The Top 7 Best Ornament Storages On The Market – In 2021 Review

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When you use one of the best ornament storages in the stores, you can keep all seasonal items safe. Most of the newer designs hold both small, medium, and large-sized Christmas decorations. You can also contain Easter and Halloween decors to enjoy a secure storage system. Besides, the box normally has a divider made of cardboard or other material. This gives you the freedom to customize the interior to suit your storage needs. You can remove some to leave enough room for holding larger supplies. In this article, we have the best of the best ornament storages in 2020.

List of The Best Ornament Storages

#7. Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Square 3-Tier Seasonal Ornament Storage

Snapware Snap 'N Stack Square 3-Tier Seasonal Ornament Storage

By: Snapware

The first best ornament storage we review is by the Snapware company suitable for storing seasonal items. You can use it for holding Christmas, Halloween or Easter ornaments to keep them safe from damage. Other storages tend to break or lose shape after just a short time, making this super reliable. Even kids can use it as a toy storage for small figurines like Playset pieces. In addition, this accessory helps keeps the floor free of clutter to make the room more inviting. Measuring 13.8 inches long x 13.1 inches tall, with a 13.1-inch width, the interior space is quite large.

We love the lightweight structure of this container that weighs only 3.75 pounds. That makes it easy to carry with the help of the handled lid. You can move it around the house as you decorate your Christmas tree. To save floor space, stack the three tiers in seconds. Furthermore, this tin boasts a 3-tier structure to help organize the items better. You can keep similar-styled supplies at the top and mixed one at the 2nd or lower compartment. Customize the space with the removable dividers for all your delicate decorations. This unit is crafted from BPA-free plastic for durability and eco-safe elements. Simply hand-wash it to remove dirt and keep the valuables dust-free.

In Summary: It stores seasonal Christmas ornaments Can be used as a kids’ toy storage Made of lightweight and sturdy plastic Its stacking design space saves floor room Easy to use and clean

#6. IRIS USA, Inc. WL-60 Holiday Wing-Lid Box

IRIS USA, Inc. WL-60 Holiday Wing-Lid Box

By: IRIS USA, Inc.

You can keep your Christmas ornaments in a simple and yet sturdy container. The IRIS box is among the excellent ornament storage available in most stores. It has a clear body with a red lid to help keep dust, dirt, and crawling animals out. Not only that but also the transparent finish gives you a clear line of sight when you want to access specific items. This tin measures 18.31 inches wide x 19.31 inches long with a 13.81 inches tall. That is enough space to hold 75 standard-size decorations at the same time. You can keep Christmas balls, wreath, stickers, balloons and much more. Additionally, the use of high-quality plastic improves durability and usability. You can clean the interior and exterior surface with a wet towel to remove dirt.

Moreover, the included dividers come in handy to let you customize the setup. You can remove some of them to enjoy a simpler one-size spacing. This equipment’s hinged lid is an excellent addition to improve access to valuables. We take note of the lockable design to add security to decorations for all seasons. Note that the dimensions of this box total up to 60 quarts making it larger than most pricey units.

In Summary: Sturdy and durable design Lovely clear and red finish Keeps dust and crawling animals out Has a 60-quart capacity to hold 75 standard-sized ornaments Its lockable lid design improves item security

#5. Whitmor Christmas Large Ornament Storage Zip Chest

Whitmor Christmas Large Ornament Storage Zip Chest

By: Whitmor

The Whitmor best ornament storage has 112 separate compartments to keep your valuables neat and easily accessible. You can fit in small decorations such as hooks, loops, and much more suitable for seasonal stuff. Not only that but also the presence of cardboard inserts give you an easy assembly. They snap together securely to prevent sliding and item disorganization. What’s more, the dividers are removable when you want to perform a thorough cleaning. With a size of 11.8 inches tall x 20.5 inches long with an 11.8-inch width, the assembled dimension manageable. Store it under a bed or on top of a dresser drawer to keep it safe for the next decorating project.

Another thing that makes this chest among the top-rated ornament storages is the zippered top. It lets you access the stored supplies quickly and more comfortably. Besides, the transparent body encourages an easy viewing from any of the four sides. You can know which item is what slot and quickly take it out. Furthermore, this gadget’s frosty sides have a lovely-looking red trim. The color fits most festive occasions such as Christmas and Easter holidays. Note that the edges are made of premium plastic to deliver longlasting protection. Use the handles to enjoy easy portability.

In Summary: The 112 compartments keep supplies neat and safe Comes with cardboard inserts to improve setup customization Its assembled dimension is simple to manage Lovely red trim on the sides adds appeal Easy to carry thanks to the sturdy handles

#4. Honey-Can-Do Ornament Storage Box with Dividers

Honey-Can-Do Ornament Storage Box with Dividers

By: Honey-Can-Do

The outstanding feature of the Honey-Can-Do box is its interesting finish. It has a red body with accents of green lines along the edges. This brings out the festive and holiday feel in any area such as the living room or kid’s bedroom. Besides, it is among the best ornament storages that are affordable, costing less than 30 dollars. Some users feel the price is a bit high, but the quality service is top-notch. In addition, this item comes with variable-position dividers to accommodate all decorations of various sizes and shape up to 40 pieces. Removing the separators allow you to enjoy a spacious and straightforward large interior setting.

What’s more, the use of red nylon fabric gives this box more strength for added durability. You can use it for all seasons without worrying about replacements or fabric wear. We love the top design that fits on top of various surfaces quickly and steadily. With a dimension of 5 inches tall x 17.5 inches wide with a 30 inches length, this gadget uses the same space as a shoebox. Fold it flat to store under the bed, in a closet, or a narrow dresser. It is the perfect and simple way to keep valuables clean, tidy, and dust-free.

In Summary: The red and green nylon coordinate well with most holiday accessories Affordable and longlasting construction Comes with removable dividers to allow easy customization Folds flat to occupy small cabinet or drawer space Keeps ornaments tidy and dust-free

#3. Classic Accessories Seasons Christmas Tree Ornament Organizer

Classic Accessories Seasons Christmas Tree Ornament Organizer

By: Classic Accessories

If you prefer using one of the best ornament storages that have a spacious capacity, we’ve one for you. This Classic Accessories box is an organizer and storage place for all your festive ornaments. It can hold 60 supplies at the same time, thanks to its roomy interior. Note that it measures 12 inches tall x 16 inches long with a 13-inch width to allow compact setup. Plus, the three corrugated ornament trays stack easily for added space-saving value. This equipment is stylish and heavy-duty made from heavy-duty polyester for durability and simple maintenance. It has lovely festive cranberry deboss to go with the holiday feel. Its top handles let you enjoy a secure carrying while the pad offers more comfort.

The featured winter-berry motif, together with a lovely laminated crimson lining, improve security and appeal. Its liner prevents damage to the stored supplies to keep them scratch and dent-free. Also, the advanced features of this accessory include trays that hold 20 ornaments in a 3 “W x 3” L x 3.75 “H removable sections. The modular tray parts are removable for you to configured and rearrange the interior look to fit your storage needs. Furthermore, these plates have soft ribbon handles to facilitate easy moving and stacking. You can see the contents using the view window lid that has sturdy dual zippers.

In Summary: Its roomy interior holds 60 ornaments Comes with three trays that stack easily Made from heavy-duty polyester Lovely cranberry deboss patterns The soft ribbon handles improve box movement

#2. ProPik Holiday Ornament Storage Box Chest

ProPik Holiday Ornament Storage Box Chest

By: ProPik

The next great ornament storage we review is by the ProPik company that promotes a comfortable use. Featuring quality-made handles, they are reinforced in the design for secure carrying. Not only that, but also when fully-loaded, this bag can withstand the pressure. It will not tear like the rest, hence more security and user convenience. In addition, this gadget is built from polyester material for excellent wear and tear-proof service. You can carry it and store it to any location, no matter the surrounding temperatures.

We love the plastic tag compartment for you to label the box more easily. Measuring 12 inches tall x 12 inches wide with a 12-inch length, you can keep 64 Christmas accessories and decorations comfortably. Put all your tree decor such as shiny balls and much more to keep them safe for all seasons. Additionally, this product comes with four trays featuring four panels set diagonally and horizontally. You can use them to create 64 pockets in perfect square shape. You can keep this storage cube on multiple places without worrying about moisture damage. Besides, the red finish brings out a festive feel in any room, whether a bedroom, living room, or storage location.

In Summary: It has quality handles for easy lifting and portability Tear-resistant and durable polyester construction The panels help create 64 square compartments Its removable lid opens and closes quickly Has a festive-looking red finish

#1. ZOBER Christmas Ornament Storage Box

ZOBER Christmas Ornament Storage Box


This Bauble ornament box is among the best ornament storages with a spacious design. It measures 12 inches long x 12 inches wide with a 12″ height to hold multiple items. Not only that, but also it has 64 slots and cardboard separators that keep the valuables free from shattering. In addition, this item’s lovey design lets you show off to friends and loved ones on Easter, Halloween, and Christmas season. You can even buy one or two for your mother, loved one, or child for them to keep their favorite Holiday supplies securely. It is super easy to carry this storage unit with the two stitch-secured handles. They let you take this box to any location, including the living room.

In addition, this bin is designed using non-woven fabric for durability. Note that the insert is made of cardboard for you to enjoy a customized and longlasting use. The structure stays longer and free of dents, unlike the use of other low-quality storage holders. Another useful feature is the transparent card slot for simple item identification. You can see the stored valuables easily and, at the same time, save time when accessing and labeling a specific design. What’s more, the cap protects the festive decorations from dust and insects and allows simple stacked storage.

In Summary: Its spacious interior capacity has 64 compartments Comes with cardboard dividers for a customized look Holds Easter, Halloween and Christmas ornaments Durable non-woven fabric Simple item identification with the card slot

To Conclude

When you think about the best ornament storage, what comes to mind? Is it size, structure, design, or festive mood? Most are made with quality material such as plastic to keep out crawling animals, dust, and insects away. Also, the overall finish is normally appealing to bring out a holiday mood in any location. You can set it on a floor surface or cabinet when not in use.

Besides, this item is easy to use by opening and closing a lid. If the unit has a zippered opening, zip or unzip it to access the content. Remember that the compartments vary in shape and number so, check the interior space design before purchasing. Now, you can secure your valuables safe with the best ornament storage.

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