Top 8 Best Neckband Headphones in 2018 — Reviews & Buying Guides

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They come in many names, collar headphones, behind-the-neck earphones, or simply neckband. No matter the name, one certain thing is that they are taking the market by storm. However, finding a good neckband headphone is a challenge especially nowadays where there are many types. You will find old and young people using them as they are deemed more convenient, effective, and of course trendy.

But, which product should you go for? The truth is that there is no definite answer for this as there is no perfect product. What may be suitable for a particular person or application may not be very effective for another. However, by following certain rules and tips, you should own a good product. And to aid you in your search, we decided to look at the top products.

The List of Top 8 Best Neckband Headphones in 2018

8- Rioddas Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Retractable Earbuds, Black

Rioddas Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Retractable Earbuds, Black

By: Rioddas

Coming in a newly improved battery, the Rioddas wireless headphones are certainly what you are looking for. They have a good reputation for simplicity, reliability, effectiveness, and portability. The black unit features Bluetooth 4.1 technology and is IPX5 for efficiency even in damp or sweaty situations. The new 150mAh lithium polymer battery can five up to 15 hours talk time, 12 hours of music, and as many as 350 hours on standby.

Despite the long-lasting battery, it only takes the unit 2 hours to recharge fully. The APT-X Technology together with CVC6.0 noise canceling technology ensures you enjoy crystal clear audio free of distortion.

In Summary:
  • Good design and well built
  • Quality audio
  • Easy to use
  • Simple and reliable

7- Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headset SHS5200/28 (Replaces SHS5200)

Philips Rich Bass Neckband Headset SHS5200-28 (Replaces SHS5200)

By: Philips

These neckband headphones by Phillips are revered for the good sound that is produced by the powerful built-in in speakers. They also have a good reputation for their good connectivity, and this is partly attributed to the 24K gold plated plugs. The good air flow boosts the sound delivery as well as comfort while the cushions keep your ears cozy and safe.

On top of that, the good comfort is enhanced by the ergonomic design while the reflective band ensures you remain visible in poorly lit or dark situations. It has a Pull Relief System for preventing the snapping of the cable whereas the single-sided cable minimizes tangling.

In Summary:
  • Good quality and durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good audio quality

6- Sennheiser HD1 4.1 Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

Sennheiser HD1 4.1 Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

By: Sennheiser

The Sennheiser HD1 headphones are a top seller from the company and market too. Although basic, the unit has good sound and is strong enough to handle everyday use. The excellent flexibility makes removal and wearing comfortable and convenient while the good weight improves portability.

To add more, it has Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless connectivity with other devices and NFC technology for one-touch pairing. The built-in battery is among the fastest in regards to charging and takes approximately 1.5 hours. It, however, will deliver as many as 10 hours. You can use it hands-free for a more relaxed application and its suitable for walking, jogging, and also dog walking.

In Summary:
  • Easy to wear
  • Good sound
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fast charging and long-lasting battery

5- LEOPHILE EEL IP67 Waterproof Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

LEOPHILE EEL IP67 Waterproof Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

By: Leophile

The LEOPHILE EEL neckband headset is fit for regular use, sporting, jogging, dog walking, mountain biking, rock climbing, skateboarding, and walking. They are built from soft silicone for extra comfort and have a small design for easy fitting. In spite of the small size, the sound from this headset is pretty amazing.

Besides that, it is IPX67 rated and is, therefore, sweat proof and suitable for use in light showers, sports and in a damp environment. The wire clip design keeps then firmly fixed on the same spot while the long-lasting battery provides as many as 10 hours of use.

In Summary:
  • Sweatproof and waterproof
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good quality and portable
  • Decent sound output

4- Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Headset with Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Headset with Noise Cancelling Earbuds

By: Mpow

These neckband headphones are ideal for normal wearing, jogging, cycling, and dog walking. They have a nice design and are flexible to fit on different heads. The V4.1 Bluetooth provides good connectivity with Bluetooth gadgets and devices while the 6.0 CVC noise canceling reduces sound distortion or interference.

Moreover, they are made for premium plastic to bear regular use and are quite flexible for quick and easy wearing. The integrated magnets attract the headphones for easy storage when you don’t need them and to prevent damage because of hanging loosely. You, however, should avoid pulling them via the wire and instead use the plugs. This piece is suitable for any wearer, men, and women, adults, and children.

In Summary:
  • Easy to wear
  • Nice fit
  • Good quality and sound
  • Lightweight and durable

3- Mpow Jaws Gen-4 Bluetooth V4.1 Neckband Headset, Black

Mpow Jaws Gen-4 Bluetooth V4.1 Neckband Headset, Black

By: Mpow

This neckband head isn’t new on the market. Nevertheless, it ranks among the best. The headset is flexible, easy to wear, and comes in a slim design. The V4.1 Bluetooth improves syncing with other Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets while the good weight improves portability. People love the user-friendly design since it improves wearability and handling while the hands-free nature enhances convenience.

In addition to that, the unit also has noise canceling for the clearest communication and sweat-proof design to protect it from nature and sweat. The speakers are not only powerful but have deep bass and decent treble for the nest sound. Thanks to the nice fit, chances of the set becoming loose or falling off are unlikely.

In Summary:
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good audio and quality
  • Easy wearing and removal
  • Well designed and reliable

2- V4.2 Running Bluetooth Wireless Neckbands with CVC Noise Canceling

V4.2 Running Bluetooth Wireless Neckbands with CVC Noise Canceling


Featuring V4.2 Bluetooth technology, this neckband headset will easily synch with other Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhones and Android phones. It has a flexible silicone-made band for quick and easy wearing and a smooth surface to prevent injury. The device has CVC noise canceling technology for clear sound and EDR for clarity when receiving calls.

Also, you don’t need to worry about wires dangling or inconveniencing you. The strong magnetic attraction prevents loss of the unit while the vibrating alert notifies you of incoming calls. You will love high-quality stereo from the earphones as well as the crystal clear treble. And similar to other leading models, it also has a hands free design for improved convenience.

In Summary:
  • Ultra-light and durable
  • Strong silicone material
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Comfortable and safe

1- AMORNO Wireless Foldable Neckband Headband with Retractable Earbuds

AMORNO Wireless Foldable Neckband Headband with Retractable Earbuds,


This is my number one choice neckband headset. Consumers love its good sound thanks to the superior technology. It’s also the easiest I’ve come by when it comes to putting on and removing and also folding. The lightweight unit is made of premium plastic to protect the sensitive internals and is sweat proof to ensure you continue enjoying quality sound even when you are wet from a jog, run in drizzling weather.

In addition, the flexible unit easily slices on and off the head and will fit different people. At has 4.1bluetooth and works with iPhone, Android devices and relays Hi-Fi sound for the best sound experience. For easy storage, carrying, and safety, the headphones retract to a smaller size.

In Summary:
  • Sweat proof
  • Good Noise canceling technology
  • Easy folding
  • Lightweight and portable

Choosing The Right Device

Yes, they may serve a similar purpose and look same. However, each device should be treated uniquely. It may be very comfortable and firm, but the sound delivery may not be the best. It’s also possible that it may support the latest technology such as Bluetooth but may not be long-lasting. The best way to get best out of the headphones is looking at the following things during the purchase:

Active Noise Cancellation

This feature helps to minimize noise and interference and ensures the audio is high quality. This latest technology makes it easy to enjoy good music even in a not-so-quiet environment. It’s however essential to confirm that they indeed have this feature and not just a marketing gimmick. This is where credible reviews come handy.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

Gone is the time when Bluetooth was a rarity when it comes to earphones and headphones. Nowadays, you’ll see the technology in most type including collar headphones. It allows you to connect the earpiece with other blue-tooth enabled devices including smartphones, wireless speakers, smartwatches, tablets, laptops and more.


Since these devices run on a rechargeable battery, it’s essential to make certain they will last a long time. Who wants to keep recharging a unit whose battery barely lasts more than one hour. You also don’t want a device that takes what seems like an eternity for the battery to fully recharge, do you?

Convenient Controls

Always pick an item that gives you easy access to the controls. The power, start, pause, fast forward, previous and next buttons, accept calls and other commands should be easy to reach, and you shouldn’t require too much effort to operate them. The top products feature sensitive buttons that react instantly.

Enhanced Telephony

Most top headband headphones come with Bluetooth and will work with both Bluetooth devices; they will let you receive a call effortlessly. Nevertheless, you should choose a product that also features a call alert to notify you of a call. This may be in the form of a vibration or buzz.

Advantages of Having Neckband Headphone

Ever asked you why people go for this kind of headphones? What makes them so popular and preferred over other types? The following are some of the main reasons:


A majority of the people say that they love the comfort of these units. They are lightweight and won’t weigh you down, have a flexible design for comfortable wearing, and a smooth finish that feels smooth and comfortable to the skin. Chances of scratching the skin are minimal, and they won’t press too hard onto the skin or feel too loose.


With most other types of headphones, you’ll occasionally find yourself holding them with your hands to prevent them from falling. Also, some require you to push them inside theirs, and this can be harmful. The headband type properly secures on the head and chances of falling are minimal.


If you have ever tried these devices, you will consent with me that they are very lightweight and compact. In fact, they are way lighter than most units you’ll find on the market. This is credited to the lightweight material, superior technology, and functional design.


The truth is these headband earphones are very flexible. They will comfortably fit on people with small, medium or large head and will stay intact even in extreme activities. Furthermore, they don’t dig into the skin and can be adjusted to cater for the different head sizes.


Both young and old people love looking trendy. Many choose the headband earphones because it helps them to achieve this goal. The modern types are quite stylish, and the designs and technology keep improving. They’ll come with Bluetooth, volume control, and other amazing features.

No Wire Tangle

These headphones don’t have long cords/wires that may get in your way or get entangled with other things. In addition to the inconvenience, the wires may snap when tugged accidentally. Fortunately, the trouble doesn’t apply to neckband headphones.

In Conclusion

If you desire a good neckband headphone, then you will appreciate any of the above items. We focused on the top and picked the best of the best that we are certain will give amazing service in terms of sound quality, wearability, reliability, afford to want a better sound listening experience, then you will appreciate neckband headphones.

To come up with this review, we looked at the critical things that include comfort, design, flexibility, weight, size, quality, durability and price. This assures you of maximum comfort and good value for money. Pick the best neckband headband for the ultimate sound listening experience.

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