Top 10 Best Outdoor Pool Tables — 2020 Products Review

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Playing billiard is a favorite activity among kids and adults. It is considered to be an indoor game, but if you have less space at your home, you can always take the pool table outside and enjoy the game of focus and skills in the best possible ways. There are beautifully designed and high-quality best outdoor pool tables available that we have hand picked for you. Some of these tables are multipurpose which means you can use them for other sports like air hockey and even table tennis. All the accessories are included in the package so that you do not have to shed a buck more after buying any of them.

The List Of Best Outdoor Pool Tables

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#10. Trueshot Billiard Table

By – Fat Cat

This outdoor pool table has a stunning design with a black coating and silver corners. You can also place indoors, and it will enhance the interior outlook. The building material is of high quality, and it is very lightweight, so easy portability. The package includes 2 cues, triangle, rail bunch, ball set and chalks. The legs of the table are foldable, and it is this innovative design that helps the table to store and carry from one to another effortlessly. The size of the overall table is quite compact, and hence, whether it is your room or small outdoor space, you can fit it in correctly.

Furthermore, the table has a locking mechanism in its legs that makes them sturdy and impact resistant. The surface is super smooth for effortless playing, and it stays intact like that for years. The pockets are well woven, and they can sustain rough wear and tear conveniently. The compact outdoor pool table is suitable for kids to learn to play the game with ease.

#9. Indoor Pool Table

By – Harvil

This pool table is made up of dense fiber wood and is designed in a very elegant way. It allows easy ball movement with its Tetolon cloth. It has got strong legs which have got leg levelers as well as leg panels. This comes with silver rail corners, and there are also rubber bumpers. This will give you a fantastic bounce and return of the ball. Furthermore, it comes free with complete accessories, and there is also a manual for assembling. You will be getting two chalks, a black triangle, two cue sticks, and 16 billiard balls.

To keep the surface clean, you will also be getting a brush. This product comes with a warranty of two years and is perfect for enjoying the game of pool. It is designed by one of the most reputed companies in the United States and has got a covered playfield surface. In the table, there are six drop pockets and has a stylish wood grain finish. You will be getting everything to enjoy your game of pool, and the bed is made up of MDX.

By – Costzon

This outdoor pool table comes in an attractive foldable design. This is great for your children as they can set it up quickly. You can easily keep it in the basement and enjoy your game. Its foldable design makes it very convenient for storing, and you can even store it under your bed. It has got a firm MDF bed which last for a long time. This helps in rolling and will also resist warping. Moreover, the green nylon cloth will give it the perfect look of a game parlor, and it has got black leather on its edges.

With this, you will be getting complete accessories, and you don’t have to buy anything extra to play your game. It will give you endless fun right at your own home and is perfect for people of all ages. The table requires assembling and can be done very easily. The 16 pieces resin ball comes free along with other items. This is also not that heavy, and you can easily move it from one place to another. It has got pockets large enough to hold the balls, and it is one of the best outdoor table tables from all perspectives.

#7. Park Avenue 7’ Pool Table Tennis

By – Hathaway

This best outdoor pool table is perfect for your family as you can do many other things on it. With this, you can not only enjoy the pool, but it will also allow you to play the game of table tennis. On top of it, you can also have your family dinner on it. It has got upholstered benches which give it a fantastic look and has got built-in storage. This will perfectly fit in kids and is suitable for people of all ages. It is a very sturdy product and will give you the experience of a professional play.

The stand will keep the table top safe and secure. On top of that, it has got a strong black laminate which will protect the table from scratches and dings. The multi-use table has a removable top and comes with all the accessories for both pool and table tennis. Additionally, this can also be used for any work and has been blended felt with chrome-plated corners. This product comes with a money guarantee of 180 days from the manufacturer. It has got minimum room dimensions allowing you to get a perfect fit.

#6. 55″ Folding Space Saver Pool Billiard Table

By – HLC

This is an attractive looking pool table which is very light in weight. It comes with all the accessories required for enjoying the game of billiards. This can easily be folded making it very compact. When folded, the height of the table reaches just 2.75 inches. You can easily store it in a closet by standing it or under your bed. In this, you can effectively practice the game and prepare yourself for professional events. Assembling this is very easy and can be done in no time. You only require a screw for the pockets and legs and then enjoy your favorite game.

In addition, this is a miniature version of the regular pool table which is perfect for smaller areas. This is great for kids as well as for adults who want to learn pool. This is very easy to move and is also a very sturdy product. A single pocket can hold four balls at a time and is great to be kept at home. However, as the table is not that large, you will also be getting balls which are smaller than the regular size.

#5. 7 ft. Tucson Billiard Table

By – Fat Cat by GLD Products

This is a distinctive pool table which has got ¾ inches of MDF playing surface. In this, you will be finding leg levelers as well as rubber bumpers which keep the level of the table in the same position even on uneven floors. The 7-foot billiard table has got an electric blue surface playing are which makes one compel to try a game. With this, you get all the set of accessories to enjoy your game. You don’t have to buy anything extra, and the cloth is made up of sapphire polyester.

Moreover, the cloth is moisture resistant, and there is also a ball returning system. The drop pockets with the ball retrieving system make it very convenient for the play. It comes in a pool hall design and has got a stable leg. The black and blue table looks very attractive and is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The height of the table is about 4 inches and comes in three pieces. The legs are made of composite wood, and it is a value for money product.

#4. Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table

By – Mizerak

In this best outdoor pool table, there is a green nylon cloth in the play area which gives it a professional parlor look. It comes in a size of 6.5 inches, making it perfect for smaller rooms. The design is very compact for keeping it at any place. In the legs, some levelers are suitable for playing on any surface. The levelers are disc-shaped and allow you to adjust the height even when you are playing in a sloped area. On top of that, you will be able to quickly reset the games as it has got an automatic ball return.

It is very durable as it is double sealed with MDF and will allow a consistent roll. The rail integrated pockets make setting the game very quick and easy. In its entire perimeter, there are rubber cushions which offer perfect rebound while maintaining accuracy and speed. This is made up of bamboo laminate and offers solid resistance. Furthermore, to increase the rigidity, the table has got cross guards which supports the legs and avoids wobbling. With this, you will be getting all the set of pool accessories.

#3. Maverick 7-foot Pool & Table Tennis Multi Game

By – Hathaway

In this table, you will be able to enjoy two different games. Apart from being a pool table, this can also be used for playing table tennis. This is a mid-sized pool table where you can switch games in no time. This is perfect for families and comes in a size of 7 foot. Also, this is recommended for people of all ages and comes in a very stylish design. It has got a poly-sealed billiard surface and comes with quality construction. With this, you will be getting the accessories to enjoy your game of pool.

In addition, there are also accessories for table tennis. It has got a blended felt which includes rubber cushions. This is very easy to assemble as well as a sturdy product. It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 180 days and will guarantee you peace of mind. It has got high-quality polyester, and wool felt and has a silver laminate top rail. There are also chrome plate corner caps and independent leg levelers. Overall, it is one of the best outdoor pool tables to opt for.

#2. Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

By – Hathaway

This is another easy to transport pool table which is perfect for your family. It comes with steel legs and is a very durable product. With this, you will be getting a rip-resistant nylon carry bag which allows you to keep your table safely. This table can easily be folded which will enable you to have convenient storage as well as transportation. It comes in a very compact size making it suitable for people of all ages. It has got a sturdy construction and will not occupy much of the space.

Moreover, this is ready to play table which does not require any assembling. You will be getting all the necessary accessories for playing pool and has got a warranty of 180 days from the manufacturer. This portable pool table is 6 foot and is very sturdy. On top of that, it has got a beautiful look as it is made with superior craftsmanship. This is built to last and combines modern machinery with classic craftsmanship.

#1. 3-In-1 Air Hockey, Billiards, and Table Tennis Table

By – Fat Cat by GLD Products

Fat Cat is a reputed brand, and this is the best outdoor pool table you can buy. The table has multiple utilities like you can convert it into a billiard table, table for table tennis, and air hockey table. The surface of the table is superior to the rest, and it includes a Tetolon green cloth with a smooth surface and rubber bumpers and drops pockets which are highly durable. The tri-fold table is easy to move around and store. There is an option for the manual scoring system and air hockey; it can be transformed into a glossy white playing surface just like it looks rink.

Furthermore, there is a high output blower that creates a thicker airflow for the pushing motion for air hockey. Among the accessories, you will find four pushers, four pucks, billiard balls, resin triangle, brush, chalks, and cues. Some assembling is required, but it super easy. The patented latch system makes it on the sturdiest outdoor pool table. The length of the surface is 7 feet which is on the larger side, and hence, it is suitable for adults.

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Best Outdoor Pool Tables Buying Guide

Why indoor pool when outdoor is more fun and enjoyable, right? There are certain things that you need to know before buying outdoor pool tables. Not only they are different from indoor pools, but there are also certain things that they should have. We include everything you need to know to get the best outdoor pool tables below, so check them out.


Just like indoor pool tables, it would be nice if your outdoor pool tables include some of the useful accessories. There are some equipment and accessories that you need such as:

    Balls: A normal set includes 15 balls with one white or clear cue ball. For outdoor pool tables, make sure to choose the durable and weather-resistant billiard balls for long-lasting durability.
    Ball Rack: The triangle rack with 1-2-3-4-5 patterns that set the balls at the beginner of the play. Apart from the triangle, diamond ball racks with a pattern of 1-2-3-2-1 are also common with nine balls.
    Bridge Sticks: It helps the player when he cannot reach the desired shot. This aids the player to accurately hit the shot, and it will always come in handy.
    Cues: You can play pool without pool cues, and they come with various lengths and designs. Generally, a cue stick is from 48 inches to 58 inches depends on the user’s preference. Back then, wood cues were popular, but there are synthetic materials available too.
    Legs: Durability matters in the legs of the pool as well, so don’t forget that. Make sure that the legs of the pool tables that you choose are strong, sturdy, and durable. For easy storage purposes, you might want to go for the ones that are foldable. That allows for compact storage in case you don’t want to leave your pool table in extreme weather conditions.

Outdoor Proof

Outdoor pool tables require more caring because you will have to leave them outside. There are 3 functions that make an outdoor pool table outdoor proof which are:

    Cover: A waterproof cover will add more protection to your outdoor pool tables. It would be great if there is a cover includes in the package. If not, you should consider buying one to prolong the life of your outdoor pool table.
    Durability: You have to make sure the outdoor pool tables that you choose are durable. Materials like steel, aluminum, marine plywood, or waterproof fibreglass are tough and outdoor resistant. Either of them is sturdy, and they offer long-lasting performance and durability for long term use.
    Waterproof Surface: The waterproof cloth for the surface is essential in outdoor pool tables. It protects the surface from wear or tear due to the exposure of outdoor elements.


This part depends on how many people you are going to play with and the space that you have outdoor. Usually, a standard pool table is large enough for a few people to play. In case your outdoor space is limited, a smaller option will also do. Just make sure that you are comfortable and are able to enjoy playing with the size that you choose.


When you are looking for the best outdoor pool table, you have to make sure that the table is foldable and lightweight so that you can move it out comfortably. Apart from that, the cloth of the surface has to be smooth and highly durable not to tear up due to regular uses. There are different sizes of frame or surface area available, and according to the age of the enthusiast players, you should select the size for a better comfort level. All of these factors are taken care of in the above outdoor pool tables included the accessories.

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