The 8 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels In 2021 – Products Review

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Every dog owner would want their canine friend to guard their house. If you really want your dog to be outdoors and get the air, then it will be best to have an outdoor dog kennel. It is a perfect item that keeps your dog outside and let them connected with the outer world. An outdoor dog kennel is also suitable when your dog is violent and requires taming. It comes in different designs and sizes and lets you choose according to the needs of your dog. Check out the best outdoor dog kennels below.

List Of The Best Outdoor Dog Kennels

#8. Large Heavy Duty Pet Crate Cage

By: BestPet

This heavy-duty steel dog kennel comes with steel roof frame. This product comes with pre-assembled panels and gate. This kennel contains a dog safe lockable latch. Moreover, this product has sturdy wire construction and rust-resistant coating. The product is perfect for outdoors, backyards, and even indoors. This heavy-duty product is also very easy to use and clean.

Furthermore, this dog kennel protects your dog from harmful UV rays. The product also contains a waterproof tarp cover to protect your dog from rain and sunlight. Your dog will get enough space to play in this kennel. The best feature of this dog cage is that it will provide you with the advantage of joining it with other cages to create a larger area. This dog crate is very easy to set up and durable for a longer run.

#7. Outdoor & Indoor Plastic Dog House


This plastic dog house comes with a very cute design and color. The edges are rounded and safe for your pets. This product can be carried anywhere with you. Moreover, this product will provide your pets with their own private space and shelter. This cute little dog house is suitable for your puppies. This dog house also contains sunlight vent for ventilation of your pet.

Furthermore, this product gives you the advantage to accessorize the interiors according to your wish. Your pets will definitely get better sleep and rest in this shelter. This dog shelter is very easy to assemble and is sturdy enough for rough use. Another feature of this product is that it can be used anywhere inside or outside the house. The best advantage of this product is that you can use it as a shelter for dogs, cats as well as other small pets.

#6. Compact Outdoor Dog House

By: Internet’s Best

This dog house is of sturdy, durable plastic for heavy-duty usage. This product is safe for use outside the house. Your dog will be very comfortable and safe inside this shelter. Moreover, the base of the shelter is elevated to keep away dirt and mess. The dog house also contains several air vents inside to keep it cool and air circulated. Considering all the features, it is one of the best outdoor dog kennels.

Furthermore, this dog house is suitable for washing when dirty. One very interesting feature is the inclined roofs for water to gush down during washing or rain. The dog house is completely fit for using both outsides as well as inside the house. You get the advantage of placing it anywhere in the bedroom, backyard, deck, and garden. This dog house is perfect for your small puppies and pets. The best feature of this dog shelter is that it comes with complete user guide and customer services.

#5. Cottageview Boxed Kennel

By: PetSafe

This dog cage has rust-resistant, black powder coat finish ensuring durability and sturdiness. The dog cage is of very durable and strong construction. It comes in a very compact size to fit in gardens, decks, patios, and garages. This product has a pinch-proof gate with an opening on both sides. Moreover, this product is absolutely safe for larger doggies also.

Furthermore, a sunblock cover protects your pet from sunlight and another natural phenomenon. The security groove facility will keep your dogs extra protected always. Another very interesting feature of this product is you can set this up all by yourself without any help. This product is perfect for heavy-duty and rough use. The best feature of this product is you can connect more cages to expand the kennel area.

#4. Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Winter House

By: Confidence

This plastic dog kennel comes with a design specially made for all the seasons throughout the year. This product is of sturdy and durable prime quality plastic. The dog house will give your pet the desired personal space and privacy. Moreover, this dog house contains air vents inside for good air circulation. This product is constructed accordingly to use both indoors and outdoors. Your pet will be healthy, happy, and hygienic.

Furthermore, the house comes with an elevated base for keeping away germs and for better grip. This product is very easy to assemble and use. You will also be able to carry it around with you wherever you go. The best feature of this product is that it comes in different sizes to fit in your dog. All in all, it is one of the best outdoor dog kennels to buy.

#3. My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel

By: Neocraft

This dog kennel comes in unique tent design, perfectly suitable for your pet. This dog kennel has durable and sturdy steel rods for heavy use. Moreover, the steel panels have an attachment to each other for hustle free assembling. The cover rods form a canopy after attaching the shade for protection of your pet. The product also provides no-tool assembly for quick use.

Furthermore, you will get a carrying tote with the product to carry it around with you. The kennel has double door facility for extra protection of your pet. The product allows your pet to have the desired space and privacy. This kennel is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

#2. Heavy Duty Covered Wire Dog Fence Kennel Pet Play Pen

By: Lucky Dog

This high-quality, heavy-duty dog cage comes with stainless steel construction for heavy durability and longevity. The easy latch and lock gates are there for easy access into the cage. The raised legs of the side panel help in easy daily cleaning of the cage floor. Moreover, this heavy-duty cage can also be used outside as well as indie the house.

Furthermore, the waterproof cover tarp prevents your pet from sunlight, storm, and rain. The whole product is very easy to assemble and use. The cage also contains clamps for easy and no tools setup of the structure. The best feature is the roof cover that provides UV protection for your pet. Clearly, it is one of the best outdoor dog kennels on the list.

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#1. Original Pet Gazebo Dog Kennel With Reversible Cover

By: Advantek

This amazing pet gazebo comes in a sturdy design and umbrella roof frame which is suitable for your larger pets. The galvanized steel construction with the Aztec gold finish is ideal for heavy-duty use. Moreover, this product will keep your dogs from escaping in every way. This product has an exciting feature of a drop-down window for easy access to your pet. The whole product is very compact and easy to store anywhere. You will be able to use this kennel everywhere you go, including camping, backyards, decks, and hiking.

Furthermore, the carry tote for easy portability allows you to carry the kennel along with you. You will also get the hustle free assembling in this product. This product absolutely provides your dog with the ever-desired space and privacy it wants. One amazing feature of this product is the no-tool assembling facility. The spring-loaded pet-proof locks keep your pets the safest. The kennel can be attached to another cage to increase space. The best feature is the improved weather and sun resistant, reversible roof cover with five years guarantee.

Outdoor Dog Kennel Buying Guide

The following is the list of factors you have to keep in mind while buying the best outdoor dog kennel.


The size of your outdoor kennel can vary upon the breed of your dog. It comes in many different sizes, and you can choose the one, which completely fits your dog. If you are looking for a kennel that provides ample space for your dog to play, then you can go for a large size. The large size will also enable you to put food and water inside the kennel. If it comes in a folding design, then you can easily store it whenever you do not require it. Foldable kennels are lightweight and become fully flat. It is easy to transport and lets you place it anywhere you want. In addition, you will have to see if it will install with ease.


Outdoor dog kennels are made of different types of materials and can protect them from various elements. If you are looking for durability, then it is better to opt for metal-made kennels like steel or aluminum. If your dog has an aggressive temperament, then a metal kennel will be the best choice. There are also wood or plastic made kennels that have a cute appearance and give better protection. The materials should be strong and must have the ability to protect your canine friend from the weather.


Apart from size and durability, the design is another important factor when you decide to buy an outdoor dog kennel. If a kennel comes with the roof of different materials, then it will protect the dog from the sun and rain. Others may not have roofs or might just include a covering like a cage. Roof-based kennels will protect the dog from the harsh weather and let them stay safely inside. Roofs can be of different materials like trap and canvas. You can also look out for the flooring system as dogs tend to dig the floor and escape from the edges. It must have quality construction and must provide extra space.

Doors and Locks

Look out for an outdoor dog kennel that has a convenient door and lets easy entry and exit of the dog. Some can have more than one door and provide multiple options for entry and exit. Doors must be easy to open and must include gravel on the floor. In addition to this, see if the door has a good locking system. The locking system must be of metal as dogs can chew other substances and unlock it. Dog-proof doors are an ideal choice and allow you to fix with a padlock.


A dog kennel must have an elevated height so that you can clean it with ease. A dog kennel can have dog waste, which not only smells bad but also can influence the health of your dog. See if the cleaning is easy and would require less effort. Ensure that it is off the ground so that the cleaning task will be stress-free. Some kennels will let you remove the roof and use it only when you require it. In addition to this, an outdoor dog kennels must not have any open edges that might hurt the dog.


We have listed the best outdoor dog kennels which are highly durable. An outdoor dog kennel is perfect for those who want to have a pet but do not want them inside their homes. With it, you can easily train your dog and cultivate good and smart habits. It is protective and provides a safe place for your pet. It will let your dog breathe outdoor air and make them familiar with the outdoor atmosphere. Outdoor dog kennels are easy to maintain and gives you options from different styles and materials.

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