Nowadays, you probably expect to be stuck in traffic more often than in the past. It can take you even almost an hour to reach a destination. This is the primary reason why some units have been created to help you commute faster. For example, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, rollerblades, hoverboard, and also off-road skateboards.

The invention of off-road skateboard not only saves you time when there is a lot of traffic, but also it is very affordable. Also, it gives you extra mobility to ride through corners and in limited spaces. Gone are the days you had to break the bank to reach your destination. We have compiled a guide that features 10 best off-road skateboards.

The List Of Best Off-Road Skateboards In 2021

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#10. 90 MountainBoard

Atom 90 MountainBoard

By: Atom Longboards

If you are hunting for an off-road skateboard that offers loads of fun but also improve your snowboard skills, the atom 90 does it best. It has an overall weight of 6.8kgs, length 105.2 cm, and 85.2 cm axle-axle length to give you a better space to maneuver with ease. The 36-inch board 8 by 6 “dimensions boasts of a high gloss finish with the maple laminate deck that uses a PHT graphic material construction.

Besides that, it features two 8-inch tires and tri-spoke hubs that offer high speed and stability. The inclusion of an orange bushing suspension will help the skateboard to absorb road bumps, reduce vibration and noise, and also control the amount of movement in the joints.

In Summary:
  • Overall, weighs 6.8kgs and measures 105.2 cm long
  • 85.2 cm long axle for better maneuverability
  • 36-inch board measures 8 by 6 inches
  • High gloss finish plus maple laminates deck
  • PHT graphic material construction

#9. Electric Skateboard 4.4AH Lithium Battery

Alouette PHOENIX RYDERS Electric Skateboard 4.4AH Lithium Battery

By: Alouette

The Alouette Phoenix Ryder board boasts of a dual motor that ensures your skateboard runs more efficiently and quicker with the minimum workload to the wheels. It has powerful performance and maintains nice traction between the wheels and the terrain. The sturdy wheels do not get as hot as other skateboarding tires even in an extreme rolling activity.

On top of that, a 4.4AH Lithium Ion battery can last up to 2 days under heavy use and depletes more efficiently. The board is solidly constructed rides fast, is easy to use, and move smoothly up steep hills. It features a remote control to enhance its functionality and give you a less hands-free experience.

In Summary:
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Quick and runs efficiently
  • Powerful and consistent performance
  • Wheels with excellent firm traction
  • Sturdy wheels handle extreme activity well

#8. 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboards

MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboards

By: MotoTec

The MotoTec can go up to 22mph with a full charge 36V battery capacity at a range of 22 miles. It uses a dual-motor system to ensure the rolling wheels have less workload and are more easily. The board has a 260-pound maximum weight capacity to accommodate loads with no pressure. The large 46.6 by 11 by 21-Inch deck allows you to enjoy all your outdoor activities with easy maneuvering.

What’s more, the modern design with sturdy tires helps you to smoothly power-curve it at top speeds on all terrains, even on snowy paths. It comes with knobby tires that give more traction to ensure a more safe riding. The turning radius makes sure every corner is smooth and easy to maneuver through.

In Summary:
  • Reaches up to 22mph
  • Fully charged battery has a 22 miles range
  • Dual-motor system delivers powerful performance
  • A 260-pound maximum weight handling
  • Large deck measures 46.6 by 11 by 21 Inches

#7. Skateboard With100W Belt Drive

Atomic Electric B. 10 Skateboard-100W Belt Drive-90Wh Li-ion Battery, Brown, 29.5

By: Atomic Electric

This board comes with durable and safe 90 WH Lithium batteries that can go up to 7 miles traveling at a speed of 16mph on just a single charge. The 100Watt power usage is efficient and keeps the skateboard running for a while. It features a remote board charger and a USB cable tool to ensure you charge your skateboard with compatible units.

For more directions, there is a tool manual with clear instructions about assembly and usage. A regenerative braking mechanism allows your battery to charge while in use to lengthen your skateboarding experience. This best off-road skateboard comes with a built-in for sine-wave controller that offers a smooth braking and acceleration action. Its brown color blends in well with the surroundings.

In Summary:
  • High quality and durable built
  • 90 WH Lithium batteries have a 7-mile range
  • Top speed of 16mph
  • Energy effect and reliable 100Watt motors
  • Includes a USB cable tool and a remote board charger

#6. All-Terrain Longboard

MBS All-Terrain Longboard


With the strong maple-lam drop deck, this Longboard ensures the center of gravity is at its minimum for offroading and pushing. It has a 190mm navigator drone tracks that offer a perfect turning. The large 100mm by 65 mm all-weather Longboard wheels made with a high-rebound urethane that provides a durable and shock-absorbing cushion between the wheels and the ground.

Also, they roll easily over all terrains. It features a rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings to give you a smooth and fun ride experience. It has a raised-end construction that will help you in foot positioning and repositioning during offboarding.

In Summary:
  • Deck made of strong maple-lam
  • The longboard is ideal for Offroading
  • Perfect turning 190mm navigator drone tracks
  • Measures 100mm by 65 mm and all-weather
  • High-rebound urethane wheels

#5. Atom All-Terrain Longboard

Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard 39-Inches, Woody

By: Atom Longboards

This off-road skateboard ensures you have a wonderfully stable ride while the high-quality built-in bearings allow a very smooth rolling. The deck is full enough to give you better flex during your offroading. It has a beautiful exterior with 7-inch aluminum hangers that add an edgy look to the overall design.

In addition, a super course 46 grit- off-road grip tape offers a more stable riding session. It uses a rubber-shielded ABEC 9 with speed lubricant to give you maximum speed that assists the wheels to roll down easily. Lastly, it has heat-treated CrMo axles with grade 8 kingpins that ensure each offroading angle is as smooth as possible.

In Summary:
  • Offers a wonderfully stable ride
  • High-quality smooth-rolling bearings
  • Full length and tough deck and tracks
  • Beautiful exterior with a nice smooth finish
  • 7-inch aluminum hangers and portable

#4. Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Playshion 39-Inches Drop through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

By: Playshion

The 39-inch Playshion board can hold a load of up to 250 pounds without any resistance. It has ABEC-9 bearings which are more durable and give out an almost noiseless functionality. The smooth 50mm-width trucks have plenty of mobility to turn the board easily around corners and on any terrains.

Moreover, it is made from wood that is relatively lightweight that allows the wheels to roll easily. It features an extended wheel-base that offers a lot of room and stability. It comprises a 7-Inch reverse kingpin that handles all sliding effortlessly. Last but not least, this Longboard is good for both adults and kids because of its straightforward construction.

In Summary:
  • Board measures 39 inches
  • Holds up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Durable and silent riding ABEC-9 bearings
  • 50mm wide trucks offer functional mobility
  • Made from tough natural wood

#3. Drop-Through Longboard, 40 Inch

Atom Drop-Through Longboard, 40 Inch

By: Atom Longboards

The atom Drop-Through Longboard has modern craftsmanship made of a maple hybrid laminate with heat transfer graphic 40by 10 by 4.5″ deck that gives you a pleasant and smooth ride. The wide 40-inch deck is curved, flexible, and sturdy to ensure a more stable riding experience. The Atom AREA wheels can comfortably support you without any resistance or wobbling.

Furthermore, it features a deck tape which gives the trucks a firm grip without too much effort. The large trucks and bearings are not only attractive but also responsive. It has a turning radius which ensures every corner is smooth and perfect. Furthermore, it uses a drop-through construction that makes its height lower than most top mounted board to give you less effort during the off-roading action.

In Summary:
  • Modern craftsmanship and stylish
  • Maple hybrid laminate construction
  • Offers a smooth and pleasant ride
  • 40-inch wide and curved design
  • Smooth riding and nice grip Atom AREA wheels

#2. Drop-through Longboard, 41-Inch

RIMABLE Drop-through Longboard, 41-Inch


This off-road skateboard has a durable drop-through reverse trucks bushings which ensure you have a perfect ground clearance on all terrains. It features cutouts to avoid any wheel bites that might occur. The well-constructed 9 plies full maple laminated 41 by 9.5″ low deck height plus the excellent bearing will give a sturdy linear turning.

On top of that, the turning radius with its long 33″ wheelbase improves rideability and comfort. This best off-road skateboard features a durable grip tape with a non-contact rubber shield to ensure maximum grip during use on any grounds. It has beautiful yellows color that add an extra beauty to the overall look.

In Summary:
  • Durable and sturdy drop-through reverse trucks bushings
  • Proper ground clearance and suits any terrain
  • Cutouts prevent wheel bites
  • 9 ply full maple laminated construction
  • 41 by 9.5″ dimension and a low deck height

#1. Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

By: Ten Toes Board Emporium

The ten toes skateboard prides on having nice graphics and premium finish bamboo design which makes it stand out from the rest. The 70mm trucks function great without any hiccups, even on rough grounds. It comes with milled wheel wells to ensure less impact of wheel bite giving you a comfortable cruising and curving. A good turning radius and an extended Kicktail makes this board more stable to ride in and maneuver through corners.

In addition to that, the reversive kingpin trucks give you more stability even on slippery surfaces. It comes with 80AB Grip Tape to provide maximum adhesive power for unmatched steadiness while the finish bushings and wheel cutouts ensure no friction between the ground and the wheels.

In Summary:
  • Premium bamboo finish and nice graphics
  • Great function 70mm trucks
  • Handle even the rough grounds well
  • Milled wheel with a minimal wheel bite
  • 80AB Grip Tape for maximum adhesive power

Things To Look For When Purchasing

Quality Of The Wheels

The wheels and tracks of the different skateboards are made for varying conditions. Our list features units that have durable and sturdy wheels that come with beautifully-designed treads. Not only do they give maximum stability, but also ensure you have a seamless ride.

Weight Limit

Check the maximum weight capacity that your board can handle. Never overload your unit because it might break off or damage essential parts.

Deck Material

Skateboards commonly use wood as its primary material. These boards have PHT graphic material to increase its durability and also add an overall beauty. The stronger the construction, the more years of service it will give you.

Motor Speed

Some units feature dual-motors to boost the efficiency and speed of the wheels. A powerful motor relieves the tires from heavy workload with little effort and also allows you to reach your destination faster.


Another significant factor is the affordability. We have come up with the most pocket-friendly boards that give you superior performance without denting your pocket. They have features that include a full deck, durable wheels, powerful motor, wheel tail, plus more. The features give you a more smooth and enjoyable experience.


The brand puts a lot of weight on a person’s decision. The renowned brands strive to produce high-quality products that give you a great service provider. However, you may still discover a new brand that has good things to offer. The following list comprises of established leading brands in the market.

Safety Tips For Using Off-Road Skateboard

Some accidents that cause minor and major injuries are avoidable. Many people do not follow the safety precautions recommended by the manufacturer. We have an in-depth maintenance tip to not only ensure your safety but also give your skateboard a longer lifespan.

Wear Helmet

Riding a skateboard is fun until accidents occur. Every time you ride a skateboard, ensure you have to wear protective headgear. This protects head injuries in case of any falls. Most shops have a wide range of helmets which are made from durable materials. Also, the quality matters a lot in the prevention of injuries.

Knee and Elbow Pads

I am sure you have seen athletes wearing protective knee and elbow gear, commonly known as pads. This does not mean only athletes need to use these gears, but also if you are a newbie skateboarder. The apparatus helps to absorb any friction between the terrain and your skin in case of a fall. You are guaranteed protection from bruises which might lead to bleeding and a safe landing.


Skateboards come with a different speed limit. Some can go even up to 22mph which needs a bit of experience while handling. If you know you are a newbie, make sure you do not ride to the maximum speed limit, especially when you are maneuvering sharp corners. One notable element with skateboards is that they come with a favorable turning radius to ease the sharpness of the turn.

Oil The Wheels

Lastly, ensure you grease your wheels frequently, to give smooth operation. Most tires fail to perform at their best because of wear out and dryness. The stores have different types of greasing oil, and you can ask for the most compatible one.

Final word

Daily commute has been made easier by the use of these units. You can go to work, school, and fun activities with no limitations. Also, you do not require any parking space to store your board. The best off-road skateboard provides a safer stop, smoother rides, easier maneuverability, and effortless landing. If you want to purchase the right skateboard that gives you value for your money, our list has the top units available. These off-road skaters bring you peace of mind and increase your skateboarding skills.

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