The 10 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Review – In 2021

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Ping pong or table tennis is one of the most popular games in the world, especially among the youth generations. People can play ping pong indoors as well as outdoors. In fact, outdoor ping pong table is more in a sale as an indoor ping pong table needs wide space for playing in the room.

You can play with outdoor ping pong tables at your patio, backyard, and even inside the garage when the outside weather is not favorable. The following is the list of the top 10 best outdoor ping pong tables for you to choose from.

List Of Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables In 2021

#10. Professional 9’ Table Tennis Table With 25mm Thick Surface

By: Hathaway

If you are looking for a tournament quality ping pong table, then this is the one you need to look at. This is ideal for competition and perfect for family matches. This matches the ITFF specifications as it is 9 x 5 feet. In this, you can easily practice your skills, and it is also suitable for challenges. Moreover, this has heavy-gauge steel which supports your play and will look great in your home or gym. The surface is very thick which has 20 layers of coating. You can assemble this easily, and it will be ready to perform in no time. It has a beautiful look, and in between, there is a high-quality net which is equipped with clamps.

You will get all the accessories like paddles, balls, and net. Additionally, you can easily move it as this has locking wheels attached with it. This also comes with lock safety mechanism and let you play professionally in any occasion. It is also durable and will let you enjoy your game at a fast pace. You can also adjust the height as this has integrated leg levelers. Besides, this is also very safe and secure and will surely last for a long time.

#9. Weatherproof Table Tennis Table With Outdoor Accessory Bundle

By: Kettler

An incredibly wonderful ping pong table; this is perfect for outdoor use as this is fade resistant. On the top, it has aluminum composite coated with a UV scratch and is a very durable product. You can use it in different weather conditions as it comes with ALU-TEC climate control. This is very portable and will not occupy much of the space. The height of the table is 30 inches, and it will allow you to play without any disturbance. Moreover, one can easily fold it and store conveniently. In this, you will find a dual lock mechanism which is very suitable for preventing accidents.

The product is sure to last for a long time and can also be used in tournaments. The surface is very smooth and will give maximum protection, for it has aluminum apron, which will avoid warping. Moreover, you will get all the accessories like paddles, a table tennis cover, and table tennis balls. This has been manufactured in Germany, and when folded, it becomes very easy to transport. The table also comes with a warranty and it also suitable for indoor use. It will give you a great bounce, and the assembling is also very easy.

#8. Outdoor Table Tennis Table With Accessory Bundle

By: Kettler

In this outdoor ping pong table, you will find a powder coating which makes it even more durable. It has a non-glare waterproof aluminum top which makes it very suitable to play outdoors. Additionally, the ALU-TEC climate control underside ensures that your table is protected in any climatic conditions. This is also very sturdy and has a height of 30 inches. This is a German-made ping pong table which does not warp as it has a thick resin apron. It will also resist damages and will protect from the harsh rays of the sun.

You will also find galvanized steel legs which will resist corrosion. This is very safe to use, and the best thing about this is that it can also be folded. The patented locking feature will allow you to open and close it safely. In this, there is also a playback feature where you can warm up or play alone. Moreover, it is very convenient, and you will also get all the free accessories like three-star balls, table tennis rackets, along with ball and paddle holders. It also includes dual casters along with a rubberized surface and will allow you to have easy storage. You can have hassle-free transport with this.

#7. 510M Outdoor Stationary Gray Table Tennis Table

By: Cornilleau

This is an attractive looking outdoor ping pong table which is very durable. It has a laminate surface and is also weatherproof. The outstanding table comes with glare reduction, and you can also play by sitting on a chair as it is wheelchair friendly. In this, there is a stainless steel net, and it has galvanized steel stationery frame. To avoid tampering, you can easily bolt the table on the ground. Apart from using it at home, you can use it at parks, camps, resorts, or prison.

The resin laminate top will provide a dense and hard surface, and it meets the bounce standards of ITTF. There is also proper ball adherence, and the net is tamper-proof. This is made in France, and it has to be assembled. The dimension of the table is 61.8 x 5.5 x 59.1 inches, and it is also suitable for indoor use. Moreover, it is also effortless to clean, and it is also shockproof. This comes in two different colors of blue and grey and also includes ball dispensers. Moreover, it will last for a long time and is very suitable for a family. It is easy to assemble and is a highly recommended product.

#6. SketchPong Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

By: Kettler

This is one of the best outdoor ping pong tables with a beautiful look. This is fully weatherproof and is very suitable for outdoor play. It has been approved by the ITTF and has blackboard paint coated surface. In this, you can easily write the scores with a doodle. The ALU-TEC surface has a resin treated board with aluminum and will give you an amazing bounce experience. Additionally, it seals the wood permanently to let you play with good bounce. It has water-based paint, and the topcoat is UV resistant. This is also fade and scratch-resistant.

It has steel legs along with powder coating to increase its durability. It will also guard against corrosion as this has received galvanized treatment. This is foldable and is very portable. It comes with wheels which makes it very easy to transport. The net is also very sturdy and is ideal for professional play. The ping pong table is very suitable to play in the family and is also perfect to increase your skills. In the net posts, you will find an elastic band storage area where you can keep your accessories. Additionally, there is also a ball storage box which allows you to access them when you are in your game quickly.

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#5. 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table

By: Cornilleau

If you are looking for an outdoor ping pong table that can produce an excellent bounce, you should not think twice about buying this table. With the 7mm laminate surface, you get the optimal bounce that every player loves. Besides, it also has glare reduce surface due to which you can play your game without any distraction even when the sun is burning at its fullest. Moreover, the product is weatherproof and, therefore, highly durable for outdoor conditions.

You can easily fold this table for convenient storage in a limited space and unfold instantly for playing. The frame has galvanized steel construction, and it is wheelchair friendly. Moreover, the legs are adjustable for stability. There are large double wheels available with notched tread. However, it does require some assembling efforts, and the product is made in France.

#4. Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Vapor

By: Stiga

This is an exceptional outdoor ping pong table as it has a composite aluminum plastic top. The top surface will not fade or warp under the harsh outdoor weather condition. In fact, it is sustainable against all outdoor elements. The playing surface is 6mm thick, and it has blue paint and white tournament lines. The top surface has a fine silkscreen, and it is one of the most durable and best outdoor ping pong tables you can buy. Moreover, the metal undercarriage has a powder coating to make it rust-resistant.

Besides, there is a high-quality ball bearing wheels for its trolley system which ensures stability as well as easy transportability. Furthermore, there are leg levelers for extra support. On top of that, there has the anti-tilting action which boosts the bounce and the overall gaming experience. You can fold it and store easily in different positions. In the package, you get a clamp set, outdoor net, and steel apron. It comes 90% assembled, and the rest will take minimal time to get it ready. You can also get to enjoy a 90-day warranty.

#3. Outdoor Table Tennis Table With Aluminum Composite


Stiga is a popular brand in the outdoor ping pong table category. This ping pong table has a sturdy construction, and it is suitable for your patio or garage. It is engineered to withstand all the harsh outdoor conditions and keep providing the same optimal performance. Moreover, the aluminum composite top is perfect for all-weather performance, and the bounce is excellent. Besides, there is no fear of fading or warping. It takes merely 10 minutes to assemble it as it comes 90% assembled.

Furthermore, you can fold it easily to fit it in a compact storage space within seconds. The self-opening legs make it convenient to get started instantly. The top surface has a glossy finish, and the durability and playability are top-notch. It is also fully protected against rusting, and there are levelers for extra support and stability.

#2. Outdoor Table Tennis Table With Aluminum Composite


This is one of the most highly-rated outdoor ping pong tables, and it is in the regular size of the 9×5 foot. The set is perfect for the backyard, patio, deck, garage, and any playground. The product is from the USA, and it can trust its quality and performance. As a matter of fact, it is the official table brand for US Open as well as Nationals Championships. The product is also USATT approved for its quality. The top is 6mm thick, and so is the undercarriage. It comes with a matching weatherproof net set, and it is resistant to warping and chipping.

Moreover, the powder coating on the undercarriage prevents rusting or corrosion. The assembling takes 10 minutes, and the adjustable leveling feet make it suitable for all terrains. Furthermore, it comes with 4-wheel trolley system, and there are anti-tilting locks. It is one of the best outdoor ping pong tables to opt for without a second thought.

#1. Indoor Table Tennis Table With Excellent Playability


This ping pong table is perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor conditions. It comes 95% assembled, and therefore, it will take the least time to get it ready for playing. Thanks to the trolley system, you can effortlessly roll and transport the halves of the table and use lockable casters for convenient storage. The top surface is quite thick to produce optimal bounce and excellent playability. Moreover, it has roller coat finish and silk-screen striping.

It is the best-rated ping pong table on the list now. You can use the table halves as freestanding tables, and the dark blue surface is shiny and outstanding to look at. In fact, you can use the table halves to play on your own by making one of them stand against the other. There is no doubt that it is the best value of money purchase product.

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Whether you want to play table tennis for recreational and fitness activity or to take it up as a profession, you need to have a high-quality table. By high-quality, we mean to say that it must have optimal bounce and excellent playability. The stability has to be top-notch with anti-tilting action. Moreover, the construction should be suitable for sustaining against all outdoor weather conditions. Therefore, we have handpicked the best outdoor ping pong tables, and all you have to do is go through the description and compare the products and buy accordingly.

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