of 3 feet in each bulb. Furthermore, you can use it in different lighting modes and is ideal for a romantic dinner. This is suitable for various functions and will transform the look of your garden. This will decorate the entire place and comes with a strong cord. It will look great in your backyard and will look perfect on trees.

#3. 48ft Strin Lights With 15 x E26 Sockets & Hanging Loops


This is an incandescent bulb which is waterproof and very safe for outdoor usage. This has got heavy-duty wire and features weatherproof sockets. It is very strong and comes with 11-watt bulbs. Moreover, this can be easily connected with strings. It is one of the best outdoor string lights in terms of design.

This is a perfect patio light which is suitable for various occasions like a wedding party and a romantic dinner. Furthermore, this has been approved by ETL and meets the safety standards of string lights. It is safe, and the sockets are suitable for any type of light bulbs. You can select from two different packs, and it can also be used for indoor purpose.

#2. Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

By: Brightech

Here is an outdoor string light which is suitable for night parties and will transform the look of your patio. You can set it to your mood and relax in the evening. It is decorative and is very suitable to have an evening dinner. Moreover, this has heavy-duty material, and it can be used in any type of weather. It definitely stands out as one of the best outdoor string lights on the list.

The light is strong and can also withstand 52 MPH of wind. Furthermore, this uses energy-saving 2 watts LED bulbs and is approved for commercial and residential lighting. This has a rubberized cord which is flexible, and it can be used all year. This will provide a warm glow reminiscent and is very popular in restaurants and bars. This comes in 24 and 48 feet strands.

#1. Ambience Pro – Waterproof Outdoor String Lights

By: Brightech

This outdoor string light is very suitable for patios and will transform them like a classic café. This will create a great ambiance and will allow you to relax. Furthermore, this is a waterproof light which makes it suitable for keeping outdoors. This is also durable and has a flexible thick cord. You can set it in your own mood and is also very suitable for a celebration.

Moreover, this is also suitable for indoor use as it has vintage looks. This is a perfect lighting solution for you and will create a magical environment. This is elegant and can withstand rain and sun. You can arrange them according to your own preference, and you can use them with cup hooks or zip ties. This is also convenient to use and is compatible with incandescent dimmers.

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As far as the quality goes, these best outdoor string lights are top-notch. While buying an outdoor string light, the most important factor in choosing the length. Therefore, get an idea of the length you need to cover and choose accordingly. Remember, you can expand the strong light with multiple others when required. Moreover, these lights are suitable for indoor use as well. In case you are considering to use them indoor, buy the dimmable ones as you can set up the perfect mood for your partner and family members.

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